come back!!!!
Subject: come back!!!!
From: kiss on 06/17/2007
GODS OF THUNDER: first, my english is very bad, \'cause I\'m from the butt of the world: Argentina. this letter is only for tell you: PLEASE, COME BACK!!!!! you know how big is the crowd here, we love you and wait for you a long time. I whish you come to my country in your next tour. thanks for the greats times in 1999 and 1997, this shows... God, i don\'t have words to describe that. KISSes from Argentina. Alejandro pd: sorry if i wrote wrong :-)
Play in Sweden, Please.
Subject: Play in Sweden, Please.
From: Jasmine on 06/17/2007
Hi! I live in Sweden, Im borne 1993 and Ive been a fan to you since I was little and I really want to see you live! so please come to sweden so I and everybody in Sweden can see you! Then I hope that Ace is with you! I play drums in a band named smokeycerise, if you want to check it go to . on my sparetime I play Guitar, drums and bas. I really love you!
You guy\'s ROCK
Subject: You guy\'s ROCK
From: Ted Scarborough(J.B. Fields brother-in law) on 06/16/2007
This letter goes out to Gene,Paul since you guy\'s are the only original members that would remember my brother-in law J.B.Fields.He is the reason I got into your music.When I was about 12 years old I went with my sister Marlene to London Ontario so she could see J.B. and so I could get to see you guys Jam and meet you all.I will never forget that experience,that was also my first concert that I ever went to.I would love to meet you guys again someday.I tried along with my sister to get in backstage when you guys played Tiger Stadium but with security so tight and different people working for you now we were unable to get in.I also tried the following year thru the trucking company that J.B.was part owner and his partner pretty much was I will say a nicely a jerk.He could\'nt even help a bro with a few tickets after J.B.gave his life for that company.It would be great if you guy\'s could arrange for me to see you guy\'s again someday along with my sister she would love to see you guy\'s again too.Thanks Gene and Paul. Ted Macomb,Michigan
Tribute to the soldiers
Subject: Tribute to the soldiers
From: pigranni on 06/13/2007
Dear Kiss Members, I want to THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart for the wonderful tribute you guys gave to our soldiers. I have two nephews in the armed forces. One in the Navy (just finished his service) and one on his way back to Iraq for the third time. We pray for the safe return of all the troops every single day. I just cannot express the gratitude and respect for all of you. The soldiers have shown Americans how to be strong and it is our job to make sure we show them how much their sacrifice means. I am humbled by your outpouring of love and support for them. God Bless all of you and your families. I know they must be very proud of you too! Thanks, Connie (Temecula, California)
for the hand of the icelandic army
Subject: for the hand of the icelandic kiss army
From: KISS ARMY on 06/12/2007
dear kiss.. =/ i thougt that you had braked up =/ and when i saw that you are going to play in california... to me... i am very sad =/ becouse we on iceland.. we need you guys!! like me! i have bin a fan since 2003 becouse you were the first band i started to listen to and wow.. your music is great! i wasn't born 1973 or some... so i didn't see you 1986 on iceland.. i didn't know what happend when you came last time.. =/ but i mean.. =/ you guys have to coma back!!!!!!!!! we need you!! you are like gods.. you are the greatest band that have bin seen on the earth and you will allways be the best!!!! just pleace.. come to iceland in 2007 =/
Subject: Blessing
From: Renee on 06/09/2007
Dear Kiss, I have never written a letter to a band before but I wanted to tell you that a very special family friend died of cancer this week and he was a huge Kiss fan. He took my son under his wing through some hard times during his teen years and helped him become a wonderful young man. Rob was an artist and always had your pictures around. He had some great pics of him dressed up on Halloween, his make-up was that of Mr. Simmons. Your music gave him great pleasure in life. I understand his wife played Kiss\' music while he was passing away. When a band as large as yours has such a following it seems that one individual is insignificant and you really can\'t follow much of your fan base. I want to tell you for Rob Rivet,from Belleville Il. you comforted him in life and through his death and for that, thank you.
You\'re the greatest band in the world.
Subject: You\'re the greatest band in the world.
From: Chris Ensor on 06/09/2007
My name is Chris, I am 37 years old, and I think you are the greatest band in the world. I hope to meet you guys, especially Gene. I\'ve been a fan since 1978, when I was at my Grandma\'s house for my birthday, and I saw your first movie; KISS Meets the Phantom in the park. Ever since then I\'ve been a big fan. I live in a housing development for the developmentally disabled. It is called Crabel Court, and it is in Chillicothe, Illinois. I live with 10 other residents, and none of them like KISS as much as I do. I work at the CWTC, the Community Workshop and Training Center. I work every day packing parts for Caterpillar into cartons, and sometimes I also tape the cartons shut. I like every KISS song. Destroyer is my favorite album. I\'ve seen you guys play once, during the 1996-1997 Reunion Tour. So far I\'ve collected some posters, 90 trading cards, from the 1996-1997 Reunion tour in Rosemont. I went with my sister and my brother in law. I didn\'t know about it until I got there. It was a surprise. I have some magazines. I\'m still collecting. I hope to get some of the vintage 1978 trading cards soon. Thanks for reading my letter. - Chris Ensor
in WalMart
Subject: KISS in WalMart
From: Tat2Guy on 06/09/2007
Just wanted to commend Gene for another marvelous marketing idea! I was shopping in Walmart today when an old lady came up to me and asked if I wanted to try the new KISS cologne. I was kind of shocked at first - KISS, cologne, and Walmart just don\'t seem to go together. But being the KISS nerd I am, I took a sample along with the KISS car air freshener they were giving away. The cologne is pretty alright - no worse than all the other brands that are out there, so if I had to pick, why not wear KISS cologne?!? Anyway, yet another place for the KISS name to be seen - way to go Gene, you marketing genius!!
The Hottest Fan IN The World
Subject: The Hottest Fan IN The World
From: Alten Treece on 06/02/2007
Ok I may not be the hottest, but I do consider myself One of the most loyal. I just want to say that I will be at The St. Louis KISS Expo, with my wife and kids. My kids and I are on the KISSARMY pages. I look forward to meeting Bruce again. So here\'s to seeing at least one of you soon. Lost In Space With ACE and Going In Circles. Oh Hope to find some more Elder stuff there. Al
Rock N Roll Sophie
Subject: Rock N Roll Sophie
From: Sohpia Mae Gorthey on 05/31/2007
Dear Kiss We are proud to present your youngest fan, Sophia Mae Gorthey, born May 17th, 2007. She is 7 days old in this picture. She is the daughter of Sean and Sarah Jo Gorthey. She was born while mommy was rock n out to Dressed to Kill. Her Poppa, Dan Miner is a local radio celebrity and he has converted all of us to huge Kiss fans. By the way, we love the show and of course, Sophie is are favorite. Your Memorial Day Tribute was excellent! Lisa and Dan Miner Grammy and Poppa
Letter of a fan!
Subject: Letter of a fan!
From: Eliphas Siqueira (Brazil) on 05/29/2007
Guys, men, well, I don\'t know how to call you... It\'s a great pleasure to know that I can \"talk\" to you... Well, I\'m a new-born fan, but you are my IDOLS! My mother likes you too, and she \"introduced\" you to me. Keep doing the great job you are doing, you are real idols, and a reference for the whole world. KISS is the face of rock. Paul, you are the man! Take care, people!
From: ??? on 05/29/2007
On May 4th I competed with my dog Silas at the Atlanta Pet Fair in a creative grooming competition. I didn\'t even place but we had a lot of fun. I think the judge was a member of the PMRC. Here are some pictures of what I did. I\'ll be making him better and competing in August in Chicago and Hershey, Pa in September. We did make it onto the cover of the Atlanta Journal Constitution on the 5th but I haven\'t gotten my copy yet to post it to KISSonline yet. Hope you guys like the tribute.
From: Andrew Autin on 05/29/2007
Hey Gene, Just wondering if you ever plan on making your way back down to New Orleans any time soon. After Katrina, we could sure use a pick me up..New Orleans misses you. I am a resident who lost everything.Just want you to know I dressed as you for Mardi Gras.Check it out. You are my inspiration. Thanks, Andrew Autin
your my heros
Subject: your my heros
From: brooke on 05/29/2007
hi gene, paul, ace, peter. my name is brooke. i am 15yrs old. You guys are my heros. I look up to you guys. Your music has inspired me. I am a songwritter and a singer. I am starting a band called Hells Bells. right now its just me. I love that movie you guys did KISS meets the phantom and Detroit rock City. those movies are awesome. How do you guys do it? i mean you guys have families and you guys are rockstars. How do you live a double life? Gene by the way i love your t.v. show its awesome. Paul i have a little sister named Erin. I think its cool how you guys dress up and i love your makeup. its awesome, ia m going to be Gene for halloween even though im agirl i just wanna wear the make up cause it is awesome. Also i need some advice. you see people at my school are really mean to me and i dont have any friends. I dont get why people dont like me. i mean im a sweet girl with a sweet personality and i am kind to people. Can you guys help me. I am a animal activist. I was wondering if you guys would sign my online petiton and if you guys could help spread the word about Canada. You see every year the people of canada go on a annual slaughtering spree they kill more than 350,000 baby harp seals a year. All though it is illegal to kill the harp seals while they are still in their white coat stage. the website is and you search up seals and find the name brooke. and thats me thank you very much for your time. YOU guys rock. sincerly brooke
Thanks so much
Subject: Thanks so much
From: Ron and Tracy Gooch on 05/28/2007
Hello Tommy,Gene,Eric and Paul; My wife and I just wanted to let you know how much you mean to us,I have been a fan for over 16 years,your music and the way you guys carry yourselves have made some hard times for me alot better and always brings a smile to my face. My new wife has become a KISS fan as well. We love your stance on our war we are in and supporting our troops it means so much for our band to wave the flag with honor and pride.You guys are truly America\'s Band and we hope to catch you on tour soon. We live in jackson,Tn and we\'ll always travel to Memphis or Nashville to see you anytime at any price. We Love you and never stoploving our country.
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