Subject: Image
From: Russia on 07/08/2007
Hello, my name is Daniil. I listen to kiss 8 years. I have a great fan of the group. Consider my image. My site where you can either see my image: .
In fond memory of Mark
Subject: In fond memory of Mark
From: slampster on 07/07/2007
Jerry \"The Slampster\" Slamp here, just wanted to relay my condolences to the band regarding the loss of Mark St. John. I just got tickets to the San Jacinto, CA show and was remembering my good ole friend Mark Norton, who I knew back in Orange County in the early eighties. So I get on the site here and find out about his passing just today! I\'m so saddened for his family and his friends! I remember the day he got word of his audition, how excited he and his girlfriend were, and all of us who knew him were so happy for it! He really was an exceptional musician and a really great guy! I last saw you guys back in the late 70\'s up in Washington state, and you rocked my socks off! Hope the show on the 27th is still as rock solid as always! Rock on! The \"SLAMPSTER\"
your tour
Subject: your tour
From: Anthony Carbonara on 07/07/2007
Dear KISS, my name is anthony Carbonara and i am 12 years old i am like ur biggest fan and everything in my room is KISS! I have almost all of your records except for 1 of the greatest hits.I play guitar and almost all the songs i know are big Kiss classics.I admire you very much and i would love and die to see you guys live so please with your generous hearts please if it is possible to come to toronto to like the Air Canada Centre or the molson ampa theatre, anywhere in ontario because i would buy front row seats even if theyre like 1000$ i`d still go cuzz i love u all that much, if this is possible please come to ontario or email me at plz i would love to see u live. Ur biggest fan, Anthony Carbonara, toronto , on
Subject: Sweden!
From: Rasmus Forsström on 07/07/2007
Hi! I\'m a guy on 13 years that wish that you guys can come to sweden. I have been a fan of you since, i don\'t know! Before I was borne! You are so great and... I don\'t have words! So please, please, please, please, please, PLEASE! Come to Sweden! If you come, you\'re gooing to se me easy. You can se me like the wildest fan in the front row. See Ya! Rasmus Forsström, Sweden, Gothenburg
Are Life.
Subject: KISS Are Life.
From: Federico Bocchini on 07/06/2007
Hi guys. I'm Federico from Italy, and I'm 16. I discover KISS when I was 12, because my father buy the first Record. I have a lot of remembers about you. I remember when I was sad, so I turn on my MP3 and I listen you. Your music make me feel happy. I play a lot of your songs with the guitar, specialy Cold Gin, Shock Me, Strutter, Let Me Know. I hope that you make a Reunion and come in Italy for a concert. I will be crazy! (like the boys on the movie "Detroit Rock City"..that film is amazing!!) I wanna collect all your vinyls with more merchandise. My friends call me Stanley because I have the hair like him. But my tongue it's like Gene's. Guys, you are fantastic: *Paul, you have a great voice, and sometimes I want to be like you. *Gene, your are a real demon..your soul it's very angry but you're "sweet", too (in your Solo album). *Peter, your are an idol. Your solo album it's strange, but there are some wonderful ballads..that make me dream. *Ace..You ARE THE BEST. I haven't word for you, because you are my GOD. Thanks, Greetings from Italy!
Starchild Cake
Subject: Starchild Cake
From: Linda Needham - Australia on 07/05/2007
Here is a picture of my husband\'s 40th Birthday Cake I had made for him.
St Louis Convention
Subject: St Louis Convention
From: Kisssongs on 07/05/2007
Great convention. Bruce played guitar and talked about life in Kiss. What a great opportunity for all of us to hear what it was like. During the Q & A, I won a prize which I gave to a young Kiss fan who was siiting with his Mom next to me. I’d love to hear from her. .
Subject: CRISIS
From: JUAN CRUZ on 07/04/2007
Raptor Guitars Grand Opening
Subject: Raptor Guitars Grand Opening
From: Raptorguitars on 07/04/2007
Good afternoon KISSONLINE! I have been a KISS fan since 1976. I have all four faces tattooed on my left shoulder (the original artwork on the solo albums). I have seen KISS 20 times in concert and have countless collectibles. I bought a brand new home 2 years ago and ordered a security screen door with the KISS logo on it! My swimming pool has all four faces at the rise where the jacuzzi is and the KISS logo on the love seat! The KISS logo is also on my backdoor security screen door! As you can imagine, this is quite the attention getter! I have received tons of compliments from all walks of life! I am opening my very own guitar store in South Phoenix this Saturday 070707! I have the KISS Alive II concert shot where my register will be and more artwork with KISS stuff will be prominently featured! I have a hard rock band called Dinonicus. We are playing as the headlining act and of course there will be 2 KISS songs in the set! Detroit Rock City and Deuce! I proudly display my KISS loyalty at any chance I can. Here\'s to you guys for giving me a kick ass website to turn to for all things KISS!
grandson cake2
Subject: grandson kiss cake2
From: pat gould on 07/04/2007
Here is my grandson\'s 4th Birthday cake.He would have no other cake he said kiss cake or nothing..He is a big fan went to the meet and greet to see Paul.Has NOT stopped talking about his big day he calls it.I think he is a bigger fan than my husband is and my house is a kiss museum..YOU GUY\'S ARE THE BEST ROCK ON LOVE YA GUY\'S.. PAT&FLOYD&SEDRICK
Jefferson Starship and
Subject: Jefferson Starship and kiss
From: Chad Keene on 07/04/2007
My name is Chad Keene I live in Bay City Michigan, through the past couple of weeks my dad and me have gone to many concerts including Ted Nugent, Poison, and Jefferson Starship. When we heard starship would be playing we went really early. so early starship was on stage tuning everything. Then i heard it, from the first second i knew what it was. They were playing the Kiss song She. I looked on in joy thinking of the amazing joining of these two historic bands. I thought KOL would like to hear about that. Talk to you guys later. Chad Keene
Thank you for all your music and shows
Subject: Thank you for all your music and shows
From: Fanky on 07/04/2007
We ard living in Switzerland and we are very big KISS-fans. Our two doughters Jessie and Natalie made together with her girlfriends Jenny and Vinoja an excellent show on their scool party. They performed the song \"I was made for living you\". We would like to thank you for all your good songs and performances you made till now. Thank you very much!!! When will you come to Switzerland again. We would like to see you in a live concert here... Best regards and take care. Urs and Irene
4th of July & Summer Shows:
Subject: 4th of July & Summer Shows:
From: The tiger67 on 07/04/2007
Hallo Tommy, Eric, Gene & Paul ! I wish U 4 a good day & good concerts this summer ! I can`t be there, but I hope to see the one or the other song.... I voted for LET ME`s a great one: And:I love songs U 2 sings 2gether ! Greetings from Germany in the US ! KISS 4EVER
Meeting with Bruce Kulick!!
Subject: Meeting with Bruce Kulick!!
From: Trevor on 07/03/2007
I just wanted to say that it awesome was attending a guitar clinic with Bruce Kulick. He was great at answering questions and telling tips to beginner musicians too. I also really enjoyed talking to him and getting a autograph. Thank you KISS and Bruce for the inspiration to pursue my musical career!
My Ace Frehley Tattoo!
Subject: My Ace Frehley Tattoo!
From: Rob Andrews on 07/03/2007
This is my Ace tattoo that I was able to personally show him at the Kiss Coffeehouse anniversary - and he autographed it for me! Thank you, Ace!
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