Army Photos from show!
Subject: Kiss Army Photos from show!
From: rockmaster316 on 10/20/2007
heres a few pics from the KISS ARMY Performance from this past thursday night at House of Rock! They were awsome!
Gene the Dog!
Subject: Gene the Dog!
From: chaoticdeath on 10/18/2007
Dear Kiss, I was on the web and than found i that image. Gene the Dog.There are still others with a guitar, and with other band members of Kiss.Once a great picture to Helloween. Chaotic Death wish a good Helloween for Kiss. Bye Your René form Germany
Subject: KISSOLOGY Vol.3
From: disturbed_psycho_01 on 10/17/2007
I have just read what will be included in KISSOLOGY Vol. 3 and it looks just as great as the the first two if not better.. But I am a little dissapointed that the whole FOX Halloween night was not included in this but the concert is... Is this only because the rights from Mad TV and Millennium could not be had if so that is a shame can anyone shed some light on this subject and the only reason I ask is because I was really enjoying how these DVD\'s were being done with TV Appearances.. And I would also really like to know what is up after thr KISSOLOGY Series is done... As a die hard fan I would still like to see all the music videos released on DVD... The only thing left to say is that I am sure not only I but the entire KISS ARMY will always want as much as our Band can possibly dish out to us... KISS ARMY FOR LIFE
gene (south park)
Subject: gene (south park)
From: portilla94 on 10/15/2007
this is just a custom little image of gene simmons like a south park character
on front page of eBay
Subject: kiss on front page of eBay
From: guitarace on 10/15/2007
Was just browsing ebay and came across this on the front page. A 70\'s Gene doll next to a very Destroyer era Ace Les Paul. Very cool to see that KISS is STILL everywhere.
a Pinarella Beach
Subject: KISS a Pinarella Beach
From: simone1969 on 10/12/2007
Ciao All , we were to the sea this Summer 2007 and there was a lot of fun and proud to drawn our faces as Paul , Gene and Criss. Here we are Astrid & Matteo , Love to everybody !!!! KISS addicted ;-))
Chilean Tribute Band
Subject: Chilean Kiss Tribute Band
From: revenge_tribute on 10/11/2007
Hi Kiss, my name is Juan Pablo Alarcon, manager of revenge (Chilean Kiss Tribute Band) and i would like that this band will be an Official Chilean Kiss Tribute band. This guys are fans of Kiss since they were born. Always listen your music, include myself. I don´t know what i have to do, but this guys are really good. We play in many stange. The last year we sharing backstage with Bruce Kulick in La batuta, that was so cool. I hope that this request will be accepted. Thank You Regards Juan Pablo
Hi from Cancun Mexico waitress
Subject: Hi from Cancun Mexico KISS waitress
From: ladyhonda on 10/08/2007
Hi, my name is Yan I´m from México I work on Hard Rock Cafe Cancun I´m waitress, my companions and I decided that we wanted to work with an original way and that better shining like an original band, we hoped likes you the photo and you can give us your opinion, or you will can visit us. KISSes with rock... Yan
Superhero day during homecoming week.
Subject: Superhero day during homecoming week.
From: Indianrage on 10/07/2007
Dear KISS, I always have been a fan of your music, and it always gets me through the rough times. Last week was homecoming week, one of the days was Superhero Day. Well my favorite superheroes have been the ones in leather studs, seven inch heels, and white and black war paint. It\'s none other than KISS. I put on Paul Stanley make-up and wore my hair like Gene Simmons. I came up to school and people congratulated me on my make-up. I got the most respect I have ever had because of it. Even though some kids laughed at it, forget them, they\'re WRONG. I say thank you for always being there KISS. Steve W.
marching band
Subject: KISS marching band
From: god_of_thunder73 on 10/07/2007
Dear KISS, this Friday (Oct. 12th)the Anchor Bay Marching Tars of Anchor Bay High School (6319 County Line Rd Fair Haven, MI 48023)are playing their last halftime show of the year, it is an 80\'s hair band show (which includes Beth/Detroit Rock City). Being the HUGE KISS fan that I am(probably the biggest fan in Detroit)I suggested that the band wear KISS make-up, my band instructor said yes! The whole band is excited. if you deiced to come(kinda like the Cadillac Michigan incident)the game is this Friday at the address given above. I\'m not saying you have to go , I\'m just saying that would be awesome for KISS to come to a small town like Fair Haven. But if you can\'t come I will send pictures of the show for you guy\'s
Army, Hit \'N\' Run Tour, & Cadillac Michigan
Subject: KISS Army, Hit \'N\' Run Tour, & Cadillac Michigan
From: nuclearflamingo on 10/07/2007
Dear KISS, I recently got my KISS Army package in the mail and I\'m really excited about it! I\'m proud to fly the flag of the KISS Army. People stop me in the streets and share their KISS stories with me. It feels good to be a part of something-of KISStory. I attended the July 20 show of the Hit \'N\' Run Tour in Sault St. Marie at the Kewaiden Casino with my friend Andrew and had the greatest time of my life. Anyone who says KISS is over-rated, over-the-hill and any other negative thing involving over was obviously not there! The only thing KISS is \"over\" is Rock \'N\' Roll Over! I was sorry to hear about Paul\'s heart condition during the LA show but glad to know he\'s doing well since. Paul, don\'t be a stranger bring your art gallery to Cadillac. Speaking of whitch, I read reviews for KISSology 2 and was thrilled to learn it featured my home town on it! I would give anything to be around in 1975 and be a part of it. Go Vikings! Keep on rocking, J. Couch KISS Army ID: 000592 (I would have a much lower number, but i had to get aproved for a credit card)
at Homecoming
Subject: KISS at Homecoming
From: alexdynasty on 10/04/2007
Dear KISS, Well this week at school was Homecoming week. On wendnesday it was wacky weird day. Well what better way to show my devotional of KISS and the KISS Army then representing them at school. I had people coming up to me wanting a picture taken with them. It was great. WHat made it better was knowing some people Knew that i was Not Just Paul Stanley of KISS but that I was The Starchild. Well Enjoy the pics.And I cant believ you guys put on the make up for every show. Note check out the sweet Track Coat from Pauls Tour last year. Got it in Baltimore. In The pic is Me with my Friend Ana.
From: dmn1 on 10/03/2007
I really enjoyed both vols.but i enjoyed vol.2 a little better because of the tv movie Attack Of The Phantoms (AKA) Kiss Meets The Phantom Of The Park seeing the difference between the two. And the way you rememberd Eric Carr...He will be missed deeply! Can't wait for vol.3 Your fan Dwayne Washburn San Diego CA.
From: demonluvr on 10/02/2007
I'm 29 years old and I loved you guys since I was very small. I finally got to see you this summer in my town, and I have to say I was truly impressed!!!!!I waited in line for tickets for 23 hours and I would do it again in a heartbeat!my husband was rocking out as hard as me,and he was a closet "KISS fan,he's out now!!! it meant a lot to me when Paul said "sorry for not coming last summer"! Anyway's I just wanted to say thank you for a truly rockin' awesome time that I'll NEVER 5 and 6 year olds are the next generation fans who already love you . buy and thank you, keep rocking and GOD BLESS YOU ALL
Welcome to China~
Subject: Welcome to China~
From: jephie on 10/02/2007
Hi: I'm a KissArmy from China,I know KISS will worldwide tour at 2008,I hope KISS can come to China,many fans want KISS,we love KISS! this is a KISSARMY CHINA webside: . My name is Jephie,from China Rock and roll all nite
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