From: dmn1 on 10/03/2007
I really enjoyed both vols.but i enjoyed vol.2 a little better because of the tv movie Attack Of The Phantoms (AKA) Kiss Meets The Phantom Of The Park seeing the difference between the two. And the way you rememberd Eric Carr...He will be missed deeply! Can't wait for vol.3 Your fan Dwayne Washburn San Diego CA.
From: demonluvr on 10/02/2007
I'm 29 years old and I loved you guys since I was very small. I finally got to see you this summer in my town, and I have to say I was truly impressed!!!!!I waited in line for tickets for 23 hours and I would do it again in a heartbeat!my husband was rocking out as hard as me,and he was a closet "KISS fan,he's out now!!! it meant a lot to me when Paul said "sorry for not coming last summer"! Anyway's I just wanted to say thank you for a truly rockin' awesome time that I'll NEVER forget.my 5 and 6 year olds are the next generation fans who already love you . buy and thank you, keep rocking and GOD BLESS YOU ALL
Welcome to China~
Subject: Welcome to China~
From: jephie on 10/02/2007
Hi: I'm a KissArmy from China,I know KISS will worldwide tour at 2008,I hope KISS can come to China,many fans want KISS,we love KISS! this is a KISSARMY CHINA webside: http://lovekiss.uu1001.com . My name is Jephie,from China Rock and roll all nite
To !
Subject: To KISS!
From: kissfreakjoe on 10/01/2007
I have been a fan for a LONG time, since my early child hood, around the age of 3-4. I have gone through all of my school years defending you guys, and all I have to say is that the battle was worth it. Being treated bad just because I love a band, getting into fights everyday in middle school, it was tough. Then when high school rolled around it became even tougher, but by the end of senior year, I had a lot of people appreciating the band. I have never seen KISS live, EVER, and I feel that if/when KISS tours again, if EVER again, I need to see you guys, it would be the best reward in life for me. Gene, this goes out to you especially, since I always bother you on your site LOL! You even remembered me on Halloween 2006. And Eric, I\'ve met you a ton of times, you probably don\'t remember me, but you owe me as much as Gene does!!! Rock ON! Guys, Joe PENNacchia!
Ballad version of \"I Was Made For Lovin\' You\" on TV in OZ.
Subject: Ballad version of \"I Was Made For Lovin\' You\" on TV in OZ.
From: no1kissfanmikeperth on 10/01/2007
Dear Kiss Just lettin\' you and all Kiss fans know about an interpretation of \"I Was Made For Lovin\' You\" that went to air last night across Australia. It was sung in a ballad style by an Australian Idol contestant whose arrangement and performance of this song scored a \"TOUCHDOWN\". (Let\'s just say ALL the judges thought it ROCKED!) I\'ve included the link below for any fans wanting to check it out on youtube. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=X_zyZQgKHoo Looking forward to you all coming back to Perth (SOON!)and Rock And Rolling All Night!!!! Warm wishes Mike E Perth Australia no1kissfanmikeperth
Subject: drawing
From: kissfan71092 on 09/29/2007
\"Photo this is a picture of the cover of KISSOLOGY 2 i drew it a couple weeks ago and i just wanted to share it with the band -John
Ebay Commercial
Subject: Ebay Commercial
From: rory_blankenship on 09/27/2007
Don\'t know if anyones already wrote in about this, but I saw a new ebay commercial tonight on cbs and the music at the end was I was made for lovin you... Kiss is showing up on more and more commercials every day. lol.
come to spanish!! please!!
Subject: come to spanish!! please!!
From: laura_spanish on 09/27/2007
Hello. my name is Laura.I\'m 14 years old. I\'m spanish, and i don\'t speak english very find. Kiss is my fauvorite group. I Love Kiss!! and I\'d like to KISS go to SPAIN!! go to Madrid!!!take a concert in Madrid please!!! you\'re the best and I\'m crazy because of wattch a kiss in concert!!! please read my better please!!! goodbay!!! KISSES!!! and GOT SPAIN!! Paul I Love You!!!
The Japanese Photo Book Display
Subject: The Japanese Photo Book Display
From: naokiss on 09/22/2007
This is a photo of the Japanese Photo Book store display at the Tower Records in Downtown Tokyo. It has just been released in Japan. It\'s about the 77 and 78 Japanese tours.
Cadillac Still Loves
Subject: Cadillac Still Loves KISS
From: stevenhoppy on 09/21/2007
Hey guys, I recently had the chance to watch the Kissology Vol. 1 and I really enjoyed seeing the Cadillac, MI video. I am a Cadillac native and was one of the kids who had the chance to meet you during the soundcheck in the school gym. I was only 4 years old at the time, but I remember it as if it were yesterday. I had my face painted like Gene, and I remember being pretty scared when I met you. Anyway, it was so great to see the footage of that October in 1975. I eventually played football at Cadillac, and we sure could have used a \"KISS defense\" in the late 80\'s. We ended up 0-9 my senior year. I just wanted to say \"Hello\" and thanks for the memories back in 1975. Cadillac has not changed the lock yet, and would love to have you back for a visit. Keep on Rockin\'! Steve Hopkins Class of 89\' Go Vikings!
Guitar Give away. .... I WON !!!
Subject: KISS Guitar Give away. .... I WON !!!
From: kisskrazyjth on 09/20/2007
On Saturday September 8th, I attended an event called Duckapalooza Music Festival. It was held in Elgin Illinois and was sponsored by The Boys and Girls Club. The Boys and Girls Club offers programs and services that are designed to enhance the children’s sense of competence, usefulness, and belonging. The event sponsored a Battle of the Bands as well as performances by four other bands including DROP, Blah Blah Blah and The Smithereens. There were several events and many prizes that were being donated by local banks, car dealerships and businesses. There was one prize that I had set my sites on. It was a brand new Washburn Paul Stanley PS 600 model guitar. I had been told that there was going to be a raffle and being a huge KISS fan that has dedicated an entire room of my house to display my collection which includes 5 other KISS guitars, a pinball machine, gold record awards and much much more I knew it had to be mine. I later found out that the guitar was to be given away to a KISS fan that could answer a trivia question based on the band. I knew right away that this was my lucky day. When the event coordinator brought the guitar out on stage, I made sure to be right up in front. He said that it was only appropriate for a KISS fan to win a KISS guitar” and with this my heart started pumping. The rules were simple. The first person to shout out the correct answer wins the guitar. When the question was asked, I shouted out loud, (no pun intended) \"PSYCHO CIRCUS\" and the guitar washanded to me. I was told that I had turned white from the excitement and I had to sit down to take it all in. I have never won anything in my 41 years on this earth and it was more than overwhelming for me to actually have won something that I wanted so badly. I have included a photo of myself holding the guitar just minutes after it was won. It is now one of my most prized guitars in my collection (I have also included a photo of the rest of the collection) It is a beautiful guitar and I thought it fitting toshare this story with KISS Online. THANKS SO MUCH TO EVERYONE AT THE BOYS AND GIRLS CLUB OF ELGIN AND TO GOODTIME MUSIC IN STREAMWOOD ILLINOIS FOR DONATING SUCH AND AWESOME GUITAR
great piece of art
Subject: great piece of art
From: sonikiss1977 on 09/18/2007
Hello Kiss and KissArmy, I just want to share this great piece of art that Jeff Rich painted for my birthday. Keep Kissin, Sonja from Austria
A Mexican wrestling fighter inspired in Gene Simmons
Subject: A Mexican wrestling fighter inspired in Gene Simmons
From: eneas on 09/18/2007
As you know, wrestling in Mexico is famous worldwide. I want to share to the kiss community this article published in The Mexican Encyclopedia of Wrestling Masks, book that describes the history of the greatests Mexican fighters. On the 80\'s to 2000, there was a fighter that re-name itself \"Kiss\", and used a design inspired on Gene Simmon\'s character. The book mention that is an historical mask, made in metalic strech with varnish and skin. The wrestler who used the mask was a great representative of wrestling in Tijuana and subsequently was promoted to fight in Mexico City. The fighter was defeated in the 90\'s by the Pierroth Jr. By the way, I\'m a greatest and proud Kiss Army member. Best regards from Mexico.
for HER fragrance
Subject: Kiss for HER fragrance
From: slw on 09/18/2007
Dear Kiss- I went out and bought your new scent,to treat myself,and I wanted to let you all know I LOVE IT! It is a lighter scent then I USED to wear and my husband likes it on me. My 15 year-old daughter also LOVES IT and has been sneaking it out of my purse ALL WEEK! Guess I\'ll have to buy her a bottle of her own! Oh, one other thing..... PLEASE COME TO K.C., Kansas! My daughter and I haven\'t got to see you and are waiting breathlessly to ROCK OUT to your steamy, hard-wailing tunes!!!!!!!!!!!! We have a special CD burned, to listen to in the car when we leave the house.(We live WAY out in the country!!) You guys are my favorite ALL TIME band and it would be an experience of a life time to see you guys LIVE! The T\'s in the KISS SHOP are excellent(Just bought 3)and now my husband has a mile long list to choose from for our upcoming anniversary and Christmas! :) Thanks for being so HOT and keep on rockin\'!!!!!! LOVE TO KISS FOREVER, SHERI
\'s star of the walk fo fame
Subject: Kiss\'s star of the walk fo fame
From: kevinwright on 09/16/2007
Dear Kissonline, My wife, kids, and i visited california september 1st-8th from seattle. One of our stops while in california was to see Kiss\'s star on the walk of fame as we are big Kiss fans. Anyway i was very upset at what we saw. Someone defaced this piece of Kisstory and rock and roll history. I do not know if anyone at Kissonline or the members of Kiss are aware of this but i thought you should know. Attached is a picture. I did also email the hollywood walk to let them know about it too. By the way i was very dissappointed that the Kiss concert in whistler canada was cancelled. We had bought our tickets to the show just before we went of vacation to california. How about putting on a make up show in the seattle area to take its place? Thanks for your time. A Kiss fan for life!!! Kevin
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