how the cover of th paul stanley solo album in 78 would be like if he hadnt took off the bandit makeup
Subject: how the cover of th paul stanley solo album in 78 would be like if he hadnt took off the bandit makeup
From: portilla94 on 10/25/2007
personally i preffered the bandit makeup i dont know why but it looks more original
all the makeups(not including the bandit, hawk makeup) but with south park characters enjoy
Subject: all the KISS makeups(not including the bandit, hawk makeup) but with south park characters enjoy
From: portilla94 on 10/25/2007
an image of all the KISS makeups. but i just didnt do the bandit or hawk makeup this just are the most famous makeups of KISS Enjoy.
Ebay Commercial
Subject: Ebay Commercial
From: kissfreak1211 on 10/24/2007
Hey kiss, I was just watching a commercial during game 1 of the world series, when I saw a ebay commercial at the end of it had \"I was Made For Loving You\" I was so happy that I thought I would share it with you guys and kiss fans!! Here it is
I love America...
Subject: I love America...
From: Andrew Pike on 10/24/2007
Only in America can you go to a business meeting made-up like Gene Simmons... When given the opportunity to express my love for KISS, I do. This most recent opportunity came when I was invited to a business meeting in Somerset, KY on October 15, 2007. I heard that there was a costume requirement (while in route) and that all attendees would be interviewing for a \'randomly selected\' jobs that were a little obscure, in the character of their choosing. A group of 15 managers from across the state of KY interviewed my persona for the position of \'Dance Instructor\'. Although I didn\'t win the contest, I walked away with my fists in the air - I had just exposed another random group of professionals to that magical KISS influence that has directed my life and career. From \"the keyword, more\" to \"money, lots of it Baby\" I made a Simmons-like statement that wasn\'t quickly forgotten. The included photo, taken by a regional sales director, quickly circulated throughout the company. Keeping KISS alive!!!
My 4 year birthday - with file
Subject: My 4 year birthday - with file
From: Jack on 10/24/2007
Please find the image of me and my friends at my Kiss party.
From: rock4kiss on 10/23/2007
Hi!!!! I got to see Eric Singer in person in Houston, Tx!!! Well it was Monday and we went to go Alice cooper! And ofvourse Eric drums for him...... well one of friends that didn\'t get to go to Alice told me to go to the back building and you will meet Alice! well me and my friend waited in the cold outside with other people (not that many) for like 40 minutes! then Eric Singer came out on a cell phone!!! I wanted to cry!!! my friend said :SAY SOMETHING DUDE\" All I said was ERIC!!! KISS ROX!!!! WE LOVE YOU!!!! and he got in the tour bus and was planning to come back put and sign aughtographs! but we had to go!!!!!! AND WE DIDN\'T EVEN GET AN AUGHTOGRAPH!! I am still till this moment disapointed cause I felt like that was my only chance to meet a KISS member! but it made my day!!! THANK YOU KISS ESPECIALLY ERIC SINGER!!! YOUR KISSARMY MEN CASEY Z. ESPINOZA
KIST Concert in Brownsburg ,Indiana
Subject: KIST Concert in Brownsburg ,Indiana
From: paulaholic on 10/23/2007
Hey KISS,My name is Kayleigh Andrews from KISS Army Ohio i\'m 11 years old and a Gene Fan!!!On October 20th in Brownsburg,Indiana there was a KIST concert a tribute band and the did an awesome job they were great!!! My friend Paige Baucher also from here in KISS Army Ohio was dressed up as Paul Stanley but now is an Ace fan and Then Me i was dressed up as Gene Simmons and my mom did the paint and a very awesome painter at that! Anyway during the concert Gene threw me his water bottel that had the blood on it and it was so awesome!!! My friend Paige and I was in front row! After the concert they took pcitures with us and i had a great time!! I also am such a big KISS fan that i dyed my hair black and i get made fun of at school and yet i don\'t care because i\'m a KISS fan and they can get over it!!!!!Also on September 15th I went to my first KISS expo in Dayton,Ohio and met a lot of great people that all bought me a $40 KISS bookbag that i use now and always! Also Ohio\'s awesome KISS tribute band was there Mr.Speed they\'re were really good 2! Ro did a good job at Gene!And Gene Simmons you\'re so awesome you are like my idol i look up to you and wanna be just like you but instead of a lot of girl friends a lot of guy friends instead!! HeHe! Paul you\'re cool too my mom is a Paulaholic and loves you lots!Tom and Eric you\'re cool too! How i got to be a KISS fan is because my mom got me listen to you\'re music and now i\'m a huge fan!! For my 6 yr. old friend Zachery he si going through some rough times he has 9 brain tumors and an autism and now he\'s complaining he is in a lot of pain and we would like for everyone to pray for him and make it through.But untill then I will rocka nd roll all night,or,at least untill 10:00 on school night because that\'s my bed time!Lots of KISSeS!! Kayleigh Andrews A.K.A. LiL\'Demon Love you Gene!!!
krazy for
Subject: krazy for kiss
From: lzlouizes on 10/23/2007
hey guys, whats up. just want you to know ur my all time fav band, and when i was 9 (now 37), i got bad grades on my report card and my dad ripped my favorite poster of you guys. it was a huge one, i think like 48 inches by 60 i think. it had bunch of different pics on it. anyway, he knew how to get to me by ripping my FAV poster to shreds. cant seem to find that one any more, anyway, keep on rockn. heres a pic of my cell phone i aibrushed of ace, its pretty cool, LATER LL
Search With
Subject: Search With KISS
From: MichellePK on 10/23/2007
I searched with KISS and won a Buck. Thanks! :) RECENT WINNERS 2:55 minutes ago Swag Buck M. Palmieri-Kneute, NJ
Oh Paul...
Subject: Oh Paul...
From: jenniferjennyjenjen on 10/23/2007
I just recently checked out your personal website ( So first of all, I had no IDEA that you had gotten into painting! Wow...that\'s incredibly cool...but I guess we all knew you were a renaissance man. ;-) While I was at the site I checked out the vintage photos sections (very cool), and then moved on to the more recent photos. Okay, good God, Paul...I don\'t know what you\'ve been doing lately to account for lookin\' even yummier than you did twenty years ago...but whatever it is, keep right on doing it! Holy cow. All the best, Jen
Gene (Mt.Hua,CHINA )
Subject: Gene (Mt.Hua,CHINA )
From: jephie on 10/22/2007
Hi,My name is Jephie,from China,Oct. 20,At the top of Mt. Hua.
AidanGene and AidanPeter
Subject: AidanGene and AidanPeter
From: eronicave on 10/22/2007
Hello - wanted to add another Trooper to the Army. The AidanGene pictures are from the convention here in NJ this summer. AidanPeter was at the RUSH show in July. (We like to play with the makeup / faces). Did AidanPaul at a baseball game. Just need the right blue to do Ace. He is changing his room to a KISS room and having a KISS birthday party next month....somehow, I don\'t think this is a \"phase\" he\'ll be growing out of anytime soon, if at all - Rock On - Peace & Love
My Tooth
Subject: My KISS Tooth
From: gennation on 10/22/2007
I\'ve had this for a about 8 years now...
Thanks For Linking
Subject: Thanks For Linking
From: roshi_paratesh on 10/22/2007
Hi guys, just wanted to say how pleasantly suprised I was to see that you had used some of our youtube videos on your site, and also wanted to thank you. We gained 70 new subscribers to our channel in the first 12 hours you had them up. I think its cool that a band is interested in what their fans are putting on their pages. big KISSES to you all (especially Eric) Roshan & Jasmine, ToxikVideo
ARMY Performance
Subject: KISS ARMY Performance
From: rockmaster316 on 10/20/2007
Hi guys, (disregard the previous letters i sent on this) KISS ARMY Performed up here in St Louis this past thursday night and were awsome!Well what can i say, it was awsome! I ran into some friends i seen back at the KINGSshow back in March and that was great to see them again! They took the stage verry close to 10:30 even though time was supposed to be 10 pm. They were great! I know i wont remember the songs in order but they played TAKE ME, STRUTTER, 100,000 YEARS, GOD OF THUNDER, SHOCK ME, HARD LUCK WOMAN, COLD GIN, LADIES ROOM, GOT TO CHOOSE, PARASITE, ROCKET RIDE, CALLING DR LOVE, Well there was more than that. THE KISS ARMY was awsome, A Rock n Roll having a blast atmosphere and enjoyed every minute of it! enclosed are a few pics! John Wicker Kiss Army Missouri
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