Subject: Kiss Rules!!!
From: Deathly on 07/18/2007
To Gene,Paul,Tommy,and Eric... Thank you guys for making awesome music ,KISS Style!!! I would definitely love for Kiss to come back to Albuquerque,New Mexico again,again,and certainly again!!! I Always enjoy listening to Kiss every day of my life,you guys need to get over here already!!!! Rock on you hard rockers May God Bless all of you... Nelly
Puma - mobile
Subject: Puma - KISS mobile
From: Andy Maelstaf on 07/18/2007
Hi, Just a picture of the car of Dirk Vanhecke. Have a close look at the numberplate ... Actually, this mail was sent by Andy Maelstaf, crewmember of the Belgian Tribute Band KISStory. The guy on the picture is the StarChild of the band. He would be very pleased if he could see his picture and car here :-) Hope to see the real KISS very soon in action, Greetz, Andy
From: Tom Verstraete on 07/18/2007
Hey Keith, Im the guy that you saw at Helmond-Plato KISS EXPO at Holland (E.S.P.) a few months ago. As you know Im a crewmember of the Belgian tribute-band KISStory (weve invited Bill Aucoin last year for our 30 th anniversary gig )and Im a real big KISSfan for more than 25 years! Ive made a little conquest , just for fun , with a few guys of our band.It means that Ive told them that I would be aible to get a picture of me and my 11 year old son on the K.O.L.-site !Please , see what you can do, it would be awsome if you could help me with this one ! KEEP ON KISSING !!! KISS and crew , there will be members of KISStory from Belgium at the HIT N RUN shows !!! Show them what youve got !!! SUCCES !!!!
Army in Czechia
Subject: KISS Army in Czechia
From: Zdenek on 07/18/2007 Hi everybody who gives his blood and gives his soul and pledges allegiance ... to the state of Rock'n'Roll! :-) I saw a few fan letters ago, a message from few Czech girls. It's great to read such words! I'd like to greet all KISS fans not just here in Czechia but everywhere in the world. Few years ago when we were graduating from our secondary school me and three friends of mine (Jenda, Honza & Honza - you can see them on the photo) masked and dressed up like the hottest band in the world (we spent quite a lot of time on all that stuff .. but we were proud to made all the equipment for not more than 10 bucks all together :-)) and made some mess in front of our school while playing KISS songs to the whole school! Wonderful to remind it! I'm writing this while listening Alive! and I'm glad to share a photo. Sorry for the English. Keep on rockin'! Zdenek LETTERS click here.
My youth
Subject: My youth
From: Patrick Rausch on 07/18/2007
Dear band, I\'m Patrick form Germany and 42 years old. Yesterday I was in a record store and I saw the CD Kiss Alive 2 and all the remembers out of my youth cames back, I think I was 13 years old when I bought this record. So I bought again this album and the first thing was to put the CD in the CD player in my car and Detroit Rock City was rocking me like the first time. More than 20 years I don\'t hearing this music but I\'m back. I wanted the best and I got the best!!! Thanks a lot to bring me back in my youth!!! Your fan Patrick
From: on 07/17/2007
If you sent in a fan letter in the past few days with a picture - there is a good chance KOL did not receive the photo. We would love to post these letters as soon as possible. We are requesting that you resend the photos to - so that we may post the letter & photos. Thanks for all of your great letters - keep them coming!! Best, Keith
From: on 07/17/2007
If you sent in a fan letter in the past few days with a picture - there is a good chance KOL did not receive the photo. We would love to post these letters as soon as possible. We are requesting that you resend the photos to - so that we may post the letter & photos. Thanks for all of your great letters - keep them coming!! Best, Keith
sighting in the HALLOWEEN movie
Subject: KISS sighting in the HALLOWEEN movie
From: Bill France on 07/16/2007
I was pretty excited to hear that GOD OF THUNDER would be on the soundtrack to the new ROb Zombie film HALLOWEEN. I found this screenshot from the movie. Look who\'s on the T-shirt.
hi here in finland!!
Subject: hi here in finland!!
From: fan from finland on 07/16/2007
i just want to say that KISS is best band in world!! i m 14 years old KIss fan. when i was 5 years old i start to listen little brother (10 years) and i , We really love your songs! we try to rise money for buyin` your all cd:s. i practise play guitar and my brother play drums and i think that we make a rock band and we play together. we wanna be like you guys!!<3 my friends just say that \" you are just a girl with big dreams but i believe that dreams can come true!! i just want to say that you are the best band in the world!! keep rockin`!!!!!!;)
Dalton\'s 11th B-day Cake
Subject: Dalton\'s 11th B-day Cake
From: Dalton Torres on 07/15/2007
This is my birthday cake. Kiss Rocks!
Thank You !
Subject: Thank You !
From: McDonalds on 07/13/2007
Dear Mr. Simmons I saw your special with Sophie at the VA Hospital with our wonded Vets and it touched me so much I wanted to say THANK YOU FROM THE TOP AND BOTTOM OF MY HEART My Father Was one Of them .His family operated a circus, he wanted to see the world outside the circus circuit,so he enlisted. What he experienced was Vietnam,Dad first tour of duty in Vietnam took him to the Mekong River Delta where he was one week on ship and two weeks in swamp, then back to the ship for a week to dry out and then back to the swamps. His second tour took him to the north region where in lived in a hole on top of a hill Dad is a recipient of the Purple Heart and the Silver Star .The Silver Star is the Nations third Highest medal for a valor in armed conflict with enemy forces HE miss alot growing up with us kids and as im older now I understand what he went throw in life but in other hands im mad caz I lost so much his love around my neck now im losing my father to health reasons I remmeber the times i had radio blasting with your songs dad scream turn that shit down lol ,but had blast going to all you events in my life time and enjoy watching your shows ! THANK YOU FOR TAKING TIME OUT OF YOUR FAMILY TO JOIN OURS FORCES THAT GIVEN OUR FREEDOM! THANK YOU MCDONALDS
Biggest Fan\'s birthday
Subject: Kiss Biggest Fan\'s birthday
From: Kiss Fan\'s Sis on 07/13/2007
Hi Guys - and especially Gene, My brother, Joe, is a HUGE Kiss fan and has been since he was a child. He is turning 40 and we are having a huge surprise birthday party. The whole theme is Kiss - we are using his Kiss Standee as a decoration, we are playing your music, and we are giving hershey \"kisses\" as the favors. We would love it is you could stop by. Crazy request, we know. But we live by the Jersey shore and believe that Gene and maybe even Peter live around this way. My brother has a learning disability and a neurological disease that is decreasing his motor skills. One day he may not be able to walk, but I promise you he will roll his wheelchair to your concerts. If you can stop by, here is the info: Yesterday\'s Restaurant 3153 Route 35 Hazlet, NJ July 21 from 6-11 pm If not, if you could send an autographed pic to my address - that would be a great second wish. My username is elph33 and my profile has my address. Thanks again, Kiss Sis Fan, Caren ps- check out our invite!
Still the Hottest Band in the World
Subject: Still the Hottest Band in the World
From: delair65 on 07/13/2007
I remember the day I became a KISS fan. I was walking through a drug store, and saw the album, \"Destroyer\" on the record stand. I had never heard a note played, nor a word sung, but something about that album just grabbed me. A year later, I saw a poster in the bar of a restaurant for the 1976 U.S. Tour. I was in awe. The first album I owned was Alive 2, followed by Destroyer. I had friends in school that would let me borrow their albums, one of which was Rock and Roll Over. I was moved to mail a letter to the band, (dunno if Paul or Gene might remember this...)and in the letter actually asked for costumes. LOL. I also traced the album art, and painted it with enamel paints, and sent it with the letter. That was almost 30 years ago. I still remain an avid fan, and hope you guys make it back to the Pacific Northwest, again. Kepp rockin. (p.s., I never did see any costumes LMAO)
Here\'s To The Fox
Subject: Here\'s To The Fox
From: AL Treece on 07/12/2007
Today is the Legendary Eric Carr\'s Birthday. I never got to meet Eric in person, like alot of us in the KISSARMY I just loved and respected the man from afar. I have been a KISS DIE HARD (to put it mildly) FAN since 1977. Even though that is true,it was the album MUSIC FROM THE ELDER (with THE FOX on drums)that became and remains my favorite album of all time by any band! Eric gave us all a world of smiles over the years, and brought us to tears with his death. Even to those of us who never met him, ERIC \"THE FOX\" CARR was and still is ONE OF A KIND! HAPPY BIRTHDAY ERIC...from Al
Upcoming Concert at Soboba
Subject: Upcoming Concert at Soboba
From: kissarmybob on 07/11/2007
Hey guys, I can\'t wait to see you guys. Myself and 10 other friends will be there on the 27th. Looked at the playlist from last year. Awesome! Hope to hear \"Lick it up\" and \"Calling Dr. Love\" in the set. Again looking forward to a kick ass concerrt!!!
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