Military Show
Subject: Military Show
From: hucklbry on 03/08/2007
Dear KISS, I just want to say that you guys ROCK!!! Anyways I seen that your doing a show at Camp Pendleton soon. Well thats great. I was wondering if you guys would come to the East Coast side and hit up Camp Lejeune in Jacksonville NC for the Marines stationed there. Beings I am one of them and would really like to see you guys here. My wife and I had seen you all in concert in Colorado a couple years ago and we had a great time. Thanks and Keep on Rockin!!! Sgt Carr USMC
From: Carol from Holland! on 03/07/2007
European KISS fans are waiting for you and the rest of the band since 1999 for a European tour. So, are we lucky this year? BTW here my custom made Gene doll... Carol from Holland!
From: Miguel Torres on 03/07/2007
I just wanted to let you know that my nephew and I are big fans of yours. I wanted to share this video with you where he performed one of your songs dressed as you! In a kids talent show. I hope you like it. . Dalton Torres performing as Kiss Gene Simmons. Thank you, Miguel Torres from Irving Texas.
From: Laurie Havranek on 03/07/2007
Dear Gene, Just a quick letter for a busy Demon. A dear friend of mine had asked me to paint him two masks: one of the Fox and one of you. To explain the three photos to you, they were taken to show my friend some of the current things I have done, along with his masks, so you also see my \'circus ball\' plaques which hang over my computer, and some small porcelin masks I plan to make into hand-made dolls. I thought maybe you would like to see them, too. Funnily enough, though I am a devoted Starchild fan, when I held your mask up to my face, it turned out I made a good \'Demon girl\'... Laurie Havranek~\"Glitta\" Lemon Grove CA.
My Son Jake
Subject: My Son Jake
From: Jason Frost on 03/07/2007
Oh yeah, while I\'m writing, let me attach a pic of my son Jake from last Halloween. After a long nite of Trick-or-Treating he settled in with some McDonalds. He looks tired and worn out , his make-up is a bit smeared and messy as it was a muggy night down here in South Florida...probably how you guys look at the end of a show, but he was still wearing the KISS shirt and PAUL STANLEY\'s star make-up from earlier that evening. Peace, Jason Frost of A Frosty J Productions
how awesome
Subject: how awesome
From: Rebecca Goza&Ed Goza on 03/07/2007
Hello KISS family,I am writing this letter on behalf of myself and my eight yr old daughter,SO here she is THE HOTTEST GIRL IN THE WORLD BECKY!!!!! Hey I\'m a huge fan i have kiss dolls,i have dvds and cds and all of my dad\'s albums from the 70\'s.And my dad\'s 12 inch dolls and everything else he collected and made from when he was my age (which was 1978 I think?}.I don\'t know who loves you guys more me or her.Anyway we thought all of would like to hear from us,because we\'re huge fans all the way to the end of the battle.Lots of love from 2 generations of KISS ARMY ROCK SOLDIERS. WE LOVE YOU!!!!!!
Rock and Roll Fantasy Camp - My Experience - To Paul!
Subject: Rock and Roll Fantasy Camp - My Experience - To Paul!
From: Jason Holliday on 03/06/2007
Hey Paul, I wanted to take a moment and express my deepest and most sincere gratitude for you performing with us at the house of blues in LA for the Rock and Roll Fantasy Camp. I had the honor of being in Bruce\'s band, on stage I was the one wearing the crinkled cowboy hat. Bruce was so excited about you coming to the camp and all of us in his band are huge KISS fans so it was a BIG deal for us all. When you stopped by Saturday to say hello to everyone and do a run through with the song it was amazing, almost a surreal experience. One I am still not able to get over and there really are not any words that could describe it, lets just say it was the single greatest experience in my life, being able to perform with you. I came up to you after our performance at the House of Blues and said \"I\'ve always wondered what I would say to you if I ever had the chance to meet you. I now know what that would be, thank you for all the years of music you have given us and me!\". As I forced that out I began to get a bit emotional as you are my music idol. You said thank you and patted me on my shoulder as to say it\'s all good, and thanks, at least that is how it felt to me. You took the time to take a picture with myself and my wife who about passed out, and you also took a moment to sign my tattoo on my right shoulder. It is the Psycho looking guy in your Star Child makeup with the Psycho Circus banner around him. This entire experience meant the world to me, as you are the reason I went to the camp. I want to say again, thank you for doing what you did, you truly made a KISS fan\'s dream come true. The attached picture is a collage of us at the house of blues show, my Paul/KISS tattoo which by the way was the name of our camper band, Psycho Circus, me and Bruce Kulick at the camp, and the picture of you with my wife Heather and I. Thanks again, I will cherish the memories and experiece for the rest of my life (and the fact I got to do the cool Gene voice during the song for Shout It Out Loud, \"You Got To Have A Party!) and take care... And who says dreams don\'t dome true!!! As a side note I have more images and video for more fans to check out from that historic night. You can go to and check out all the pictures, and check out the 2 videos under \"my videos\" for the two songs our camper band played. Shout It Out Loud and Journey\'s Any Way You Want It. Sincerely, Jason Holliday Lakeland, FL
Subject: twins
From: harvest on 03/06/2007
Hello friends.I write to you from Spain. I want to send you some pictures of my friendīs daughters.They are twins. I hope that you like. Greetings and long life to KISS.
My tatoo
Subject: My tatoo
From: Space_Mick on 03/04/2007
Here is my Ace Frehley Tatoo, I would like to put Ace\'s Autograph under it.
From: Debbie McMurray on 03/04/2007
Check out my Creative Quilt. This one is made from various KISS t-shirts! Debbie McMurray
Solo Covers - As Inspired By Kamelot\'s Black Halo Cover
Subject: Kiss Solo Covers - As Inspired By Kamelot\'s Black Halo Cover
From: Matt Nelson on 03/03/2007
Been a Kiss fan for over 3 decades now. Always love creating new Kiss things using the solo artwork. Attached is my latest creation - The Kiss Halo Covers. I got my inspiration from the Band Kamelot\'s Black Halo Cover Art. Hope you enjoy. For those who do not know what The Black Halo looks like, here is the link to that cover. Cheers Matt
Solo Covers - As Inspired By Kamelot\'s Black Halo Cover
Subject: Kiss Solo Covers - As Inspired By Kamelot\'s Black Halo Cover
From: matt nelson on 03/03/2007
I have been a Kiss fan for over 3 decades. Love to create new Kiss things using the solo album artwork. My Latest creation - the Kiss Halo\'s inspired by the band Kamelot\'s Black Halo album - Pictured at this link: \\ hope you enjoy - Matt
Solo\'s Inspired By Kamelot\'s Black Halo Album
Subject: Kiss Solo\'s Inspired By Kamelot\'s Black Halo Album
From: Matt Nelson on 03/03/2007
Been a fan of the band for several decades. Recently was inspired by a new album I purchased. Kamelot\'s \"Black Halo\" Thought it would be cool to do a Kiss Version - So here is what I came up with. Hope you enjoy. Cheers Matt PS: For those of you who do not know what the Black Halo Cover looks like, here is a link.
guess the portrait :)
Subject: guess the portrait :)
From: Stacy again on 03/03/2007
Hi! It\'s me again! Ain\'t you tired of me? Good! Cause it\'s really a difficult one. So who can say whoes portrait is this? Who gets the first prize for the right answer?! Good luck!
New Photo\'s
Subject: New Photo\'s
From: Jack H Johnstone Jr on 03/02/2007
Dear KISS I would like to know more about the history of Kiss from the beginning and to now and some new photo\'s of kiss.
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