...request for OLOGY vol II...
Subject: ...request for KISSOLOGY vol II...
From: Alex\"elderknight\"Pop on 01/12/2007
Hello & Happy New Year 2007 to all ! I want to thank every persons which are in creation of the DVD KISSOLOGY vol 1: what a beautiful piece of dream for ears and eyes !!! Thank you KISS to be here again ! For KISSOLOGY vol II; PLEASE put inside this, some materials from DYNASTY, UNMASKED ans especially THE ELDER (music from), THE ELDER is probably one of your best record of KISS, not enough understood in 80\'s...maybe, but, anyway...I waiting for... Best regards, Alex.
I\'m a new member
Subject: I\'m a new member
From: toddles on 01/12/2007
G\'day Paul,Gene,Tommy,Eric I\'m a new member and just want to say I think you guys are the best rock band of all time. I\'ve only been listening to your music for a few months and is the best i\'ve ever heard i\'m only 14 and that is the reason I havn\'t been a fan very long. I just want to ask you guys if you are going to be releasing a new album soon if so i\'d love to hear back
sirius radio
Subject: sirius radio
From: Larry Kadey ,Medicine Hat ,Alberta, Canada on 01/11/2007
hey guys was wondering if you guys are going to do an all KISS station on sirius radio like elvis and the stones and the who does...I think it would be awesome if you did..thnxs Larry
SIMS video
Subject: SIMS Kiss video
From: Rory on 01/11/2007
Hey Paul & Gene, I found this SIMS Kiss video on youtube.com and it's pretty good! Thought you'd like it if you haven't already seen it. Someone put alot of work into this. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jWPRjutUFN0 .
for gene!!
Subject: for gene!!
From: crystif on 01/11/2007
Hi Gene..I\'m an italian designer, and I have for you this pair of shoe! you like??... Smack Cristina
ology and Dynasty
Subject: Kissology and Dynasty
From: Chad on 01/11/2007
Hey Kiss, hows it goin... im pretty much a new fan to your music I bought the Kissology dvd and it just rocks... them were your guys best years in my opinion. I just got Dynasty today and listened to it for the first time... I can\'t see why ppl hate that album I think its great and has alot of awesome riffs in it. You guy inspired me alot with my music writting I have to say.. im a bass player... been playin bass for a little over 2 years. thnx for the great music... keep rockin. WE ARE ONE!!!
Subject: Hi.
From: ace-2000man-frehley on 01/11/2007
Hi. I\'m a 16 year old boy, and I\'m the biggest Kiss fan in Iceland! I hope you will come to Iceland again. I have newer seen you guys live, but I WILL!!! But I wanted to ask you guys if you are planning a tour? I\'ve heard rumors about tour this year. Is it true. I know you can\'t talk about upcomming tours, but can you tell me if there will be tour this year?
Next Generation Fan
Subject: Next Generation KISS Fan
From: Denny and Paula Duhn on 01/09/2007
Our 9 year old son Brandon decided to be Gene for Halloween. My husband Denny hand carved the demon boots out of hard foam and hand painted them (as well as Brandon\'s face). Denny also cut the bass out of wood for him. The pictures don\'t show the cape he had on but it was awesome. His pumpkin was carved as you as well. We all spent weeks on the costume and it was well worth it. Not only did Brandon win an award but all the parents and teachers went nuts taking pictures with him. I promised Brandon that I would send you the pictures in the hopes of getting them on your site and possibly a signed autographed picture. I hope you like them, he had a blast being you. Making sure the next generation knows and loves KISS, Denny and Paula Duhn Santa Ana, CA
One of you\'re biggest fans!
Subject: One of you\'re biggest fans!
From: Jazmine Straight on 01/09/2007
OMG I can\'t believe I\'m really writing  to you. You don\'t know how big a fan I am of you I watch all you\'re shows I have about 10 T-shirts, pajama pants, my back ground is you, I have 4 cd\'s, records and a hug cut out of you that stands right next to my bed. So you\'re the first person I see in the morning and last person I see at night.I\'ve gotten all my friends into kiss. Gene you have really inspired me and all of my friends. Some of my close friends and I are trying to start a band. If the band thing works out I\'m going to play the bass. My family and I are trying to find someone to give me bass lessons. Even though I\'m 11 I just absolutely love you, and all that you do. I went to the concert in 2004 that was healed in Denver. My dream is to meet you and get an autograph from you. My  biggest dream though is that you would come to my 12 birthday witch I know wont happen because I live in Denver Colorado. Wow I\'m still shaking I can hardly write. OKAY well it was fun telling you about myself and my life long dreams. One of you\'re biggest fans, 11 year old, Jazmine Straight
Talent Show
Subject: Talent Show
From: Jennifer on 01/09/2007
My 10 year old son wants to be Gene Simmons for his talent show. Jennifer
Subject: AS GENE
From: ?? on 01/09/2007
It was great dressing up like you. A lot of people said there was a kind of resemblance.
Subject: HI GENE!
From: Hayley Morphett-Jones on 01/09/2007
Hey Gene, I\'m Hayley Morphett-Jones, I\'m 14 and I live in Orange, New South Wales, Australia. You are the most awsome person i have EVER seen!I Really want to see one of your concerts, so when and if you have another tour I\'d be so happy if you came so sydney! My dad is a huge kiss fan too, he went to some of your concerts when he was about my age! I just wish I was born earlier so i could\'ve seen you play live too! My dad has almost ALL your Cd\'s and awesome records! I know im just some random person from australia, but i would really appreciate it if you wrote back. Haha I\'ve never written to a famous person before.I have one question though, what is the best thing about being so famous? DUDE YOU ROCK THIS WORLD!!!! GO GENE!!!! Oh and my little brother Stevie, absolutely loves you, he\'s always tring to stick out his tongue like you, he loves watching DVD\'s of your concerts. He has a disability BUT nothing can stop him from rocking!!! Hope you write back...............KEEP ON ROCKING!
Subject: anything
From: phillip on 01/09/2007
when will kiss coming back to columbus ga. i saw kiss back in 1997 they put on a real good show. your biggest fan phillip.
New generation fans
Subject: New generation fans
From: Courtney Darrough on 01/08/2007
I\'m 37 years old, and have always been a KISS fan. My son Forrest plays bass and was Gene for Halloween last year. We love your music so much!! Sincerely, Courtney Darrough Ventura, Ca
Paul Stanley poster
Subject: Paul Stanley poster
From: Réka from Hungary on 01/08/2007
I and my younger brother made an own Paul Stanley poster to our mother for Christmas. I don\'t kwon how tall is it in inch. In centimeters: Paul is on the picture 172 centimeters. All the picture is two meters. Sorry about my English, I\'m not good in it. And I don\'t kwon why, but I write it: we from Hungary.
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