Paul Stanley\'s Tour.
Subject: Paul Stanley\'s Tour.
From: Debra Burke on 04/07/2007
Happy Easter Paul, Just writing to let you know how wonderful you are to travel to Australia with your solo show. All your fans and myself are overwhelmed and excited about seeing you yet again on stage. I tried so hard to purchase those premium tickets for the opotunity to meet you for the first time. I new the pass word but have a slow computer which hindered the operation, but I still got great seats. I have bought tickets to two concerts. I will be at the Wollongong show and the Sydney show. I treat every Kiss show as the last. I have many friends who have met you. My girlfriend will be meeting you after the Enmore concert. You won\'t miss her. She will be almost 9 months pregnant. Who know my luck, I may run into yet. My three sons would love it. I am taking one of my boys to a show but the other two are a little young. They are all KISS fans. My husband is learning. He is coming with me to the second show. Have a great tour Paul. Happy Easter to you and you family. Have a safe trip. All my love, from another Blonde fan DEBRA
concert at kewadin casino
Subject: concert at kewadin casino
From: bill on 04/06/2007
Thank You!!!! I cant believe you guys are coming to my small town this summer.I have been a Kiss fan since 1975,as well as the solo material (Superb job on Live to Win Paul!!!)I have been with my wife Claudette for 17 yrs and have a 6 yr old son Christian & a 15 yr old son Zac.I have been driving everyone crazy through the years with you guys and will be taking my 15 yr old to the show this Summer.I know you guys get asked for things all the time but to be able to get passes to meet you with my son and wife would be my one chance to show them why you guys & your music have been an important part of my Life! I could get sappy but I know you have heard it all. Please what is my snowballs chance in Hell? Sincerely:Bill
Subject: Mark
From: John Wicker- Missouri on 04/06/2007
my condolences and prayers to to his family. Although he was with the band for a short time, his contributions were big and will forever be missed.
Subject: kiss picks
From: lukas on 04/06/2007
hello my name is Lukas.I´m very fan your band kiss from Czech republic. I couldn´t go to your concert . I have recive could you me transmit photo to your autographs and guitar picks or drumstick please.My english is very horrible.thank you. Your very fan lukas.My dream is sight kiss.i haven´t money My adress Lukáš Urbaník Vlachovice 80 763 24 Czech Republic Zlin
Why you never published my letter ??
Subject: Why you never published my letter ??
From: Martina ( on 04/05/2007
I have my daughter asking why after she sent the letter 4 times you never put it up ???? Dear Gene, I am Martina Alecci, 6 years old. My Dad and I were born in Argentina but as you moved to US a long time ago for a better life, we came to Burlington, ON, Canada 4 years ago for the same reason. No need to say that my Dad is a big Kiss Fan since he was 10. His first cassette was Kiss Alive in 1976 when he got in Buenos Aires. What a jem for those times !!. Last Halloween I was asked what I would like to dress for Helloween \'06. I had several choices like Cinderella, Barney but I looked at the top of my Dad\'s Kiss Piball where he has yout boots and mask and I said : Let\'s get dress as Gene !!!. So here is my pictures from for you.My Dad and I would like to meet you and the band one day. or jsut YOU. We are willing to donate some $$ if needed but we would really love to make our dream come true. We can fly to US for that. We hope that Kiss can play sometime again in Toronto. Thanks a lot for making Kiss the best band in the world. God bless you and your family Martina
The power of
Subject: The power of KISS
From: Retired First Sergeant on 04/05/2007 Finally I'm able to share something with my son; after a life serving in the US Army (I always told them I joined the Kiss Army first)I retired in 2004, and shared a Kiss concert with my young son in Raleigh North Carolina. That night forever bonded my son and I; his life changed too he's now a Kiss fan for life. My daughter is also a huge fan; my wife and I love to rock down the street blasting our Kiss music. Well life finds me deployed to Iraq once again, this time as an Army Civilian, thank goodness for technology; my MP3 player is filled to capacity with great Kiss music! So I just wanted to pass on my life as a devoted Kiss fan; I sure am glad I bought Rock and Roll over with my first months pay from my paper route back in the day, and thanks to Columbia house for my first copy of Alive on 8 track! Retired First Sergeant LETTERS click here.
Oral HyGene
Subject: Oral HyGene
From: Gratefulfan on 04/04/2007
The toothbrushes were the greatest idea ever !!!! Both me and my kid have the greatest time brushing our teeth! We now have a reason to wake up! Especially when one has rock and rolled all night (unfortunately, too old to party every day ! My how things can change after having a kid!). Anna Cordes in Riverside
Dressed To Kill Tribute
Subject: Dressed To Kill Tribute
From: Nick Jeeves (UK) on 04/03/2007
Last Saturday i went to see the UK tribute band Dressed To Kill at the Milton Keynes Pitz club. They are a full 70's dressed up band with all the bass solos,fire breathing and blood spitting tribute. The 2 hour show that they did was just great, they played hits from all 3 decades of KISS, And they certainly got the crowd moving. It was a night to remember.
re: about \"Nothin to Loose\" song
Subject: re: about \"Nothin to Loose\" song
From: Robin K. on 04/03/2007
I am a big Kiss fan and I still listen to them all the time. One thing is a mystery to me though. I\'ve been to many internet lyric search engines and nothing produced a word to the song \"Nothin to Loose\" that I\'m looking for because Peter Criss says something we can\'t seem to figure out. I\'ve pasted the part below. You got, got nothin\' to lose, well nothin\' You got, got nothin\' to lose, yeah baby You got, got nothin\' to lose You got, got nothin\' to lose, you g-g-g-g-got nothin\' You got, got nothin\' to lose, well come on mama You got, got nothin\' to lose, \"yeah shake your..\" You got, got You got, you got, you got nothin\' to lose What does Peter Criss say after the verse \"yeah shake your..\" I\'de appreciate any help with this. Thanks Robin K.
gene\'s biggest fan
Subject: gene\'s biggest fan
From: taylor hunter on 04/03/2007
Picture Of bruce And I
Subject: Picture Of bruce And I
From: phillywilly38 on 04/03/2007
this is a pic of bruce And I at the Indy Kiss Expo. Taken 3/31/2007.
Expo 07
Subject: Kiss Expo 07
From: Ryan Dunn on 04/02/2007
To the band & KISS ON LINE I am personally doing my part to ensure that KISS music moves into the next generation. I took my 3 children to the KISS Expo in Indy this past weekend for their first real taste of everything that is KISS. The atmosphere and everyone there was great. The vendors were very accomodating in answering all questions and letting my children have \"hands on\" with various KISS merchandise. Bruce Kulick & Bill Starkey were kind enough to stop & have their pictures taken with my kids. Mr. Speed put on a great show and I would like to thank Criss Markulis (Peter) for taking the time to personally deliver a drumstick to my 3 year old. I was blown away by his kindness. The Expo was a greatexperience. Thanks to everyone for a great time. I have attached a couple of pictures from this weekend.
Detroit 2007 Expo
Subject: Detroit 2007 KISS Expo
From: Floyd And Pat from Detroit Rock City on 04/02/2007
The Detroit KISS Expo was finally back in the Motor City and the only regret is the time flew by so fast.A fun KISS Day for all. The Detroit Expo has missed a couple years past so we were longing for a shot of KISS. This years event was down-sized from prior expos, but lots of fun. We got to the hotel running late but when we got there we found out that our vendor table was right up in front facing the stage.And to be so lucky, On one side of us was Bruce Kulick\'s table and on the other side was Lydia Criss and Eddie Balandas. Bruce did his meet and greet early and right at the table, and Bruce hung around with the fans for most of the day. Lydia Criss was at the table next to us signing her new book also. Lydia and Eddie Balandas both told stories and relived memories of the early days of KISS in the 70\'s. It was so interesting to hear all they had to tell. Dealers all day long had lots of KISS collectibles to choose from, vintage 70\'s to the newest stuff.There was a trivia contest with prizes. Q&A sessions from Eddie, Lydia and then Bruce moved the day along.KISSonline was there with Keith War Machine did an excellant job of putting on a tribute show performing lots of KISS hits. Hopefully the Detroit KISS Expo is coming back next year. I know attendance was down because of Wrestlemania being in the Motor City the same day and the Indy expo was the day before but the Detroit KISS Expo will only get better now that it\'s back!
tastic sleepover
Subject: KISStastic sleepover
From: Mary on 03/31/2007
I was having a sleepover at my friends house, and I got her into KISS! Since she likes cats a-lot I made her Peter Criss. I did a really good job for her makeup. I thought Paul Stanley\'s makeup would be easyer, but no! My makeup was way harder, my star turned out all round. Well, I had fun!!
Paul\'s Guitar ?
Subject: Paul\'s Guitar ?
From: black_angel on 03/31/2007
If this is really a Paul Stanley washburn, I am a lucky girl! This guitar is more than 15 years old! I got it from a friend, he is crazy to give away such a collectors item... if that\'s what it is?
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