tribute band dressed to kill
Subject: tribute band dressed to kill
From: demonsodyssey on 02/09/2007
I went to see the KISS tribute band \"Dressed To Kill\" last night. My wife and I took our two kids along with us. My kids have grown up with KISS\'music all their lives so it was special for them. It was especially a privilege for me as it was their first ever live rock gig.I have been ill and unable to attend any gigs for the last few years so that made it special for me too. I would like to thank \"Dressed To Kill\" for a fantastic evening of music and stage show. They showed my kids what a live KISS show would have been like in the early years with full make up and pyrotechnics, even fire breathing and blood spitting. They were a professional bunch of guys and a credit to the name of \"Tribute band\" as they showed a respect for the music and the persona of KISS, thanks guys.
Come to Sweden and give us Rock \'N\' Roll !!!
Subject: Come to Sweden and give us Rock \'N\' Roll !!!
From: Robin on 02/09/2007
Hello Paul, Gene, Eric and Tommy ! I hope you are going to Sweden soon, and give us some rock \'N\' roll. \"KISS gave Rock \'N\' Roll to Sweden\" And I want to say that every thing good comes from USA: KISS, Dragracing and Coca Cola. You are the best ! I love you all, and hope to see you in Sweden soon!
One More Tour?
Subject: One More Tour?
From: HallBoy / David on 02/08/2007
Hey guys, I am a 40 year old Kiss Fan / been a huge fan forever. I grew up with you guys jammin on my record player. I could go on and on with Kiss stoies. but I will spare you at this time. *Some of my friends, and me were wondering if you guys might do "One More World Tour?" I never got the chance to take my son to a Kiss concert / just woundering. Another #1 Fan for life, Peace, David
Hey I love you guys
Subject: Hey I love you guys
From: Courtney on 02/08/2007
I love GENE SIMMONS AND PAUL STANLEY. I really just wish you guys could get togther onemore time and come New York and play i'm only 12 and i really want to see you. And Gene Simmons your really hot and sexy. ♥. I LOVE YOU GUYS SO DOES MY DAD LOVE YOU 4 EVA
Lovin\' it loud!
Subject: Lovin\' it loud!
From: Kev Kaddatz on 02/08/2007
For 28 years, the duration of my life, KISS has ALWAYS been there!! Since I was a wee lad right up to now, I have always had a place in my heart and life for KISS! Recently things have been rough. I have until recently, over-indulged in drugs, and have decided to make better choices about my lifestyle. What does this have to do with KISS? Everything!! Over the recent weeks, listening to KISS albums and watching KISSOLOGY over and over has been therapeutic for me! When I go to work, I make sure I bring enough KISS to get me through a day! I really can\'t thank you guys enough for the years of kick ass music and the inspiration towards life, love and Rock\'n\'roll!! KISS loves us, and I love KISS!
guess the face! :)
Subject: guess the face! :)
From: Stacy on 02/08/2007
Hi! That's me again! Last time I sent a portrait of one pretty young man with blond hair. Did you recognize him? I'm not sure. Or maybe you just didn't have an opportunity to answer all the members of the KISSARMY. Well, I hope you'll recognize the blondy I've sent you and I give the next portrait :)
Subject: Pandas
From: J. Pearson on 02/08/2007
I receieved an email from a buddy of mine with this picture. This just proves that everybody is a KISS fan!.
Coming to europe? and thanks
Subject: Coming to europe? and thanks
From: Daniel on 02/07/2007
Dear Kiss, Firstly I would like to thank you for everything. Your music has been an inspiration and a source of encouragement to me over the last year. I played my first show (on bass) with my band back in September 06 and during the whole pre-show I was mumbling \"Rock n Roll All Night\" to remain calm. My band and I are all big fans and each one of us admires you all greatly. My brother, our drummer, is a particularly big fan of the late Eric Carr and actually was very sad on the day of the 15th anniversary of his unfortunate death. He aspires to one day be as good as Eric was. Also I was wondering if you guys plan on coming to europe anytime. I know for sure that me and the band will do anything we can to make it. Keep Rocking Forever With the utmost admiration, Daniel
makes it all better...
Subject: KISS makes it all better...
From: darkqueenangel9 on 02/07/2007
This is gonna sound stupid, but I had this fish named Oscar for about seven years. I trained him to chase your finger and laser lights and to jump out of the water and take food from your hand. Then last Sunday, he died. I\'m fifteen. Seven years is a long time to me. So, like an idiot, I stayed up until midnight that night crying hysterically. What stopped it? I finally turned some KISS songs and got my head to cool it. Then the next day (like some weird miracle) I got something in the mail I\'d been waiting for and not expecting for another few days: A complete set of KISS action figures. Yeah, then I cried again. But then I started snapping pictures of myself with them. And well (if it uploads right this time) here\'s one! Thanks for making my day better, KISS.
Here's some art for you
Subject: Here's some art for you
From: Terje on 02/06/2007
I really enjoyed Family jewels. Can't wait for the next season. Please come to Europe soon. Here's some art for you. Check my web tribute to Kiss : . Terje
The Twin Towns with Paul Stanley
Subject: The Twin Towns with Paul Stanley
From: theprincess on 02/04/2007
Dear Kol fans, Paul Stanley has not left out Queensland in his solo tour. He is playing a show down at the very end of the Gold Coast. A place called Tweed Heads a.k.a \"The Twin Towns\" as it runs straight into New South Wales. The add for his tour states the Gold Coast, thats Queensland. ;) JR
Paul Stanley portrait
Subject: Paul Stanley portrait
From: Réka from Hungary (again) on 02/04/2007
We again made something. We made a Paul Stanley portrait. We began the work about 20th of January. We made it for Paul Stanley\'s birthday. That child on the picture is our 6 years old cousin, his name is Lóri, he loves Kiss, and his favourite singer is Paul Stanley.
1st Place!
Subject: 1st Place!
From: Angie on 02/03/2007
Hello KISS! My name is Angie and I just wanted to let you know that my son and his three friends lip synched as KISS at their school. They performed \"Detroit Rock City\" and won first place! They\'re very excited about winning and wanted me to send you a picture of them. I have one with Gene, Ace, and Paul in it.... Blake is Paul Stanley, Luke is Gene Simmons, and Shaun is Ace. Best, Angie
MTV Unplugged
Subject: KISS MTV Unplugged
From: Mike on 02/03/2007
Hey guys. I wanted to let you guys know that you guys inspired me to strat playing music. And I play bass. But I was wondering where I could get the MTV Unplugged DVD. I cannot find it anywhere! It is the first concert with the originals since 1979 and you guys should give the new generation Kiss fans a chance to own this DVD. Yea hopefully you guys can awnser my question. Rock On guys!
To Gene
Subject: To Gene
From: kajarra/ Kristina velis on 02/03/2007
Dear Gene. I just wanted you to know how much I Love you I am your biggest fan I have been in love with you since I was 11 years old. I am 28 now. I know you hear this all the time but you are the most wonderful and sexy man alive. Without you and Kiss my life would have really sucked. Thanks love kristina
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