From: Alvaro Cruz on 02/24/2014
Look at my KISS tattoo enjoy! hope you guys like it!
My girlfriend's tatoo
Subject: My girlfriend's KISS tatoo
From: Alvaro Cruz on 02/24/2014
My girlfriend Veronica made herself a KISS tattoo and she told me to poast it, hope you guys like it!
R/R Hall of Fame - Tour
Subject: R/R Hall of Fame - Tour
From: Mary Kay on 02/24/2014
Dearest Band: I have supported "my boys" (which is what I call KISS) since 1977. I was hopeful that you would be playing for the Hall of Fame gig however I support your decision. Now for the tour - PLEASE COME TO HOUSTON!!!!! It will make my 26th concert and I plan on attending until I rest in my KISS Casket.
Copenhagen Hard Rock Café display
Subject: Copenhagen Hard Rock Café KISS display
From: Benjamin Boyle on 02/24/2014
Hey, KISSOnline! Check out the KISS display inside Hard Rock Café in Copenhagen! My girlfriend and I spent out first Valentine's Day in Copenhagen and bought ourselves some KISS HRC shirts!
BKA Party
Subject: BKA Party
From: Brazilian KISS Army on 02/23/2014
Brazilian KISS Army - 2 Years Party !!! Next Friday, 28 Feb. At Manifesto Rock Bar - Sao Paulo Infos: THANKS !!! BKA Team
Subject: hola
From: cristian on 02/23/2014
KISS, please, please, please!!!!! come to Bolivia, South America!!!!!!! You are the best!!!!!!!!!!
and the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame
Subject: KISS and the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame
From: John Griffin on 02/23/2014
As much as I love KISS and want to see them preform at the award's ceremony, I do respect this decision. It's really sad that the rock and roll hall of fame won't let one of the greatest rock bands in history celebrate this honor with all of it's members from the bands history. The rock and roll hall of shame is doing everything they can to upset all the KISS fans. They are only accepting the award for the fans. For some reason the rrhof don't like KISS... What would be really cool is for KISS to preform with Ace Frehley and Peter Criss, then with Tommy Thayer and Eric Singer with makeup and costume, and finish up with Vinnie Vincent and Bruce Kulick without makeup and costume.!! And Eric Carr and Mark St. John will be there in memory and thought. The rest is KISSTORY!!
Subject: Stand
From: Brad Liverman on 02/23/2014
Hello KISS, I want you to know I respect your decision not to play at the rock and roll hall of fame. I STAND with you guys and I will always be a big KISS fan. I will celebrate with you by rocking out to all your amazing music. Thanks for the 40 years, Thanks you Gene, Paul, Peter, Ace, Eric Carr, Vinnie, Mark, Bruce, Eric Singer, and Tommy!
army world
Subject: KISS army world
From: Kisstory Memorial "Resurrected" on 02/22/2014
We're a great KISS Family,several Kiss Army in the world =U.S,Brazil,France,,Germany,England and so one but we're one!!!,a Kiss World,for you and all fans in the world!!!! Lolo
Paul figure
Subject: Paul figure
From: Thomas on 02/22/2014
Hello fans.. This is my handmade Paul figures..
Gene Simmons :)
Subject: Gene Simmons :)
From: Michal on 02/21/2014
Hello, My name is Michał i'm 7 and this is my KISS costume :))) Greetings from Poland!
is Everywhere
Subject: KISS is Everywhere
From: Brent Wallace on 02/20/2014
I was visiting the Hard Rock Cafe in Nashville, TN this weekend when this unexpectedly caught my eye. I went inside and purchased my KISS pin that supports the City of Hope's efforts to conquer cancer,diabetes, and other life threatening diseases. Thanks for making me proud to be a fan of The Hottest Band in the World!
is everywhere
Subject: Kiss is everywhere
From: victor pi on 02/20/2014
Hi This is my new DVD Spanish cartoons,Zipi Zape in KISS make up Victor Pi SPAIN
Subject: Birthday
From: Kim Kisslady on 02/20/2014
Hi friend (Michael Braun) made me a picture for my Facebook for my birthday today...I thought it was really well done and just wanted to share :) xoxox Kim Kisslady Rolfe
40 Yo
Subject: 40 Yo
From: marc Charlot on 02/20/2014
Just two words: THANK YOU !
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