Merry Christmas
Subject: Merry Christmas
From: Kiss Symphony Fan Club on 12/23/2006
Kiss Symphony Fan Club wishes to you Merry Christmas and happy New Year!
comin\' to norway
Subject: comin\' to norway
From: oskar the norwegian kissfan on 12/23/2006
hy, my name is oskar, and i wonder if you guys EVER again are comin\' to norway. (espacially bergen) i\'m just 11 years old so i never had the chance to see you. if you are coming to norway i would be there for shure. please answer. ozzy
From: TOXIC on 12/23/2006
Just want it to stop by and wish KISS & the whole KISS ARMY a KICK ASS ROCKING, TWISTED X-MAS,FELIZ NAVIDAD,And HANUKKAH best wishes from me and the whole KISS ARMY!! ROCK & ROLL ALL NIGHT AND PARTY EVERY DAY TILL U SHOUT IT OUT LOUD!!!! KISS ARMY 4 LIFE!!! Toxic.
you all rock
Subject: you all rock
From: Bruce on 12/22/2006
Dear Kiss Im 14 years old ive never seen you play live. I know you hear this alot.But could make a 14 and a 33 year olds dream come true.By coming to concords mall.And my name is Bruce.But I under stand your real busy.Ow by the way You All ROCK!!!!!!!!!!
You Gotta Keep Going
Subject: You Gotta Keep Going
From: Stewozz1 on 12/22/2006
It\'s Dec 22 2006. A quiet night at home watching the Kissology Vol. 1 CD again for the umteenth time since we have had it, and my little 5 year old boy tells me. \"I really wanna see a Kiss Concert\"! What\'s a dad to do? My wife and I have seen one together. I have seen three! It is close to Christmas, I understand that it\'s sorta late now yada yada yada! But with 2007 on the horizon and your induction into the hall of fame which I\'m sure should happen this year, he should get the chance! As long as you all are still dedicated like I know you are! He even told me a couple of nights ago that he wanted to be Gene Simmons for next Halloween! And by the way his name is Gene also and loves the ladies just as much if not more. The future looks bright! Keep the flame lit!!! Sincerely A Fan and his Offspring!
Rock & Roll you guys
Subject: Rock & Roll you guys
From: Michael k. on 12/22/2006
I saw you guys 2 years ago at Albuquerque, New Mexico. It was my first and possibly last concert. You guys put on ONE HELL OF A SHOW. Thanks a lot. P.S You Rock Gene
We finished our school with ...
Subject: We finished our school with Kiss...
From: Sara Koehler & Jennie Frick on 12/22/2006
Hello! We are two girls from Sweden, who\'s like to show you how our last day in school ended. It all began with that I(Sara) wanted to put in my makeup as a gother or how to explain. So, I put on my black lipstick and eyeliner, etc etc, And went to school I was quite early, So I met Jennie within the lockers. She asked if even she could have a little of my makeup, Since I had brought it. anyway, the day kept on, we went to the curch and then we went to the dinnerplace. We had our seats within our teachers, Erica and Fredrika, and we asked them \"What\'d you do if we came maked-up as Kiss?\" Fredrika said that she would probably not recognize us, and that it\'d be cool to see, And Erica said something similar. We soon decided: \"We will do it!\" By this time was it only 20 minutes left of our lunch, and we was about dancing around the christmas tree then. So we ran home to me, Picked up some silver makeup, And ran back to school. We locked us in a tiny toilet, And started to make up. First I was about to paint Jennie as Simmons, But I always painted wrong, So We decided to put on our own makeup. We only had 15 minutes left now, And we had just begun. We began to get ready when my cellphone calls. OMG! Now will the dance start! We putted on the last things and refrehsed, took some pictures and then ran to the big room we were about to dance in. Everyone was already there (almost everyone) and we heard another teachers of our, saying \"Come one now Victor, You should join too\" So we knew wwe was right. It started to be less people in the entre for the room, so we went in. It is a kind of a chair as you have to go over for getting into the room, and me and Jennie got up on it. Erica looked at us with a schocked face and said \"Oh My, I never thought you\'d do it!!\" So was Fredrika. Many looked at us, And some Kiss-fans couldn\'t stop stare. Anyway, The dance was soon over and we asked a teacher called Anna when we were about to be back in teh classrooms. She told us we had to be back in 15 minutes, and we felt that the makeup started to loose, So we ran to the toilet again, and we re-touched it, Before we went to the classroom. We were about to get our grades, And Erica says: \"This is for Sara Köhler, Or Today called Ace Frehley!\" I smiled for myself and went over to her place. When I hugged her, My white makeup got on her black shirt, and she shouted: \"Look! I\'m also in Kiss \" and smiled and showed her shirt. I got back to my place and soon Fredrika shouted: \"This is For Jennie Frick.. *whispers, whats your name?\" And Jennie said: \"Gene Simmons\" And Fredrika said: \"Or today called Jake Simmons\" Jennie was full of laughter when she came back. Everyone got their grades and the short schoolday was over. We went over to Jonas place, Our teacher who wasn\'t with us this term, Because he had just got a baby. He looked at us and said: \"Ace Frehley... Gene Simmons... Have you heard the \'Destoryer\' CD?\" We nodded and said we liked it very much. Well, I guess that\'s it. Have a great kissmas everyone! // Sara (Me(sara) as Ace, and Jennie as Gene)
Subject: TOUR IN CANADA PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!
From: Juan de Dios on 12/21/2006
Hey dudes!!!!!!!!!!!! 4 are one RULEZ!!!!!! Please, come to Canada!!!!!!!!!!! people of canada send mail WE LOVE KISS!!!!!!! is time to ROCK N\' ROLL!!!!!!!!!! your alway fan for life CANADA!!!!
2007 greetings for Merry mas!!!
Subject: 2007 greetings for Merry KISSmas!!!
From: Bill Bartas, Athens, GREECE on 12/21/2006
I hope Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!!! 2007 greetings for Merry KISSmas!!! We all your fans in Greece waiting you for a tour in our country! Many Greetings!!!
Peter\'s birthday
Subject: Peter\'s birthday
From: thermo on 12/20/2006
Tour Australia
Subject: Tour Australia
From: Sebastian on 12/20/2006
Hay Kiss, My name is Sebastian I am 17 i live in Adelaide Australia and im a huge fan. I love your music and my mates and i listen to it day in day out every day. I first got into your music when i got your album Psycho-Circus may 06. But my mates and i would love to see you live so please come to Adelaide, Sydney or Melbourne. I cant afford to travel over seas and i would love to see the HOTTEST BAND IN THE WORLD!!!!!!!!! I would sell everything to my name just to see you live. From your biggest fan Sebastian.
You Guys Are Cool
Subject: You Guys Are Cool
From: thermo on 12/20/2006
You guys are the best band in the world
Subject: 1 MORE TOUR PLEASE!!!
From: Roenick Stacey on 12/20/2006
Hi, 1 more tour for all the KISS ARMY all around the world especially in MONTREAL we all want to see KISS again i saw the guys for PSYCHO CIRCUS tour when i was 4 and i wanna see all the guys again so 1 MORE TOUR!!!!!!!!!!
rocks and it never stops!
Subject: KISS rocks and it never stops!
From: Finland, Naantali on 12/20/2006
Hello, I\'m Tuomas From Finland and I listen KISS every day! I hope that KISS would make a new album someday. I have five KISS album, two KISS dvd and one KISS t-shirt. I have a one queston. Do you come to Finland someday? It\'s would be so amazing, if you come to Finland! Jeahh! -KISS rocks and it never stops!
I\'m a huge fan
Subject: I\'m a huge fan
From: Michele on 12/19/2006
My name is Michele and I\'m 26 years old.I live in Johannesburg in South Africa. I\'ve become a huge fan since first hearing your music in May of this year. I will admit that until that time,I had never heard of Kiss. I drive my parents crazy listening to my Kiss cds. Have you ever thought about performing a concert here in South Africa? I would love to see you live, but can\'t afford to travel overseas.Congratultions to Paul on his Solo album. I think it is absolutely brilliant. I listen to it every night.My favourite member is Tommy, but in the same way, you\'re all really cool. I caught your performance at Rock Honours, which aired on VH1 here in around August/September. You guys rock. From Michele C Jones
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