My Daughter Matty
Subject: My Daughter Matty
From: Margaret Wiggins on 08/22/2007
Hi Mr.Simmons: This is a difficult letter to write, because I am hoping that you do read this letter, I really don\'t care if it posted or not. But there is something that this emotional mother has to tell you. My 11 year old daughter has dyslexia and hates to read because she is not very good at it...and so she is made fun of at school by the other kids...but she really tries hard. She goes to school everyday knowing that the teasing will pick up right where it left off. Anyway, her father and I are children of our times.. and of course we listen to 70\'s and early 80\'s rock. Our daughter has always known your songs but never knew what you looked like. We have the DVD of \"Detroit Rock City\" and I let her see the last of the movie which is the concert snip. She absolutely flipped...she couldn\'t enough...she watched it over and over. I explained to her that these men were not only musicians..but business men that needed to know how to read and write well. They had to understand business, contracts, merchandising, protecting themselves from being taken advantaged of etc. That they have families and homes and bills and responsibilities...just like mom & dad. Stage life was fantasy but they have a real life that is more important. And that they would never have gotten to where they are now being smart and trying hard. After school ended in May, I told her that she needed to find a summer reading book. Usually, she won\'t do it and I end up picking up books she hates..thus they collect dust on the shelf. This time she walk pass the kids books and up to a Barnes & Nobel employee and asked on a confident tone \"Do you have any books about KISS\". Well to make a long story short...she is reading the Official Autobiography of Kiss. You can\'t tears come to my eyes..what it is like. She reads each chapter and then tells me everything about what she has just read. She understands all that is written and talks about your neighborhoods, school time, friends, first instrument..what you were thinking when the song was written...everything. She reads your book an hour a day and loves every word & story. She can\'t wait for school...her reading has improved 100%...she feels empowered. Now she watches the \"Family Jewels\" and sees what we were talking about concerning the family side of your life. You & her may never meet, but I wanted you know that in a strange turn of events from your music, to seeing you, to reading the book, to the show...she found what she needed to be a better reader and a more confident kid. So, Mr. Simmons, as you walk arm in arm with beautiful women and plan your next big business deal...I hope that you will remember that a 11 year old girl reads because of her interest in you. You changed her life. A Grateful Mother...Margaret Wiggins Message from KISS: WAY TO GO MATTY!! KEEP IT UP.
From: CHAD HILL on 08/22/2007
Thank you for including \"Attack of the Phantom\" in the new KISSology set. This is my son Evan, who is three, and loves this movie. He has watched it three times already in the past two days. Thanks, Chad Hill Statesville, NC
OLOGY Volume 2.
Subject: KISSOLOGY Volume 2.
From: Robert Ivanko on 08/22/2007
Hi Kiss Nation. I received recently expected package DVD KISSOLOGY VOL2, for the moment with bonus Tokyo 88. I can confirm the apprecation written by Anthony Tyler. I enjoyed from record of concert Showground Australia 1980, also period Elder era. I am pleased, that video material has good quality, it is incomparable with bootleg. Very good is concert 1990. I am looking forward to the package KISSOLOGY 2, with bonus Largo 1979 and mainly Tthe Ritz 88. I am pleased, that KISS realized this edition. Robert Ivanko from Slovak Republic - Europe
Ace rocks
Subject: Ace rocks
From: KISS Army Japan on 08/21/2007
Here is a Japanese Magazine, \"Men\'s Non-No.\" The cover features Ace\'s Tshirts in the latest issue.
Gene\'s Birthday
Subject: Gene\'s Birthday
From: Irene on 08/19/2007
Dear Gene :) HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU!!! Thank you for you are! I wish you all the best that can be in the world: love, joy and Rock-n-Roll!!! All the best for you and your Family Jewels! And also health and every day like birthday! Thank you for everything. God bless you. Irene,
Gene\'s Birthday
Subject: Gene\'s Birthday
From: Solomon008 on 08/19/2007
Dear Gene! Firstly, as usually: HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! Health, health and health for you and your Family Jewels!!! After Paul’s accident it turned out that health is so much more important thing than business. Billions of fans around the world need you, please REMEMBER it. Oliver and his family, from Russia with love,
Paul Stanley art gallery
Subject: Paul Stanley art gallery
From: bluechild182002 on 08/19/2007
I just got home from Paul Stanleys art gallery lastnight all I can say is what A fun evening I had .I got to the mall early around three so I was able to alittle shoping and take A peek at pauls art work before teh crowds so I killed some time before 6 I got KISSOLGY 2 which I will be watching tommrow.After me and mom got done eating dinner we waited in line at the gallery they were an half an hour late but thats ok it happens so anyways the man told us to come in and me and my mom came in KISS and Paul Stanley were playing in the back round and we hung around then Paul came out to greet everyone and I was just star struck and belive me when I say this when actuly see him in person hes way more handsome than he is in pictures hes such A down to earth guy realy nice to everyone and he said I\'m sorry I can\'t come to talk to everyone it was just to many people but hes said look around and I\'ll be around but it was worth unfornately I didn\'t meet him because didn\'t have the money to buy his paintings which I wanted to so bad because when I actuly saw them up close there amazing and you can tell he put his heart and soul into them.but this was defently A night to rember I felt like I was apart Kisstory in A way.
St.Louis Art Show
Subject: St.Louis Art Show
From: huff102870 on 08/19/2007
Dear Paul, Your art show in St.Louis was truly amazing! It was an honor for Me and my family to meet you. Thanks for the autographs and the pictures. It was pretty crowded in the gallery and I noticed a young man in a wheelchair that had been in a motorcycle wreck trying to get close enough to see you. Everyone was kind of rude not letting this guy up front so me and my wife forced eveyone out of the way to get him closer. All he and his wife,plus two kids wanted was to catch a glimpse of their hero .You happend to walk by at the right moment and I hollerd \"hey Paul Ive been trying for 30 minutes to get this guy up here to meet you, Can you shake this mans hand?\" Imediately you stopped and looked down at this guy and asked him what had he done to end up in that wheelchair,shook his hand,and met his family.The painting I bought,the pictures,the autographs were great but,nothing made Me happier than to see the person beyond the rockstar that actually cared enough to stop and spend a minute with a guy who was in a lot of pain but still made it to meet his hero. God will bless you for what you did! Thank you Brian Huffner (
Thank You Paul
Subject: Thank You Paul
From: HardLuckWoman1 on 08/19/2007
Hi Paul, I hope that you are doing well. Just wanted to say that I admire you as a musician and now as a fellow artist as well. You do excellent work. Love the color combinations in your abstracts as well as the likenesses of your portraits.... :) Enjoyed spending the evening at your show. I was wearing your tour shirt, standing behind the policewoman. I\'ve been a fan since the age of 11, I just turned 41 on August 15th. I\'ve always looked forward to seeing you in person. :) The night was so surreal, and I was standing there, literally \"star struck\" but having an awesome time. Thanks for sharing your talent....You are an extremely gifted individual. Take Care, Angie Robertson St. Louis, Missouri
Drum Solo\'s
Subject: Drum Solo\'s
From: a1drummer on 08/18/2007
Kissology Vol.1 and Vol.2 have drum solo\'s by Peter and Eric Carr. I hope that Vol.3 has Eric Singer doing a solo also. These DVD\'s are a Kiss fans dream come true!!
ERIC CARR and ology 2
Subject: ERIC CARR and KISSology 2
From: musicjock on 08/18/2007
Although the whole KISSology 2 package is great, the highlights are definitely everything with Eric Carr. It\'s great to see him again in the concert footage, but it\'s even better hearing Gene and Paul talk about the filming of the God Gave Rock And Roll To You II video and Eric\'s dedication to kicking ass at the shoot. The private footage Eric shot in the hospital following his heart surgery is worth owning the package for alone. To see how brave Eric was and how determined he was to \"kick our asses\" again in the near future is amazing. He was a huge part of the band and should never be forgotten for his role in KISStory. We miss you Eric! Jason Davis Fair Lawn, NJ
is a great band
Subject: Kiss is a great band
From: _kiss_the_best_ on 08/18/2007
Hi, it was great!I know to you from little, but I love to you from always. it will seem strange, but it is merit yours if it exists the visualkei. and of this I am happy. after much time I have finally decided to know to you and to listen to you. I love you and ... I love your performances live. I love first line-up:Gene,Peter,Paul and Ace ... but last line-up it is not however badly. the only sad thing is not to be able to see your concerts ... unfortunately alive in Italy ... but I will always support to you ... KISS 4 ever! thanks to exist ... <3 and excuse me for my bad english .... _kiss_the_best_,from italy <3
From France
Subject: From France
From: saturnmaiden on 08/18/2007
BONJOUR I remember Gene said \"You guys have come from so far to see us, there is no way for us to cancell the show\". It was on july 27th in San Jacinto. Little did you know... This show was the reason I came from France this summer. I have seen a lot of concert in my young life (I\'m 23), but never had the chance to see the Hottest Band In The World... So you can imagine how important was this show for me. I still can feel my heart beating very loud, but not as loud as Paul\'s when Doc McGhee went on stage to tell us about Paul\'s problem.... I couldn\'t believe it, I came from so far, the rent of the car from LA was expensive for me! But I knew, whatever happened, I would see this concert! And I did! And thinking about it, I saw Paul in reharsals, playing All American Man before the show.. So now that I\'m back, I can tell every people that I saw that historic show, and I really hope to see the four of you this time, in Europe because if you found the audience of San Jacinto amazing, what would you think about Europe\'s fans!! We kick asses! See ya on the road and MERCI BEAUCOUP AU REVOIR
ology vol 2 dvd,part 1
Subject: Kissology vol 2 dvd,part 1
From: davidmoss on 08/17/2007
To:The kissarmy, I wanted to share my thought\'s on kissology vol 2 dvd in three part\'s,so here\'s part 1. As i watched the bonus disc of the ritz concert,i was amazed by the awesome video that was done from the crazy night\'s tour,the song\'s that were on the disc,great job guy\'s,enjoyed the footage. When i watched disc 1 of kissology vol 2,i was amazed with the land of hype,glory footage,when the attack of the phantom\'s came on which was the international version, i had took notice during the movie which they had put alot of song\'s from all the solo album\'s from each kiss member which was different then the u.s.version. I had also noticed the editing of some of the part\'s of the movie which the u.s.version had not cut out especially in the beginning of the movie,then there was the part\'s of the movie which was in the u.s. movie,while watching the international version though,it seemed as though they really didn\'t show much of when kiss was on the stage performing during the movie. After the movie ended,i watched the interview that was on the tomarrow show,which tom snyder was interviewing kiss,had remembered seeing part\'s of the interview that was on other kiss dvd\'s,it was of course, ace frehley\'s comment about being a plumber, that i remembered the most,as i said a few moment\'s ago, that i had seen that part of the interview from another kiss dvd,of course if tom snyder had watched this again,his interview would\'ve brought back some funny memories as we,the kissarmy will miss tom snyder,who was a great person to watch,i was saddened to learn a few week\'s back of tom snyder\'s passing here on kissonline. The other thing that i enjoy about the kissology dvd set\'s is the extra\'s that are put into each volume as i was glad to see the ticket for one admission to the kiss meet\'s the phantom of the park concert at magic mountain amusement park,wow such a timeless piece of kisstory to bring back the memories of when the movie was being taped but when it was aired on CBS T.V.back in the late \'70\'s. Stay tuned for part 2,in the coming week\'s. Thank\'s, davidmoss kissarmy
Subject: .....
From: catoledo on 08/17/2007
I love the band (I don\'t speak English very well). I would Like you to make a show here in Brazil. My father was already in a show of you when you came for here. I love you so much I would like to be answered thank
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