\"costume\" help plese
Subject: \"costume\" help plese
From: Tasha Waymire on 12/01/2006
I know KISS is the best band there ever was or ever will be! There isn\'t even words to describe KISSology vol. 1, I can\'t wait to get vol. 2!! Family Jewels is the great. I\'m glad to hear sesson 2 was approved. Can\'t wait!! I mean no disrespect to Tommy and I hope this dosen\'t offend him. I need some major help in making my Halloween costume for 2007. Yes, I know I am thinking way in advance but I have to. I am going to \"be\" Ace in his 1977 (Japan-KISSology) \"costume\". I need some close up photos (mostly of the back). I want to make sure I get the stud placements as close as possible. My husband says I\'m going through a mid-life crisis(i\'m only 33)and that I will never get this done. PLEASE help me. Attached you will see a pic of my KISSmas hat. Hope you guys approve. Love you guys always, Tasha
Subject: maths
From: italy on 11/30/2006
dear KISS I am Juliogary, the concert rock the nation is beatiful!. In italy tutti vi amano(alcuni) i love kiss
Gene Finally Gets the Shirt Off My Back
Subject: Gene Finally Gets the Shirt Off My Back
From: Erik Cram on 11/29/2006
Yes, I was one of the many people to go see Gene in Fresno recently on his HIM/HER cologne signing. But I had more planned than just meeting the Demon and getting some autographs... I had met Gene before, the last time I saw him was during their club autograph tour 15 years ago. I had hand designed and painted a T Shirt featuring Bart Simpson as Gene in full costume and makeup. He was impressed with the shirt, and asked me for it right then and there!! I told him I was wearing it and I didn\'t have another shirt to wear out. I was going to offer to send it to him, but the club security started hassling me about taking too long, and I started arguing with him. Oh well, long story short, I still had the shirt.... Til last month. I had to smuggle it up on stage, so I wrapped it around my waist. When I got up there, I got my stuff signed, and told him the story of that previous meeting. He was very excited when I gave him the shirt. I told him not to let Shannon burn it, he laughed!! It was great to finally be able to give him that shirt, and to talk to the MAN one more time!! Thanks! Erik
Gene at The River ChaseGalleria. B\'ham,Al.Oct.21,2006
Subject: Gene at The River ChaseGalleria. B\'ham,Al.Oct.21,2006
From: Tom Harris on 11/27/2006
Dear, Gene and kiss.thanks so much for making one of my dreams come by getting to meet gene.waiting in line took a load on me because i was in so much pain. but when i saw Gene come through those doors my pain left for a long time.for 30 yr\'s i have been waiting to meet Gene and i hope that one day i can meet paul. it was so awsome to do the introduction for Gene at the Galleria.that is a once in a life time thing.Gene if you like the intro i hope that maybe i could do it for kiss when the band come\'s back to B\'ham. to play.thank\'s kiss for the years of music.Gene i wish you could play a world without hero\'s the next time kiss tour\'s.i want it to go to all of us who served in the military. Thank\'s Tom Harris USMC Med.Retired.
shout out to cj
Subject: shout out to cj
From: daddyo on 11/27/2006
son, i know you are always checking out this kiss webpage. i don't get to see you as often as i would like but you are always on my mind and in my heart. i was trying to think of a way we could talk more. than it hit me. kissonline i know you read the letters all the time. i will never forget all the great times that we have had listening to kiss. going to the shows. getting dress up in warpaint. they were the greatest times of my life. so whenever you hear kiss or see them think of me because i am always thinking of you. long live rock and roll long live kiss-the greatest rock and roll band ever. love dad. from jpleary pittsburg pa to jpleary II pittsburg pa
Greatest band in the world.
Subject: Greatest band in the world.
From: Dave McColl on 11/27/2006
Hi Guys, Just a short note to say thanks for a lifetime of fantastic music, I have been a huge fan since I was a kid. Growing up in my teens there was\'nt a day gone by that I never listened to Kiss, and your music got me through some difficult times.Now I am just I little older with a family of my own, And I am moving the Kiss mantle on to the next generation. Thanks for everything, and remember..... It aint a crime to be good to yourself........
Subject: Remember!
From: Les Paul Bob on 11/26/2006
Hello all, Lets all remember Eric Carr.....He was a Great person! I\'ve been doing alot of remembering also.Thanks to Kissology.It\'s is the best DVD I\'ve ever owned!The Destroyer Tour was my first concert....I talked my folks into getting HBO because of the Budokan concert. Let\'s not forget everyone who made the band what it is. I miss Ace and Pete....I like Tom and Eric and Bruce...Vinnie never was a fit but did add to the Kisstory as well as Mark. You never know what you have had until it is gone. I miss ACE and Pete and that vibe you guys have. I think Eric and Tommy deserve to have an album to add to the legend. I hope you always make music and we want a new album! Thanks for the Inspiration and Thanks to all my friends in the KISS army. Bobby
Thanks Gene
Subject: Thanks Gene
From: Paul M. O\'Connor Jr on 11/26/2006
Hi. I love the Cologne. I wanted to thank you for the time that you spent with my kids & I at Boscov\'s in Philadelphia. We\'re still talking about it. You are so down to earth & the nicest celebrity I ever met. The way you acted with all the kids & fans was fun to watch. I\'ve attached a picture of us with you. I got made up as you after we met you. Best wished to you & all your family. Paul M. O\'Connor Jr
wilson garcia
Subject: wilson garcia
From: Gene and Paul on 11/26/2006
Dear friends: I write from Bogotá Colombia and many years ago I listen your Excellent music. I am 49 years old and always I will take them in my heart because you are a band from other planet. My dream is a day that I could to know you and give a big greeting for the invaluable contribution you made to the music. You receive my admiration and respect, your quality humanizes with the people is wonderful. I never will forget you and for me, always you will be the number one of all the world. I send you my best feelings and God bless you. WILSON
Little Gene
Subject: Little Gene
From: Jimmy on 11/25/2006
My 6 year old son, Braxton, has followed in his dad\'s footsteps and gotten himself hooked on KISS at a very young age. So last week when he overheard his mom and I discussing Gene\'s appearance at the Riverchase Galleria in Birmingham, he insisted on going... in full KISS makeup! We made our way up to Parisian\'s Saturday, but unfortunately for us, Gene had to leave for Atlanta before we got a chance to meet him. Though disappointed, Braxton quickly shrugged it off in true kid fashion. There\'s nothing like a chocolate shake and a carousel ride to make you forget your troubles! Check out the attached picture... Jimmy
Thanks Gene
Subject: Thanks Gene
From: Don Thomas on 11/25/2006
Gene, Thanks for coming to Birmingham on the 21st of October. It was a real treat to come out and hang out with a bunch of Gene Simmons/KISS fans and then having the pleasure of meeting you. The cologne is great. I have been a fan of your\'s since the late seventies and since then the things you and KISS have done have been a part of my life that was my escape from the realities of the world. You have been an inspiration to me on how to live! Thanks again for all the years of enjoyment you have provided me and my kids! Lovin\' it Loud!!! Don Thomas
Remembering Eric Carr
Subject: Remembering Eric Carr
From: Sergio on 11/25/2006
Eric Carr to me is one of the best drummer that i've ever heard and he will never be forgotten by me or anyone. We will never forget you Eric.
My daughter Kelly
Subject: My daughter Kelly
From: Paul Templeman on 11/24/2006
Gene, My daughter Kelly, 12 yrs old, is inspired to become a rock and roll star by you! She is an avid KISS fan, and can\'t wait for her copy of KISSOLOGY this Christmas. Here\'s a halloween picture of her appearing as her favorite member of KISS! I\'ve never seen a kid get so much candy; the KISS Army is alive and well in our neighborhood. She listens to her KISS collection every day, and is working on her guitar skills. She wants you to have this picture as a thank you for the inspiration you have provided. Best regards, Paul Templeman
It runs in the family
Subject: It runs in the family
From: Wilson on 11/24/2006
Just want you to know that KISS fans run in the family! My oldest brother, Sam, is a huge KISS fan! I remember when I was about 8 years old, putting on my moms high heel boots, painting my face as Gene Simmons, playing the air gituar on the tennis raquet, singing into the vacuum cleaner handle, and peforming KISS songs for him. For Halloween, 2006, my 8 year old neice, Alexis, decided she wanted to be Gene Simmons. We got together at Thanksgiving and put on our Gene Simmons costumes and took some pictures. KISS has now graced 3 generations!! Thanks for being the Greatest Band in the World!!! Sarah Wilson
Tour in Detroit
Subject: Tour in Detroit
From: blackdiamond6 on 11/24/2006
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