Subject: Paul
From: Solomon 007 on 01/19/2007
Dear Mr. Stanley! Firstly…Happy birthday to you!!! I’ve been KISS fan since 1976. When I heard “KISS ALIVE” album first in USSR – now it’s NEVERLAND (Thanks God!!!) – it just drove me crazy and this magic lasts. For me KISS is four great men as one, it’s a real FREEDOM, real ROCK-N-ROLL ALL NIGHT & ALL MY LIFE. I love it. Great thanks for “KISSOLOGY. VOL. 1” and your album “LIVE TO WIN”. This is quite awesome!!! We (my family and me) can’t wait for “KISSOLOGY. VOL. 2” and DVD “LIVE TO WIN TOUR”. Hail to Peter, Ace, Gene and also Bruce, Eric Carr (we remember him), Tommy and Eric! God bless your son, your wife and you, Paul! Be Happy! Carry on! With greatest respect, Oliver from Russia. P. S. I’m sorry, but I won’t visit your exhibition in N.Y.C. on the 10th of February this year because of my birthday on the 11th – 43 years ago. Hope to see your creature works on your Web-site. Good luck. P. P. S. Sorry that we congratulate you earlier than it is your birthday in L. A. but it’s the 20th of January in Moscow already.
Happy Birthday Paul!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Subject: Happy Birthday Paul!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
From: Ginger the Chihuahua and her Family on 01/19/2007
Hello Paul and Happy BD from Ginger the 3 lb. and my entire dog and people family. Thank you for putting me on the web sites for Kissmas! I\'m famous, now and give out my paw prints to my fans. We hope you have an awesome BD and another year of happiness and good health!
happy birthday, paul!
Subject: happy birthday, paul!
From: rockett on 01/19/2007
greetings from the philippines! i was writing scripts for portions of our weekly (saturday) radio countdown. one of those portions is called \"birthday board.\" then whoa! it\'s paul\'s birthday tomorrow! wow! so i thought i\'d drop a line here just to wish the starchild a happy birthday!!! i\'ve been a kiss fan since 73. i was 14! back then, i wished our radio stations would play more kiss songs. now at 44, at a small (but powerful) local radio station in southern philippines, i\'m the one making that wish a reality. i host a program every weeknights called \"rockett ride.\" for years now, my show opens with \"you wanted the best\" mondays to thursdays and \"rock and roll all nite\" every fridays (classic rock night) where there\'s always one (sometimes two) kiss song(s) every hour. yay! the show closes with either the alive or unplugged version of my opening number. it really feels so gratifying! happy birthday again, paul! Godspeed!
I Just Wanna Thank You
Subject: I Just Wanna Thank You
From: Bo Kelly on 01/19/2007
Hey guys, i\'m 12 years old, i live in australia melbourne, i\'ve been to the rock the nation concert and the kiss symphony concert(that was fantastic). Kiss have been so insperational to me i just wanna thank you for all the songs and being a great insperation for me, now i want to be a rockstar with some of my friends when i\'m older. I get made fun of at school because i love you guys, but i stood by what i beleived in and i\'m still goin strong listening to all your albums. My favourites are Paul and Thommy (sorry Gene and Eric) My room is filled with kiss stuff. And when are you coming back to Australia to tour again because i would love to see you again. I will always be a fan!!! ROCK ON!!!!!!!!!!!!!! P.S. My mum is a nail technician and everytime you come to do a concert she puts little dimonties on he nail the spell KISS!!!. Please write back. Seeya
help me!
Subject: help me!
From: simone italian kiss fan on 01/19/2007
Hi, guys, I\'m from Italy and I\'d like to see a concert of the hardest band of the world!!! KIIISS!!! ... You\'ve millions of fans in all the world... Please come to Europe for a little tour. Help me! I hope to see you soon. Bye!
concert in laredo texas
Subject: kiss concert in laredo texas
From: gene1972 on 01/18/2007
Our own \"KIDDIE \"
Subject: Our own \"KIDDIE KISS\"
From: Team Leal on 01/18/2007
Hi Guys! First let us start by telling you how incredible we think you are!!! Our Dad is a huge fan, you were his first concert when he was 10 yrs. old, and he has gotten us obsessed with you guys as well. We wanted to tell you about our own \"KIDDIE KISS\" concert we put on for our family & friends a couple of weeks ago. We sent out invitation tickets, re-named our house to Carey Collesium and put on the most rockin\' show ever! Our Dad, Mom and Aunt Lisa did our ( Kevin(Starchild) 8yrs., Kyle(Demon) 6yrs., Payton(Space Ace) 5yrs. and Josie(Cat) 3yrs.) make up for us. We picked our costumes and even used moon shoes as platforms! Kyle even did a tribute to Gene with a \"bloody mess\"! He said it tasted gross, but that it was so cool! We completely rocked the crowd with songs like Detroit Rock City, Dr. Love, Strutter and Firehouse. We brought the show down a notch with Beth, so that our \"groupies\" could catch their breath before we blew them all away with our finale of Rock n\' Roll All Nite! We wanted to share these pictures with our idols to show you how you have inspired us to be open, wild and free. We can\'t wait until you go on tour again. We will definately be in the audience rockin\' our hearts out! YOU ARE THE BEST!!!! Team Leal, N.J.
Mego Dolls
Subject: Mego KISS Dolls
From: Dave Campbell on 01/17/2007
When I was a child I bought the Mego dolls.I had to mow lawns all summer long,I was only ten years old. I had a great amount of pride in these dolls as I was a KISS fan, and I paid for them myself.(at ten years of age I remind you) My dolls proudly sat on every stereo I ever owned, up into my adult hood,untill a couple years ago,when my dog ate them. Out of the kindness of her heart my wife re-placed them this year at Christmas with some she found on e-bay. I took the left over parts and made one of Eric Carr. It turned out to really fit in with the other four , So I wanted to share it with the members of KISS and the other here it is, and feel free to post it on any site you think is best. Thank you for a lifetime of enjoyment. Dave Campbell from Kansas P.S. My dolls are now kept in a glass corner shelf.
Gene Simmons tongue
Subject: Gene Simmons tongue
From: on 01/17/2007
Dear Gene Why is your tongue so incredibly long? I have tried endlessly to get my tongue to stick out that far, but I cannot do it. Do you have any tips for me? please write back Tom Lucas
Volvos in Detroit Rock City
Subject: Volvos in Detroit Rock City
From: Sian on 01/16/2007
Hi, My name is Sian and I live in Ontario, Canada. My husband was involved in providing the Volvos used in the filming of Detroit Rock City...the reason that I\'m writing is that he did this before we met - and I am a huge Kiss fan! What an awesome chance to have been involved (however slightly)with the band I love, and I missed it! He laughs about it, but I was hoping that by some chance I may be able to bug you guys for a signed pic or such, especially of Ace. Thanks, Sian
Our MAS Card.
Subject: Our KISSMAS Card.
From: Jack (Gene), Sweden on 01/16/2007
Our KISSMAS Card. Best Wishes from Jack (Gene), Sweden
Just like Uncle Gene
Subject: Just like Uncle Gene
From: Howard Culver on 01/16/2007
To borrow a pharase, here is my daughter Olivia flexing her powerful and attractive three-year-old tongue, just like Uncle Gene..... Howard Culver Colby, KS
...a for especially Gene & Paul
Subject: ...a kiss for KISS especially Gene & Paul
From: Alex \"elderknight\" Pop on 01/16/2007
When i was a child (4 years old), my first record was SATISFACTION by THE ROLLING STONES, the second GET BACK from THE BEATLES and the third ALIVE II from KISS, what i want to say is...Since WICKED LESTER, Gene is my John Lennon (Rebel/Bad guy side), and Paul is my Paul Mc Cartney (, Kiss mixed really & very well the two \"monsters\" bands from the 60\'s, and injected the \"guitar explosion\" from 70\'s (thanx ACE !!!), so Kiss ! It\'s natural to me to love the two sides of Rock : Rebel & Love, what u realised with KISS ! Great combination ! Great Expactations ? Best Regards, Alex.
Subject: Kadaň
From: krkavec on 01/15/2007
Hello Kiss!!!!
Our own \"KIDDIE \"
Subject: Our own \"KIDDIE KISS\"
From: team_leal on 01/15/2007
We are a complete KISS family, right down to our yougest 3 yr. old daughter! This past weekend, our children put on their own \"KIDDIE KISS\" concert for our family, just because they wanted to for fun. We sent tickets as invitations and made special emails to promote our event. Everyone came in their rock gear, even though some outfits were tighter than they had been in the days when they were first worn! Our children, Kevin, 8yrs (STARCHILD), Kyle 6yrs. (DEMON), Payton, 5yrs. (SPACE ACE) and Josie, 3yrs. (CAT) rocked out with songs like, Detroit Rock City, Beth, Rock n\' Roll All Night and Strutter! They were truly amazing! They knew all the words and their movements were just a smaller version of the real deals. Our son Kevin has Paul Stanley down completely. The kids worked really hard to get it all togehter. They practiced their poses, songs, struts. Kyle performed a great tribute to Gene with blood! We hope that you enjoy our pictures, as much as we enjoyed making them!
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