picture with letter from Soboba (from Holland)
Subject: picture with letter from Soboba (from Holland)
From: rutger on 07/29/2007
sorry, the file was too large. Did still want to send the picture with Tommy...
Soboba show, thanks from Holland (I was there!)
Subject: Soboba show, thanks from Holland (I was there!)
From: Rutger on 07/29/2007
Wow, what an experience... And how much more respect I have gained for the band and it\'s crew... I traveled to San Jacinto last week, all the way from Holland, to see the last of the 3 hit\'n\'run Kiss shows. As you can imagine I had been looking forward to that for months. And what a special night it was, a show without front man Paul Stanley. Unbelievable... All in the crowd were shocked when Doc McGee stepped on stage and told us what had happened to Paul. Gene came on and showed us what a show man he is. Of course we wanted them to play! Gene was really doing his best in trying to make it a great evening for all. Very special to see him be the spokesperson for one time. He lost his voice a bit, but kept on going. And what a band... Eric and Tommy rocked! Ever since Tommy replaced Ace I (as a huge Ace fan) had 2nd thoughts about Tommy. But he impressed big time at this show. He covered for 90% of all the guitar parts and made the sound full and pretty complete. And of course Eric, well, who\'s a better drummer on that seat than him... Gene tried to make it a special show. For Christine Sixteen he invited 10 people on stage to sing along. Of course I jumped over the fence immediately, and was on stage within seconds. Only to find out that they were letting people on stage only from the other side... But security was not that tight, so they let me stand on the side of the stage when Gene and Tommy were instructing the people what to sing. Amazing to be on that stage, I hope there is video of that somewhere. At one moment a security officer came running at me and pushed me to the ground. I found out 5 seconds later he saved me from severe ear damage as I had been standing way to close to the pyro, which went of almost immediately after. Thank you sir... During the drum solo Tommy left the stage and started shaking hands with some people on the front row. I was back in my seat at that point and he was kind enough to pose for a picture (see below). Now who\'s the real Ace on the Rocks? ;-) (I perform in a Dutch Tribute band called Kiss on the Rocks: www.kissontherocks.com). They performed all Gene songs and included some things they hardly ever did / did on previous tours only: Goin\' Blind, Parasite, Christine Sixteen, She. Eric Singer sang Black Diamond including the intro. I was amazed how the band put up without Paul. Real pro\'s, that\'s all I can say. Of course I would have loved to see them with Paul, and I hope all is well with Paul now, but it was an experience. A Kiss show with only 3 of the guys, wow... Another funny thing happened before the show. Nick Simmons was being spotted hanging out at the entrance of the gig, obviously waiting for someone. The Family Jewels film crew was there with him. After 15 minutes we found out he was waiting for a crew member who brought Skippy along, Gene\'s dog. A security officer refused to let the dog in, and the crew member started an argument with the officer which got pretty nasty. In that conversation the dog suddenly got loose and ran into the arena. A scene from a Marx Brother\'s movie was the result: Skippy being chased by Nick and the crew, who were chased by security people, who were chased by fans. Not sure if this was staged or not (why would the dog not be delivered to the backstage area?), but it was funny. Before the start of the show I saw Shannon walking the dog behind the stage. Anyhow, a fantastic evening with mixed emotions. I hope to see the band with Paul sometime soon. Get well Paul! Rutger a.k.a. Ace on the Rocks
Paul Hope you\'re better
Subject: Paul Hope you\'re better
From: Rick Ramos on 07/29/2007
Paul I have to say i was worried when i was told that a member of the band had chest problems from my brother-in-law who was working security that day i was hopping it wasnt serious cause ive waited a long time to see you guys preform and i have to say it inspired me even more to myself become a musician i hope your heart and you are doing better cause u and the rest of the guys have been a big inspiration to me in my young music carrer so to all the rest of the guys thank you for putting on the best concert ive seen in my life and i hope you guys will come back for another take care and keep rocking hard ~Rick
Rob\'s 40th Birthday
Subject: Rob\'s 40th Birthday
From: Theresa Baker on 07/29/2007
Hi Gene, I would like to say, I truly enjoy watchimg your shows of your family jewels. My husband Rob is a huge fan of you & you\'re rock group. Last year for his 40th birthday I had a cake made for him with you\'re picture on it along with his face in the middle. It was awesome. I would really love to surprize him someday to have him meet you & the group. I know that is a little too far fetch, but maybe someday. I wasn\'t much of a Kiss Fan until the day I married Rob. He is the love of my life. He knows all your songs, he could probably name all of them. Thanks for being you. Theresa Baker Kewanna Indiana
get well soon starchild!
Subject: get well soon starchild!
From: teddy 67 on 07/29/2007
hope you are feeling better paul, your health comes before anything, get yourself well for your family, then hopefully we will see you in action again!!!!
congratulations gene and company
Subject: congratulations gene and company
From: bryanbarrow@comcast.net on 07/29/2007
I\'m from honduras and 2 weeks a go gene and his tv show transport me back 30 years, really impress with your personality and the way that you act in front of any situation.I did not know your name only that you gyes were the best,my dad complains because i only listens to kiss/motley crue or bon jovi. thank\'s for bringing back the memories.all the best. Bryan Barrow P.D.excuse my english
To the hottest band in the land...
Subject: To the hottest band in the land...
From: demon_headbanger on 07/29/2007
Dear KISS, You guys are the best band in the world. It is hard to put into words how phenomenal the Soboba performance was. To stick it out without the Starchild and play as a trio took balls, and you delivered without fail. My respect for Gene has definitely risen. He proved to be not only an amazing frontman but a genuine person who cares about Paul and the fans. I almost died when he spewed blood and played God of Thunder. Eric Singer, also, surprised me. That drum solo kicked a**. Tommy kept the Ace legacy going with the exact guitar solos from Alive!, and I don\'t think a KISS fan would want it any other way. I almost cried when we all learned about Paul\'s heart problems--the fact that he was thinking solely about the audience when his heart was close to stopping is unbelievable. You guys ROCKED. I am 15 years old and thought I would never be able to see my favorite band live. Thanks so much Love, Emily
God Bless you Paul!
Subject: God Bless you Paul!
From: Signaturegirl on 07/29/2007
Paul, you were truely missed, the other evening. We still had a wonderful time. Gene, and the guys did an incredible job entertaining and holding it all together during a time I am sure they were conflicted with feelings themselves. I had never been to a Kiss concert before even though you are my favorite group. It never worked out for me. I do hope to see all of you together one day. Your health is more important, so please do as the doctors say take care of yourself and to be there for your family. God Bless you all.
@ Soboba
Subject: KISS @ Soboba
From: Starchild37 on 07/29/2007
I must say to star off this was my 79th KISS show and as most would say most interesting. When I got the the news about what was going on I was in shock and the main concern to me was The Starchild\'s health. I heard threw the grapevine that Paul had left but the show was going to go on. So as a diehard Paul fan I was very curious to was was going to transpire next. Doc came out to make his announcement then Gene followed... When they started playing Duece I was like what the hell is going on??? KISS as a trio this is so weired but the energy from that stage was unbelievable!!! No words can say what all of the guys were thinking especially Gene! The first thing I was thinking who is gonna talk to the crowd??? I figured it would be Gene but didn\'t think it would be as personal as he made it! People bash Gene and KISS for this and that and whatever at least they are honest about what they do and stand for! The amount of respect I gained for all of the boys that night was unreal especially Gene because He had to sing most of the show which in his whole lifetime of KISS has never had to do and he couldn\'t have done it better!! Way to go Gene and the boys I\'m sure The Starchild is proud!!!
To the knights of Rock\'n\'Roll
Subject: To the knights of Rock\'n\'Roll
From: ElderKnight on 07/29/2007
I\'ve just knew about Paul, about the show without him, and the speech of Gene. As a (little) french musician and a fan of Kiss since my 4 year old, i very touching about the courage of every members from Kiss, show must go on, and you : Gene,Eric and Tommy perform with your hearts & souls. I\'m very proud to be a fan from this Knights of Rock\'n\'Roll, and i waiting for watching you all again, united in Rock\'n\'Roll. To Paul : Take care of you, and be sure we are an army out there who send to you : our best wishes and love you. Regards, and merci.
Paul\'s Health Scare
Subject: Paul\'s Health Scare
From: wet_n_wildone on 07/29/2007
Paul: I know you probably don\'t remember meeting me, as you meet so many people in your travels. We met when I was 14 at the group\'s concert in West Palm Beach in 1977. I was introduced to you by my uncle, Robert Knoll and I was 14. It was my very first rock concert and I was hooked and have been a KISS fan ever since. I was shocked to hear about your health scare and send my love and hopes for a speedy recovery. My father suffered two heart attacks while I was in my 20\'s, so I know how scary this can be. Know that you are in my thoughts and that I am keeping the rest of the band in my heart and thoughts as well. Stay strong guys and ROCK ON! As always, the KISS ARMY RULES! All my love, Coral Hull-Schober
Paul\'s recovery and our thanks
Subject: Paul\'s recovery and our thanks
From: Rob on 07/29/2007
First let me say I do hope Paul is alright and is in the proper medical care. I hope your recovery is speedy. Second, I think it is time for the Kiss Army to gather to say \"Thanks\" to everyone who made Kiss, Kiss. An all huge convention with former members, producers, writers, the road crews too. Its time. I propose Indianapolis in June 08\' We need some volunteers for this and please note that you would need to be serious about this and be prepared to submit a \'kiss resume\' that would be vetted. Of course vendors and tribute bands would be central to this, but only trib bands with greater than 5 years experience would be considered for a competition and tribute to the band. If interested email cameronace@sympatico.ca. Its time the Army paid its tribute. To paul God speed.
RockFest 2007-A Daughter\'s First Rock Concert
Subject: RockFest 2007-A Daughter\'s First Rock Concert
From: Dave Schoenrock and Samantha on 07/29/2007
Dear KISS, I became a bassist because of Gene Simmons and KISS way back when, in 1977... In 1978 I was kicked out of high school marching band for skipping an event to go see KISS live. It was my first rock concert. I\'ll never forget it. It was worth it!!! So, nearly thrity years later, I was fortunate enough to be performing at Rock Fest in Cadott, WI with my cover band. We even learned \"Rock and Roll All Night\" as a tribute to KISS. I was excited to see KISS again, after so many years, and what made the night even more special was being able to bring my 16 year-old daughter to see KISS live. Ironically, it would also be her first concert ever. She was so excited. What an amazing night. She screamed like a true concert goer, sang along with more songs than I thought she knew, and went nuts everytime the pyrotechnics went off. She proudly wore her KISS T-shirt, and told me later it was the \"best night of her life\". Such an awesome experience for a father and daughter, and a terrific experience for me to see my \"bass inspiration\". Without that influnce of Gene Simmons, I would have never become a musician. Thank you KISS for putting on a great show, and for being the first concert for both a father and daughter. Long live KISS!!! Sincerely, Dave Schoenrock
Subject: GENE in GREEN 07\' Soboba ROCKED KISSTORY!!
From: Scottindesert on 07/29/2007
Gene, All i can really say is AMAZING!! Absolutely STUNNING!!!! I was in awe at the KISSTORY being seen by so many yet SO FEW of your FANS!!! Your T.V. Show ROCKS, your KIDS ROCK!!!! I speak for Veterans of the United States of America, YOU ROCK!!!!! God Bless Paul, I wanna copy of KISS MEETS THE PHANTOM!!!! PLEASE!! LOVE YOU KISS Scotti Palm Desert, California
Paul\'s Heart Problem-PLEASE READ THIS
Subject: Paul\'s Heart Problem-PLEASE READ THIS
From: Joy Chanzes on 07/29/2007
Dear Paul, I have been a fan of Kiss forever and was very upset when I heard about your heart problem. I met you in Maui at the Celebrity Art Gallery I believe it was around Christmas of 2005. I just want you to know that I suffered for a couple of years from the same problem. You don\'t know if you are going to die. It is a terrible feeling. My life came to a complete halt. Today I am a new person. Back to my old self. I had what is called a Cardiac Ablation. I actually had it perform twice. I used a doctor that was highly recommended in West Palm Beach, Florida. This doctor is the best Electrophysiologist around. His name is Dr. Fischel, 5503 S. Congress #206, Boyton Beach, FL. 33462, phone 1-888-882-2463. Trust me I know what you are going thru and my heart goes out to you. But rest assured there is a cure. You will be in my prays for a quick and speedy solution to your heart problems. If I can be of any help please call me at 239-821-8804. Be assured this is not terminal if treated properly. Don\'t let it go on for a long time. Best Wishes, Joy Chanzes----- joychanzes@hotmail.com
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