9-Lives Fan
Subject: 9-Lives KISS Fan
From: John J. Simpson on 07/03/2007
KOL, Our cat Figaro is a major KISS fan. Every time he sleeps he has to sleep next to my KISS hat. I thought you would enjoy a picture of your 9-lives KISS fan at his best. Enjoy! John J. Simpson San Diego, CA
From: CHRIS LINDER on 07/03/2007
Subject: Kiss Touring??
From: Duke on 07/02/2007
Hi. My name Is Duke Gravel. I am a huge kiss fan. I dressed up as Paul for a celeberity day at our school along with one of my friends. people thought we were crazy doing that. they thought we looked like freaks. They try to tell us that we dont belong. thats alright, were millions strongThis is my music, it makes me proud, these are my people and this is my crowd!!I am constantly quoting kiss lyrics when im talking. my favourite kiss song would have to be either hide your heart, or love gun. I am the drummer/Singer in a band named Krazee Klown with 3 other people who are also huge kiss fans. Our whole school(G.M.S) is actually kiss fans. and we want to know if you guys are touring anytime soon. I live in Kelowna B.C. and we would love for you guys to be touring and come to vancouver or somewhere close like washington. I read online that Gene Stated that you guys are touring with queen some time. and i think that would be one of the greatest shows on earth. I also heard that you guys would be touring with Ace and Peter with make-up. that would be awesome. the best line-up in kiss history. Except with Eric carr...
Dedication R.I.P. Craig
Subject: Dedication R.I.P. Craig
From: Mike Nunes on 07/02/2007
Hi my name is mike Nunes a close friend of mine just passed away and he loved KISS and everytime KISS plays on the radio I blast it just for him so i would just like to say thank god for KISS so i have something to remember my friend by thanks. R.I.P. Craig Scott Buchan
I\'m talking to the HOTTEST BAND IN THE GALAXY!!!!!!!!!
Subject: I\'m talking to the HOTTEST BAND IN THE GALAXY!!!!!!!!!
From: Spinnerz Frehley on 07/01/2007
Dear God, is it really you guys? Oh my god, I must be your biggest fan, no joke! You\'d be surprised of what i do for you guys and how i show my respect. But lets leave that stuff out shall we? Anyway, I\'m here on behalf of the ROCKIN\' YOUTH of the world. I\'m aware of this, and so are millions of people. Today\'s music is a comical little vaudville compared to the INCREDIBLE music made in the 70\'s. So naturally, we go back to the good stuff , instead of letting our ears bleed to Fallout Boy or Brad Paisley. Thats why... we need you. We need you to liberate the Flaming Youth from this death-cage of music. Today, the artists disgrace the name of music. And music, as you would know, is an absolutely amazing thing, and I can\'t imagine what life would be without it. You\'re not old, you\'re flames have not burned out. Us, your faithful fans, the KISS army keep it alive. It burns within us, if that makes sense. And I understand that KISS went through a couple of rough spots over your career; but it was in the past, so it doesnt matter anymore. Come on boys, the Troops need their Commanders, who have been obscured by the veil of a stupid blank stage so-called \"Retirement.\" You are still Rockstars. So look in the mirror, ignoring you automatic critisism that will come about. I\'m way over here in Colorado, and I see four men that think that wild part of their life is over. But they know that the music lives inside of them. And you see that too. WE NEED OUR GODS OF THUNDER, OUR KINGS OF THE NIGHTTIME WORLD, OUR CATS, OUR DEMONS, OUR SPACEMEN, AND OUR STARCHILDREN. It\'s my dream to meet you guys, and I almost accepted that I would never see you guys in Concert. Then I listened to Journey. LOL. I feel like I know you, and please don\'t talk that the wrong way. I love you more than I\'ve ever loved any other musical figure. Even Mozart and John Lennon.(R.I.P.) You\'re my inspiration and incentive to get up every day. Christ, because of your movie, I\'m sneaking off to Detroit with my boyfriend Kyle to see a show at Cobo Hall when I turn 16. Peter, you\'ve inspired me to learn the drums and name my iPod Peter Criss. Gene... dear god, your GENE SIMMONS! You are the icon of all \"Tongue exposers!\" Ace, you come off as the quiet type, with your deep, beautiful eyes. Yet you spit out searing rock with your natural gift; the guitar. I gave myself your last name because it sounded bad (bad as in good) and.. well, its your last name too! And Paul. Wow; whats to say. You have an incredible voice that\'s irreplacable and unique, like Robert Plant\'s. You\'ve truly immortalized the star on the eye look, and your an amazing guitarist. Not to mention for all of you, you still got that studley charm even in your 50\'s and extremely early 60\'s. So watch out, because we just might set the world on fire! :) Keep on rockin\' amd remember this crazy 14 year old chick from Colorado.
STL Expo
Subject: STL Expo
From: purplepatty on 07/01/2007
All I can say is WOW!!! I was never lucky enough to attend a KISS Expo before, and it was so much fun for both myself & my 3 1/2 yr old son (featured on the website in the "Future Rock Star" t-shirt. I've been a KISS fan for over 30 yrs. (my brother was 8 yrs. older than me, so I started in kindergarten), and I'm starting my son Trevor out young too! There is so much to say about how much we love you guys and how long you have been a part of my family (I feel like I grew up with you!) Bruce was a such a nice & positive guy. I was shocked when he wanted his picture taken with Trev. He was so sweet to him, it really meant a lot. Now we both can't wait for the next STL Expo! We would LOVE to see you come back to STL & do a show if at all possible. Trev loves watching the concert footage on DVD, but like any KISS fan knows, NOTHING beats you guys LIVE!!! Love, Patty & Trevor
Ace brought the out in me
Subject: Ace brought the KISS out in me
From: outtahanddan on 06/30/2007
Ive recently moved to Myrtle Beach after the end of a hard year in 06. Im a rock singer, and grew up with Kiss. Aside from being astounded with the Kiss Cafe, I stood in line five hours to have Ace sign my Kiss Alive LP. It really helped me in this hard time, the bodyguards even talked to me cool. Gene, ur the best businessman of all time..Paul, Im sure ur still the lover, Peter, you\'ll always be cat 3, and Ace, what can I say man...you brought the KISS back out in me.
Thank You For the Music
Subject: Thank You For the Music
From: Matt Gordon on 06/30/2007
Hi, I\'m 15 years old and KISS has been my favorite band since before I can remember. I first saw KISS live in 1996 with the original lineup and it was AMAZING. It has to be my most vivid memory I have :] Just over a year ago, I started my own band (The Fine Print), in Sherman Oaks , California and I must say that KISS has helped us our Big Time. Every show we play, we ALWAYS play a KISS song. My dream would be to one day have one of my heroes in KISS show up to one of our shows. We\'re playing at the Roxy on Sunset Blvd. July 11th @ 8:00, and we\'re expecting even bigger gigs from there. Here\'s a picture of me with just some of my KISS merchandise. Thank you for all your music. You guys are my heroes.
a homework of
Subject: a homework of KISS
From: Pablo Costas on 06/30/2007
hi i\'m pablo , i\'m fourteen and i\'m spanish, it makes a pair of weeks in plastic\'s class , the professor said to us, you must make tails with diverse materials and that is original and I thought, Which is my favorite group? and I said to myself , KISS!! and I made huge Paul stanley with paper silver, thread to sew, etc,i had liked to put to all the members, Paul, Ace, Gene and Peter (for me, the best formation of KISS of history) but it cost very much work and it was not appraised, well, I hope that you like so much as I enjoyed doing it. bye and long live to KISS
peter !
Subject: peter !
From: Fan of cat on 06/29/2007
yeah, I send you a picture of mewith the make up of my favorite member of KISS !!!! I love PetER !!!! I like is style and I Smile
Coffeehouse 1st Anniversary
Subject: Kiss Coffeehouse 1st Anniversary
From: Rob Andrews on 06/29/2007
My family and I traveled from Lafayette, Indiana, to join our fellow KISS fans at the 1st anniversary of the KISS Coffeehouse! We were more than excited, to say the least, when we got a message in mid-April from our good friends, KISS tribute band Mr. Speed, that ACE FREHLEY, one of my childhood heroes, was going to be there to meet fans, and that Mr. Speed was invited to put on a concert for the Coffeehouse\'s festivities! We bought VIP passes - no way could I pass up this opportunity to meet him! The day finally came, and as we made our way up towards the front of the line, I see ACE - in person and in the flesh! My turn came, and I had two missions to accomplish. One was to get a poster signed for my friend, Joe Hess, (\"Ace\" in Mr. Speed), and two, to show ACE something I had done in his honor as a true fan ... a tattoo of him covering my entire back! He looked at for quite some time, and was kind enough to autograph it. Mr. Speed put on an unbelieveable 2 hour concert, which was topped off by ACE himself coming on stage to play \"Shock Me\" with our friends, using Joe\'s guitar! Nothing can erase the memories we have, and the feeling of pride and happiness we felt, to see Rich, Joe, Criss, and Rob up on stage with him. My dream finally came true to have a couple minutes with ACE, and I cannot express enough my deepest thanks to KISS, Brian, Skip, and everyone involved in putting together such an awesome and memorable evening for me and my family. We spoke with Brian and Skip (and some Coffeehouse staff), who were so kind and took time to talk to us, and we really felt welcomed. Thank you, everyone! KISS ROCKS!
Heaven\'s Really On Fire
Subject: Heaven\'s Really On Fire
From: Shelby, A great hard rocker on 06/28/2007
Well you know Gene, I was wondering if you got my letter and spamed it. Cause it\'s not there and other ones have been checked. I just hope you read it. Well, can I copy the song Heaven\'s On Fire cause I blasted it in my basement, and now I can\'t stop singing it. So that\'s ok if it is one of my songs cause I actually remember it. I said I would pay you the money and yeah. I will even pay you extra for even just allowing me to copy the song. I\'ll pay you, Gene, $150 just because I am a great big fan. Gene I love your show! Nick is Really funny! May I adopt Nick and Nick can come live with me and my family? He said so on the show! Snowflake is my ferret and when I play your song, Heaven\'s on Fire, Snowflake bobs his head to the tune! It\'s really funny! Your soon to be friend, Shelby, The Biggest Fan Ever PS If you wanna let me know if I can copy the song, you guys can talk and let me know. E-mail me at fruitbat97@hotmail.com Thanks!
My rug
Subject: My KISS rug
From: ivegotxrayeyes@aol.com on 06/28/2007
It took over 26,000 individual pieces of yarn..... It measures 5 feet wide & 2 feet high...... It took a month of time and effort to finish..... I designed and created this KISS rug on my own since I couldn\'t find one anywhere on the market. Larry Wright
I got to play with Bruce Kulick!!!!!
Subject: I got to play with Bruce Kulick!!!!!
From: Joe on 06/28/2007
I have heard people say, it\'s ok to have hero\'s but it\'s best not to meet them. Well, this weekend I got to hang out and play with one of my hero\'s, Bruce Kulick. It was one of the best experiences of my life.He was not only friendly but very down to earth. Sitting and talking with him was unbelievable. He talks to you like he\'s known you his whole life. Every conversation was perfect from beginning to end. He talked about every aspect of his musical career,from KISS to R&R Fantasy Camp.By the way I have not done that but I have a 1st hand testimonial to how great it is. The guitar clinic he put on was awesome.Wall to wall Bruce. He played amazing. Telling stories about the tracks he played over. Every one interesting.Then he did a Q&A. That\'s where we found out if he were stranded on an island and could only have 1 CD it would probably be a Beatles record. He played bass with Steve Vai and thinks he is from another planet he\'s so good. After a good 30 min. of questions he invited my Friends Doug and Leigh on stage and of course me to play Rock and Roll All Night with him.That was crazy.When Doug started that classic drum beat I new right then that I was doing something that only a hand full of stars, and even fewer fans would ever get to do Play onstage with a member of KISS.We pulled it off pretty well I must say. Bruce even said he was surprised @ how well we did with no rehearsals. After that he sat for a good hour and signed everything we threw at him.He took a ton of pictures and talked to everyone that wanted to talk. All in all it was a great day.If you ever get the chance to meet Bruce quit your job if you have to it will be totally worth it.
Thanking you
Subject: Thanking you
From: Patty Anne on 06/27/2007
Gene I want to thank you, and to let you know we still have the letter you sent me back years ago. 1977 to be truthfull. We have it sealed and put up with all my nefews stuff where it belongs. I can still see him running in and headed straight for my records to find you his spit blood. I worte you and sent you a picture of him, after he passed away.We just had a family get together and his dad and mom came in from washington. They moved away because it is to hard for them. But we got are old records and went down to his plot with cds and sat thier for hours leting him hear his spit blood. This is to let you know you will never be forgotton by a little boy 2 an1/2 yaers old in heavn. It was hard to belive but we have not touched that record in a long time just keep it for him and on our old player it played like new, just for him and you. it was like he was right their dancing and singing right along with you. So I THANK YOU. your fan forever Patty I am sendding you a picture of his dad, mom, brother, and my mom
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