of course
Subject: KISS of course
From: Audie_2009 on 01/07/2007
dear KISS, my name is Autumn and I am 15 years old. I have been a kiss fan since when I was 3 years old. I had recently got your KISSology dvd for Christmas and I was watching the KISS comes to Cadillac Michigan. As I was watching it I was thinking about how cool it would be for kiss to visit the small town that I live in. There are only a few major KISS fans (1 being me) in our school but they stand there grounds of KISS fans no matter what anyone else says about them. We are loyal to the band till the end. I just thought that I would share what I would love to happen in our little town before we get wiped of the map or so to speak. Every year we hold what is called the Posen Potato Festival and I think that KISS would make a great impact on the town and bring everyone together for atleast on night if they were to attend. well thank you for your time and great music. KISS fan till the end, Autumn
The history of the drummers in the band
Subject: The history of the drummers in the band
From: Maria/ Leon in Sweden on 01/07/2007
Hello Kiss! My son is a very big fan of you, hes 7 years old and has already got 9 of your CD-records. He wonders how many different drummers you have had in the band? Best regards and Happy New Year from a mum who also likes Kiss :) KOL RESPONESE: There have been three drummers in KISS over the years. Peter Criss, Eric Carr and Eric Singer. Eric Singer is the current drummer in the band. Happy New Year to you and your son!
how much you and mean to me
Subject: how much you and kiss mean to me
From: paulstanleyluvsme on 01/06/2007
I was born in the 70\'s so KISS was already established, but as i grew into a young women i also grew to luv the band known as KISS. Paul and Peter are my two favorite members. I owe a alot of my good dreams to you two sexy and wonderful men. The songs FOREVER and BETH keep me going on a day to day basis. Also PAUL your sexy gorgeous eyes do the trick also. I thank you for being the BEST DAMN BAND IN ROCK HISTORY. SINCERELY, REBECCA
From: Aliveworldwide on 01/06/2007
Hey all.... I was wondering if ANYONE can be of some assistance. I, like many of you, purchased my Alive 1975-2000 box set through Best Buy as part of their advertised \"exclusive\". I got mine the day it came out. It\'s to no one\'s shock that there was no \"exclusive\" if you purchased the CD during the first couple of weeks; the bonus tracks of God of Thunder and 2,000 Man were omitted. Knowing that there was going to be a replacement shipment sent out (also noted on this website), I\'ve been going to the store weekly in an attempt to exchange the item. All I have been met with is \"I don\'t know\" and excuses from store management and the rivet-heads in the media department. Additionally, the reps at Best Buy.com have no clue what to do since the \"exclusive\" is no longer part of their advertised promos. Does ANYONE know where there has been a shipment of corrected CDs sent? Have they? I understand people who purchased online have gotten their replacements. At this point, I\'m about ready to shove a big \'ol demon platform up Best Buy\'s collective ass. Any assistance anyone can provide would be greatly appreciated. Please reply to: aliveworldwide@hotmail.com Cheers and Happy New Year. Rock on, Ken
You guys rock my world!!!
Subject: You guys rock my world!!!
From: lovingyou on 01/05/2007
Whenever I\'m feeling down or depressed, I put in one of your cd\'s and it cheers me up!! You\'ve always been my brother\'s favorite!! I\'m four years younger, so I didn\'t always appreciate your music. But I\'ve come to love it just as much if not more!!! I play Dynasty quite often!! I absolutely love \'All hell\'s breakin loose\' and \'Crazy nights\'!!!! There\'s no doubt about it: \"YOU GUYS ROCK\"!! Love ya.....
hey boys
Subject: hey boys
From: starchild7707 on 01/05/2007
hi kiss well i have been a big fan of kiss since i was a little girl ,me and my sisters use to wear the make up and dress up as u guys and play pretend guitars using tennis rackets , im now 29 and as i have got older i have appreciated ure music even more without the make up also, when are u guys going to come back to australia for a tour? missed out on the last one , is there a new album anytime soon? i love u guys , and keep on making awesome music xxxx
Funny story about my mom
Subject: Funny story about my mom
From: Alexandria on 01/05/2007
Hey Guys! First off, I\'d just like to say that I am a very new fan of you guys, but you\'re awesome!!!!!! Well, I have a story that I would like to share with you involving my mom. When y\'all first became really popular, she and three of her friends (all girls) dressed up as you guys for Halloween. She went as Peter. Apparently they were such good costumes that they had girls screaming at them and whatnot. I have pics, and would love to send them, except that I know my mother would die and then rise out of her grave and kill me if I did. But seriously, they looked so much like you guys it\'s scary. Thanks for the music! Alexandria
Maybe a little to sappy
Subject: Maybe a little to sappy
From: Chad Rhodes on 01/04/2007
I am not quite sure how to start this, because i know that by the end of this you will be very tired of reading as this will be a lenghthy letter. But here goes. My love for Kiss started at an early age. When i was but 3 years old my uncle Eric used \"Hard Luck Woman\" from Alive II as a kind of lullabye. Eric was only about 11 years older than me, so he was more like a big brother than an uncle. He was my hero, even though throughout his life he struggled to stay on the straight path. He and I were both crushed when we heard the news about the original break-up(looking back now, i think that i was so crushed because it was the first time i had ever seen him cry). I had always swore that if you guys ever got the band back together that I would be there. so you can imagine the overwhelming emothions i felt on Halloween 2005 when i was watchin Kiss unplugged and Paul said\" we\'ve got some members of the family here tonight, and I\'m not talking about mom and dad. I\'m Talking about Peter Criss and Ace Frehley.\" My jaw dropped and tears began to roll. I was stationed in Oak Harbor, WA at the time about 3000 miles from home, But the first thing i did was call Eric to see if he had been watching. He had not, but was in complete shock. Then I got another treat in February 2006 on the Grammys when Tupac said he had a special guest presenter and you guys came out in full make-up and costume. This time Eric called me to see if I was watching. And on August 31 of that year i finally got to realize my life long dream of getting to see the hottest band in the world back together again. that was the only time i got to see the original line-up live, because by the time i saw yall again in April \'00 Tommy had already taken over for Ace. I will never forget that night in 96. This is where the letter gets a little sappy. On September 9, 2003 Eric was taken from us in a horrible motorcycle wreck. I know that dying is a part of living, but the pain i felt that day is indescribable. I lost my uncle, father figure(dad split when i was 4) big brother, and best friend. It took about 2 years before i was able to listen to Kiss at all. Then this year my wife got me the alive box, and kissology for Christmas she even labled the present to:chad from:eric. as you can guess the tears began to flow. I still cant brign myself to listen to the song that started it all way back when, but im sure i will and when i do Eric will be looking down, singing along as ususal. Forever a Fan, Chad
My Halloween Costume
Subject: My Halloween Costume
From: maxwellomega on 01/04/2007
Dear Gene: I thought you might like to see me dressed up as \'you\' for Halloween 2006. Tell me what you think. My mother made my costume. Max Gardner maxwellomega@aol.com
Subject: 2007
From: Marc on 01/04/2007
Are you gonna come to Montreal this year because I would really like to see one of your shows
\'07 Tour?
Subject: \'07 Tour?
From: Don Jones from Minneapolis, MN on 01/03/2007
I Hear KISS might tour in 2007 that would be awsome! If you go back on tour can you come to Minneapolis or St. Paul, MN that would be sweeeeeeet.
New Year
Subject: New Year
From: mctongue on 01/03/2007
I hope you had a good New Year, cause as you can see from the Picture I had a great time. Happy New Year All.
Happy new year and Hi from Ukraine
Subject: Happy new year and Hi from Ukraine
From: Anastacia from Ukraine on 01/03/2007
Happy new year and hi from Ukraine to my favourite group,to the best group named KISS! I know, that \"Ukraine\" sounds unspeakable far, but I think,that music makes us closer to each other. Your music,for example. How do you do, guys? KISS` fans in our country want to see you not only in their dreams! We want to join kissarmy in our real life on your consert,we want to see your show,we want to see you! We wanna the best with our young democracy! Gene, Paul many of us made first stape in english by your songs - we want to hear your voices: no tape,no CD, but your voices! we love you, KISS!I like your music!I love you! P.S. But now I have only my fantastic dreams about you and make a collages with you. Just for fun. Let see:)))) P.P.S. I`m so sorry for my bad english:)))
Tour 2007 ??
Subject: Tour 2007 ??
From: Johan from Sweden on 01/01/2007
Hi! I\'ve heard that you\'re planning a tour 2007... Is that true? And if it\'s true. Are you coming to Sweden? // Johan from Sweden
Your concert review section doesn\'t work
Subject: Your concert review section doesn\'t work
From: Rory on 01/01/2007
To Webmaster, your concert review section still doesn\'t work. I\'ve tried several times over the last few months to add a review about the 02/08/1977 show and others, but when I click submit, it just goes to a white screen. Were you aware of this problem? Thanks.
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