Thanks Gene!
Subject: Thanks Gene!
From: kissgamemaker on 11/02/2007
Gene, thanks for the cool KISS t-shirts and rubics cube you gave me yesterday for my 4 daughters! I let them know that you picked out the shirts and the cube! They were so impressed that you took the time to select something for each of them. Here is Courtney with her KISS cube! Rock On, Brian.
From: drendell1967 on 11/01/2007
Happy Halloween, When i suggested to my 2 kids and 2 neighbor kids that they dress as KISS for Halloween, my wife thought we were crazy. The kids thought it would be great. Untill then they all knew about Kiss but did not pay much attention. Once we got going the monster grew. Woodworking Karl made the guitars. My wife made the costumes. The kids were obsessed with Kiss for the last 2 weeks. Once it all came toghether they stormed the neighborhood with an i-pod and speakers attached to them. The neighborhood loved it and I think you have 4 new KISS Army members.
Halloween 2007
Subject: KISS Halloween 2007
From: gennation on 11/01/2007
I have four kids, why not??? The reenactment of a classic...
From: jovihead on 11/01/2007
Holloween Party
Subject: Holloween Party
From: racerpig on 11/01/2007
I am in the Marine Corps and live far from my family. My younger sister was coming to visit me at my home in NC to spend some time with me before returning to Iraq. My wife and I were invited to a Halloween Party the same weekend she and her husband were going to be there. I asked if they would like to go and dress up as KISS, they agreed and we had a great time winning the best costume prize at the party.
Revenge - Tribute Band
Subject: Revenge - Kiss Tribute Band
From: revenge_tribute on 11/01/2007
Hi guys, we are revenge, Chilean Kiss Tribute Band.. see us on and we sharing our videos on youtube, in our fotolog we have the link. Kiss is our life, pasion and more... We love you guys
Little Demon
Subject: Little Demon
From: mlavallee on 11/01/2007
Hey everyone, Here\'s a picture of my 4 year old Kiss lover Ethan dressed as his hero. He took top prize in a costume contest last night in El Segundo, CA. Next year he wants to be Paul! Mark Lavallee
Happy Halloween, !
Subject: Happy Halloween, KISS!
From: Alisha Hess on 10/31/2007
Decided to, up this Halloween in honor of the greatest band of all time, KISS.
Gene Simmons Pumpkin
Subject: Gene Simmons Pumpkin
From: hartbypass on 10/31/2007
Hello all, Happy Halloween. I wanted to send a picture of the pumpkin we did. Next year we will shoot for all four members! Thanks, Greg
the makeups from the night
Subject: the makeups from the night
From: portilla94 on 10/31/2007
this is how it would be like if creatures from the night included in the cover like vinnie vincent he reorded for the album but did not apeared on the cover and peter i just thought it would be cool if peter was in the cover
Gene pumpkin in the OC!
Subject: Gene pumpkin in the OC!
From: mtullio on 10/31/2007
Thought the KISS Army would appreciate this Gene pumpkin! -Mark
The Demon pumpkin
Subject: The Demon pumpkin
From: devtrirob on 10/30/2007
Hi guys, Here\'s a pumpkin i carved for the pumpkin contest i have at work! Enjoy Rob
Happy Halloween!!
Subject: Happy Halloween!!
From: Brian in Minnesota on 10/30/2007
Happy Halloween Paul and Gene, We did it up as KISS this year with groupies and the KISS Army too! I\'m dressed as Paul and my buddy is dressed as Gene. My son is a big KISS fan too! I took him to the outdoor show at Float Right Park in Wisconsin a few years ago and he has been hooked ever since! Paul, we made it to your show at the Myth in the Twin Cities too. That was a great show! KISS rocks! Happy Halloween!
Painting By Czech Fan
Subject: KISS Painting By Czech Fan
From: lingayro on 10/29/2007
Hi, guys! I just wanted to share with you on behalf of one of our talented but rather shy members this wonderful piece of artwork! This painting was created by Renata of the Czech Republic and is done on wood in tempera colors. We hope you enjoy it as much as we do. Linda KISS Fan Site
My sis and I
Subject: My sis and I
From: hannahgray30401 on 10/27/2007
Hello my name is Hannah and I have listened to your band since I was 2 and I still enjoy it now!!!! I just want to tell you guys how much me and my sis loves you. Here is a pic of us at halloween
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