My rug
Subject: My KISS rug
From: on 06/28/2007
It took over 26,000 individual pieces of yarn..... It measures 5˝ feet wide & 2˝ feet high...... It took a month of time and effort to finish..... I designed and created this KISS rug on my own since I couldn\'t find one anywhere on the market. Larry Wright
I got to play with Bruce Kulick!!!!!
Subject: I got to play with Bruce Kulick!!!!!
From: Joe on 06/28/2007
I have heard people say, it\'s ok to have hero\'s but it\'s best not to meet them. Well, this weekend I got to hang out and play with one of my hero\'s, Bruce Kulick. It was one of the best experiences of my life.He was not only friendly but very down to earth. Sitting and talking with him was unbelievable. He talks to you like he\'s known you his whole life. Every conversation was perfect from beginning to end. He talked about every aspect of his musical career,from KISS to R&R Fantasy Camp.By the way I have not done that but I have a 1st hand testimonial to how great it is. The guitar clinic he put on was awesome.Wall to wall Bruce. He played amazing. Telling stories about the tracks he played over. Every one interesting.Then he did a Q&A. That\'s where we found out if he were stranded on an island and could only have 1 CD it would probably be a Beatles record. He played bass with Steve Vai and thinks he is from another planet he\'s so good. After a good 30 min. of questions he invited my Friends Doug and Leigh on stage and of course me to play Rock and Roll All Night with him.That was crazy.When Doug started that classic drum beat I new right then that I was doing something that only a hand full of stars, and even fewer fans would ever get to do Play onstage with a member of KISS.We pulled it off pretty well I must say. Bruce even said he was surprised @ how well we did with no rehearsals. After that he sat for a good hour and signed everything we threw at him.He took a ton of pictures and talked to everyone that wanted to talk. All in all it was a great day.If you ever get the chance to meet Bruce quit your job if you have to it will be totally worth it.
Thanking you
Subject: Thanking you
From: Patty Anne on 06/27/2007
Gene I want to thank you, and to let you know we still have the letter you sent me back years ago. 1977 to be truthfull. We have it sealed and put up with all my nefews stuff where it belongs. I can still see him running in and headed straight for my records to find you his spit blood. I worte you and sent you a picture of him, after he passed away.We just had a family get together and his dad and mom came in from washington. They moved away because it is to hard for them. But we got are old records and went down to his plot with cds and sat thier for hours leting him hear his spit blood. This is to let you know you will never be forgotton by a little boy 2 an1/2 yaers old in heavn. It was hard to belive but we have not touched that record in a long time just keep it for him and on our old player it played like new, just for him and you. it was like he was right their dancing and singing right along with you. So I THANK YOU. your fan forever Patty I am sendding you a picture of his dad, mom, brother, and my mom
Expo St. Louis !
Subject: KISS Expo St. Louis !
From: Berry Byassee on 06/27/2007
On Sunday I Drove 3hrs. To St. Louis For The KISS Expo . Every One I Met Was Super Cool + I Met Some Of My Myspace Friends For The 1st. Time . Needless To Say Bruce Was Cool As Allways & He Autographed My Guitar (HELLYEAH !) . I Met Bill Starkey Founder Of The KISS Army A Very Cool Cat . Keit Leroux Director Of kissonline And I Talked About The Offical KISS Army Fanclub Thats About To Start . Director Louis Antonelli Director Of Paul Stanley\'s - Live To Win Live ! DVD . A True Fan And It Showed On The 30min. Preview We Got To See Before The Rest Of The World !!! It Was Like Being At The Show He Captured The Heart & Soul Of The Concert . I Didn\'t Have Much Money At All This Day , Didn\'t Know I Could Have So Much Fun At One Of These & Not Have Money . The Funny Thing Is I Only Bought 2 Cd\'s Mark St. John\'s White Tiger & Magic Bullet Theory . Before I Left The Expo I Won The White Tiger Cd On A Triva Question lol . Watching Bruce Play Took Me Right Back To My Early Concert Memories ! After Bruce Played I Asked If I Could Get A Pick On Stage With Him & The Guitar , What A Cool Dude !!! So Many Cool Things This Weekend I Know I Forgeting Stuff , But What A Great Weekend ;) Rock On ...Berry
Waited long Enough
Subject: Waited long Enough
From: shannon66 on 06/27/2007
Yes, long enough. Finally joined the KISS army after the first time I seen my first Concert in 77 when I sneaked out with older Cousin. It was in Huntsville Al. I was about 10 or 11, future shows included the Dynasty tour twice in 79. First in Birmingham Al. in August & December in Huntsville Al. My parents were not to excited about my choice in bands (to me a religion) although my mother enjoyed Dr. Love. My next opportunity was in I believe in 03 when you toured with aerosmith in Jacksonville Fl. You guys were great. I left the coliseum before aerosmith took stage. The last opportunity I had with the band was seeing Ace at Myrtle Bch. at Broadway on the beach in S.C. My lifestyle has changed some sinced I moved aboard a sailboat & enjoyed the salt life but my life style & religion is still KISS not Marguritaville Another dedicated fan SHANNON66
New Album
Subject: New KISS Album
From: on 06/25/2007
Dear Gene Paul Tommy & Eric! How is the best band in the world doing. When are we getting a new KISS studio CD? We need one with great art like Destroyer or LOVE GUN. I have been with KISS since 1976 bought all your albums in Record & 8 track then rebought them in cassette & then finally I own every CD you have put out! This is by far the best line up to KISS ever! Tommy is a GREAT lead guitarist & I have loved Eric since the 90's It would be a dream come true if you guys would release a new Album with 12 new songs with a painted cover & go back to Destroyer or Love Gun costumes! I bow to you the Gods of Thunder & await a new offering! D of ZOYA
St Louis expo Review
Subject: St Louis kiss expo Review
From: John Wicker on 06/25/2007
wanted to send this in to ya! St Louis Kiss Expo Review! Well what can i say, it was awsome! Got there around 1130 and waited inline and got to talk to alot of familiar faces, friends, met up with Berry(Kiss Army Kentucky Division) and got a pic of a nice lady dressed as ACE( from Dastardly Villian) Proceeded to go in and went right to the Table Bill Starkey, founder of the Kiss Army was sitting at. Talked to him for a bit and got his pic next i went over to the Kissonline table and talked with keith just had a blast! i got inline and got to meet Bruce Kulick and purchased the ESP dvd from the Marquees and he signed it!Next our freind Demon(Kiss Army New Mexico) and Jess rolled in and we got a group pic with Bruce!Tommy Thayer called up to say hello and later Bruce Kulick took the Stage for Q&A sessions and performed songs (and did a little Stairway to heaven)! Bumped into alot of friends there for the First one here ! Keith from Kissonline took the stage to talk about the New Kiss Army Package comming out in August! it will be a revised one from the old one! Bill Starkey took the stage and talked about the History of the Kiss Army and did Q&A sessions as well! Louis, the Director of the new Paul Stanley DVD comming out got up to talk about the upcomming DVD and PAUL STANLEY called up to say hi! He just left a Wentworth Gallery in Washington Dc when he called! Then we watched some of the DVD and it was the show from Chicago from last year! This dvd is going to rock and will be out by the end of this year! overall it was an awsome event and next year will be great too! Even a Kiss Chopper made it there!:
Great Time at St. Louis Expo
Subject: Great Time at St. Louis KISS Expo
From: Al Treece on 06/24/2007
I took my children to the St. Louis KISS Expo today. Man it was Heaven. Even Tommy Thayer called on the phone. Great KISS memorabilia to buy or just enjoy looking at, even Chuck Berry\'s son & grandson were there, and of course the ever wonderful Bruce Kulick. Got some great photo\'s this time around. Next month is The Nashville Expo, if you\'re in the area stop in , Eric Singer is scheduled and it will be worth it. Hope to see another St. Louis Expo.
Brand New Paintings
Subject: Brand New KISS Paintings
From: Adam De Ville on 06/23/2007
I just finished this set of KISS portraits the most recent being Eric Carr, I wanted to share them here with everyone at KOL. AD
Eric Singer, Bruce Kulick, John Corabi ( Expo)
Subject: Eric Singer, Bruce Kulick, John Corabi (KISS Expo)
From: Jay Moore on 06/23/2007
Kiss Kissonline My brother & I have been Kiss Fan\'s since 1974 (Hotter Than Hell) was the Album that we first discovered in a Drug Store (Value Plus Pharmacy) Album display that my father was a Pharmacist at! He & I have been partnered in the Kiss Craze ever since; Barry (my brother), Jeff (our brother in spirit) & I (Jay) caught one of the Kiss Expo’s. We had a blast, we were there for two days (an awesome gift from my wife) of course we purchased merchandise and it was cool seeing both old and new items. However our favorite experience of that weekend was meeting Bruce, Eric, & John! They were all gracious with their time friendly & fun to talk with; they autographed many thing for us & our children, it was great and a wonderful experience for the 3 of us. We catch every tour together, take our wives/girl friend & our children who all are fans, my two youngest have yet to see KISS live. They watch all concert video’s thier names are Shandi & Barry Paul! They are begging for you (Kiss) to do another tour as are Barry, Jeff, & I. Thanks for everything Kiss we love you, however please tour Again so that the circle will be complete, Best to you All! Kiss Army Salem Division
Meeting Ace and my new tattoo.
Subject: Meeting Ace and my new tattoo.
From: Mike Sanchez on 06/22/2007
First I just want to send a HUGE THANK YOU to Gene, Paul, Brian, Deb and the crew at the KISS CoffeeHouse and of course the Spaceman himself, Mr Ace Frehley, for a \"Once in a lifetime expriance\" (for me anyway!) making the 1st anniversary a day to remember. Got in line somewhere around 10am with my wife, Barb, and 2 sons, Joey (10) and JR (4). You couldn\'t ask for better weather to spend a day standing in line to meet someone who to me was \"Larger than Life\" growing up. Standing in line all day, with people from all over the country and world was great. Talked to alot of different people, but we all were there in Myrtle Beach on this day, for the same reason, our LOVE of KISS and Ace. Waiting my turn to get my 78 solo album signed, I had the same feeling inside of the day I met Gene. I paused and in a matter of seconds, all the concerts, favorite KISS songs, and memoribilla flashed through my mind. I stepped up and all I could say to my HERO, was \"Thank you\", and that was BEFORE he signed my album. Being that you could only get 1 item signed, I just wanted to show Ace something that I got done to show my appreciation of him and the \"Hottest Band in the World\", my 2nd of 4 KISS tattoos. So I hopped up on the counter and showed him my Ace tattoo. He looked at it and said \"Wow, that\'s great.\" grabbed his silver Sharpie, and signed my leg above him! I was in outter space! (Pun intented) Thanks again to everyone at the KISS Coffehouse for a great day! Mike Sanchez
From: Kim Barnes - Rutherfordton, NC on 06/22/2007
Hi! I just wanted to say Thank You to Ace for coming to the KISS Coffeehouse in Myrtle Beach, SC. Ace was very friendly and he can still rock! The staff at KISS Coffeehouse were very nice and it was a all around great night. If you havent seen the band Mr. Speed, be sure to check them out. They did a great job on stage and they took a lot of time with the fans to pose for pictures (even though they were being told they were running late). This weekend in my 27th birthday and getting to meet Ace was one of the best presents that I have ever gotten! Everyone is getting tired of hearing me sing, \"Shock Me\"! Thanks Ace!!!
Subject: Pool
From: Ranger Dave on 06/22/2007
I just wanted to share with you my new pool. I desigend it myself and thought you may enjoy the \"Party Bench\" KISS Tiles.
I\'m a big fan
Subject: I\'m a big fan
From: Chris Ensor on 06/21/2007
I hope you write back.
Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!
Subject: Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!
From: David T. on 06/21/2007
When I was six years old, or so, my cousin brought his \'Rock And Roll Over\' album to my parents\' house while visiting us over Christmas. We sat in my parents\' bedroom floor, in front of my mom\'s record player, for almost the entire 3 or 4 days he was there. Wow, did my life change that first day!!! And you guys have been a part of it ever since. I\'m 37 now, and KISS is still my favorite band. Always has been. I had a chance to go to my first concert (the LOVE GUN tour) when I was about 8, but my parents decided I was too young for that experience. Finally, years later, it happened: I saw the CRAZY NIGHTS tour in Tusla, OK. Not only did I manage to get pretty close to front/center of the stage, but during Eric Carr\'s drum solo (amazing!), I had one of the most memorable moments of my entire life. Dripping with sweat, short of breath, exhausted, I went to the side walkway to catch my breath for a minute. This older guy next to me taps me on the shoulder (he looked like my uncle) points, and says, \"Hey, isn\'t that Paul Stanley over there?\" He\'s pointing to the right side of the stage, behind a small barrier, about 20 or 30 feet away. Sure enough, Paul is standing there, drinking a cup of water or something. I take off at a dead run, stick my hand forward, and run smack into this HUGE security-guy\'s tree-trunk of an arm. I\'m 5 feet from Paul Stanley - almost close enough to shake hands with him (my life-long dream), and instead, I\'m going to die! I don\'t even look at the security guy, I just stare at Paul. He looks back, right in my eyes, then yells at the MAMMOTH beside me, \"Hey, it\'s all right!\" I must have looked like the biggest grease-ball you\'ve ever seen; covered in sweat, long blonde hair stuck to my pimply face and my neck, and Paul just steps closer, smiles, and reaches out to shake my hand! OHMYGOD!!!!!!!!! So I yell, \"Thanks Paul!\", shake his hand, and grin stupidly for the next several months or so! But, you know what? That\'s exactly the kind of thing that makes KISS so special to me. And to the rest of the KISS ARMY. Little moments like that one show alot about a person, or a band. Just like that moment, throughout my entire life, KISS has never let me down. Through deaths, divorces, and anything else life throws at us, we all know: we always have KISS. I just wanted to take this chance to say to you, Paul, THANK YOU. That stupid little moment, when I was 17 or 18, made my life! Just to know that you were willing to take the time - to do that little extra for a fan - meant so much to me. And it told me that the man I\'ve idolized for so many years, was worth every second I spent, wishing I could be more like him. Years later, I\'m happy to say, I got to see KISS twice on the FAREWELL TOUR (Memphis/Chicago), with the four original members. Needless to say, the best shows I\'ve ever seen, or ever will see. Plus, now I can forgive my parents for \'77! LOL I wish you guys all the best, in anything you choose to do. That\'s the least you deserve, for everything you\'ve given to all of us over the past 30-some years. Yours truly, David T., Missouri. P.S. Love the \'LIVE TO WIN\' album! Please don\'t let it be the last!
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