Sault Ste. Marie, MI
Subject: Sault Ste. Marie, MI
From: Tammie on 07/21/2007
Hi guys!!! Just wanted to thank you for rocking northern Michigan. It truly was hotter than hell lol. You still got what it takes. Never change. Love ya dearly tammie
Subject: My KISS ART
From: Xavier Sabido on 07/21/2007
Hi Gene, Paul, Tommy, Eric, Ace and Peter, I would like to share my 1998 KISS painting, I\'ve been a fan of KISS since the late 80\'s and I love the music and as my personal tribute i made a painting. My version of the psyco circus year and hanged it on my hall way for inspiration. Still hoping KISS would visit us here!!! Sincerely, Xavier Sabido Philippines
Concert in Sault Mi.
Subject: Concert in Sault Mi.
From: Krissaholic on 07/21/2007
Going to see KISS play at Sault Mi. was the best experience of my life, even better than loosing your virginity. I have been following KISS since I was 10 years old, I\'m now 22 and ever since then my # 1 to do on the list of things I wanted to experience in my life was to see KISS live in concert. I finally accomplished that yesterday and I took in every second. KISS will always be the #1 band in the world, no one can entertain a crowd like you do. You have inspired me and everyone else who has seen you play and this moment in my life will always be treasured. I just wanted to thank KISS for the chance to see you live and if your ever in the area again I will see you at a sold out show no doubt. You give us something to look forward to!!! your fan, Krissaholic
concert on 7-20-2007
Subject: concert on 7-20-2007
From: a fan on 07/21/2007
Dear KISS the only band in the world i would listen to for hours on end. i just wanted to say that you played a fricken wicked show in the Sue Ste. Marie. I about peed my pants when you came on stage. ok not really but still i was very excited. i have been listening to your music since i was 3 years old and i am now 16. i waited a lifetime and a half to get to see the band and i finally got to see it. I havent been able to think of anything else other than Holy crap i finally got to see KISS. Eric you did a great job at drumming, you seem to really get into it. Paul you did a great job at your mad guitar playing skills, Gene you just all around rock, and Tommy you did excelent. i just wanted to say thank you for finally comming to a spot that i could actually go see you perform at.i hope you rock out your next destination like you did here. and hope you come back cuz remember Michigan loves you and welcomes you with arms wide open! Sincerely, Just a fan
great kids say
Subject: great kids say
From: Valerie Belsito on 07/21/2007
I actually didn\'t go to your concert as I sold my ticket to my niece. I did get to hear a few songs when my kids called from the cell phone. I wish I could have gone but they said even standing ..people were pushing(as with all concerts I suppose)Being in the wheelchair sure limits what a person can do I guess. My kids said the concert was awesome and my 2 daughters (Ashley and Taylor) thought they may have met Nick(Gene\'s son) which made the concert even more interesting. Have fun on your other tour dates. Valerie
Subject: Kiss Tours
From: Kevin Dabbs on 07/20/2007
I have been a KISS Fan for about 30 years... i really enjoy their music... In fact when i was growing up, I heard \"Firehouse\" for the 1st time and told my mother I wanted to b a Fireman when i grow up... Because Of the song \"firehouse\" when i was 18 I became a Firefighter for 25 Years... Thanks Kiss for the Music..I would Like to know if KISS will be touring anywhere near Columbus Ohio. in the Near future... would love to attend a concert... My Dr. told me that I have a non Cureable heart Disease... My health isnt the best... would love to thank Kiss for their music and Dedication to their fans. I would really like to meet Gene... I watch his weekly show.. He is really Cool and down to earth and a good family man..... Thanks..Kevin
Ace at the Coffee House 1st Anniversary.
Subject: Ace at the KISS Coffee House 1st Anniversary.
From: Bubba Kelly on 07/19/2007
Ace was a Class Act! He treated everybody so well!He took time to say hello,pose for photo\'s and signed everything with such care.Ace joining Mr.Speed on stage to do an encore of \"Shock Me\" was the highlight of the whole day!I arrived at the Coffee House around 9:00 in the morning,with a few of My childhood Friends,and waited about 11 hours in line to Met Him.It was all worth it!Thank You KISS,The owners and staff of the KISS Coffee House,and ACE!
do come over(:
Subject: do come over(:
From: liat on 07/19/2007
dear kiss, I don\'t know if you guys know it or not, but there are a lot of people in israel, such as myself, than go by day after day thinking \"god! how lovely whould it be if kiss were to play here! I whould do anything to see them live!! (in israel)\" and you know... you are the ones with the power to make all of these dreams come true! there\'s a mossive \'kiss army\' in israel. not all that organized perhaps, but stil very much alive. to sum up- pleaseeeeeee come and perform here! we promise we won\'t take you on those boring tours to jerusalem! we\'ll bring you pizza, and... ice cream.. and if you\'ll really insist falafel... but... ohh come on! it would be a great chance for Gene to... well... see the old homeland again?... ayh....nevermind.. just.. come?:D love liat =!=kiss army=!=
Come To New Mexico and ROCK!
Subject: Come To New Mexico and ROCK!
From: Deathly on 07/18/2007
KISS!!!! Come back and rock the hell out of Albuquerque,New Mexico...and the entire New Mexico Kiss Army!!!! Hope you guys can play at the Journal Pavilion real soon!!! A Kiss fan Forever.... Nelly
Subject: Kiss Rules!!!
From: Deathly on 07/18/2007
To Gene,Paul,Tommy,and Eric... Thank you guys for making awesome music ,KISS Style!!! I would definitely love for Kiss to come back to Albuquerque,New Mexico again,again,and certainly again!!! I Always enjoy listening to Kiss every day of my life,you guys need to get over here already!!!! Rock on you hard rockers May God Bless all of you... Nelly
Puma - mobile
Subject: Puma - KISS mobile
From: Andy Maelstaf on 07/18/2007
Hi, Just a picture of the car of Dirk Vanhecke. Have a close look at the numberplate ... Actually, this mail was sent by Andy Maelstaf, crewmember of the Belgian Tribute Band KISStory. The guy on the picture is the StarChild of the band. He would be very pleased if he could see his picture and car here :-) Hope to see the real KISS very soon in action, Greetz, Andy
From: Tom Verstraete on 07/18/2007
Hey Keith, Im the guy that you saw at Helmond-Plato KISS EXPO at Holland (E.S.P.) a few months ago. As you know Im a crewmember of the Belgian tribute-band KISStory (weve invited Bill Aucoin last year for our 30 th anniversary gig )and Im a real big KISSfan for more than 25 years! Ive made a little conquest , just for fun , with a few guys of our band.It means that Ive told them that I would be aible to get a picture of me and my 11 year old son on the K.O.L.-site !Please , see what you can do, it would be awsome if you could help me with this one ! KEEP ON KISSING !!! KISS and crew , there will be members of KISStory from Belgium at the HIT N RUN shows !!! Show them what youve got !!! SUCCES !!!!
Army in Czechia
Subject: KISS Army in Czechia
From: Zdenek on 07/18/2007 Hi everybody who gives his blood and gives his soul and pledges allegiance ... to the state of Rock'n'Roll! :-) I saw a few fan letters ago, a message from few Czech girls. It's great to read such words! I'd like to greet all KISS fans not just here in Czechia but everywhere in the world. Few years ago when we were graduating from our secondary school me and three friends of mine (Jenda, Honza & Honza - you can see them on the photo) masked and dressed up like the hottest band in the world (we spent quite a lot of time on all that stuff .. but we were proud to made all the equipment for not more than 10 bucks all together :-)) and made some mess in front of our school while playing KISS songs to the whole school! Wonderful to remind it! I'm writing this while listening Alive! and I'm glad to share a photo. Sorry for the English. Keep on rockin'! Zdenek LETTERS click here.
My youth
Subject: My youth
From: Patrick Rausch on 07/18/2007
Dear band, I\'m Patrick form Germany and 42 years old. Yesterday I was in a record store and I saw the CD Kiss Alive 2 and all the remembers out of my youth cames back, I think I was 13 years old when I bought this record. So I bought again this album and the first thing was to put the CD in the CD player in my car and Detroit Rock City was rocking me like the first time. More than 20 years I don\'t hearing this music but I\'m back. I wanted the best and I got the best!!! Thanks a lot to bring me back in my youth!!! Your fan Patrick
From: on 07/17/2007
If you sent in a fan letter in the past few days with a picture - there is a good chance KOL did not receive the photo. We would love to post these letters as soon as possible. We are requesting that you resend the photos to - so that we may post the letter & photos. Thanks for all of your great letters - keep them coming!! Best, Keith
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