Subject: GENE ROX !
From: jayveetoo on 12/18/2007
Hey guys... Just wanted to thank you for all the years of rockin\' and for being involved in the Guitar Hero video games. When it came time for me to customize my controller, I couldn\'t think of a better subject than the Demon himself ! ROCK ON! ! !
OLOGY 3 Easter Eggs
Subject: KISSOLOGY 3 Easter Eggs
From: Fran Congelo on 12/18/2007
Hello KISS Fans! My name is Fran Congelo and like a good KISS Army soldier I went and bought Kissology 3 today. So far I have found 3 easter eggs that I thought I\'d pass along. They are all easy to find and can be found in the same place on the first three discs. At the main menu, press up once and the word \"Kissology\" will be highlighted. Press enter. Disc 1 has footage from the Carnival Of Souls recording sessions. Disc 2 has a rehersal clip from the Brooklyn bridge performance. And disc 3 has the Millenium concert from Vancouver, where the clock strikes midnight and we get the full performance of \"2000 Man\". Just thought I\'d pass this along.
mas opoly Party
Subject: Kissmas Kissopoly Party
From: hinjowarwi on 12/17/2007
Just thought I\'d send you a pic from my Kissopoly / Guitar Hero 3 Kissmas party. Finally had an excuse to get all of the shirts out at the same time!! Merry KISSMAS!!
Paul\'s Various Art Forms
Subject: Paul\'s Various Art Forms
From: hillaryr on 12/16/2007
Paul, I so appreciate your painting as well as your music. I also play guitar, write music, and I sketch with charcoals. There are so many art forms in which one can express oneself. You seem to be quite good at both making music and painting. I love the colors you use and your brush strokes in your paintings. I have looked closely at your face in make-up and without make-up. You have very intense eyes and excellent bone structure and I think you would be an excellent subject for both sketching and painting. I do have one question about your art work - do you pull your own canvas or do you purchase canvas from an art store? Also, do you prefer painting with oils? Love and appreciate you. hillaryr from NYC. P.S. KISS should come back to NY!
From: Joe Richwine on 12/16/2007
Dear Kiss, My daughter and I made a Gene snowman that I thought would look really cool on the website. Thanks, Joe Richwine Anderson, Indiana
My girls!
Subject: My girls!
From: Lafemina Anthony on 12/16/2007
Gey Gene...happy sure you\'re gonna love getting all the bills in january.....My girls insist i send you this pic that we took in downtown disney..... all the best to you guys...lata Tony Lafemina Anthony
army fan
Subject: kiss army fan
From: snickers9000 on 12/13/2007
Dear Paul,Gene,Eric&Tommy, My name is Bertha.I have been a fan of yours since 1979.My cousin brought home one of your videos and it was awesome. I had a chance to go to your fare well concert in Saskatoon,Saskatchewan,Canada;but I ended up in the hospital.So my brother brought me one of cd\'s of yours to listen to before I went into surgery.It was from your greatest hits cd. It helped me relax before they put in under.Thanks for being an awesome band. Your long life fan, Bertha Saunders from Regina,Saskatchewan,Canada.
From: unholygenesimmons on 12/13/2007
Hi my name is juan salgado from chicago. Im 14 years old and i love you guys. All this time i wanted to see you guys live please can you guys do a concert here in the allstate arena or the united center thats all i want for x-mas. I dont care if its a late christmas gift but please do a concert here!!! please!
From: TED on 12/12/2007
Hi Gene, I was reading our local Vancouver 24 hrs paper, and as I opened it up to the first inside page, I saw under the heading \"The Vancouver Files\", a pic of you and Paul in full battle gear, and it was talking about how your lawyers are seeking $900,000 in unpaid performance fees for the cancellation of the concert in Whistler. First off, I really hope that they get what they deserve for cancelling like that with no real explanation for doing so. Secondly, I hope you\'re not soured on hopefully coming back to Vancouver to perform for us ever again because of this. I hope you guys come back, because I, and a lot of people were hoping to see you there, and spent a lot of money to make that happen, especially with Whistler being really pricey to go there on the first place, and not really having many accommodations available in the first place due to the Olympics in 2010. Anyways, I hope you get the answers finally on why the promoter pulled that kind of b.s, get the money you were promised in the first place ($900,000??? Wow), and everything gets settled so we can finally see you guys here again before you say farewell again. Thanks Ted (I really hope I see red letters after this on the site!!!!)
i was..
Subject: i was..
From: scott1011 on 12/09/2007
I was So Happy to hear that the sound track of hallowenn Was God of thuder it is an awsome yea thats all i had to say.......
Goin\' to school style..
Subject: Goin\' to school KISS style..
From: lauren_frehley on 12/09/2007
A big hello to all the members KISS!!!!! Last week Me and my sister thought we would bring a little rock n\' roll to our high school classroom KISS style!! We got decked out in full-fledge KISS makeup, and went off to school! We were a HUGE hit, even the principal commended us on being KISS fans, saying that he was a huge KISS fan himself!!! We love you guys!!!!!!!!!!!!!! KISS forever!! -Lauren & Tina Enclosed is a picture of us in the morning before we went to school!
From: nzkissfan on 12/09/2007
Hi Gene, Paul,Eric, Tommy, awesome news that kiss is coming back here again next year, just waiting for the tickets to go on sale here in nz,this 2 day rock event is something we have never had before with such great bands,i have seen kiss before in nz twice,the westpac staduim is a great venue.Would also like to say thank you for bringing KISS back here again,see you next year in wellington thanks mike sands kiss army member 820 hawkes bay new zealand
mas special
Subject: Kissmas special
From: kissfreak1211 on 12/08/2007
Dear kiss, I am watching the kissmas special and they are now showing music videos, and the second video they showed was God Gave Rock N\'Roll To You II and I started to cry because he video makes it seem as if the end of kiss is soon. I am 15 now and I have been a fan since I was born but have never gotten to see you live and I\'d like to but it just made me feel like I never will be able to. Thank you for your time. Justin Read Az
Revenge Bolivia
Subject: Revenge Bolivia
From: beelzeboss on 12/05/2007
Hi KISS. What can I say first... Thank you, for give us the best music in the world. I just wanted to thank Kiss for being an inspiration to us for being musicians with great expectations. We truly want to thank Ace, Peter, Gene, and Paul for teach us how to play music.Thanks Revenge Bolivia is now in his 6th annyversary with a Tribute to KISS, the greatest band in all the world. So I send you this picture of the band and I hope you can include them in the section of tribute bands. Thanks a lot guys. Greetings from Bolivia Luis, Harald, Gerhard, Ariel, Marianne
The Fox gets his own \"icon\" at last
Subject: The Fox gets his own \"icon\" at last
From: moon-lite on 12/05/2007
I designed this in memory of Eric Carr. Honoring the “Fox” with his own icon @ long last!!!! Webmaster: I hereby give “KISS” all rights to this art as of 05 December 2007 and clam no further rights to the art herein Designed by: Ray Bradshaw (Nightstar Ltd) 05-Dec-2007 Please send a contribution to the American Heart Assn, as payment for the art if you can. Thank you, Ray B. aka “Moon-Lite” Eric we love and miss you deeply. The “Fox” will live forever! P.S. A note to Mr. Simmons. I have the Layered Psd of the art if you need it for further use (ie in other products ect) Please email me for the document or let me know where to send a CD with the art. Thank you again & Happy holidays to you & yours
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