Israel campaign
Subject: Israel campaign
From: Ricardo S. Gulko on 06/06/2014
Paul, Gene, Eric and Tommy come to Israel. We are waiting for you there. Please is partly your country is time to visit us. Thanks and kind regards Ricardo
Paul Stanley and in Diario "La Razón" from Argentina
Subject: Paul Stanley and Kiss in Diario "La Razón" from Argentina
From: Marcelo García / Kiss Army Argentina on 06/06/2014
Here's an article taken from Diario "La Razón" (Argentina), June 4, 2014, regarding Kiss 40º Anniversary and Paul Stanley's book.
Subject: D DAY
From: jean-françois perard on 06/06/2014
i am a french kiss fan since 1976 . for the D DAY 70 year anniversary ; I would to thank all us vétérans ! god bless you ! god bless américa ! we are one ! ! !
is everywhere
Subject: KISS is everywhere
From: Willi on 06/06/2014
Here is the new style of Austrians record and book company LIBRO with over 200 shops in Austria....Austria rocks!!!!!!!
Subject: T-Shirts
From: Heidi McKay on 06/05/2014
The gray shirt is the best but the black one is way cool too. I say release them both. You can't have enough KISS t-shirts!
Tribute at Planet Hollywodd
Subject: KISS Tribute at Planet Hollywodd
From: Steve Mitchell on 06/05/2014
We (Sin City KISS) is in the middle of a very successful residency at Planet Hollywood on the Las Vegas Strip. Here is a pic from the show.
Concert shirts and merch
Subject: Concert shirts and merch
From: Rocky DiCarlo on 06/05/2014
My all time favorite KISS photograph is Barry Levine's classic Alive II stage shot that graced the center of Alive II's gatefold LP sleeve.The spider stage may be the most fantastic Kiss stage design of them ALL! PLEEEEEASE make at least one shirt showing a panoramic shot of this MONSTER (no pun intended)! While you're at it, how about full stage shot poster (fabric or paper) showing the spider in full force while lowering the band to the stage to start the show, or raising them up to the rafters at concert's end? Seriously, when was the last great LIVE shot KISS poster marketed? 1977?!? It's been too long!! At the very least, lets hope the spider is crawling all over the latest tour program. Rock on! Rocky DiCarlo- KISS Army trooper since May of 1976
Bruce Kulick on Amusement Ride pic???
Subject: Bruce Kulick on Amusement Ride pic???
From: Lloyd Mudie on 06/05/2014
When I first looked at the picture you've posted of the amusement park ride in Mexico. I immediately noticed that it looks like a painting of Bruce Kulick is directly beneath Tommy and Paul. Although I'm not 100% sure. Am I right ???
New shirts
Subject: New shirts
From: John on 06/05/2014
I think you should go with the World Tour shirt It has a very nice 70's feel to it
2nd Tshirt
Subject: 2nd Tshirt
From: Fred on 06/05/2014
Grey all the way
New Tour Shirts
Subject: New KISS Tour Shirts
From: Lloyd Mudie on 06/05/2014
Looooooooooooove both the Gray and the Black shirts. YES ABSOLUTELY release BOTH!!! AAAHHHHHH... CAN'T WAIT !!!
Subject: music
From: Jimmy on 06/04/2014
kiss was the reason i fell in love with music. i think im the only kid out there that would sing beth at his sixth grade concert. Gene has been my role modle since i was 8. Ive learned about half of the kiss songs by heart and i can never get them out of my head. Ive seen kiss twice. i wanted to see kiss again this summer but i cant cause i have knee surgery. but kiss and everyone involved i thank you for making me what i am today. i hope you will be around for more years to come so i can meet you guys in person.
Sneak peak 2 Shirt
Subject: Sneak peak 2 Shirt
From: sven on 06/04/2014
I choose the shirt in Grey, this looks amazing.
Future fans
Subject: Future KISS fans
From: Joe Muia on 06/04/2014
Here is a photo of my children, Brooklyn and Brandon having fun playing our KISS pinball machine. Hopefully I am cultivating two more KISS ARMY members!!! Joe Muia
thanks for 10 yrs
Subject: thanks for 10 yrs
From: matthew wilson on 06/04/2014
dear gene,Paul,Tommy,Eric: thanks for everything i have been a fan for 10 years know and will have seen you 7 times after this summer tour thanks for an awesome meet and greet in 2009 at cobo it was awesome i cant wait too see the tour with def leppard its gonna be tshirts i like the designs so far i cant wait too see other designs for the tour. see you guys on tour thanks Matthew Wilson
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