The soundtrack of my life...
Subject: The soundtrack of my life...
From: Joe on 02/17/2014
40 years ago my favorite band was born. Through the years I have listened to many different bands but have always come back to KISS. They have been the main soundtrack of my life. When I was a kid listening to Double Platinum while hanging 16 magazine posters on the walls of my tiny bed room, or laying in my living room in Miami listening to 8 tracks on huge head phones. The one constant was and always will be KISS. They have always been there for me and I,even while being mocked by friends will always follow them. They are my childhood and I am not ready nor will I ever be ready to let that go. I have not been a fan for the entire 40 years. More like 37. But I wouldn't trade a single moment of it for any other band there has ever been. I have memories of every member and they are all important. So thanks for 40 years of the greatest band ever and and all the people that made it possible.
Snow Sculptures
Subject: Kiss Snow Sculptures
From: Mike Burns on 02/17/2014
The 42nd Annual Nisswa (Minnesota) Winter Jubilee held each year on Presidents Day weekend has a different theme each year and this years theme was "Rock of Ages". In the snow sculpting contest 2 featured Kiss the 1st was a Mount Rushmore style with Kid Rock, Willie Nelson, Gene Simmons (the Demon) and Elvis, the 2nd was Flintstones "Bedrock of ages" featuring Fred Flintstone with the Demon makeup. Both were a huge success.
Paul Stanley and
Subject: Paul Stanley and KISS
From: Shekera Simpson on 02/17/2014
Dear KISS, I am your biggest KISS fan. I am 18 years old and I will be graduating from RS Central high school. I wanna become a famous singer when I get out of high school and college. I've been listening to your music all day long. Paul Stanley, you are my favorite lead singer. I live in spindale, north carolina. I've been looking forward to see you. And for Paul Stanley, I have written a song and it's a duet song,it's called "Glitter Rain" , I hope you like it. Gene Simmon's you're icon tongue is awesome and you always make me laugh. Rock on, KISS!!!
is everywhere
Subject: KISS is everywhere
From: rockberto on 02/17/2014
Look the t-shirt of Cristiano Pieroni, drummer of italian metal band Turbo Rexx, performing live at Made in Hell Fest 4.
is everywhere
Subject: KISS is everywhere
From: rockberto on 02/17/2014
Look the cover from the metal band Vanderbuyst's (Netherlands) new album. Guitarist Willem Verbuyst (center) wears a Love Gun t-shirt!
- HRC Boston Takeover!
Subject: KISS - HRC Boston Takeover!
From: DJ Sterling Golden on 02/17/2014
KISS what's good! Checking in once more to share this pic from over the weekend, taken @ Hard Rock Cafe Boston. My dude, Boston hip-hop star CHRIS (aka Chief C) was in the building as part of the ongoing "Hard Rock RISING" Global Battle of the Bands competition, holding down a a special meet & greet. And right next to his table ... we got The Hottest Band In the World looming large! I took a minute to pick up one of the new KISS Hard Rock tees as well; beyond dope! Always rad to see the Rock and Roll Hall of Famers turn up around the 617. I will be starting up a brand-new radio show with your beloved Mistress Jada Sinn - titled STERLINGSINN RADIO - next Friday February 28, 8/7c on You can bet KISS will be a part of Boston's Friday night kickoff soundtrack! Keep grindin n shinin, fam! DJ Sterling Golden Boston's "Master of Mixed Music Arts"
Subject: life
From: Tennie thompson on 02/17/2014
Im IN LOVE with kiss, everything about you guys rock. My life is dedicated to kiss, its basically my religion all the way from my car, to my house and lets not forget whats always playing on my stereo! PERFECT, love you allllll
at Hell & Heaven Fest 2014
Subject: KISS at Hell & Heaven Fest 2014
From: Gabriel Martínez on 02/17/2014
Hey guys, look at these photo taken last saturday at the entry of El Chopo (a rocker street market in Mexico City). Check these promo of the comming Hell & Heaven Metal Fest where we are anxiously waiting to see KISS! KISS, Mexico loves you! GMM
is everywhere!
Subject: KISS is everywhere!
From: Mark on 02/16/2014
30th anniversary
Subject: 30th anniversary
From: Tom Tobin on 02/15/2014
30 years ago today (February 15th 1984), I had the pleasure of meeting 4 young men by the names of Gene $immons, Paul Stanley,Vinnie Vincent & Eric Carr at a meet & Greet in the Flipside record shop in Chicago,Illinois. It was one of the most surreal moments of my life.
Kruise III report part 2
Subject: Kiss Kruise III report part 2
From: Humez David on 02/14/2014
The second page! Thank you!
kruise III report
Subject: kiss kruise III report
From: Humez David on 02/14/2014
Hi everybody, this is an article that I have wrote for a French Heavy metal magazine (Rockhard) on the Kiss Kruise III
kids sighting Jeffco public schools colorado
Subject: kids sighting Jeffco public schools colorado
From: Heidi conrad on 02/14/2014
Hats Off GMHS KISS staff picHats off to Green Mountain High School (GMHS) staff for ringing in this year's Winterfest with rock 'n' roll style. Staff members, outfitted like the rock band KISS, performed the classic Rock and Roll All Night. GMHS art students applied the makeup, photography students took the pictures and video production students filmed the event. "It really brought the Green Mountain community together," said assistant principal Jose Shapiro. "The students loved it."
My new beers
Subject: My new KISS beers
From: victor pi on 02/14/2014
Hi,I´m Victor Pi and these are my new KISS beers bought in Barcelona
Hugs & es
Subject: Hugs & KISSes
From: Paul C. Heilman, DDS on 02/14/2014
Hugs and KISSes from Paul C. Heilman, DDS & team in Shreveport LA!
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