Picture of Tommy Thayer at the Beaverton, OR parade
Subject: Picture of Tommy Thayer at the Beaverton, OR parade
From: godofthunderrslack on 09/16/2007
Here is a picture of me and my best friend at the Parade in Beaverton, Oregon meeting Tommy Thayer.
in Beach!
Subject: KISS in Beach!
From: juniorth13 on 09/16/2007
Hello KISS! I did it (this art) on the beach yesterday, saturday, what do you think?! (Brazil, Ceara)
summer of
Subject: summer of kiss
From: daddyo on 09/14/2007
pictures of how we spent our summer. first kiss expo in cleveland. eric was super cool!!! then detroi. bruce also super cool!! both band mr speed and war machine. super cool!! everybody we meet was just so nice. like being around family. also pay repect to eric carr, my brother live about a mile from gravesite. didn\'t sent any picture of gravesite out of respect. but did say a prayer and thank him and god. hope to do more expo and see more kiss shows. have some great pictures of us in war paint from the last pittsburgh show. keep on rocking and thanks for being great role models and great people. sincerly yours. john p leary pgh pa ( kiss fan from the beginning. and jp leary fan since 1998(age 3).
sighting in Zack Braff film - The Ex
Subject: KISS sighting in Zack Braff film - The Ex
From: habs23st on 09/13/2007
Just watched The Ex, starring Zack Braff, Jason Bateman, & Amanda Peete. Not the greatest movie ever made, but a coolest thing about the film is the scene stealing newcomer Lucian Maisel. Lucian\'s character, Wesley, wears nothing but KISS t-shirts throughout the film. Awesome to see a future star sporting the colors.
Gene\'s missing jacket- pictures
Subject: Gene\'s missing jacket- pictures
From: larafacceee on 09/13/2007
here are the pictures i mentioned previously. thanks.
My dad joins the army
Subject: My dad joins the kiss army
From: Tomharris on 09/12/2007
Hello kiss fan's and to Gene,Paul,Eric,and Tommy,Keith, Skip,Brian.While i was growing up in the 70's it was hard being a kiss fan in the south.my da would not even dare not come into my room because of all the kiss all over the wall.well this past june changed that coming with me and my famliy to the 1'st annversary opening to the kiss coffee house changed him a whole turn around.I gave him a clown white magazine and ace signed it for him man if everone could see the gleem in his eye's and the tear's in mine tha t is worth a thousand words.getting to meet skip and Brian,ace the rest of the gang changed his mind about kiss awhole lot different.that's he talk's about going back to the kiss coffee house.I told him we'll be going back soon.down here in the south if you listen to kiss you belonged to the devil.Now my dad see's them in a whole new way.and when he saw Mr.speed on stage he told me that he could not wait to see kiss in concert.I would like to thank everyone for making this happen.Tom,becky,jl,and joshua harris
Fan since age 3
Subject: Fan since age 3
From: jwalk on 09/09/2007
Dear Peter, Kiss is my favorite band. I saw you live when I was five, and have I\'ve been drumming since I was six. My favorite songs are black diamond, psycho circus,and crazy crazy nights. I\'ve been listening to Kiss since I was three. I hope I get to meet you someday. I met Gene 6 months ago at the Kiss fragrance release at a mall here in Fresno. Hope you are doing good. Jacob Walker
Subject: Kiss Rules!!!
From: deathly on 09/08/2007
Gene,Paul,Tommy And Eric!! Please come back to Albuquerque!! Me and my family would love it if you all can come back to the Journal Pavilion and kick major ass here..... Kiss Style!! Gene,your Family Jewels show on A&E is killer! Very entertaining show I must say!!! You are hilarious! Nick & Sophie,if you get to read this ...both you guys and your Mom & Dad ROCK!!!! Paul,please be safe and strong,you are a very important part of Kisstory- You Gotta Keep On Rockin\'! Both you & Gene show the world how the Big Boys Get It Done!!! Tommy,thanks for keeping the Kiss Machine running in awesome form! Your role in Kiss is also important!!I was(and still am) a fan of yours when you were in Black N\' Blue)Hold on to 18 is my fave song! Eric,I am also a hardcore fan of yours!Your drumming style is badass,I still have my Black Sabbath-Seventh Star CD cover signed by you when I saw you in Orlando,FL at a Kiss fan Expo,thanks for being in Kiss and for all you do!! Rock On Always!! I still miss Peter and Ace not being in the band,yet the show must go on! Here I include a pic of Kiss in \'77,back in the good ol\' Love Gun Tour Days!! Enjoy!!! Gene! Paul! Tommy! Eric! Please email me back! My girls here @ home would love to get a response from all of you!! Kiss,Please take care and be safe always! Your fans...Nelly,Roberta,Alex & Nicole --------------------KISS!------------------------- -------------------FOREVER------------------------
in tony hawk game
Subject: KISS in tony hawk game
From: lskora93 on 09/07/2007
im just saying hi and telling all kiss fans out there to buy tony hawks underground on ps2 there is an awesome kiss themed level titled hotter than hell, a kiss clip of god of thunder from kiss symphony and best of all GENE AS A BONUS SKATER
New Album anytime soon???
Subject: New Album anytime soon???
From: jtfelton1970 on 09/07/2007
Hey Guys, Just one more thing. Do you guys plan on heading into the studio anytime soon to record some new material with Tommy and Eric?? I\'ve heard Tommy with Black-n-Blue originals, it would sure be interresting to hear what he sounds like with KISS! Besides, I\'ve been chomping at the bit for some new KISS tunes for quite some time! It\'s been almost Ten Years since your last studio release and I\'m dieing to hear more! Gene, love \"Family Jewels\" I watch every new episode! Paul, love the new solo disc! Can\'t wait for new KISS music though! John Felton Demotte, IN
Lovin\' in S.E. Kansas
Subject: Lovin\' KISS in S.E. Kansas
From: slw on 09/05/2007
Hey KISS- I have been a Kiss fan since I was 14(36 now)and had to keep my \"love\" hidden as my mom was raised Mormon and my dad was a catholic. I would go cruisin\' with my friends after school and rock out to your music until I had to go home. It was always a party if your music was playin\' loud and proud! Now I am married with 3 kids\' and I am still a devoted fan, all by myself and lovin\' it. I have a special CD burned that I listen to EVERYDAY and it never fails to lift my spirits when I am feeling low. I live in the country so life is pretty QUIET to say the least, but I still take time to jam out in my car every time I leave the house!!! I wanted to know if you guys will EVER make it back to K.C. Kansas, as that\'s pretty close (3 hours away)for me and I have NEVER had the extreme pleasure of seeing you play LIVE! I am dying to get the opportunity to rock out with fellow KISS fans and eagerly await the day when KISS will hit K.C. once again! Until then, I burn for you guys in the \"sticks\" of Southeast Kansas!!!!!! Hot For Kiss, Sheri WIlliams
End Of ology Vol 2
Subject: End Of Kissology Vol 2
From: nickelback00 on 09/05/2007
Hi Kiss, just wanted to comment on how great the end of kissology vol 2 is. It really ends the volume on a high. Thank you for sharing that with the world, because he was, and always will be THE greatest drummer of all time. Many regards, Chris, 14 years old, UK Fan
Subject: Adrian
From: The Vallejo Family on 09/02/2007
Hey Gene, Just wanted to send you a picture of my 8 month old son Adrian Vallejo a young Kiss fan. We also wanted to say \"HAPPY BIRTHDAY\"! The Vallejo Family
Camp Massad
Subject: Camp Massad
From: Jessica Romanoff on 09/02/2007
Some kids from our local Camp Massad made this last year. I don\'t read Hebrew but since I\'ve started watching your show I thought you might enjoy this. Jessica Romanoff Winnipeg, Manitoba
From: Rich Breeding on 09/02/2007
Hey KOL, Just got back from seeing the new Halloween movie. WOW,what a great surprise it was being a big KISS fan to see the movie open to the KISS classic God of Thunder!!!!!! Another surprise was seeing a young Michael Myers wearing a KISS Destroyer T Shirt. Lets here it for Halloween producer and fellow KISS fan Rob Zombie for representing the greatest band in the land KISS!!!!!!!!!! Thanks KISSONLINE! Rich Breeding
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