review and compare attack of the phantoms to superman 2 donner cut
Subject: review and compare attack of the phantoms to superman 2 donner cut
From: videoman on 08/17/2007
Hey Kiss This is my review on the theater cut of Attack of the Phantoms on KISSOLOGY 2. A couple of Months ago I purchased The new Superman 2;Donner cut on DVD. It was sensational because they took a movie that was rightfully Richard Donner\'s movie and corrected reused Donner\'s footage and not Richard Lester campy scenes and gags. Donner recut it and made it more action packed making it the best of a bad situation. I advise Paul to watch this movie since being a Superman fan! This is much so with Attack of the phantoms. I really enjoyed this version of the movie. The added scenes gave more insight to the characters and some of the campy one liners and such were reshot. Like more of Paul\'s laser effect,especially at the end where he shots the small electrical devise on Sam\'s neck which made more sense that just taking it off. If he removed it by hand like in the US version he\'s be a \"Android\". Also using more of the KISS music was much better than the campy disco muisc used orginally.Radioactive into/song worked excellent during the wall breaking scene!And Mr.Make believe was perfect instead of God of THunder at the end. I think this cut makes the project move much quicker. I admit the wires seen in the film is cheesey, but for it\'s time it\'s okay. I was only hoping they\'d find the master takes with Peter\'s orginal voice and that was used. Re-editing the fight scenes without the campy jokes and sight gags looks much better. This was equal to the new SUPERMAN 2 fight scene where the villians are using super breath and we\'re seeing cheap sight gags like the man\'s toupe flying off! This was a special treat for all Kiss fans that waiting a long time for the movie on DVD. It was well worth the wait! Us fans demanded for the movie on DVD and got more!
\'d On My Birthday
Subject: KISS\'d On My Birthday
From: torpedo_girl1980 on 08/17/2007
To all the wonderful guys in KISS - Before I begin this letter, I\'d just like to say that your music changed my life. If I didn\'t have your music to listen to everyday, I\'d probably crack and go insane. Alright, on to the letter: This August, I celebrated my fourteenth birthday. I had been waiting for it for months for only one reason - that I would finally be old enough to join the KISS Army! Of course, after being woken up at 6 AM by the loving family, as well as being presented with a TON of KISS stuff (Like SIX new KISS albums!), the first thing I did to begin my day as a fourteen-year-old was log onto the computer, come here to KISS Online, and sign up! I\'ve only been a KISS fan for about 8 months, but in that short time, they\'ve become my favorite rock band EVER. Again, I\'d just like to thank you - if I didn\'t have Ace\'s distinct guitar sound to listen to, I don\'t know where I\'d be right now... Much love and TOTAL appreciation - Liz <3
Thrills in the Night
Subject: Thrills in the Night
From: hendrixell on 08/17/2007
I love Kissology 2, however, I wish that the Thrills in the Night video was on there. I know there is a video because I saw it on VH1 Classic once. The KISS Exposed DVD shows this song in the credits but I never saw or heard the song. Was it on a European copy? I also wish that the Rock and Roll All Night video that was composed of clips from the KISS Exposed DVD would be made available. Could these videos be on Kissology 3? Coming soon? Lastly, I would love to hear Eric Singer and Tommy Thayer on a KISS studio album. Will a Farewell studio album ever happen for die hard KISS FANS like me?
You Rock My Mornings
Subject: You Rock My Mornings
From: alegault on 08/16/2007
Hi Guys, Let me start out by saying that you guys are the best and you\'ve always rocked my world. Every morning on my way to work I slip in my KISS DOUBLE PLATNUM CD and you guys rock me all the way there, 40 minutes of complete bliss! Your music keeps us young and the memories you have left for us when we were young and rocking, keeps us there and still rocking. Your music has always been an inspiration to my life, it makes me happy, it makes me feel sexy, strong and full of energy, I want to thank you for all the years of the best music. Like the saying always goes, \"YOU WANTED THE BEST AND YOU GOT THE BEST THE HOTTEST BAND IN THE WORLD...KISS!! Forever Grateful, Allison Legault
Subject: jordan277
From: jlldmail on 08/16/2007
30 years ago, Today, on Tuesday August 16, 1977. I was standing in line for a Kiss show at the cow palace in san fransico, and heard that elvis was dead. I was 13. Cheap trick opened, and then the big black stage curtains came off the Love Gun set. Paul dedicated Rock and Roll all night to the King. 30 years later, I am a very much sought after professional entertainment and lighting designer, and I owe it all to that night, and my hip mom, Eva, who took me, and loved the show even more than I did and in her late 60\'s is a bigger fan now than ever, especially with Gene\'s Tv show.
OLOGY Volume 2: Another GREAT mark in tory!!!
Subject: KISSOLOGY Volume 2: Another GREAT mark in KISStory!!!
From: thejoker_tn on 08/16/2007
What can I say about Kissology Volume 2... WOW!!! I thought Volume 1 was something... Volume 2 soared big time.... There wasn\'t a thing in this set that wasn\'t\'s all worth seeing. I have to say, I love the concerts and seeing how KISS has evolved over the years... I wish there were more COMPLETE concerts from the eras... I would\'ve loved to have seen concerts from Animalize (with Mark St. John) and Asylum... and a complete concert from Crazy Nights BUT the \"Hot in the Shade\" show was unbelievable... it was a great great show... brought back lots of memories of the show here in Memphis for me. The Rio show was phenominal (not sure if it was a full show or not) and I wish there was more footage of KISS during the Lick it Up Period. The KISS: Attack of the Phantoms Movie... it was cool but after so many viewings of \"Meets the Phantom of the Park\", this version seemed a little out of place. Things didn\'t seem to flow well. While there were some additional scenes, there were others cut out (like the punks messing with the ride control room) The added scenes were great but the movie seemed to pace differently and didn\'t make sense with some of the other stuff taken out... and the addition of music... don\'t get me wrong.. I love KISS music but it seemed again to be out of place and often replaced key sound effects during the movie (Like when Abner finds out he\'s let go and he\'s walking off, you don\'t hear the stage crew setting audio levels with the eerie guitar sound as Abner\'s walking\'s replaced with a KISS solo song that takes away from the ingenius sneer Abner gets) Basically, I\'m glad this version was included (for the added scenes) but I wish they could cut a new version.... leaving the US version intact but adding in the new scenes as well. The Day in Rock MTV segment where they announced Eric Carr\'s passing. I was watching MTV that day (back when MTV was still worth watching) and I saw that announcement when it aired... it floored me. I was a huge Eric Carr fan and I had heard he was doing better. Then from outta left field it seemed he took a turn for the worse... I didn\'t know till I saw this segment air. I was crushed. It hit me like it was part of my own family. But in a way, KISS and the KISS Army ARE family... nevertheless, it was a sad, sad day for me. I can only imagine what it was like for the band and his family and friends. I\'m also a little disappointed that it\'s listed as having the \"God Gave Rock & Roll to You II\" Music Video... that\'s not entirely true... it has most of the video then (as it did on KISS Xtreme Close-Up) cuts to credits after the melodic break in the song... that\'s NOT a complete video.... However, the best thing on this dvd for me (aside from the Hot in the Shade Concert) was the suprise you get after the credits (which I will not disclose for those that haven\'t bought the dvd yet.) HOWEVER, I\'m telling you.... for all the Eric Carr fans out there... get this dvd set... and pay attention to the whole 3rd DVD (after the credits) roll... there\'s something very special there. I was a huge Eric Carr fan... it was an emotional surprise for me. One that made this 34 year old man cry. I miss Eric and only wish I was able to meet him in person. Maybe one day in the afterlife I\'ll get my chance. One final note... to the guys in KISS (especially Gene and Paul)... thank you for that extra added surprise. You know better than anybody what a jokester Eric was... and you ended the set wonderfully with that fitting surprise. While it was funny and shows Eric as never losing his humor, it was a bitter sweet end for the set. Thank you guys (Gene, Paul, Eric S., Tommy) and the rest of \"The Family\" for giving us fans YEARS of entertainment. I applaud you all...and I think Eric Carr is proud as well. My best to all of you... and Paul...get better, buddy. I\'ve been a fan since I was 6... and I need you guys around for many years to come... Cheers fellas!!! Your friend and fan, Steven Yarbrough (Memphis, TN)
33 years of loving
Subject: 33 years of loving kiss
From: foreverlovepaul on 08/15/2007
It is simply as this. You guys ROCK!!! There is no other band that compares to you. NONE. There are no other bands that have fans who are as loyal as yours. We do and will continue to love you to our last breath and even after. I know without a doubt that each member of the KISS ARMY would agree. I, for one, can say that it is because of you, especially Paul and Gene, absolutely the soul and mind of Kiss, that I have been able to make it through some pretty rough times in my life. You both have got to know how much you mean to all of us....I read the letters and it is nothing but devotion and love for you. Forever KISS! Patty in OH
Eric Carr hospital video
Subject: Eric Carr hospital video
From: showalum on 08/15/2007
Hi guys, Just got done watching all of Kissology Vol. 2 and was absolutely floored by Eric\'s home video he made after his heart surgery that ran after the credits. I couldn\'t believe what I was watching - there he was addressing all the fans, showing us what he\'d been through and cracking his jokes along the way. He didn\'t let it get him down. Thank you so much for including this in the set! How did you get it? After hearing Paul\'s commentary about how difficult things got with Eric and his family at the end I am beyond amazed you were able to share this video with everyone. Thank you again - a great tribute to Eric. And also a nice touch with the tribute to Mark St. John. I believe that was the first video I\'ve ever seen of him speaking on-camera. Great, great stuff. Jesse Ball
Deep Cut songs in concert
Subject: Deep Cut songs in concert
From: jcrowe on 08/15/2007
Since Kiss played \"All American Man\" in concert for the shows of 2007, I was thinking of some others that would be cool to hear live someday if possible. These are my personal favorite \"deep cut\" songs, but I\'m sure every diehard Kiss fan has several of their own. At the top of the list would be \"Mr.Speed\". I\'ve always liked this song better than \"Calling Dr.Love\" from RNRO, although that song does kick ass live!...Here are the others. \"Strange Ways\", \"Magic Touch\", \"While The City Sleeps\", \"Secretly Cruel\", \"Hell or High Water\", \"Good Girl Gone Bad\", \"Love\'s A Slap In The Face\", \"Silver Spoon\", and \"Heart Of Chrome\". Keep Rockin\'!!! Johnny Crowe
African American Die Hard Fan
Subject: African American Die Hard Fan
From: stookey on 08/15/2007
To all past and present members of KISS. I have loved this band since 1975. I\'ve got every album possible on CD and vinyl records. The music is just as fresh as from the very first song I heard when I was 4 years old. I\'ll follow,support and love you guys to the end of life. I\'ve never been to a concert and hopefully you guys can get back to Lexington, Ky and play a concert at Rupp Arena. I promise to be there and watch the greatest in band world blow Lexington, Ky. My youngest son loves the band and the music as much as I do. He draws the make up designs and put them on his bedroom wall and in his locker at school. You guys have been a huge inspiration in my life. I wish the members of KISS the best in the years to come and keep rockin\' and selling out shows. I referee high school football and I listen to your music on my way to the stadium and even getting dressed to take the field. Your music is invaluable. I love you guys forever. GOD bless you. In my pic, I\'m on the right. On the left is former Univ. Of Minnesota Men\'s Basketball Coach Clem Haskins whom I met at a basketball camp I coached at this summer.
Children\'s Music?
Subject: Children\'s Music?
From: prguy72 on 08/15/2007
Hey guys, my four year-old daughter and I love listening to KISS, especially anything off Love Gun or Destroyer. I guess I was sort of a \"minor\" KISS fan growing up, but preferred other 70s rock bands like Zep and Floyd instead. But when my daughter was around two years old, she heard \"Strutter\" on a mix CD I made and absolutely loved it. She has been hooked ever since. So my question is...have you (Paul and Gene) ever considered licensing your songs for one of those \"Rock and Roll Baby\"-type CDs that re-records rock music as electronic lullabies? We have a Radiohead disc like that. The reason why I ask is because my daughter has been asking me to \"sing Strutter like a lullaby\" at bedtime. As I\'m sure you know, it\'s a great melody that works very nicely as a ballad. I\'d love an entire acoustic CD of your songs for kids - and I know my daughter would love it as well. Thanks!
ology 2 Highlights
Subject: Kissology 2 Highlights
From: khibben on 08/15/2007
Gene and Paul, Terrific job on Kissology 2! Highlights for me... - The wide screen transfer of \'Attack of the Phantom\' was very well done. I could\'ve believe how crisp it looked. The replacement of the cheesy Hanna-Barbera soundtrack with solo album material during fight scenes was a little weird, but still lots of fun! - The Tom Snyder interview never gets old! - The \"Friday\'s\" performance brought back a lot of memories! - The video of Eric Carr from his hospital bed after the credits was a great tribute! Awesome job guys. Thanks for giving the fans what they want! Ken Hibben Plainfield, IL
Meeting the man...again
Subject: Meeting the man...again
From: kisskrazedone on 08/15/2007
I had the pleasure of assiting the Simmons-Abramsons marketing group while at Kentucky Speedway for the IRL race. I\'m one of the infiled security supervisors for the Speedway & spent the day with Gene, Rich & Lucky while they did their daily routine. I met Gene & crew last year also, but this year was something else. It\'s always a thrill to meet your childhood idol, but to spend the entire day with them, was really cool. My son and I got some pictures prior to the madness. (attached) A great day to say the least. I AM INDY!!!!!
ology DVD Series
Subject: Kissology DVD Series
From: Miguelito on 08/15/2007
Hi!! I\'m Miguel from Argentina, and I wanted to say that this is a great collection, at least we\'re having a little bit of all the footege you guys have!!! Mint condition!!! I bet this is just the begining, and more boxes like this are coming in the future. One thing I must say is missing is this package is not with subtitles and/or region free. Because you only release this in the USA, but people from all over the world buy this DVDs, not just the people in the States. Like Jimmy Page did with the Led Zeppelin DVD a few years ago, I think you should do the same (region free and subtitles). Still a great collection, but somethings are missing for people outside the States. Thanks so much for read this, all the best and one more thing.... COME BACK TO ARGENTINA SOME TIME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Love ya... Miguel.
ology 2 review
Subject: kissology 2 review
From: nickellplated07 on 08/15/2007
Loved the 2nd KISSOLOGY , Eric Carr was the reason i started playing drums . You guys rule , keep doing what you\'re doing . Can\'t wait to see what\'s next .
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