just being a great band
Subject: just being a great band
From: tim(djbeavis)provost on 01/27/2007
just wanted to say that even after 40 years of being a loyal kiss fan it feels great to still be one. ROCK N ROLL ALL NITE AND PARTY EVERYDAY
Subject: Kulick??
From: King Chris on 01/27/2007
Hey guys you rock, em....do you know what Bruce Kulick is doin nowadays?? If you see him tell him he rocks from me :b KOL ANSWER: Bruce is a member of Grand Funk Railroad now. He also has released 2 solo CDs and is working on a 3rd. His website is www.kulick.net.
britain tour
Subject: britain tour
From: perry on 01/27/2007
hey guys im 17 and have missed all rock bands because of my age. the only band i want to see is you guys is there any chance of a british tour
Dear .
Subject: Dear kiss.
From: Wilco Otten, Nijverdal the Netherlands on 01/27/2007
Dear KISS. Recently my wife left me for my (former) best frend and i just want to say that KISS saved my life. Your music always makes me feel good. Thanks a gazillion! Rock on!
COFFEEHOUSE renovations
Subject: KISS COFFEEHOUSE renovations
From: Mike on 01/26/2007
Dear Kiss Coffeehouse and Kiss Online, I had planned a trip to Myrtle Beach to visit a friend that was going to be in town this week. We had also planned on going to the Coffeehouse, as we are both HUGE KISS fans. I\'m sure you could imagine my disappointment when I logged on to KISS Online this week (as I do EVERYDAY!) and saw they were going to be closed this week for renovations. Well you guys said if we (any fans) were in town we could be let in to check the place out. Well, I just wanna say... THANK YOU !!! As we were just looking through the windows trying to get a peak, the front door opened up and some one (sorry , didn\'t get the guys name, said \"C\'mon in. You guys wanna check it out?\" So my friend, his wife, my wife, and my 2 young sons and I were let in. Looks like things are going well and it was still cool to get a look at all the costumes and pictures. We will be back in town for the Kiss Konvention on Feb. 24th, and will stop in again. Thank you again to the management of the Coffeehouse and to the HOTTEST BAND IN THE WORLD for giving their fans the very best. Mike Hope Mills, NC
From: ADRIANA NAIZAQUE on 01/26/2007
first time writer
Subject: first time writer
From: mrs8kitty21 on 01/26/2007
Dear Gene: I would like to start off by saying that myself and my husband are members of the KISS army, have been for many years. We live in Ft.Myers, Florida, which you dont seem to remember ever playing here, but cant say that I blame you for not remembering. We are small potatoes compared to places like Orlando or Tampa. We saw a concert in Tampa I believe in 1999, we were all the way up in the nose bleed section, but the show still rocked! We just wanted to say how much that we love the music and hope we get the opportunity to see you all in concert again. Love Family Jewels. I think that Nick has a promising career in the music biz. Again, thank you for rocking hard and long. Long Live KISS.
For Paul-My Son loves the Phantom!
Subject: For Paul-My Son loves the Phantom!
From: Kathy on 01/26/2007
Dear Guys, First of all, I wanted to say that I had forgotten how much I loved your music until my husband bought me the Millenium set for Christmas. As I listen at my office, I remember the late 70\'s when my brother & I began to follow the band. I have a 7 year old son, Nash & a 2 year year old daughter, Peyton, who love music too. They get the pleasure of hearing KISS when Mom cranks it up in the car! For Paul-In 1999, when I was pregnant for my son, I passed up going to see you play the Phantom in Toronto. We only live 2 hrs away between Buffalo & Rochester, NY, but I was afraid to make the trip being so pregnant! I love the Phantom & have seen it on stage. I also have the movie version, which my son loves. I have pined away for the last 7 years regretting that I never saw you do the show. I even met a couple that saw you & they told me how fabulous it was! Anyway, I aquired a bootlegged copy & Nash will not stop watching it! The filming isn\'t so good, but the sound is incredible! I just wanted you to know how much he loves you in the role & he says you are the best he\'s ever heard. I know he loves music as much as I do & I\'m glad he loves your voice as I do. Getting older is strange & I\'ll be 40 this June, but I\'ll always love KISS-you\'ll be in my heart forever! By the way, I did finally see KISS in concert about 3 years ago & wondered what took me so long. Everyone still looks hot! I got drunk & showed off the tattoo on my chest! I guess you never grow out of being wild! Thanks for being a great band & Paul, thanks for making my son so happy! I love you! Kathy
gigs in finland
Subject: gigs in finland
From: Arttu Hakala on 01/26/2007
I like to know when you come in finland.Thanks
not coming?
Subject: not coming?
From: Queensland Kiss Fans on 01/24/2007
Paul, why aren\'t you coming to Queensland? we are all a bit shocked as Queenslanders are just as big of fans as the rest of the country Jason
Tour in Calgary
Subject: Tour in Calgary
From: Scott Shackleton on 01/24/2007
Please I would love if you came I want my life to be complete I mean I have the KISS shrine in my room and all but that only covers 90% of my life tour in Calgary cause we love you and then the rest of the 10% of my life will be complete. Oh and Calgary is in Alberta which is in Canada which is above you guys down in America. KISS ROCKS
Subject: Kiss Tours
From: Andrew Bamford on 01/24/2007
I have been a huge KISS fan for as long as i can remember, but I have never been able to see KISS in concert. I live in Northern Ireland and i would love it if KISS came to Ireland on their next tour!
Subject: RETRO KISS!
From: eagleseye on 01/24/2007
Hey ALL! Let me begin by telling you something you\'ve ALL already heard. I LOVE YOU GUYS! KISS has been a part of my life since 7 or8 yrs.old. I\'ve followed the band and bought the albums because it was KISS and that meant ME! Mr. Gene Simmons: How about a \"RETRO KISS\" Tour? I mean KISS as it was in the 70\'s with the 70\'s stage and the 70\'s sound!!!! This would wake a lot of sleeping \"DEMONS\" and Personally I would pay $300 or more to experience the show that I was never able to see. As far as \"marketing\" goes...I have twin 9 yr. olds who L)OVE KISS because their Dad showed them... Leave the Marketing to the fans and be Shown what KISSA REALLY MEANS TO US IN CANADA!!!. I hope ACE,Peter,Pau;l and Gene can see it through for it would be GIGANTIC! p.s.(a great video for \"hotter than hell\" would be some 10 yr. old kids pretending to be KISS, playing \"stools\" for drums and \"tennis rackets\" for guitars while in \"homemade costumes. Please consider. LUV YA\'S!!!
hi Gene, Paul, Tommy and Eric
Subject: hi Gene, Paul, Tommy and Eric
From: Oscar on 01/24/2007
my letters has never go to this site but i hope it will do now... i was just thinking.. i\'m not sure that you\'re still playing but... we in iceland want you.. we don\'t need a symphony or something we just want to see kiss playing in iceland one last time.. becouse your songs are amazing!! every song every album you have made is greate!! from the first one to the new one.. and... the loss of eric carr... was.. terrible he was my favorite drummer but you are amazing to eric ;) you all. You are just like magic! you\'re bigger than slipknot, korn, iron maiden, lordi they are a band from finland and well they are doing the same things as you do well they\'re trying like the singer has a similar costume like gene but you guys are bigger ;) i have kiss symphony on DVD it was amazing concert and when i remember happy birthday 20 january ;) paul but ok... you will give iceland a big favor. it\'s not to cold here ;) if you go in summer well you have allways so big stages we in iceland don\'t have very big but you wont be playing at the same place as you did a 21 years ago well i have to go just play easy and then like paul say go balls to the walls;) hehehe.. but yeah kiss in iceland will be fantastic!!! bye bye:D
Hello Gene!
Subject: Hello Gene!
From: Awesome on 01/24/2007
January 23rd, 2007 Hey Gene Simmon\'s, What\'s Up? I like your music. I was wondering if you could send me a picture or you and your band? I like your song, \" Back in the New York Grove.\" I have your CD , KISS GREATEST HITS! and I listen to it all the time. Your Fan, B.J. P.S. Rock on!!! Rock on Man!!
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