Just Found My Dad\'s Old albums
Subject: Just Found My Dad\'s Old KISS albums
From: mark reyes on 05/01/2007
I just found my dad\'s old KISS albums I\'ve been listening to them day and night. Vinal is so much better b/c u can hear more of the music. Come to Kansas City When you tour. Your Fan For Life, Mark Reyes
Danny P\'s birthday cake
Subject: Danny P\'s birthday cake
From: Danny P and Darby on 05/01/2007
Hi we sent in a letter about Darby giving Danny P a birthday cake. here is another picture of the cake.
From: Sami Vainikainen on 04/30/2007
HELLO KISS! My daughter Eveliina (10 years old) draw a picture today and i decided to scan it and send it here. Enjoy.
From: Rachel on 04/29/2007
Hi Gene! I just wanted to tell you how much I admire you and the fellow members of KISS. My first concert was KISS when I was only 9 years old. At the time, I was embarassed to like a bunch of guys in face paint. Now 10 years later, I can\'t express how much I appreciate your music. The song \"Forever\" was my parents song, when they were together. The way my dad would sing it to my mom while we were driving is unforgettable. My dad used to show me your records from when he was growing up, and it\'s amazing to see how far you guys have come. Thank you for your music. Rachel
From: Gerasimos Kavvadas on 04/29/2007
Hello KISS! This is the brochure of the Greek KISS Army party (5/15/2007) in Athens. Hope you like it. I send the new DW ad in RHYTHM drum magazine in May issue. KISS is everywhere (one more time). Gerasimos Kavvadas Athens Greece
From: Martin Buitron on 04/29/2007
Hey Gene, With the success of The Kiss Coffeehouse, have you thought of doing the same concept in Las Vegas or San Antonio or other cities throughout the U.S. And give Starbucks a run for their money or at least give the coffee drinking rockers a place to rock out to a great cup of Java and not have to encounter the Emo kids. Millions of tourists visit Las Vegas for pleasure or conventions and as for San Antonio, it\'s ranked number two on convention cities, the Alamo is the number 1 tourist attraction in Texas and the Riverwalk area has some prime real estate for sale which Landry\'s (Rainforest Cafe, Joe\'s Crab Shack, Landry\'s etc.) is steadily buying out. As for me, I live in south Texas and I hope to see Kiss concert in my lifetime very soon. I became a Kiss fan in 1976 and continue being a follower. I can just imagine myself in your office with your entire Kiss collection. I\'d be drooling so bad. I\'m a 43 y.o. Male and I work for Ecolab in their pest elimination division. I kill for a living and living is good. I wish you and yours the best of health and continued success. Respectfully, Martin Martin Buitron Brownsville, Texas 78521
I need ya one more time
Subject: I need ya one more time
From: Brian Rich on 04/28/2007
Guys, I have followed y\'all since I was 10 and have seen no better show ever. I was honored to take my oldest son to one of your concerts and after yours, he was ready even though Aerosmith was next. He said why stay when I have seen the best and I agree. Since then he has gone everytime you guys have come to town. Now I have my second oldest son begging me to take him. I need ya just one more time. I have a fiance\' who needs a little KISS too. Never been and thinks I am nuts when I tell her y\'all are the best. I need ya one more time. Come on guys and hit Houston one more time. Let me know when you get this and when you\'ll be here........one more time! Brian
Ace Frehley\'s Birthday
Subject: Ace Frehley\'s Birthday
From: dodgecharger74 on 04/28/2007
Dear Ace Frehley, This is Amanda Bailey, I\'m a KISS FAN since I was Twelve and I\'m wishing you a very HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!! I drew you guys for four years and I\'m in AJROTC Moriarty High School and I\'m a STAFF SERGENT. You are my inspiration since I was a preteen and I would just pretend playing like you.And I was thinking of creating my own personal band when I get out of High School. Well, I got to Jet. Later Frehley,Criss,Simmons,Stanley,Singer,Thayer, and kiss army! Always your favorite fan! AMANDA BAILEY....
Happy Birthday, Space Ace!
Subject: Happy Birthday, Space Ace!
From: Liz on 04/28/2007
It amazes me that there are no other birthday messages yet! Just wanted to wish a very happy (and belated...) Happy Birthday to our favorite Space Man, Ace Frehley! Ace, we love you, and we MISS you!! Much love, Liz
Happpy Birthday Ace
Subject: Happpy Birthday Ace
From: Space Omar on 04/27/2007
Hello Ace, I wait that you are well, I write you to wish you the best thing in the life, and that you the marvel passes in your birthday, I am from Mexico rock city, and I would like a lot that you returned with KISS, serious something phenomenal, and if you could come to our country, a day of these, I am your fan, I have several things of you, as beach, disks, etc., thank you that continues harvesting victories like until today, atte:space omar
is the greatest band ever!
Subject: KISS is the greatest band ever!
From: Bryan Hume on 04/27/2007
Hey guys, Well, I\'m Bryan Hume. Most people probably will see me as just another KISS fan, but I assure you that I am much more than that. Alright, to start, KISS is my life. Every aspect of you guys creates a huge impact upon me. You have music to satisfy no matter what mood I\'m in. If I\'m depressed, I can easily find a song by you to instantly bring a smile to my face. You give inspiration to my life; heroes to look up to and dream to be like. When people, even my closest friends say or let alone hint at hating upon KISS, I promptly react in your guys\' defense and leave most speechless for my reasons to back you guys up. Goes to show that you can\'t argue; KISS is indeed the greatest band of all time. I guess this sounds just like most fans, right? And in fact, I am just a kid who loves KISS, but I represent a new generation of KISS fans. Most of our music these days is horrible. I apologize for stereotyping, because you just can\'t find good bands like you guys anymore. Plus, rap is in the mainstream. Most of my generation might not even know who KISS is if I mentioned you guys to them. But if I asked if they knew someone like Fergie, for example, they would instantly know who that was, and that is not a good thing. Our music is going in the wrong direction. It is my generation who can save our music, to bring back that good ol\' rock \'n\' roll. If someone doesn\'t do something soon, rock will die a painful death. I play the bass guitar, am completely self-taught, and have confidence in my playing. I want to be just like you guys, and I want to save rock and roll, and I know I\'m not the only one. But the slap of reality still hits me pretty hard in the face and I constantly ask myself; how would I do it? How can I do this, KISS? You guys went from unknowns to stars almost overnight. How did you make this rise to the top? Anyway guys, on a lighter note, how are all of you? Gene, I\'ve been watching Family Jewels a lot, and can\'t help but wish that my dad was as cool as you. Haha, you\'re awesome, Gene! You\'ll probably laugh at me for this, but whenever I pick up my bass, I can\'t help but stick my toungue out and completely rock out. I guess something just comes over me. You\'re the best Gene. And Paul, I hear you\'re tour is going fantastic, keep it up! I\'ve never seen you guys live in person, only DVD\'s and videos on the Internet, etc. but to have you, Paul, come out here in Southern California (Anaheim, maybe?) and perform would be my dream. And Tommy and Eric, keep up the good work! You guys have worked really hard to get to where you are today. As you can see in my picture, I have KISS and Make-Up, which I recently completed and thoroughly enjoyed, KISSology, which I can\'t get enough of of, as well as Destroyer and a neat little KISS Love Gun box with drumsticks, backstage pass, and concert tickets from August 20th, 1976 at the Anaheim Stadium. Yes, I am lacking in the KISS merchandise, but hey, I\'m only 14, and have plenty of time to get some more and plan to soon. Well KISS, I bid you farewell for now, so keep rocking and inspiring millions. P.S. Happy Birthday Ace! There is no guitarist out there better than you and you will forever go down in history as the greatest guitarist in history. Even though I play bass, I\'m thinking of learning to teach myself guitar, as well soon. And guess what I want as my first guitar? :)
30+ years and counting
Subject: 30+ years and counting
From: donna on 04/27/2007
Aloha! I just wanted to drop a line to say thank you for your music. As a child, I grew up going from one relative to the next because my brother was in the childrens hospital from 3 days old until he was 18. I recall him listening to you whenever he could. One of his earliest memories was when we all got to go to see the Atlanta Braves game. On the way to the stadium, one of your songs came on the radio and my brother was soooooooooo jazzed. My parents turned up the volumn to the max. He would tell me that your music was the one thing that kept him alive. At the time of my brothers birth, he was one of two children in the world born with his birth defect. My brother has endured many surgeries; open heart, he has one lung and a man-made esophagus and countless others. Today he is 43 years old and still rocking to your music. Mahalo for the music.
Happy B-day Ace!
Subject: Happy B-day Ace!
From: Matt Shukin on 04/27/2007
Hi Ace! I just wanted to wish you a very happy birthday! You are one of my favorite guitar players of all time! Have a great time the rest of the day! ~ Matt Shukin, Ultimate Kiss fan
To wish Ace Frehley a Happy birthday
Subject: To wish Ace Frehley a Happy birthday
From: Ronda and Zak (son) on 04/27/2007
Dear Ace Frehley Hi it\'s Ronda and Zak, we just wanted to Wish you a happy birthday and your a very good gutair player. Here I\'ll let my son type for the rest of the letter. Hi Ace Frehley I been waiting to wish you a happy birthday. I was at school today and during computer time I tried to Wish you a happy birthday by email. But the computer froze. By the way how do you play that good? I also love you and the band. You Know some times when I\'m outside I pretend I\'m Ace Frehley by gutair moves,kneeling down and acting like I\'m playing the gutiar,and singing your songs. I\'m gonna try to stop doing this but I justlove Kiss so much. Some times my friends come over and we turn on the cd player then put a kiss cd in then we act like we\'re having a kiss concert. I always play Ace Frehly. Oh by the way my mom say\'s hi. Well me and my mom just wanted to say happy birthday. When you get this letter please email us back. Your fans: Zak and Ronda PS. Your the one that got me into KISS ps. you got my friends into kiss too.
Happy Birthday Ace!
Subject: Happy Birthday Ace!
From: ace on 04/27/2007
Happy Birthday Ace! i am a very very best fan!!!!!! you Happy Birthday is very very important
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