From: Andrew Autin on 05/29/2007
Hey Gene, Just wondering if you ever plan on making your way back down to New Orleans any time soon. After Katrina, we could sure use a pick me upŠ..New Orleans misses you. I am a resident who lost everything.Just want you to know I dressed as you for Mardi Gras.Check it out. You are my inspiration. Thanks, Andrew Autin
your my heros
Subject: your my heros
From: brooke on 05/29/2007
hi gene, paul, ace, peter. my name is brooke. i am 15yrs old. You guys are my heros. I look up to you guys. Your music has inspired me. I am a songwritter and a singer. I am starting a band called Hells Bells. right now its just me. I love that movie you guys did KISS meets the phantom and Detroit rock City. those movies are awesome. How do you guys do it? i mean you guys have families and you guys are rockstars. How do you live a double life? Gene by the way i love your t.v. show its awesome. Paul i have a little sister named Erin. I think its cool how you guys dress up and i love your makeup. its awesome, ia m going to be Gene for halloween even though im agirl i just wanna wear the make up cause it is awesome. Also i need some advice. you see people at my school are really mean to me and i dont have any friends. I dont get why people dont like me. i mean im a sweet girl with a sweet personality and i am kind to people. Can you guys help me. I am a animal activist. I was wondering if you guys would sign my online petiton and if you guys could help spread the word about Canada. You see every year the people of canada go on a annual slaughtering spree they kill more than 350,000 baby harp seals a year. All though it is illegal to kill the harp seals while they are still in their white coat stage. the website is and you search up seals and find the name brooke. and thats me thank you very much for your time. YOU guys rock. sincerly brooke
Thanks so much
Subject: Thanks so much
From: Ron and Tracy Gooch on 05/28/2007
Hello Tommy,Gene,Eric and Paul; My wife and I just wanted to let you know how much you mean to us,I have been a fan for over 16 years,your music and the way you guys carry yourselves have made some hard times for me alot better and always brings a smile to my face. My new wife has become a KISS fan as well. We love your stance on our war we are in and supporting our troops it means so much for our band to wave the flag with honor and pride.You guys are truly America\'s Band and we hope to catch you on tour soon. We live in jackson,Tn and we\'ll always travel to Memphis or Nashville to see you anytime at any price. We Love you and never stoploving our country.
My thanks to Gene
Subject: My thanks to Gene
From: Shawn Shoptaugh on 05/28/2007
Gene, when I saw you and Sophie visit the VA building, I just could not believe it. I thought \'now there is the person that is the voice of reason\'. You made me so proud of you that I actually started to cry because I have a cousin that my father is close to fighting in Iraq right now. You made me feel like there are people who support our men and women of valor. I give you my deepest respect to all three of you (including Tommy Thayer). A very big thanks, Shawn Shoptaugh
for Birthday
Subject: Kiss for Birthday
From: R. Dawn Mullins on 05/27/2007
I have been a fan since a teenager (20 plus yrs. ago) I use to jump on mom\'s furniture, blow flames in the livingroom (burnt my face hair once) while watching Kiss on TV. I am a female so you can imagine my mom\'s reactions ! I was never able to go to concert until one day....... my sister showed up with her (4) kids (faces painted like kiss members) This was HER 40 Birthday, she tells me there\'s a contest to win tickets to kiss concert the following day. Since her kids dressed up for me, I complied with her request to mock what I done as a kid in Mom\'s livingroom. When I complete my show, she says \"You have won tickets\" and holds up (2) tickets. I about lost my mind, I could not breathe and believe what she was saying. It was HER birthday and she brings ME the most amazing gift !!! I will never forget my first Kiss concert (St. Louis) or how I was given such a gift !! I felt like a teenager having the time of my life.
Long lost friend
Subject: Long lost KISS friend
From: Johnny Price on 05/26/2007
WOW! I have been a HUGE KISS fan for over 30 years and have met alot of other cool fans. I lost touch with one over the last few years and I saw a letter posted by this individual the other day.....DOUG PRICE!!!!!!!!!! I have not talked to him in about....100,000 YEARS!!! Doug, email me at Doug was and is still a very close friend to me. He has been one of the few major KISS fans with whom I really clicked and we share alot of great memories of the band. Tx KISSONLINE for hopefully allowing 2 old KISS fans to catch up and get reaquainted!!
my best feelings
Subject: my best feelings
From: wilson garcia on 05/23/2007
Hello Gene, Paul, Tommy and Eric: I´m 49 years old and I write from Bogotá,Colombia. From a long time ago when I was very young always I have been a Kiss fan. The excellent sound, energy and the quality in your music is wonderful. I send you a big huge and all the best, because for me you are the best group in all the times and Forever I will take you in my heart. My big yearning is to be in any of your concerts. I hope this dream become real. God bless you WILSON
are my heros
Subject: kiss are my heros
From: kevin warhaft on 05/23/2007
Gene Simmons and kiss my name is Kevin warhaft im from Miami Florida I just turned 35 years old Beisides my parents you are my heros thank you for many years of true rock n roll I would not be who I am without the hottest band in the world kiss
Your Newest Fan Introducing Randi Jane
Subject: Your Newest Fan Introducing Randi Jane
From: David and Lesha Albertson on 05/23/2007
Dear Kiss,We don\'t normally write fan letters,but we are a family of Kiss fans,and wanted to send in this photo for your site.This is your latest fan.Her name is Randi Jane Albertson,the new daughter of Joseph and Charli Albertson of Monticello,Kentucky.She was born April 17,2007,and is already sporting her own Kiss gear!!Rock on!,The Albertsons
My first concert 10/5/75 -
Subject: My first concert 10/5/75 - KISS
From: MJDart on 05/21/2007
The concert was at the Dome Arena in Henrietta NY. The big letters KISS were set up behind the band. Now the Dome only held about 1500 people that night and KISS had everyone \"rockin\'\", I\'ll never forget that night - Thanks
without make-up
Subject: Kiss without make-up
From: rock-n-rollace on 05/21/2007
I have always loved a great Kiss show. I love the shows and you guys have always been able to get better and better every year. I love the new dvd you came out with that has the 4 full length shows with the make-up! Now its time to show the fans how good you were in the 80\'s How good would it be if you came out with the same kind of dvd but only without the make-up!! 4 full length concerts without make-up. Maybe you have a Lick up tour, Asylum Tour, Crazy knights tour, and a Kiss alive 3 tour. It would be great to see some home videos of Eric Carr and Bruce Kulick hanging out together. Remember Kiss is like a great Team Franchise. Sometimes the players might change but we have always loved the team. Kiss fans are the best and we want to celebrate the years you showed everyone that you didn\'t need make-up! Bring it and the Kiss Army will be able to celebrate all of Kisstory!! Thanks, Rock-rollAce
Tribute to Vets Show
Subject: Tribute to Vets Show
From: TerryF on 05/21/2007
Mr. Simmons, As a Viet Nam Vet,(submariner) I would like to thank your from the bottom of my heart and from my fellow Veterans, THANK YOU for taking the time from you very busy schedule to thank us Vets for doing the job that we are so very proud to do, protecting our freedom! Your show that I saw on A&E on Sunday, May 20th, really touched my heart. Thank you. Terry Fitzpatrick Viet Nam Vet Anamosa IA.
Thanks Again Gene
Subject: Thanks Again Gene
From: Paul Chambers on 05/21/2007
Just saw the \"Uncle Gene Wants You\" episode of Family Jewels, and Ive got to tell you man, it was moving to see such a Rock God Icon being moved by people like myself. I just found out that I\'m headed back over to the Iraq soon and I\'ll be taking KISS with me to get me through that place. Hell, I enjoyed freaking some of the locals out the first time there by playing the tunes loud!! In the episode, you called one of the vets a hero - we\'re just doing a job that no one else wants to do, we\'re doing want the tax payers of this Country pay us to do, so that they can enjoy their way of life without inconvenience, but, you - KISS - and other entertainers help us through the rough times while doing our jobs. The song \"A World Without Heros\" from the Elder album has always had a special place in my heart, and I\'ve got to tell you, that should anything happen to me while over there, that song will be played at my funeral. Of course, I\'d like to be buried in one of your coffins, but, I just don\'t have that kind of money to bury..... But, again, Gene - Thanks for all you have done to show the Military your thanks.It means alot to this old Soldier and KISS fan. I\'ve had the opportunity to meet Paul (in Charlotte, NC at the Wentworth Gallery) recently, and if I could get the rest of you guys, I\'d die a happy ol\' soul. Thanks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Dreams come true!!
Subject: Dreams come true!!
From: kiss_fan_depot on 05/21/2007
Hi! If you dream long enough your dreams do come true! This is a picture of me on stage with KISS is at the end of the show in Fairfax, VA at the Patriot Center on July 10, 1990 during the Hot In The Shade tour. I was first lifted up by one of the stage hands an started off stage, then Paul Stanley came to my save and brought me out the bow with the band and jump up and down on stage. It has like a dream, but it was not it was the real deal. My dream came true for about 1 min. I felt like a member of KISS! See dreams due come true! Thanks Paul, Gene, Bruce, and Eric Carr for makin\' my dream come true! Doug Price-KISS FAN DEPOT
Gene Simmons Family Jewels Memorial Day Episode
Subject: Gene Simmons Family Jewels Memorial Day Episode
From: Michael Bruce on 05/20/2007
Dear Gene and KISS, I am 36 years old and I have been a diehard fan of KISS since I was 5 years old. I am a US Army and Desert Storm Veteran. Veterans run very deep in my family. My father is a Vietnam Veteran, grandfather WWII Veteran, I have Veterans in my family going back into the 1800\'s. I love my country and I love KISS. I just finished watching the Gene Simmons Family Jewels Memorial Day episode and I just wanted to say that I was really touched when Gene and his daughter Sophie visited the VA Hospital and met with our Veterans. I was also touched when Gene and Tommy put on the concert at the Marine base. I wish I could tell Gene personally that he, along with the rest of KISS, is my hero. I have always respected Gene and KISS but this episode has taken my respect to a whole new level. Veterans are constantly forgotten and our military and our freedoms are taken for granted much too often. Gene, I thank you and everyone involved in that episode, for visiting with our military and our Veterans. It is for America, our family, loved ones, and people like you Gene that make our pain and sacrifices all the worth while. Perhaps one day I can look you in the eye, shake your hand, and thank you personally for the respect you have shown us. Michael Bruce
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