Thanks Again Gene
Subject: Thanks Again Gene
From: Paul Chambers on 05/21/2007
Just saw the \"Uncle Gene Wants You\" episode of Family Jewels, and Ive got to tell you man, it was moving to see such a Rock God Icon being moved by people like myself. I just found out that I\'m headed back over to the Iraq soon and I\'ll be taking KISS with me to get me through that place. Hell, I enjoyed freaking some of the locals out the first time there by playing the tunes loud!! In the episode, you called one of the vets a hero - we\'re just doing a job that no one else wants to do, we\'re doing want the tax payers of this Country pay us to do, so that they can enjoy their way of life without inconvenience, but, you - KISS - and other entertainers help us through the rough times while doing our jobs. The song \"A World Without Heros\" from the Elder album has always had a special place in my heart, and I\'ve got to tell you, that should anything happen to me while over there, that song will be played at my funeral. Of course, I\'d like to be buried in one of your coffins, but, I just don\'t have that kind of money to bury..... But, again, Gene - Thanks for all you have done to show the Military your thanks.It means alot to this old Soldier and KISS fan. I\'ve had the opportunity to meet Paul (in Charlotte, NC at the Wentworth Gallery) recently, and if I could get the rest of you guys, I\'d die a happy ol\' soul. Thanks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Dreams come true!!
Subject: Dreams come true!!
From: kiss_fan_depot on 05/21/2007
Hi! If you dream long enough your dreams do come true! This is a picture of me on stage with KISS is at the end of the show in Fairfax, VA at the Patriot Center on July 10, 1990 during the Hot In The Shade tour. I was first lifted up by one of the stage hands an started off stage, then Paul Stanley came to my save and brought me out the bow with the band and jump up and down on stage. It has like a dream, but it was not it was the real deal. My dream came true for about 1 min. I felt like a member of KISS! See dreams due come true! Thanks Paul, Gene, Bruce, and Eric Carr for makin\' my dream come true! Doug Price-KISS FAN DEPOT
Gene Simmons Family Jewels Memorial Day Episode
Subject: Gene Simmons Family Jewels Memorial Day Episode
From: Michael Bruce on 05/20/2007
Dear Gene and KISS, I am 36 years old and I have been a diehard fan of KISS since I was 5 years old. I am a US Army and Desert Storm Veteran. Veterans run very deep in my family. My father is a Vietnam Veteran, grandfather WWII Veteran, I have Veterans in my family going back into the 1800\'s. I love my country and I love KISS. I just finished watching the Gene Simmons Family Jewels Memorial Day episode and I just wanted to say that I was really touched when Gene and his daughter Sophie visited the VA Hospital and met with our Veterans. I was also touched when Gene and Tommy put on the concert at the Marine base. I wish I could tell Gene personally that he, along with the rest of KISS, is my hero. I have always respected Gene and KISS but this episode has taken my respect to a whole new level. Veterans are constantly forgotten and our military and our freedoms are taken for granted much too often. Gene, I thank you and everyone involved in that episode, for visiting with our military and our Veterans. It is for America, our family, loved ones, and people like you Gene that make our pain and sacrifices all the worth while. Perhaps one day I can look you in the eye, shake your hand, and thank you personally for the respect you have shown us. Michael Bruce
My Past, Present, and Future
Subject: My Past, Present, and Future
From: Joshua P. Brogdon (guitar_tyrant) on 05/20/2007
Dear Gene, Paul, Eric, Tommy, Peter, Ace, Vinnie and Bruce, I have been a fan of KISS every since I saw you Ace with the exploding pickup and you were one of the reasons I picked up the guitar and play, I\'m also a guy who wears all leather and the first name I was called was Gene Simmons I am part of the KISS Army and I recruit all of my Rock and Metal friends for the KISS Army and will continue to do that till the day I die. Now I am 18 (will be 19 in 4 days) and am in college and have decided to major in Music Therapy and after that I\'m off to guitar building school (Roberto Venn) and then hopefully I can work for Ed Romans Guitars in Vegas and when that happens I shall build you guys guitars as a thank you for some of the best memories I have every had with your music. Keep on Rock N Rolling All Nite and Partying Every Day. Joshua P. Brogdon guitar_tyrant
Hipster- Dufus Critics and the Hall of Shame
Subject: Hipster- Dufus Critics and the Hall of Shame
From: darryl-machum on 05/19/2007
Attn: Administration Dept at Hi submitted this earlier but was tired last night and gave it another edit this morning. If you think it is worth posting on the site can you please use this version. Thanks Darryl. To: KISS Re: Hipster-Dufus Critics and The Hall of Shame How is it going guys? Words cannot describe what you and your music mean to me. I have been a fan for fifteen years; however, this is the first time I have ever actually written you. You always will be a source of inspiration for me and in the past, through your songs, have helped carry me through some very difficult times. Whenever I am feeling down, anxious, or stressed out, all I have to do is crank up one of your cds or concert DVDs and I instantly feel better. Legendary artists such as yourselves have that special something that allows you to transcend place and time, to connect, as strange as it may sound, spiritually with the fans for which you are performing. No act in history has been better at connecting with their fans in concert than you guys. I am proud to say that I am a fan of KISS,--in all of its variations over the years. There are far too many fans complaining about which member or members or which line-up is the best. They all are. I embraced the various changes in the band\'s lineups over the years not because it was easy to do, but because I always want to have KISS in my life. For me, the bandís appeal lies in the songs themselves and the precision with which they are performed, and Tommy Thayer and Eric Singer deliver the goods each and every time out. When I hear or read critics make absurd comments early on in the bandís career regarding their ďsupposedĒ limitations as musicians, or the bandís technical flaws, I cannot help but laugh at their ignorance. All one needs to do is watch your brilliant MTV Unplugged show or the paired down theater shows on the Rock the Nation DVD, to realize how what a polished live act you truly are. It does not matter which line-up (original, eighties, or current) is on stage, nor does it matter what the stage looks like, nor whether or not you have the warpaint on and the pyro in full effect, you guys always put on unforgettable shows, shows driven by some of the catchiest, fist-pumping songs ever recorded. As far as I am concerned, Strutter, Deuce, Firehouse, and Love Gun are some of the greatest, and most overlooked, songs in rock history. Moreover, the double adrenalin-shot provided with the addition of Tommy Thayer and Eric Singer will ensure that the group continues to carve their way through the rock and roll landscape for, hopefully, years to come. It aggravates me, and I am sure many of your fans, that you guys never get the recognition you deserve, especially by the anal-retentive, hipster-dufus wannabes who run the so-called Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. That place is a total farce. I am not being disrespectful towards Grandmaster Flash, but their accomplishments do not stand up to those of KISS. Yet, they are being inducted because they were one of rapís earliest practitioners; however, they were no longer relevant when the group the Hall of Fame should be inducting as its first entry in the rap category, RUN DMC, was accomplishing for that genre in 1986, what KISS did for the American heavy metal and arena rock scene in 1975. Will you guys ever get the respect you so truly deserve? It is inconceivable that KISS, a band who all but forced all those who followed to up the ante in terms of their live performances , a band who has more platinum and gold albums and concert ticket sales than at least two-thirds of the current inductees, a band who influenced a generation of critically and commercially successful acts, including Garth Brooks and Nirvana, is being ignored because Stanley and Simmonsís original vision for the group was more ambitious than anything that could have been dreamt up by the the hippie/pizza delivery boy look-alikes at Rolling Stone. I would like to know what any of you think now about the critical backlash that has followed the band from the start, not that what they have to say matters anyway? Do critics dislike you simply because you are different, or because you became hugely successful in spite of their opposition? Will you ever tour across Canada again? The Reunion and Farewell concerts held in Calgary were truly unforgettable! Thank you to all of the members of Kiss, both past and present. Darryl Machum. Calgary, Alberta, Canada.
paul stanly in perth 24th may
Subject: paul stanly in perth 24th may
From: war_machine4ever on 05/19/2007
hey paul i just wanted to thank u for putting on one hell of a show at burswood (perth) on the live2win tour on the 24th of may i wanted to also tell u that with ur brand new album live2win i keep playing it over and over again and i think some of ur song deal with sum of life journeys and also with the concert that u played in perth eveytime u sing with ur heart&soul ur voice just stunns the crap out of me like when u sang i want u its awrsome when u hold the word want for so long and at the end u make us (the fans) let us join in at the end to yell out U.anyway wishing u the and hope the ur album will go high and keep on selling in stores to come can\'t wait 2 c ur next tour with KISS or ur solo tour again alda best and keep on rocking patrick feeney
Gene on The Hour (in Canada)
Subject: Gene on The Hour (in Canada)
From: Leslie on 05/19/2007
A photo of Gene on the set of The Hour... This won\'t air til the 2nd week of June they said. I went down because my bf, Brad, is a huge fan, and I couldn\'t get ahold of him to tell him we had tickets! I got the email at the last minute that I had tickets, so when I didn\'t hear from him, I raced down there so I could at least see the show and get some photos on set. Brad is now carrying his phone with him at all times so he doesn\'t miss the chance to meet a member of KISS! :)
Subject: Homage
From: Preston on 05/18/2007
Hey Gene and Paul, I\'ve been a follower of KISS ever since I really began to get into music around 1995, which I was introduced to you by an older friend of mine who has been a KISS fan since he was in High School in the 80\'s. I am 20 now and can\'t believe I\'ve been listening to KISS for most my life. I\'ve really gone beyond just knowing every single tiff on each album to digging further than just the music...because the music represents a partial cognizance of KISS, the rest are set within the members themselves and their stories and I as well believe it would be detrimental to the formation of KISS to only focus on the tunes. Gene, in particular, is a great inspiration to me, because I\'ve heard many interviews and read many words of yours in the past and really enjoy your perceptions for many reasons...from business intellect to the normalcy in everyday life in society. Just wanted to say, I listen and I gather further than the music and really build upon my own ideologies with that of others, including Gene... Thank you for introducing me to music my friends... Peace, Preston
oliver rocks all nite
Subject: oliver rocks all nite
From: Peter Verhoef on 05/16/2007
Hi KISS Here\'s a picture of my wife Anna and our son oliver. he\'s a six month old rocker who bounces around when we play KISS. He shouts it out loud in his new KISS shirt. Greetings Peter ( Olivers dad )
Being Different is Good!
Subject: Being Different is Good!
From: fan-for-100000-years on 05/16/2007
To all of Kiss, I have been a fan of Kiss since I was 9. I am now 40. Kiss was a door that opened for me that let me know that being different was Good. When I had first seen the four of you I had realized that you could be in your own element no matter what that element was and be the BEST! The original four members of Kiss lived out their innerselves and shouted out loud to the rest of the world. Kiss in definement said take us and love us because this is who we are, and we are not going to change for anyone. Many people laughed in your faces, but many more loved you guys and have been inspired by your persistance and determination to Rock the Planet! Your music and personas helped me get through growing up as a gay youth and your example let me know it is not a bad thing to be different from most of the people that you knew. When the world seemed black and hopeless at times your presence meant the world to me. Through your makeup and bombastic presence I held onto a spiritual drive that inspired me to carry on no matter what happened, and whatever negativity was thrown my way. If you really believe in yourself, the world can never destroy you. The song I says it all. I instilled those lyrics in my soul and never looked back. You guys continue to inspire, and I can see myself at 79 still Shouting it Out Loud!
Youngest Fan, or just the cutest?
Subject: Youngest KISS Fan, or just the cutest?
From: nkat36 on 05/16/2007
Meet Isabelle Sara, a 4.5 month old memeber of the KISS Army. She loves KISS as much as her mommy does.
You Guys saved me!
Subject: You Guys saved me!
From: mark reyes on 05/16/2007
I Just wanted to tell you KISS saved me. I was on the virge of killing myself but then I listend to KISS which saved me. Plese write back to me at
New Live DVD
Subject: New Live DVD
From: tboneharlan on 05/15/2007
It aint really new, but I've always been a bit behind. The best part for me is that this band has been a continuous part of my life, since I was 9 yrs old. Yeah, i switched to Zeppelin,after Bonham died, and criss was gone. If you gotta love a dead band,Zep was it.But KISS has maintained,and overcome,and still ROCKS, and I'm damn glad to support,and LOVE them.Peace
Happy Birthday!!!
Subject: Happy Birthday!!!
From: Jessica, New Zealand on 05/14/2007
Hey Guys Just writing to wish Eric a HUGE happy Birthday from down here in New Zealand. No matter what happens or how ever old you get (pft! you aint even that old anyway)just keep rocking, because I and the KISS army will always be there cheering you on! My love as a fan, Jess
4th grade lip-synch in Oklahoma
Subject: 4th grade lip-synch in Oklahoma
From: TiAta and Chad Rogers and Brandin, Mikey, and Seth on 05/14/2007
Dear KISS, First, please let me say what huge fans my family and I are of the band. I am writing today because of my 10 year old son and 2 of his friends. We live in a small northern Oklahoma town (one stop-light, one grocery store)called Newkirk. Today, my son and his friends participated in a lip-synch contest at the elementary school (4th grade). The song they chose was "Rock and Roll All Nite". They each chose a band member and we painted their faces. My son, Brandin chose Gene. His friends, Mikey and Seth, chose Paul and Peter. They turned out fabulous. They had guitars and drums and put their little hearts into their performance. They even threw Hershey's Kisses to the audience. We just wanted you to see their picture and know how proud the boys were to wear the makeup and represent Kiss. They might be small town boys, but they have lots of heart. I think you would have enjoyed their song and you might have even been proud of them. Thanks for taking the time to listen. Sincerely, TiAta and Chad Rogers Brandin, Mikey, and Seth
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