From: ghosthunter on 08/14/2007
This is for Paul and Gene. This volume of KISSOLOGY is TOTALLY AWESOME!!!!! From the moment that I inserted the first disc in, I was just totally captivated. I have always been a huge KISS fan and just let me say that that the 1990 \"Palace\" show is simply amazing. As for the rest of the content of the DVD\'s, the concert footage is great, the interviews, the \"Fridays\" segment with songs from \"The Elder\", the bonus discs (all 3 are superb collector\'s items), you name it. This is what every KISS fan looks forward to. The first one literally blew me away, this one just keeps me wanting more , and I cannot wait for KISSOLOGY 3!!!!!!!! KISS will always be the best!!!!! Get well soon, Paul. I know what you are going through with because I have the same thing with my heart and I have been dealing with it and on meds for it since 1995. It\'s a scary thing when it happens to you, that\'s for sure. Take care and GOD bless! Much Love, Lee Miller
ology vol.2 1978-1991
Subject: Kissology vol.2 1978-1991
From: kissrocks410 on 08/14/2007
Hi to everyone in the kiss army and to the people at kissonline. First i want to say that the band is and has been my all time favorite band and everytime i see and listen to them its a thrill. So as im sure most kiss fans like myself went out to stores all across the US and other countries and bought Kissology vol.2 which is needless to say great like the 1st vol. Seeing and hearing them through out the different era\'s was a great treat to any kiss fan. The different performances and shows was a great way to show kiss is timeless and will never die.Some parts i was kind of dissapointed like how they cut out rise to it from the detroit show and how they cut out the cursing that paul did but other then that the DVD\'s were amazing and awesome and i cannot wait for the third installment everyone keep rockin and i hope to see kiss touring soon. sincerly one of the biggest kiss fans Mike Mcgrath of Philly
From: Brenda from Norwalk, CT on 08/14/2007
Hi Gene, Just wanted to let you know that my husband and I were in Myrtle Beach a couple of weeks ago and stumbled upon the KISS Coffeehouse - what an unexpected treat! We became completely addicted to the frozen Rockuccinos in short order and now that we\'re back in Connecticut, we\'re JONESING for them! I certainly hope that you\'re planning on opening more KISS Coffeehouses soon - there needs to be one somewhere in the Northeast so I don\'t have to drive 14 hours to get my fix...maybe Mohegan Sun or Foxwoods casino??!! We love watching you guys on Family Jewels - you keep us laughing! Brenda from Norwalk, CT
OLOGY: Volume 2 - 1978-1991
Subject: KISSOLOGY: Volume 2 - 1978-1991
From: anthonytyler on 08/14/2007
Hi All, I, like so many others (I know because I made some new friends today!!!), went out this morning and hunted down all three bonus discs included at various outlets exclusively for KISSOLOGY: Volume 2. Needless to say, once again KISS has done it right and maybe more importantly - done it right for the fans. Seeing and HEARING the concert footage in this pristine format is truly amazing from my perspective. Yes, I\'ve seen all the bootlegs and so-called definitive versions of such...guess what? They DO NOT compare to what\'s on this second edition of KISSOLOGY. (that comment is specific to those who claim to have already seen this stuff...uh...think again). The BONUS discs are fantastic and quite honestly, I had never seen the Ritz show or even heard it until now. It\'s great to own. My only constructive suggestion would be a simple one: MORE COMMENTARY please. I absolutely love the stories behind the shows and the times. More commentary guys. It\'s great stuff. Can\'t wait for #3... Anthony Tyler
ology II Review
Subject: KISSology II Review
From: austinstarchild on 08/14/2007
KISS and KISSonline, I bought KISSology 2 at midnight. And watched it last night. And all i can say is it is simply the best concert dvd ive seen in front of KISSology one. Everything about it is just terrific. I think the best part of the entire set is the Countdown. It took so may takes! Well to end this simply THIS IS THE MOST AWSOME DVD EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1 Austin Peppers
Thank You for always being there!
Subject: Thank You for always being there!
From: paulchilds on 08/14/2007
Dear KISS, I just want to thank you for all the years or great music and great times. I have been a fan since almost the beginning. In 1975 at age 9, I was with my folks in a local department store and I saw KISS ALIVE! and had to have it, Mom and Dad were glad to buy it for me, and in the years to follow, they began taking me to concerts, Zeppelin, KISS, cool parents or what? Well at that point, I had already been playig the drums for about 3 years, but that day in \'75 changed me forever! I started jamming with kids in my neighborhood and it was blasphemy not to play KISS songs, if there was any argument from anyone, well there\'s the door! No matter what was going on in my life, putting a KISS record on the turntable was the just what the doctor ordered. Well about 20 years later, my dad passed away and I was absolutely devastated. During that time, what really helped me get through was KISS and I thank you guys very much for that! Today is the day that KISSOLOGY VOLUME 2 is released and I am eagerly awaiting UPS\' knock on my door. All of my KISS DVD\'s are lined up and the big screen and surround sound are at the ready! Paul, I\'m glad to hear that you\'re feeling better and that all is well! Thank you again KISS for everything! With respect and gratitude, Paul Childs
Subject: WE GOT THE BEST!!
From: forsstrom94 on 08/13/2007
OH my god! You rock! My biggest dream is that you guys come to sweden and rock the whole country! Please do that! I listen to you every day and I can at least 10 songs of you in my head! YOU ARE GODS!!! Rasmus Forsström, Sweden , Gotenburg
Cheney Hall Manchester CT early 1970\'s
Subject: Cheney Hall Manchester CT early 1970\'s
From: keljef on 08/12/2007
Hi Paul and Gang Did any of the band in the Early 1970\'s live for a few months in East Hartford CT. My husband swears he cut the grass of the house you lived in and saw you rehearse before you hit it big. He remembers the KISS logo on the drum set and a KISS toilet seat. You Rock Thanks Keljef
Athens\'s biggest rock club \'Wizard\' honors , \"The Hottest Band In The Wolrd\" with a night special on August 19th!
Subject: Athens\'s biggest rock club \'Wizard\' honors KISS, \"The Hottest Band In The Wolrd\" with a night special on August 19th!
From: Harris on 08/12/2007
Dear KISS, Hello, this is Harris Bakopoulos from Athens,Greece. I\'m a die-hard fan since \"Hot In The Shade\" and I was blessed to see you guys live on \"Psycho Circus\" tour!...Among others, I\'m also a DJ at Athens\' biggest rock club named \"Wizard\" and on August 19th, Sunday, the club is paying his 2nd tribute to the hottest band in the world!!!...Just wanted to let YOU know that Greece loves you and on August 19th, Sunday, Wizard rock club will get HOTTER THAN HELL in the name of the hottest band in the world!!!!... Best Regards, Harris
Check This!
Subject: Check This!
From: ldelar07 on 08/10/2007
I reda the newspapper today and i found a promotional from a department store \" El Palacio De Hierro\" that promotes the music & Electronic deparment whit a insert when appears four artist performance the personas of john lennon, ludwin van bethoveen, paul stanley and lenny kravitz, the insert says...\" month of the music...just for passionated...live the music with all your senses with the best brand sound,,, follow thw rythm of our musical events...The girls with paul`s make up is really cute.. p.s. my best wish to all you people of kiss fans from a forever kiss fan from mexico city.
you still keep inspiring!!
Subject: you still keep inspiring!!
From: metalman87 on 08/10/2007
Hey I just wanna thank you for many years of great music that will never be compared to anything else!!! There\'s punk, rock, metal, then there\'s KISS!!! you are your own genre! you\'ve done what others dream of doing, and now they dream of being like KISS! and I write on behalf of my little brother ramon who is 11 and is literally a KISS encyclopedia. he has all your comics and saved up for about a month just to purchase your KISS ALIVE album collection! So just letting you know that your music is still an inspiration and will keep being an inspiration to many others until the end of time-- KISS ARMY \'TILL I DIE!!!!!! From Pedro and Ramon limon, El Monte, California
get better starchild
Subject: get better starchild
From: lil-darlin on 08/08/2007
i am so grateful that you are feeling better, my starchild. Kiss and the world would not be the same without you. You have been such an amazing inspiration to me and all kiss fans around the world, with your music and now your art. I can\'t ever imagine and would not want to know what a world without Kiss would be(boring). the music of today can not possibly ever compare to what Kiss has done. There will never be another Kiss and there will and can never, ever be another starchild. You take care of yourself and know that you are loved forever and always.
Biloxi MS New Year\'s Eve
Subject: Biloxi MS New Year\'s Eve
From: luvinlife on 08/07/2007
Hi Guys~ Rumor has it your heading to our new HardRockLive in Biloxi, MS for New Year\'s Eve? Any truth to this or am I getting my hopes up for nothing?
thank God!! Paul is fine
Subject: thank God!! Paul is fine
From: pauldaniel on 08/07/2007
Hi Paul I know about your heald and I felt so bad you are fine now and I feel much better send to you all my energy to be fine take care and don t forget Doc orders all us love you so much and you will be bettewn us for more long time With all my Love Viviana Elizabet Azzolini from Argentina
\"The hottest band in the Land\"
Subject: \"The hottest band in the Land\"
From: kenlv61 on 08/02/2007
You guys rock
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