thank you, Paul Stanley heres my Nite Star\'s painting
Subject: thank you, Paul Stanley heres my Nite Star\'s painting
From: Dominic Homan on 02/17/2007
thank you for inspiring and I love you very much, love Dominic
Subject: 1979
From: Matt the Bass Player on 02/16/2007
One of my old friends and bandmates found these pictures...they\'re from 1979 and the guys pictured are the band Javelin...I\'m the \"Gene\" should have seen the boots...Chuck Taylors nailed to 4x4\'s, covered with paper mache dragon heads, with tin foil eyes wrapped in red celophane...sadly, they didn\'t survive the concert...and those little cardboard squares covered in tin foil were a PAIN to do too...there\'s even audio of the band doing some Kiss covers, including \"Beth\", \"Duece\" and \"God Of Thunder\"...and while my wife might not be a big Kiss fan, she is certainly a fan of the tongue! Matt the Bass Player .
From: Valentino on 02/16/2007
Hello Mr.Simmons, How are you? Love your music & your show. This picture I\'m sending you is a ceramic mosaic on canvis of your Kiss band,hope you like it. I participate to many craft art shows and this particular piece catches everyone\'s attention. However, a picture is a picture but to view the real thing it takes your breath away. If you ever do come to Toronto, Canada, please, ask to see it & honestly I would be honoured to just gift it to you. Valentino Toronto, Canada
Have Got To Come To New Zealand
Subject: Kiss Have Got To Come To New Zealand
From: Chucky & Vinnie on 02/15/2007
Hey guys, My 4 year old son, Vincent, has been a mad Kiss fan since he was 2 and a half. Tonight he asked me if he could bring his new girlfriend to see Kiss when they come to New Zealand. His favourite songs are Shout It Out Loud & Unholy. So guys you\'d better do one more tour and bring your asses down here. I know it costs, but I think you have a litte money to spare these days. There are a ridiculous amount of teenagers out there in NZ dying to see ya, so lets give NZ one last shot. Vinnie will send the family after ya uderwise. Peace, C & V
Many thanks
Subject: Many thanks
From: Kylie Helyard on 02/15/2007
Dear Kiss, I have been a huge fan for many years and my sister has has recently had a go at me for introducing her children to your music. I recently got married and just wanted to say thank you for making it an extra special day as I used 3 of your songs during the ceremony. I walked down the isle to Forever, we signed the register to Love Gun and did our bridal waltz to I was made For Loving You, which was actually fairly cliche. I had to fight tooth and nail to get them with my mother in law but I won in the end. Thanks again Kylie xxxxx
One year old baby rocking with \"Live to win\"
Subject: One year old baby rocking with \"Live to win\"
From: Martn Comoglio from Argentina on 02/14/2007
Hi people in KISSONLINE! You can visit YouTube to see my son (one year old!), rocking with the incredible Paul\'s song, \"Live to win\". The video name is \"Vito Live to win\", and the link to see the video is: The best for all of you. Martn Comoglio Die hard fan, designer and illustrator, in this order
New fan in Spain.
Subject: New Kiss fan in Spain.
From: Karaichan on 02/14/2007
Hi! Im Jose(25)from Spain. I just wanted to know if you are comming back to Europe soon. Im a new fan and Ive never had the opportunity to go to one of your shows. I know you wont come to Spain but I dont care, Ill go wherever you play if Ive got the money. So that is my question: Will you come back? Will I die without going to a Kiss show?(Im 25, so youve got plenty of time to come (I hope)ha,ha,ha...) Anyway Ill continue saving money looking forward to see you. Postdata:In Spain we celebrate carnival(similar to halloween)next weekend and Im going to dress up like Gene. I know some people will ask me who am I cos young people in Spain dont know KISS as much as in other countries. Why do you think that happens? Sorry for my english, I hope you can understand everything I tried to say.
Meeting Gene Simmons for the first time
Subject: Meeting Gene Simmons for the first time
From: Wojciech (aka Stevensky) Polish fan from England on 02/14/2007
Hi to everyone, I am a KISS fan from Poland presently living in London. For the last couple of years I am occasionally translating from english for KISS ARMY POLSKA on our web site .I even have my own small polish web site Anyway, KISS is the greatest band in my life since I was 11, and finally my dream came true! I met Gene Simmons! Whow! The day started normally, as I went to check the for latest KISS gossip ... and almost had fallen from the chair! Gene Simmons coming to London! TOMMOROW! HEATHROW! Practically my \'work place\' as I am minicab driver in London and am picking passengers from there almost daily. My luck couldn\'t be better, \'cause when I came home on the day of Gene\'s arrival, postman had brought a KISS 2007 calendar that I bought on ebay few days ago. And few weeks ago I did buy solo albums in near mint condition. Anyway, armed with \'78 Gene Simmons solo record, KISS calendar 2007, wearing my KISS POLSKA (Polish fan club) T-shirt, I drove to Airport hoping to meet the God of Thunder with his family. I was surprised to see, that I was the only one waiting for our hero dressed in KISS t-shirt! Where were all the other fans? hmmm.... Still not believing that it is happening .... Soon came a group of reporters and in the crowd of other people there were four good looking female KISS fans, also waiting for meeting with Gene. Suddenly one of the reporters said that his friend was on that plane and didn\'t see Gene. \'oh, now, it can\'t be true? and it wasn\'t. At one moment came to four of us a young fellow saying that he is from the Family Jewels Crew and since they are going to film it for the purpose of \'maybe\' including it with the other material, he needed our consent and contact. Wow! Maybe I will be there? that would be wicked!! Waiting... waiting... waiting... why so long? Hmm, looks like they asked Gene to up and down the ramp from the plane for a perfect shot. FINALLY! They came through the door, and reporters attacked them with cameras like some kind of fire squadron. ;-) Girls went to Gene with flowers and hugs and everything else ... and one of them bravely, asked Gene to put an autograph with permanent marker on her chest ;-) of course Gene sign it. Now or never... shaking from excitement and all, forgetting everything I wanted to say to Gene, I broke through the line of journalists, introduced myself as a KISS fan from Poland, in Polish T-Shirt I asked for autograph on LP for my 11 years old Natalia, cause she likes Gene the most. I GOT THE AUTOGRAPH! WOW! Then I had a chance to pose for photos with God of Thunder and I did surprised him, by pulling out drawing done by my another daughter, Agnes who is 9. She did it for Father\'s day as a present for me. Gene took the picture in his hands and was surprised, saying something like \"Now that is special\" and he got himself photographed with it. (you can see the picture at at news section) There was no one else asking for autographs so I took an opportunity for one more: When I got an autograph on the calendar it felt like Christmas ... hmm I mean KISSMAS. I called home, to Poland and told my wife and kids that I got a personal autograph for Natalie. You can imagine what was happening there! He had to go, and that was almost it. then as a last chance I run to the pick up point and had a chance to meet Gene for the last moment before he boarded the cab. I asked him that since I didn?t have a camera with me could I just have one photo done with my mobile. It was no problem and I got photo with Gene! All the time Gene was very, very nice, warm and like a gentleman. Great man! not only because of height ;-) So that how one of the greatest days in my life did looked like. I think it was the best, apart from my wedding and days when I did hold my newborn kids... I met a legend .... after 25 years of waiting. Unfortunately never had a chance to see KISS in concert, as their concert was cancelled in Warsaw. Maybe they will come to EU and UK? Hoping for that with my whole heart Just wanted to share with others.... Greetings to all KISS FANS. Wojciech (aka Stevensky)
From: VLADIMIR ILYIN, RUSSIA on 02/13/2007 KISS IS EVERYWHERE! While visiting old town in Krakow, Poland, I saw Top Guitar magazine with Paul Stanley on the cover. The magazine was featured in a street window. It was very nice to see Paul Stanley in this famous and public place! VLADIMIR ILYIN, RUSSIA LETTERS click here.
South African fans
Subject: South African KISS fans
From: Sean O\'Brien on 02/13/2007
Hi Guys, Hope you don't mind me posting this? I am a South African KISS fan, and saw a previous letter from a SA Kiss fan complaining about very few people in our country not knowing about KISS..well they don't know what they are missing!! Anyway, I have a few friends who are also fans, and would like to hear from other fans in South Africa! So any South African KISS fans are welcome to e-mail me at one of the following e-mail addresses: or O' Lastly, Metallica was here last year, saw them and it was absolutely awesome. ANY CHANCE OF KISS COMING HERE!!?? PLEASE GUYS I BEG YOU!!!! I WILL GIVE ANYTHING TO SEE YOU LIVE JUST ONCE!! COME ON..MAKE MY DAY!!
paul stanley solo tour
Subject: paul stanley solo tour
From: theprincess on 02/13/2007
Dear Paul, I am really excited to have booked a spot at the Twin Towns down at Tweed Heads on the Gold Coast this week. I cant wait to see you live and I love your CD, so passionate. I painted a picture for you on thick cardboard in 2001 which I never got to give to you, it\'s an A4 size useing differant mediums, gouache, pencils, a bit of gold leaf and I added rhinestones to it for effect and I mounted/framed it. I wasnt lucky enough to get hold of a meet and greet ticket, for the Twin Towns show, they sold out in a blink of an eye! If I bump into you I\'d like you to have it. If I dont than so fate be it ;) JR
Paul's Art Show
Subject: Paul's Art Show
From: MichellePK on 02/12/2007
Paul, I was at your art show in Short Hills on Saturday. I want to tell you how beautiful your paintings are in person. You are very talented and the pictures of them posted on the internet pale in comparison. Even though now isn't the right time for me to make a purchase, it was a pleasure seeing your work close-up. I almost didn't go to the show at all. My mother passed away last week after enduring a very painful battle with cancer, and this event was the furthest thing from my mind. I decided to attend. I admit that I felt awkward because I'm feeling my loss very deeply (I've been ripped to shreds emotionally and am physically exhausted), and I knew I wasn't leaving with a painting. However, I left Wentworth Gallery with a warm feeling. I'm glad I went. Take care, Michelle
Army and Riding Corpos Join Us at Show
Subject: Kiss Army and Riding Corpos Join Us at Show
From: KISS ARMY RIDING CORPS Arlington VA on 02/12/2007
Hello, is inviting the Kiss Army and National Riding Corps to our March 23rd 2007 GIG in D.C. * I am inviting D Smith (4) * to bring the National Riding Corpos. The gig details are on the band web site. This show is to be filmed by for T.V. Come on out and Tour D.C. And join us for some dancing fun. D. Williams Cheers David
Paul Stanley Tattoo
Subject: Paul Stanley Tattoo
From: Barbara Gaylor on 02/11/2007
Here\'s my first Paul Stanley Tattoo, It\'s how I live my life now. The whole album is my absolute favorite; I was sitting front row center when he came to Portland, Oregon
Pauls new album
Subject: Pauls new album
From: Rob Steele on 02/11/2007
I would just like to start out by saying, Pauls new solo album kicks ass. I wish there were 10 more songs on it. I would like to know if Paul plans on coming to Pennsylvania to promote Live To Win. I\'ve been a fan for over 30 years and would like to see Paul in a small venue. The last time I had a chance was in the early ninties at Lamour\'s in Brooklyn. Come to PA Paul we love you.
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