One of your BIGGEST Fans is having a TON of FUN!
Subject: One of your BIGGEST Fans is having a TON of FUN!
From: Velma & Eric Gallant on 03/27/2007
Hi Guys, Just wanted to share that my 5 year old son (Eric) is one of your biggest fans. He listens to your songs on his CD player whenever we drive in tha van...sometimes listening to one song 10 times. He drums out the beats, sings, and now is loving putting the makeup on too! After we painted him up (used face crayons) he insisted on painting my face too. My hubby's been a fan since he was 8, and it seems that our son is following in his footsteps! Warmly, Velma Gallant "The Queen of JOY!"
From: on 03/27/2007
Picture to accompany last email with story
From: on 03/27/2007
Hail to the KISS ARMY!!! KISS CONQUER LONDON\'S HARRODS!!! My girlfriend and I were in London last weekend visiting a friend and as we were walking past Harrods shop window I did a double take - Paul Stanley\'s guitar was part of a window display! It was a bedroom scene with a model lounging in bed with champagne, glasses and flowers, silk sheets and lacey underwear and right there, propped up gently against the bed was Paul\'s cracked mirror guitar! I had to take the picture and send it just to show you! Keep smilin\'!
Can\'t wait for the tour PAUL
Subject: Can\'t wait for the tour PAUL
From: Kaye from Australia on 03/24/2007
There is great excitement brewing in our household as we gear up for your tour in Australia. We are coming down to Melbourne for the two nights you are playing and just can\'t wait to see you perform!!! We hope you will enjoy being down-under as much as we are looking forward to the tour. Speaking of tours ... KISS come and tour again soon please! My kids have never been to see the show but love watching your dvd\'s so would LOVE to see you guys in concert LIVE!
you\'re awesome
Subject: you\'re awesome
From: on 03/24/2007
Hey guys I\'ve been waiting to e-mail you can you come to my birthday party?
gene\'s daughter again
Subject: gene\'s daughter again
From: Ryan Brock on 03/20/2007
you know i dont know why but i keep having visions about sophie gene,but i cant help it I hope gene actually gets this because i realy hope he gives this to sophie.Im 13 and im carrieing some poundage but that can be lost easly.I would hope that she would want to meet me and i would love if she went out with me so ya from ryan ps i realy hope sophie says yes to at least want to meet me that would be awsome.
,Like No Other
Subject: KISS,Like No Other
From: Shannon on 03/20/2007
Alot of bands,especially now days sound so much like each other and the individuality has been lost.I have never found that to be true of KISS.They have been true to their music and provided the most original and entertaining music out there and done it consistantly for years now.What impresses me most is that as loyal as KISS fans are to KISS,KISS has remained just as loyal to it\'s fan\'s and that is very cool. Sincerely, Shannon Simble,Chattanooga,TN
gene\'s daughter
Subject: gene\'s daughter
From: Ryan Brock on 03/19/2007
with all do respect gene i think your daughter is beautiful but please dont cancel my membership because i think your daughter is and one more do you sign up for the REAL kiss army cause i cant find it. kiss RULES P.S. SO DOES YOUR DAUGHTER P.S.S IM REALY ONLY THIRTEEN BUT I LOVE KISS SO MUCH
dog on cover of Atlanta Paper
Subject: KISS dog on cover of Atlanta Paper
From: Justine Cosley on 03/17/2007
I entered a creative grooming contest in Atlanta and this was my entry. I didn\'t win but we wound up on the cover of the Atlanta Journal Constitution on March 5th, 2007. This is me and my dog.
It\'s me,the warmachine again
Subject: It\'s me,the warmachine again
From: Doug Lawing a.k.a warmachine420 on 03/16/2007
Hey guys just thought I would drop a few lines to say hello and that once again I can\'t wait till july.Man I am so pumped up about seeing the band again,that for the last couple of weeks I have basically burned my wife out on your music.She yeld at me the other day to just turn it off,so I turned the volume up just a little bit louder.In my last letter I made a few minor mistakes.On July the 21st when you guys hit the stage,the war machine will erupt into another being,one like you have never seen before.If you think all the other fans go crazy when you hit the stage,you haven\'t seen anything yet.I was talking to you about my most memorible moments seeing the band.We\'ll it was on the farewell tour in 2000,when my best friend and I got to see the band together for the first time.It was about the fourth song,\"Do You Love Me,\"and on the big screen they were showing all the old footage of the band and he looked around at me, and I had tears coming out my eyes and a big smile on my face just remembering all the times your music helped me through my childhood.Most people would say that was lame,but my whole childhood and basically my whole life has revolved around KISS and the future of the KISS army,but that night was part of that spiritual bonding I have with the band.The whole show brought new meaning to the word loyalty,which I have been loyal to the band for 26yrs. and even through the changes with ace and peter,vinnie vincent leaving,mark st. johns leaving and the through the passing of one of rock and metals greatest drummers Eric Carr(we miss you man),my loyalty has proved it\'s worth.We\'ll Gotta go for now,but never forever,I hope to one day meet you so I can tell you all this in person.See ya in July.Your numbr 1 fan Doug(a.k.a warmachine420)
From: Jennifer Jenner on 03/16/2007
Hi Paul I just wanted to say thankyou so much for your latest solo album, Live To Win, I listen to the cd everyday. (Especially my favourite songs) Congratulations on your new family I hope you will always be happy together and that life is good to you all. Your wife is beautiful and seems very intelligent and its good to hear her point of view of you. I always suspected you had strong morals and it\'s reassuring when its backed up. You are a very inspirational person and you have changed my life for ever. Since listening to your new album I feel like I\'m alive again, I was desperately unhappy with my life and stuck in a rutt and you are the one who has made me take a good look at it. Maybe its the fact that I just turned 30 (But I got a great birthday present, you were on tv in Australia doing an interview with Richard Wilkins.) You looked great, I wish some of your photos could capture you with that great smile. On your solo album and the flyer for your Solo Tour downunder your face is so serious. Your hairstyle really suits you as well. Richard Wilkins is not everyones cup of tea downunder, his interview wasn\'t the greatest, (but I wasn\'t paying as much attention to him as my partner was). The best interviewers most Aussies will agree, who are down to earth and get alot of respect in Australia are Mel & Koshi. They are on our Channel 7 Network. Most of Australia wake up with the Sunrise group, they are a genuine bunch of people, also Nat, Bretz, Simon and Grant are great. I\'m not sure if you know of Sunrise they are on our free to air tv every morning weekdays from 6am. I am emailing them to ask them to interview you. Please accept if you hear those names, you wont regret it, just ask Nelson, they talk to him via satellite at least twice everyday. (He\'s from America and always gives us updates on the celebrities. He\'s warm and funny). Anyway can\'t wait to see you, my partner and I have tickets to the Twin Towns Show. First show off the rank :-). We are huge fans, and I have a tattoo just like your rose on my right arm in the same position as you. I shopped around for a tattooist who could recreate your tattoo from pictures. Also I have a pure bred, red english staffordshire terrier and he has the best looking features for a staffy everyone says, and his name is Stanley, after you. No wonder he has the best looking features. When I get the photo out of my phone I will upload a picture of him. We\'ve also been to all your Kiss Concerts, except me, I was however a bit too young when you first came, my partner however is 12 years my senior and he fortunately saw you with Eric Carr. I read on your website there was a setlist from Atlanta. Great Song List, everyone at Kiss Army Australia are debating whether you will change any songs. I was dissapointed though some songs were missing, glad my oldtime favourite is there though, Hide Your Heart. But no pleasing everyone. My other favourites are Nothing Can Keep Me From You, Tears Are Falling, Let\'s Put The X In Sex, Lick It Up, Forever, Live To Win, Loving You Without You Now, Where Angels Dare, Wake Up Screaming. (Or can I narrow it down?? Too many great songs from Live To Win). Favourite albums Kiss Alive 3 and Disc 4 1983-1989 of the 5 Box Set and of course Live To Win. I play them alot, even on my walkman when I can\'t use the stereo. I read your interview a few weeks ago about the old songs have memories and the new ones can\'t stand up to them (Similar to that), I have to disagree, new songs create new memories and Live To Win has already created new memories for me that I will remember always. When you take the chance and do something out of the normal life suprises you sometimes when you least expect it. Anyway, hope you and your family have a great Tour and a great time in Australia. Sorry I wrote this message to you through the kiss webstie, I cant open the website I get to the first page and that\'s it. Thankyou Very Much for your Time sorry for the painfully long letter.
Autism Rocks
Subject: Autism Rocks
From: Joe Steihart on 03/15/2007
Dear Paul & Gene, As the father of an autistic child, and a KISS fan since I was 10 years old, I would like to thank you guys so much for getting involved in Vh1 Classics Autism Rocks campaign. It is truly awesome to see the music community get behind this as we try to put an end to this terrible disorder. For 30 years, I\'ve looked up to you guys as fantastic showmen, musicians, songwriters, and artist, and now I\'m happy to say I look up to you as great human beings as well. Thank you for caring. Sincerely, Joe Steinhart Baton Rouge, LA
I\'ve been a fan for 15 years.....
Subject: I\'ve been a fan for 15 years.....
From: ashton on 03/15/2007
Hey! my b-day is coming up on the 27th and that will make me a proud KISS fan of 15 years! I love you guys like i love me family. I have a pin ball machine, c.d.s, KISS symphony DVD, shirts, hats, boots, pictures, magnets, posters and my mother has a bag of confetti from a concert. I just wanted yall to know that I\'m a very devoted fan. I\'m going on 15 years old and I\'m all about KISS. I LOVE YA\'LL!!!!! p.s. And I can\'t wait to see Gene\'s new show!!!! LOVE YOUR FAITHFUL FAN, Ashton
congradulations on the caddott rock festival
Subject: congradulations on the caddott rock festival
From: Doug Lawing a.k.a warmachine420 on 03/14/2007
To Gene,Paul,Tommy and Eric Hey guys I just wanted to write and say congradulations on the Caddott Rock Festival in Wis.I promise you this I will be there.I live in California now but I\'m originally from South Carolina and I have been a fan since I was about 8 or 9 yrs. old,and I have seen you guys 18 times and on July 22nd of 07 I will make it 19 times.I first saw the band in 1979 at the Charlotte coliseum,then again in 1983 in Fayetteville,N.C.,1985 in ashville,N.C.,ETC.,but my most rememerible time I saw the band,was when my nephew and I saw the band on April 20th,2000 at the Charlotte coliseum.You guys have been an influence of mine ever since I heard Destroyer in 1976.My brother and I used to get tennis rackets and blast the destroyer album,we rocked out the neighborhood.I guess you could say the bond I have with you guys and your music is like a spiritual bonding,and like they say what God has brought together,let NO man put us under,amen.So thanx for all the memories,music and great stageshows through out the yrs.and Paul I hope your hip is doing ok.Your numbr 1 fan,Doug a.k.a warmachine420
Subject: I LOVE KISS!!
From: Lauren Marsh on 03/14/2007
Hey I just wanted to let you guys know that you are the greatest band! You have inspired me in so many ways and I just want to thank you! I am actually learning how to play guitar and I hope I\'ll be able to play as good as Paul! I was actually on vacation this summer and saw the KISS Coffeehouse for the first was the coolest thing to see and I might actually move to SC where I plan on getting a job there! It sounds like a extremely fun job! Here is a picture of me as Gene last Halloween! Thank you so much for being the greatest inspiration a girl could have!
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