Can\'t wait to see you!!!
Subject: Can\'t wait to see you!!!
From: TMarie on 07/24/2007
Hi guys!! Just wanted to tell you how excited we are to see you in San Jacinto on Friday night! This will be our 5 year old daughter\'s first Kiss concert and she can\'t wait! We\'ll be in the front row to the left of Gene as my husband and I are always in the same spot at every KISS concert!! Just look for the 5 yr old blonde cutie in complete awe of Gene!! We\'ve been reading about the other Hit N Run\'s and we know it will be an amazing show as you always produce the Best!! We\'ll be driving 5 1/2 hours(!)to get there from Arizona but we know it will be one of our best family memories ever. Thank you for providing such great entertainment and letting the kids feel that they are welcome too!! This is a great passion for KISS that we can share as a family!!! What an honor it must be to have so many people in full support of what you do! Thanks KISS!! T. Marie in AZ
California show
Subject: California show
From: Scott Lauckner on 07/24/2007
Dear Kiss: I\'m a 41 year old fan. I have 4 kids of my own. My daughter has seen one concert. My two oldest boys have been to two. I took my boys to the first one myself in Las Cruces, NM. You made a very big impression on them. My daughter and oldest son will see you again on Friday night. I couldn\'t be with them, as I am in the Army stationed at Ft. Carson, CO, but I had the ability to buy their tickets. I really wish I could be there with them to see you for my 14th time. Please just rock their socks off! As I know you will. I love all you do, and thank you for making such an impression on me, and my kids. We all love every one of you. Scott Lauckner Colorado Springs, CO
Sault Ste-Marie, MI, July 20th 2007
Subject: Sault Ste-Marie, MI, July 20th 2007
From: Eric, Kim, Catherine, Carolanne on 07/24/2007
Paul, Gene, Eric, Tommy, I really want to congratulate you for the awesome show in Sault Ste-Marie, MI!! It rocked!! My daughters and I drove 13 hours from Montreal, Canada to see you guys and it was worth it! It was my second time seeing you (first time was in Montreal in the early 90\'s). KISS puts a hell of a show and never disappoints their fans. Needless to say, my daughters found the experience amazing -- I was such a proud papa to see them dancing and singing to almost all the tunes! You have no idea what that night meant for me, as my girls and I went through some hard times not that long ago. I\'ll cherish the memories forever. Proud Papa Eric & the girls
Sault Ste Marie Show
Subject: Sault Ste Marie Show
From: Jennifer on 07/24/2007 Sault Ste. Marie show Hi KISS, My kids and I are huge KISS fans and I just wanted to write and say what an awesome show it was in Michigan. I was there with my husband and a friend of mine Kristen Johnson and her son Zachary. While in the lobby of the casino we happened to see Tommy on his way to the hotel restaurant to eat. He took the time to meet us, sign a few things and take a few pictures. While taking time out for us, other fans started to gather around. Tommy made sure he gave each and every fan his full attention until everyone had their things signed and pictures taken before moving on. Later, in the evening before the show started Eric also made his appearance in the lobby, casino area, taking the time to talk and sign autographs and take pictures with his fans. He stayed with them up until he had to go to the staging area for the show. I wish all KISS fans had the opportunity to see what we did, that these guys truly love their fans. The show that they put on was amazing. Paul and Gene made sure that every fan there from reserved seats in front to general admission way in the back was included in the show and that they appreciated each and every person, young and old. At one point Paul had them bring up the lights and said, "How many brought their little ones tonight? Hold em up", then said, "HEY LITTLE ONES, WE WERE THERE FOR YOUR PARENTS AND WE ARE GONNA BE THERE FOR YOU TOO!" which brought thunderous cheers from the crowd. It was like talking to your neighbor over the back fence about the weather, like family catching up on current events. It truly made the meaning of "WE ARE ONE" become very clear..we are one big KISS family, coming together for a big family reunion with pyro, awesome music, and a whole lotta confetti! They put on an awesome, unforgettable show! I included a couple of photos of the concert and of course my kids in their KISS make-up (Kayleigh 11, and Madison 5). I hope that if the members of the band see this letter, that they know that we the fans love them very much and appreciate all the hard work they put into their shows. Hope to see them rockin for many years to come! Take Care, Lisa LETTERS click here.
Sharing My Story
Subject: Sharing My Story
From: Daniela on 07/24/2007
Hi guys, I just wanted to say that I\'ve been a HUGE fan for years and I love you guys. I\'m 26 years old and from NJ. Growing up I\'ve always been looked upon as being a sort of \"freak\" for my KISS obsession, you don\'t find too many KISS fans my age around NJ, some people just don\'t know good music! Nothing stops me from Rockin All night and partying every day! I love you all and hope to see you soon in NJ! Best, Daniela KISS Army NJ Div.
Using \"Forever\" at my wedding
Subject: Using \"Forever\" at my wedding
From: karebarestrutter on 07/23/2007
I have been a fan of yours since I was little. I finally got to see you in concert back in 2003 when you performed in Detroit. My fiance` on the other hand had never listened to your music until I came along. Now KISS is his favorite band also. When either one of us are having a rough day we turn on your music and for some reason it always makes us happier. We are getting married in September and decided that the song \"Forever\" had to be our first dance at the reception. I couldn\'t think of a more perfect song. Thanks.
AWESOME Show in Cadott!!
Subject: AWESOME Show in Cadott!!
From: Jim on 07/23/2007
Hey guys .... thanks for coming to Wisconsin and rocking the cornfields around Cadott! Way cool: been waiting over a decade to see KISS at Rock Fest ... and it finally happened! And ... I got to go back stage and meet you guys too ... WAYYY COOOOL! One BIG request: by the time I got in line for T-Shirts (early afternoon!) they had already sold out of the Hit and Run 2007 shirts with the concert dates (including Cadott) on the back of the shirts! How can I get mine? Will they be available on this site??? I need an XXL!!! Gotta remember this cool concert and that\'s the way to do it ... with one of those awesome T\'s!
sault ste marie concert!
Subject: sault ste marie concert!
From: Sara, biggest youngest kissfan on 07/23/2007
Hi, i just wanted to say that ive been a HUGE kiss fan for a few years, and to mention, im quite young. When i went to the concert with my dad and you guys came on, i was crying for almost the whole show. Me and my dad met some other kiss fans and bonded very well! KISS, i just want you to know how much i love you and i love how at the concerts, the kiss army can really bond. Me and my dad also love how you guys really interact with the audience. Me and my dad drove 7 hour to come see you guys and i can definitly say it was worth it! You guys made my dream come true and i thank you for that. I love you guys soo much! Your my #1 favourite band!! THE CONCERT ROCKED!!!!! Sara (a.k.a huge kissfan) :)
Rock Fest in Cadott, Wisconsin
Subject: Rock Fest in Cadott, Wisconsin
From: Shawna Ducommun on 07/23/2007
Thank you, thank you, thank you for playing at Rock Fest in Cadott, WI. When I was 7 years old I saw an album cover of a KISS record that belonged to my older brother. I thought it was so cool! The first time I heard your music I knew that you were speaking to me. It has been my dream to see you all play live in concert. After last Sat night my dream came true!!!! I waited 28 years to see you guys and it was WORTH THE WAIT!!!! Thank you for such an AWESOME show. I will never forget it.
Great show in Sault Ste. Marie, Michigan
Subject: Great show in Sault Ste. Marie, Michigan
From: Dan and Mary Dingee and family on 07/23/2007
Thanks for the great show, in michigan. Our son and daughter was talking about the show all the way back to the hotel. We were waiting in April for the tickets to go on sale. We stayed awake for 30 hours waiting to by tickets. So thanks for a great show awsome fireworks display and great music. Fans forever and two new fans.
Sault Ste. Marie concert
Subject: Sault Ste. Marie concert
From: Kristi on 07/23/2007
Paul and Gene, Thanks for such a great show in Sault Ste. Marie! It was WAY better (and longer) than I could have imagined. You are both great showmen and are so loyal to your fans, especially Michigan and Detroit Rock City! Paul, I love that you had the parents show off their kids...they are the next generation of your already extensive and diversified fans. My boys LOVE \"Strutter\" on Guitar Hero 2 and play it over and over! I have a story I hope you\'ll post for me: My husband (42) has been your greatest fan since he was a kid. At some point while he was in grade school, you were appearing on TV and he wanted so badly to watch it (they lived just blocks from where you performed in the Soo.) His parents didn\'t have cable and it was so fuzzy but he remembers pulling a chair up so close to the TV and still remembers what a great moment it was to watch (he could barely see you) Kiss perform. Watching your concert friday (his FIRST Kiss concert, by the way) was like a dream-come-true for him and our fifteenth anniversary gift to each other. Thanks for making it better than we both imagined. The two of you are loyal to your fans and gave us truly THE BEST! Thank you, Kristi
Kewadin Casino concert-3rd floor
Subject: Kewadin Casino concert-3rd floor
From: beachgirl814 on 07/23/2007
Dear Gene, Thank you so much for stopping and taking pictures with us on the morning you were leaving. It is a trip my son Conor will never forget. It was worth the 7 hour trip from Indiana. He and his friend Dakota thought the concert rocked-as did I, even if I couldn\'t see it, I enjoyed listening. I gave up my ticket so he could take a friend with him. Also to Tommy-you also, are so approachable to your fans. Stopping and talking and taking pictures with us. You can tell that you appreciate your fans. Thanks again, you guys rock!! Becky Mahoney P.S. My son waited until after the concert was over to buy his T-shirt, so he couldn\'t get the \"Hit and Run Tour\" T-shirt he wanted. Is there any way I can order one for him?
July 20, 2007 UP Michigan Show
Subject: July 20, 2007 UP Michigan Show
From: Ed Gransell on 07/22/2007
Kiss, I just wanted to let you know that I saw your show in Michigan and it was amazing. I have been a life long fan and enjoy listening to all of your music from the 70\'s through 2007. Living in the Up of Michigan can be challenging in find a good show. I have been to several of your shows in Michigan, Wisconsin and MN. On July 20, 2007 I took my wife to her first Kiss show, she was blown away by your showmanship and music. Thanks for coming to the UP of Michigan and please come back Paul and Gene: Great Solo Project Material. Keep up the good work! Tommy: Thanks for taking the time to talk to me while you were in town. You are a class act. Ed Gransell L\'Anse Michigan
Codatt WI Rockfest
Subject: Codatt WI Rockfest
From: jennifer_thompson37 on 07/22/2007
You guys Kicked it in Codatt this weekend. I haven\'t had sooo much fun in my life. It was great of you to come show us how to rock ALL nite. PLEASE COME BACK and show us again LOVED THE show.thank you This was my daughters first fest and she will rember it forever cuz of KISS..
for Eric
Subject: for Eric
From: tim w. New York on 07/22/2007
Whats up Eric? Its apleasure to see you with KISS. You do a phenominal job drumming for the band. I saw you on tour with Black Sabbath during Seventh Star and Eternal Idol and thought it was some fabulous gigs. Cant wait till the band comes back home to NY for some gigs. Take care. Tim&Jasmine W. New York
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