Soboba Concert 07/27/2007
Subject: Soboba Concert 07/27/2007
From: Mark Anderson Palm Springs CA (aka Pirate) on 08/01/2007
To Paul, Gene Eric and Tommy. Paul happy to hear that you are fine. Paul your bandmates really performed to honnor you and make you proud. They also honnored all of us, the fans who came for across the country and half way around the the world for such special night. Thank You to Gene, Eric and Tommy. Each one of you tapped deeply in to your great talents playing your hearts out Rock N Rolling into a night to remember forever. Hope this special performance will be preserved in Kissolgy III. Been a kiss fan for over thirty years first concert 1976 Destroyer tour. Everyone came to Soboba casino that night night wanting the best and got more than the besta special heart felt night from still the hottest band in the world KISS. Mark Anderson (aka Pirate)
1st show
Subject: 1st KISS show
From: W.G. Bunch on 07/31/2007
A few months ago, I married my dream wife and became dad to two fantastic kids. I had a special surprise for my wife and kids (ages 9 and 12) when they found out they were on the front row for the Kewadin show! It will probably be several years before the kids realize the upgrade in peer approval when they drop \"Yeah, my first concert was front row for KISS\" to friends. My first KISS show was 1977 in Huntington, West Virginia in nosebleed seats. It still changed my life. Thanks for always \"being there\" and giving the KISS Army the recruiting tools we need to keep us Rockin\' & Rollin\' All Nite!
Fan from the beginning
Subject: Fan from the beginning
From: on 07/31/2007
Hi Everybody, i was one of the 1st kiss army members, years ago, i\'m 44 now but still your biggest fan,.wish i could be the groups limo driver lol, serriously, i do have the drivers lisense to drive a limo.. anyways, keep up the great work! Kiss member for life! Ron
Concert at Kewadin, Sault Ste. Marie
Subject: Concert at Kewadin, Sault Ste. Marie
From: kinnox on 07/31/2007
Dear Kiss, The Hottest Band in the Land!! First of all I\'m so glad that Paul is okay. I hope you ALL continue to be healthy!!! I wanted to write to thank you for coming to Kewadin in Sault Ste. Marie, Michigan, which allowed me to cross the bridge from Soo Ontario Canada and go to a show I\'ve been waiting to see since I was 12 (approximately 32 years ago). :0 It was worth it. Gene - I LOVE your show, you are SMART!!!! I love you guys and hope I get a chance someday to see you in concert again.
Soboba concert in San Jacinto, California.
Subject: Soboba concert in San Jacinto, California.
From: crown on 07/31/2007
Dear Paul: I am a 32-year fan. My daughter and I travelled from New York to see Friday night\'s show. Wow -- I must say it was quite a shocker that you were unable to perform Friday night but perfectly understandable. Your health comes first, Paul. We heard you singing and playing during soundcheck -- very cool -- so we took it for granted everything was fine. When Doc and Gene told us you had taken ill we were very sad and concerned; I had tears in my eyes. I have seen you guys roughly fifteen times in concert since 1979 and met you in person several times. You are a very important part of my life and you are like family to me. I just want to let you know, Paul, that I am even more proud to be a Kiss fan now. You clearly showed beyond a shadow of a doubt how much you care for the fans when you told Gene not to let the fans down; I was very touched by this sentiment. Gene said many VERY nice things about you, Paul, which truly touched my heart and made me so proud to be a Kiss fan. You guys are AMAZING. Gene, Tommy, and Eric did a very nice job performing in your absence but there was a huge void without you. Paul, my daughter and I were the first in line to see you at The Wentworth Gallery in New Jersey - if you can remember. You are my daughter\'s favorite. She has been quiet about not seeing you in California but I know she is saddened and concerned. My thoughts and prayers are with you. You were sorely missed but you did what you had to do. I am so glad to hear that you are perfectly fine. What a relief to have read that! I truly look forward to seeing you and Kiss many more times in the future. God Bless you always, Paul. I consider you a dear friend -- a wonderful human being -- and a family member. We love you. Please take care of yourself and we certainly will be seeing you and Kiss again. A Huge Kiss Fan for Life, Jim from New Jersey
My beautiful Umbrella
Subject: My beautiful Umbrella
From: Gruebe on 07/31/2007
Dear KISS I am since 1976 a giant fan of you. I have all your Vinyl LPs plus all still on CD. Also I have otherwise many things of you. My newest achievement will be in 2 weeks the KISS credit card. Since always the sun does not shine, I painted myself an umbrella. I find, he to me well succeeded. Kind regards from Switzerland. Gruebe
Paul: \"going into the recording studio this week.\"
Subject: Paul: \"going into the recording studio this week.\"
From: Ray Bradshaw on 07/31/2007
\"I\'m going to the gym as usual, painting as usual and will be going into the recording studio this week.\" Please say its true, New music From the \"Starchild\" I Can\'t Wait!!!!! Keeping the oath as ever. Ray B:The Order of the Rose Denton Texas!!!
A thank you to
Subject: A thank you to kiss
From: Chad Keene on 07/31/2007
My name is chad and i live in Bay City MI. all my life i have watch my sister grow up and wondering what will happen next. She has Rett syndrome. A very cruel dieses that only attacks women. All my life i have seen her suffer, but i am happy when i see her laugh and smile. I have never seen her as happy as when she is watching or listening to kiss. It is her favorite band. Music is her way out of reality for a little bit. I dont think words can express how happy i am when i see her smile. I would like to thank you Kiss and KOL for making her happy. That is one of my greatest joys in life and i will be forever greatfull for that. i am also sending a picture of her in her kiss T-Shirt i got her and her kiss Pajamas. KOL note - Chad - Nice to hear that KISS helps your sister! The photo did not come through though - please send a smaller version and we will post!!
Get Well!!
Subject: Get Well!!
From: Frank Chambers on 07/31/2007
Paul, My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family. I have been a KISS fan since 1976 and consider you a part of my family. Get well soon and take care of your self. Frank Chambers
Check us
Subject: Check us
From: Yan on 07/31/2007
Hi, my name is Yan I´m from México I work on Hard Rock Cafe I´m waitress, my companions and I decided that we wanted to work with an original way and that better shining like an original band, we hoped likes you the photo and you can give us your opinion. KISSes with rock... Yan
paul stanley\'s health
Subject: paul stanley\'s health
From: mendell on 07/31/2007
Dear Paul, Be well soon! You still have a lot to rock. Mendell Rio de Janeiro - Brazil
Dearest Paul
Subject: Dearest Paul
From: Sharon on 07/31/2007
Paul, I am sooo glad you are doing fine.When I heard about what happened I started praying for you. KISS would not be KISS without you. I have been a fan since I was 13 now I am 41. Take care of yourself and ROCK ON!!! Your loyal fan Sharon
Paul Fast Heart
Subject: Paul Fast Heart
From: Cheyl Leemans on 07/31/2007
I\'m a mother who lives in the Mid-west (Illinois) and while I was reading the paper I read the story about Paul and I had to write and tell him about the heart problem my son had it was W.P.W. ( Wolfe,Paine,White) it is caused from a extra conection in your heart and he had a night-mare when it happened and his heart rate was 190 beats and he was very scared and they did surgery and now he is 23 years old and doing fine this happened to him when he was 18 and he plays hockey a very fast sport and the doctor had he was lucky it did not happen while he was playing.The dortors told us that he was born with this and it desided to show it face at 18,we never knew he had this either I\'m sure you will get the best of care and hope that you contuine to be sucessful in all you do in life.God watches over all of us!!! Thank you letting me share my story with you and your fans maybe this will help others who might be experinceing the same problem, alot of football players have this and they do not even know it.Thank You Cheryl Leemans
Letter to Paul
Subject: Letter to Paul
From: Renato - Tribal Touch on 07/31/2007
Many years have passed since I saw all of you on TV and I was shocked...simply and deeply shocked...and all of my life\'s changed. I was 10 and my father passed away and, maybe, I was looking for a reason, a guiding light. I really don\'t want to put on your shoulder the weight of such an important matter :-)...but maybe this is true. I\'ve just realized this thing many years later. So you became my companion, my inspiration...I started singing, writing songs and after all these years, I\'m still here doing this because it\'s a part of my life...all of you but above all, Paul the unique and ultimate rockstar icon and absolutely the most inspirated songwriter of all times (obviously according to my opinion). I know and I\'m sure everything is fine now but I want you to know that you\'re in my thoughts. Renato - Tribal Touch
Genes of Gene
Subject: Genes of Gene
From: Wally in Bonita,CA on 07/31/2007
We all know that kids are a true reflection of their parents. Well Gene, props to you and your lovely wife, you\'re kids are the best! After seeing Nick just hangin\' around before The Soboba Show, I half expected to see this obvious future Rockstar introduce Kiss that night. I was actually hoping we might see the Genes of Gene be up there performing a number or two with the band. It\'s just great to be a fan of Kiss and realize your favorite band has true heart for all... family, friends, and fans. Rock On Forever. Should be easy enough, it looks to be in the Genes.
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