Subject: FAN ART
From: Terje on 02/24/2007
Here’s some great art made by a friend! KISS should be right next to the Mona Lisa in Louvre ! Love, Terje from Oslo
From: Maricela on 02/23/2007
I am a KISS fan since my mother was pregnant with me in 1985, and love KISS since that time and will always love them!!! I love it so loud!!!! I will put in the soul of everyone - KISS history. I like Paul so much, he has always been my sexual fantasy. The Starchild, I want you to share this pic!
Mad Panda\'s
Subject: Kiss Mad Panda\'s
From: Michael from South Wales uk on 02/23/2007
Thought I would send this photo of four panda\'s from my local zoo.It\'s great to see that not all Kiss fans are human. All the best and hope to see you soon here in the UK as it\'s been 8 years since we last saw you!!! Keep Rockin\'
From: TIMBO on 02/23/2007
Subject: 1975 PHOTOS
From: Dan on 02/19/2007
These photos were taken back in 1975 @ The Silver Dollar Saloon in Lansing, MI. The photos where taken by a fan R. Smiley and stored away. Then I started to date his daughter and mentioned the KISS cars, dolls and CD\'s I have of the band. He smiled and mentioned these photos and let me copy them to my hard drive were I am still trying to bring the color back to life. Hope you can share them with the other fans like us. Thanks, Dan
Universal Music Guitar Giveaway Contest
Subject: Universal Music Guitar Giveaway Contest
From: Michelle Palmieri -Kneute on 02/19/2007
Dear Paul and Universal Music: Thank you very much for thinking enough of my "LIVE TO WIN" review to select me as one of the runners up. Best wishes, Michelle Palmieri-Kneute 379 Sherwood Drive Cliffwood Beach, NJ 07735 .
Tribute Band SSIK in Holland
Subject: Tribute Band SSIK in Holland
From: Bram Lodewijk on 02/19/2007
Heey Kiss, I Was On 2 September 2006 on the BrandRevivalNight. And there Was A Tribute Called SSIK, But they are not from Texas as you can see on this site But they are from Holland. You can see an picture from the band and that boy you see is me. Bram Lodewijk.
Coffee House Grand Opening
Subject: Kiss Coffee House Grand Opening
From: William Kelly on 02/19/2007
The KISS Coffee House will be celebrating it\'s one year anniversary soon.Me and one of my childhood Friends of 37 years,stood in line for 12 hours,thru the rain & heat,to meet our childhood heroes!It was worth every minute!Not only did we meet Paul and Gene in person,but were photographed by our hometown newspaper,doing so.Gene and Paul caught the line of KISS Fans off guard by pulling up and walking by most of the 3,500 fans,instead of ducking into the Coffee House\'s back door.It was my first time meeting them in person.They stayed way longer than scheduled,and took time to sign autographs and speak to everyone who came through the Coffee House doors.They are a Class Act!Me and My childhood friend Jimmy, grew up having KISS concerts in his bedroom way back in 1976!His Mom let us play the Records as loud as We wanted.What a thrill to finally meet the Rock Gods in Person! Thanks Gene & Paul.
Carnival Party
Subject: Carnival Party
From: Italian fans on 02/19/2007
Hello, my name is Salvo and yesterday here in Italy we joined to the Carnival Party and for this party we decided to make up as the great Kiss. I\'m Gene on left of the picture, the others are: my brothers Greg (Paul), my friend Crash (Peter) and my other friend Piero (Ace). We say bye from the Italy Rock \'n\' Roll all night
Subject: KISS PIX
From: Angelo Colosimo on 02/18/2007
Hey gene, I just love your show. I was surfing the internet and I came across a really cool picture of KISS I am happy to send it to you. your fan, Angelo Colosimo
Gene\'s book cover
Subject: Gene\'s book cover
From: David on 02/18/2007
I wanted to send you this photo of my drawing of Gene\'s book cover, I hope you like it.
thank you, Paul Stanley heres my Nite Star\'s painting
Subject: thank you, Paul Stanley heres my Nite Star\'s painting
From: Dominic Homan on 02/17/2007
thank you for inspiring and I love you very much, love Dominic
Subject: 1979
From: Matt the Bass Player on 02/16/2007
One of my old friends and bandmates found these pictures...they\'re from 1979 and the guys pictured are the band Javelin...I\'m the \"Gene\" should have seen the boots...Chuck Taylors nailed to 4x4\'s, covered with paper mache dragon heads, with tin foil eyes wrapped in red celophane...sadly, they didn\'t survive the concert...and those little cardboard squares covered in tin foil were a PAIN to do too...there\'s even audio of the band doing some Kiss covers, including \"Beth\", \"Duece\" and \"God Of Thunder\"...and while my wife might not be a big Kiss fan, she is certainly a fan of the tongue! Matt the Bass Player .
From: Valentino on 02/16/2007
Hello Mr.Simmons, How are you? Love your music & your show. This picture I\'m sending you is a ceramic mosaic on canvis of your Kiss band,hope you like it. I participate to many craft art shows and this particular piece catches everyone\'s attention. However, a picture is a picture but to view the real thing it takes your breath away. If you ever do come to Toronto, Canada, please, ask to see it & honestly I would be honoured to just gift it to you. Valentino Toronto, Canada
Have Got To Come To New Zealand
Subject: Kiss Have Got To Come To New Zealand
From: Chucky & Vinnie on 02/15/2007
Hey guys, My 4 year old son, Vincent, has been a mad Kiss fan since he was 2 and a half. Tonight he asked me if he could bring his new girlfriend to see Kiss when they come to New Zealand. His favourite songs are Shout It Out Loud & Unholy. So guys you\'d better do one more tour and bring your asses down here. I know it costs, but I think you have a litte money to spare these days. There are a ridiculous amount of teenagers out there in NZ dying to see ya, so lets give NZ one last shot. Vinnie will send the family after ya uderwise. Peace, C & V
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