1st Place!
Subject: 1st Place!
From: Angie on 02/03/2007
Hello KISS! My name is Angie and I just wanted to let you know that my son and his three friends lip synched as KISS at their school. They performed \"Detroit Rock City\" and won first place! They\'re very excited about winning and wanted me to send you a picture of them. I have one with Gene, Ace, and Paul in it.... Blake is Paul Stanley, Luke is Gene Simmons, and Shaun is Ace. Best, Angie
MTV Unplugged
Subject: KISS MTV Unplugged
From: Mike on 02/03/2007
Hey guys. I wanted to let you guys know that you guys inspired me to strat playing music. And I play bass. But I was wondering where I could get the MTV Unplugged DVD. I cannot find it anywhere! It is the first concert with the originals since 1979 and you guys should give the new generation Kiss fans a chance to own this DVD. Yea hopefully you guys can awnser my question. Rock On guys!
To Gene
Subject: To Gene
From: kajarra/ Kristina velis on 02/03/2007
Dear Gene. I just wanted you to know how much I Love you I am your biggest fan I have been in love with you since I was 11 years old. I am 28 now. I know you hear this all the time but you are the most wonderful and sexy man alive. Without you and Kiss my life would have really sucked. Thanks love kristina
Guitar Hero II
Subject: Guitar Hero II
From: Anthony Castillo on 02/03/2007
Hey Guys! This one is aimed mostly at Gene and Paul. With the huge success of the Video Game \"Guitar Hero II\" on the PS2, which includes the amazing \"Strutter\", it has been slated for release on the XBox 360. They say that there will be new downloadable songs for the game via the XBox Live Marketplace. Seeing as KISS already has a song in the video game, can we expect to see additional KISS songs available for us via the Xbox Live Marketplace? I sure hope so! If not, I still have all my KISS albums to listen to. :) Best of Luck, Hope to see you all on tour soon! Tony Chicago, IL
Paul Stanley solo tour
Subject: Paul Stanley solo tour
From: theprincess on 02/02/2007
Dear Paul, Will you be touring outside of the U.S.A with your solo album? If so what country's are on the destination list? Thanks JR KOL RESPONSE: Paul will be touring Australia in April.
Brilliant Win
Subject: Brilliant Win
From: nineteeneighty on 02/02/2007
Paul, Live To Win Brilliance Keep Moving Forward, Never Stop Growing, Thanks for Staying True Thanks for Being There - always - Thanks for the years Never Stop Giving Persistence, Perseverance, Perfection See YOU in Melbourne XX
This Really Is A World!!!
Subject: This Really Is A Kiss World!!!
From: Brittany B. on 02/01/2007
I Truely Believe That The World Revolves (i think i spelled that right) Around The True KISS!!!....If Kiss Was Never A Band Then I Know Rock Wouldn\'t Be The Same As It Is Today, Or Maybe The World Would Stop Turning Its Really Untelling....But I LOVE You Guys And Always Will....Welp I\'m Going To Go Now....Talk To Ya All Later...Bye Byes ~*~Brittany~*~ (my friends call me ~*~Smiley~*~:D)
Why no \"Classic Albums: Destroyer\" on VH1 or DVD ??
Subject: Why no \"Classic Albums: Destroyer\" on VH1 or DVD ??
From: Gary Tyler, Norwalk CT on 01/31/2007
Dear Kissonline (and Gene, Paul, Ace, & Peter), I would like to suggest that \"Destroyer\" be part of the VH-1 \"Classic Albums\" DVD series. I would think that this album deserves to be acknowledged as one of the greatest rock albums ever, and I always wondered why it was not discussed in the Classic Albums series! It would be cool to see and hear Bob Ezrin along with Gene, Paul, Ace, & Peter discussing what went into the making of the album with isolated guitar, bass, vocal, and drum tracks being played, along with concert and tv footage. Just a suggestion :)
NEW CD... I Second That Motion
Subject: NEW KISS CD... I Second That Motion
From: S.D. Calhoun on 01/31/2007
I have to agree with Steven Adamson. PLEASE release a NEW studio CD. I honestly think that \'Psycho Circus\' was one of your best CDs to date. The \"best of\" and \"greatest hits\" are good for those who are catching up with KISStory, but those of us who have been around since day one would love to hear some new, original music. My son has really gotten into \"Family Jewels\" and he has come to appreciate my entire KISS library. Bring on the NEW stuff. By the way... the new comic book looks great.
Whole Tour
Subject: Whole Tour
From: Michelle on 01/30/2007
Dear Kiss I was unable to make the TOUR recent to the Land of DownUnder Australia i was wondering as to when the next tour of kiss is happening in Australia so as i can see every show every state plz plz plz come again for one whom waits in anticipation. KOL RESPONSE: No KISS tour plans of Australia right now but Paul Stanley will tour there in April.
My state of mind
Subject: My state of mind
From: Liz on 01/30/2007
I have been a fan from the beginning and with all I have been through lately, the loss of my parents My sons imprisonment and my attempted suicide I have to THANK-YOU so much for being you. Not a lot of people understand why cranking your tunes gets me through the day and I even play them all night on a video I made so I can sleep. The only thoughts in my mind at these times are PARTY AND LOVE OF GOOD TIMES.Again THANK-YOU DON\'T EVER STOP. And I love the show Gene,Sharon and Kids never miss even the re-runs lol.
From: Ollie Noakes on 01/30/2007
Hey there guys, how are you all?? I\'m a massive KISS fan and the news of the new comic book really got me excited!! One thing I\'d love more than anything would be for you guys to come over to the UK and play live sometime. I mean anywhere in the UK would be great, I live in Scotland you see, not much happens here the biggest we\'ve had here was Gun N\' Roses in Glasgow which os like a 4 hour drive away!! So please, please, please will you come over and rock the UK? Oh btw, Gene I saw you on the Paul O\'Grady show, dude you looked ace!! hope to see you and the rest of the band sometime!! Cya later guys!
from Birth
Subject: Kiss from Birth
From: Huggy Bear on 01/30/2007
Hey Guys! I was born in 1980 so I\'ve been a fan since my memory and conscience came into play. My only tunnel of information about KISS was with my cuz, who is a big fan since ya came out, he is 40 years old now. My mother refuse me from seeing any thing related with KISS. But I know you can understand. Hope to see you soon in concert since I\'ve never been able to. Thanks, Huggy Bear
From: Steven Adamson on 01/30/2007
Hello! You know it's been almost 10 years since the last KISS album and with this new line up that you have, it would be a shame not to make a new KISS album! GET IN THE STUDIO!! All the best, Steven
i wish i could see you all in concert in alabama
Subject: i wish i could see you all in concert in alabama
From: robby on 01/29/2007
i have always dreamed of going to one of your concerts but my parents would not let me they think your bad,but now i am 27yrs old and i hear you are not doing tours right now but i hope you do one soon so i can see what a real kiss concert is like it will be my first time my girlfriend talks about you all the time she has been a fan since 1975 yes shes an older woman and i like my women like my wine aged she talks alot about her times at the concerts she went to since shes been a fan we listen to your music at night when we go to bed kiss is the best i like your song unholy,take it off it makes our nights better if you get my meaning thank you for being you write back soon rco
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