Ace Frehley Rocks Springfield (Va. that is!)
Subject: Ace Frehley Rocks Springfield (Va. that is!)
From: slaterock on 12/28/2007
Hey guys! First off I wanna say that I have been a loyal kisss fan for 30 years! I just saw Ace play at Jaxx last night and I gotta say that my faith in Ace has been restored!!!! He kicked #$$!!! last night! I saw him play solo about 14 years ago at HammerJacks in Baltimore and he was not at his best--But last night was worth the trip and worth the wait! Ace came on about 11:30 or so. He played his butt off till 1:30. I wish I could have taken some pictures to post here but the security was even stopping cell phones. The set list ran the gamut:I think it began with Hard Times from Dynasty and the fanale included a rock medley inluding The Who,Led Zep and others. it was all so good and so loud its hard to recall just now--They ended with Cold Gin. An excellent show!!! Thank you ACE you are a real ROCK SOLDIER!!! Your playing is still stellar and your laughter is infectious! I hope that Jaxx posts some photos on their web site---Hey fans! If you got any post em!!!
From: insortediaboli on 12/28/2007
My name is Justin Kirby. KISS is the best thing I could have ever discovered as a kid. It kept me out of a lot of bad stuff as a teenager. Nowadays, I\'m more of a KISS fan than ever thanks to the outstanding Kissology series (by the way, when are we gonna see Vol. 4? I know you guys got it in ya!!!), and I hope to pass this love for such an awesome band to my child, who will be born on June 18. My girl hates the idea, but come on...KISS saved my life, KISS is my life, and with a little luck my child will appreciate you as much as I do. Rock on, guys, and thank you for everything you\'ve done for me. But now for my question: Do you remember this news clipping? They seem to have gotten you all mixed up!!!
We want a Brisbane show!!!!!!
Subject: We want a Brisbane show!!!!!!
From: manda7 on 12/27/2007
Dear Gene and fellow rock gods, My friend and i were exstatic to learn that you were returning to Australia to perform another ledgendary show. However we were devestated to find out that you were only making 1 appearence in Melbourne. We seriously considered the possibility of making the trip from Brisbane to Melbourne, but as we are both single devoted mothers we just could not stretch the budget to make the trip. So we are begging you PLEASE,PLEASE,PLEASE come to Brisbane...PLEASE. We love you Gene!!!!!! $$$ Thanks Forever Listening Amanda & Peita xoxoxoxoxo
Subject: Christmas
From: ozzykissfan on 12/26/2007
I got so much kiss stuff for christmas i cant even list it all im so happy because i got the Les Paul i wanted. From figures to clocks i got it all you guys rock. Jeremy George
HI !!!!!
Subject: HI !!!!!
From: sicfrehley on 12/26/2007
Zachary\'s mas
Subject: Zachary\'s Kissmas
From: butchie11 on 12/26/2007
My seven year old son Zachary had a great Kissmas! Most of what he got was Kiss items. Everything from a blanket and drum sticks too Kiss cologne and spray.He said it was the best KIssmas ever! The Dawson Family Maryland
From: anafreak on 12/24/2007
Merry MAS And Happy/Rockin\' New Year
Subject: Merry KISSMAS And Happy/Rockin\' New Year
From: _kiss_the_best_ on 12/24/2007
Merry KISSMAS KISS and (Happy)Rockin\' New Year From Italy <3 And Now ... I Wanna Rock \'n \' Roll All Nite And Party Every Day <3 Ja Ne!
My christmas salute:)
Subject: My christmas salute:)
From: kajkovajko on 12/24/2007
Ouuu guys!!!In our beautiful small state in Middle Europe called Slovakia..itīs 24 th December and before a few hours Iīve found under our christmas tree great things...between them book KISS:Withoet makeup!!!Woow!people,great to read ,what I was always thinking about you,that you are really amazing and honest!!!You donīt play big!You are big!I love you..great to being with you,nevermind that I have never been on your concert,I wish I will see you!Thatīs my next dream.. And Paul:I have send you my picture ..of you.I like your art and Iīm in firs class of grammar school-in art class!Wish to be good painter..maybe like you:) have a great time with your families.All the best by Karolina From Slovakia:)your European fan
From: tunderboy on 12/24/2007
for my the best world band is KISS i from uruguay and i only learn english for understand the letters of kiss i hope one day you come to south america and visit uruguay or argentina i want to see it VERY KISSMAS FOR ALL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Subject: KISS cookie
From: heartxofxchrome on 12/23/2007
Last year I made a KISS cookie that\'s in the KISS Army fan photos. This year, I made another one...and it looks like a lot to eat. I\'m gonna go eat it now =P MERRY KISSMAS TO ALL!!! -Brit
happy belated b-day to my fav cat!!!
Subject: happy belated b-day to my fav cat!!!
From: kittyroxx on 12/23/2007
happy belated birthday to my favorite cat. hope u had a wonderful one , with many more to come!!!! love you peter <3 tyna coppola xoxoxo
ology 3 DVD
Subject: KISSology 3 DVD
From: ace76 on 12/23/2007
Dear KISS, I bought the KISSology 3 DVD with the bonus disc being the Madison Square Garden show in 1996. This was the best of all 3 volumes as you pack 5 or 6 concerts in them. It would have been nice if you included the Reunion Tour Press Conference on the Intrepid in its entirety and the MAD TV appearance. What better Christmas gift than the KISSology series? Thanks for the wonderful series, I enjoyed them to the fullest. Van aka Ace76
From: markarnone on 12/22/2007
The KISS ARMY is tired of these criminals making money on Ebay of off KISS! There are major offenders mass producing fake KISS autographs. There is a site to let KISS fans educate themselves on authentic KISS autographs. See the authentics and the fakes. Visit . Nothing is being sold at this site. It\'s for educational purposes only. It\'s an opinion, so please make yours. Attached is an example of a fake being sold online.
Subject: KISS Airband!
From: paulismystar on 12/22/2007
Hi KISS!!! Me and some of my friends were in an Airband competition at our school yesterday, and we went as KISS! I thought you might like to see the picture. That\'s me in Paul\'s Starchild makeup, my friends Hannah as Ace, Kelsey as Peter, and Kelly as Gene. I am a dedicated member of the KISS Army and after our performance, I think I\'ve recruited some new members as well! We lip-synched to \"Crazy Crazy Nights\", and even though I know you guys weren\'t in the makeup at that time, we really wanted to wear it. :) The crowd loved it and we had a great time! It was an amazing feeling rocking out to one of your fantastic songs, and it was an honour to wear the makeup. Thanks so much for being the best band in the world!!! Keep on rocking!!! :) Forever a KISS Army member, Meghan
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