Subject: yankees1
From: dlock on 01/26/2008
Dear, Gene, Paul, Ace , Peter, Eric, Tommy, Bruce....and the late Eric....Ilove you all! Just wanted to show my appreciation for the Best Band in The Land! Here is a pictue of me in makeup ......I hope I make you website. Love, Dylan (Fountain) Kort
Army -The Creatures of The Night
Subject: KISS Army -The Creatures of The Night
From: ryandazombie on 01/25/2008
There is one thing to be said about every single letter(224 ages worth) on this site: KISS ARMY RULES!! When I\'m feelin\'down in the dumps, I go right to KISS online. I know it can always bring me up. 1)Really impressed artistically by Paul\'s art. 2)Shandi -Beautiful song, Beautiful name----Awesome letter! Happy 16th! 3)Thrills in The Night--Listen to it. If you can catch the video, it\'s tremendous. Should have been on Volume 2. KISS and the KISS army is my drug of choice! Thanx!!
It\'s Pretty Crazy ...
Subject: It\'s Pretty Crazy ...
From: bunneh on 01/25/2008
Wow, can I first start off with saying that you guys are absolutely the greatest. I know you hear that more than enough, but it\'s true, you guys are so amazing!!! My name is Angelia. I\'m sixteen years old, and I was brought up listening to you guys my entire life. Hehe. I guess my dad taught me well. But anyways, you guys have always been my inspiration. I mean really, take for example, I took up playing bass guitar. There have been times I\'ve wanted to give up so badly, but then I look back at all of you and see how hard you worked to get where you are now, and that one thought keeps me going. \"The Hottest Band In The World ...\" I would love to one day hear that for myself. So I\'m going to keep on rockin and see where it takes me. Your music is just so ... beyond awesome. Whether I feeling really down, or just extremely hyper, when I hear one of your songs, I can\'t help but to want to get up and rock out! And you guys were never afraid to be different! Which is great! You never seemed to pretend to be something you\'re not. And all of this sets off something inside me. Something that just screams out, \"I want this! I want to do something different and have my own music that people can relate to! I want it all to be, in some sense, just like these guys!\" But for all of this, and just the thought of you guys that keeps me on track with music and such, I thank you. And I do hope to meet you one day. I know many people do, but it would just be the highlight of my life and make me so happy. And again ... thank you. Oh!!! Before I forget!!! This is a pic of my 15th birthday cake!!! Keep on rockin you guys!
its been a long time
Subject: its been a long time
From: laurieforty on 01/24/2008
Ok I have never sent you guys a letter before, it has been a crazy 34 years (that’s how long I have been a fan). I come from a little town in the prairies of Canada. The middle of no were. In a town of what 30 people, I am safe to say I am the biggest Kiss fan here lol. I feel sorry for my daughter and my sister’s kids they know every song of kiss I own. They think of me every time a kiss song plays on the radio. I have an extensive kiss collection in my opinion anyway. My daughter says it’s her inheritance, The oldest thing I own is a concert poster of Kiss and Cheap Trick.1975. Well just wanted to say hello and rock on.
OLOGY Volumes 1-3
Subject: KISSOLOGY Volumes 1-3
From: moon-lite on 01/23/2008
Hello KISS: I Loved “KISSOLOGY” Volumes 1-3. Especially as it provided me with an opportunity to see shows from a few of the tours I had missed over the years for one reason or another. I find myself saddened though when seeing the farewell tour footage at how much “ACE’s” musicianship had fallen off, from missing notes to forgetting which town he was in (as happened in Ft Worth Texas) when he said “Thank you Houston” after performing “New York Groove”. But I don’t short him much for that as it was near the end of a long tour. I am forever grateful you have decided to continue on with Eric & Tommy as I feel they have much to offer the band and fans at large with their talent & professionalism. I just hope you will think about doing a new album with Eric & Tommy, As it would be the kick in the ass some of the fans need to get back out there to see you guys on the next tour. Be safe journey out there in the road! And as always, Love to all. Ray B. The order of the Rose
Subject: Calendars
From: ljtillery on 01/22/2008
Oh come on guys! No calender this year? If you have one I sure couldn,t find it. I got to paste 2008 pages on my 2007 calander??? That will ruin it for collecting. Thanks for the letter - there is indeed a 2008 KISS Calendar - we sold out of it at KISSONLINE but it is still available at Amazon.com - http://www.amazon.com/Kiss-2008-Calendar-Signatures-Network/dp/0740770861/ref=pd_bbs_sr_1?ie=UTF8&s=books&qid=1201097720&sr=8-1 . Thanks!
From: misterfour20 on 01/21/2008
A day late and a dollor short has always been my game, but I really wanted to wish Paul a Happy Be-Lated Birthday. Keep the fire burning and rock and roll forever. Love your new art by the way, very exciting. Do you think you will do any more tour dates for your solo CD? I saw the show at the HOB on sunset in NOV. 2006, but I think I need another dose..lol Yes, KISS has been my drug of choice for years and I hope for many more years to come. Again, Happy B-Day my friend and rock hero. Ron Denter.
Happy birthday Paul!!!
Subject: Happy birthday Paul!!!
From: markosk on 01/21/2008
happy birthday Paul Stanley!!!
Coming to Australia!!!
Subject: Coming to Australia!!!
From: mich76 on 01/20/2008
Hi guys!!! Me and my husband are so excited that you guys are going to perform at the Melbourne Grand Prix (which also happens to be my birthday). My 4 yo son also adores you guys!!! He knows most of your songs and knows all your names!!!1 Can't wait to come and see you all and hope you know what a great bunch of guys you are!!! Love your NO 1 Aussie fan....
happy b-day paul
Subject: happy b-day paul
From: genepaulacepeter1 on 01/20/2008
what\'s up paul hope you have a rockin b-day. party it up and have a crazy crazy night
Happy Birthday Paul!
Subject: Happy Birthday Paul!
From: Roxy on 01/20/2008
I just wanted to wish you a happy birthday, Paul. Oh, and to thank you and the rest of the guys for allowing me to experience KISS in my own way and my own time. So, thank you and happy birthday!
Thanks for some great memories
Subject: Thanks for some great memories
From: jimmyz29 on 01/20/2008
To Gene, Paul, Ace, Peter and all the extended Kiss family, Yesterday while watching my lady friends 11 yr. old son were riding down the road and he asked me to play some hard rock. I\' am a child of the 70\'s so that is all I listen to. I started to play some AC/DC. A minute into Back in Black he said, \"Got any Kiss?\" . I was shocked he knew who you were. I asked if he liked Kiss and he said YEAH! Sorry to say but all my kiss CD\'s were at home at the time. Today I\'am going to give him Kissology vol. 1 to listen to. I\'ve seen you guys 6 times including the 1997 reunion show. I saw you open for and blow Black Sabbath off the stage at the Baltimore civic center in 1974. Sitting here now I think of all the memories I have rocking out to you. Two of those memories will always be with me. In 1975 my best friend and I were sitting in my car listening to Alive at full volume. Both of us banging our heads. I looked over at him and said \"Is it too loud\" he scream Yeah!!. I said \" Do you want me to turn it down!\" and he scream, Noooo! I bought tickets for your show at the Capitol Center in Largo, MD in 1977 around Christmas for myself and my two brothers. We drove to the Capitol center and realized we left the tickets at home. We raced back, got the tickets and made it back just as AC/DC left the stage.The three of us rocked out completely. As you left the stage my younger brother wanted me to try and shake your hand. I made my way to the back of the stage and waited. The stage was a few feet from the seats. As big security grauds came towards me my little brother stood there so excited. Just as Ace made his way around the guards grabbed me and pushed me away. My little brother thought I was some kind of hero. This memory is very special to me since both brothers have since passed away. The three of us never did a whole lot together for reasons that are long forgotten but that night we were all together. Hanging out, laughing, and rocking out to KIss. What a pleasure it would be to have my girlfriends son meet you and see how cool you guys are. Plus it would fill a dream of a 50 year old rocker too. If this letter does find you guys. I just wanted you to know how special you guys are. Your music was the soundtrack for my youth and though at 50 years old I still crank it up in my truck and there I\'am, back in 1975. P.S. The Capitol center show in 1976 was the largest crowd the had for a concert if I remember correctly. I remember Paul telling everyone to get up and clap during 100,000 years. The whole place got up on their feet. I stood there in awh of what was happening. Thanks for everything. Jim
Paul\'s Birthday
Subject: Paul\'s Birthday
From: chersac3 on 01/20/2008
Happy Birthday Paul, Keep on \"ROCKIN\"!
From: jimis on 01/20/2008
From: kat13tpa on 01/19/2008
Happy Birthday Paul!!!! May you have a blessed birthday and have many more!! Take care of yourself and keep rocking!! I love you!!! Love, Kathee in Tampa FL
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