Paul's Art Show
Subject: Paul's Art Show
From: MichellePK on 02/12/2007
Paul, I was at your art show in Short Hills on Saturday. I want to tell you how beautiful your paintings are in person. You are very talented and the pictures of them posted on the internet pale in comparison. Even though now isn't the right time for me to make a purchase, it was a pleasure seeing your work close-up. I almost didn't go to the show at all. My mother passed away last week after enduring a very painful battle with cancer, and this event was the furthest thing from my mind. I decided to attend. I admit that I felt awkward because I'm feeling my loss very deeply (I've been ripped to shreds emotionally and am physically exhausted), and I knew I wasn't leaving with a painting. However, I left Wentworth Gallery with a warm feeling. I'm glad I went. Take care, Michelle
Army and Riding Corpos Join Us at Show
Subject: Kiss Army and Riding Corpos Join Us at Show
From: KISS ARMY RIDING CORPS Arlington VA on 02/12/2007
Hello, is inviting the Kiss Army and National Riding Corps to our March 23rd 2007 GIG in D.C. * I am inviting D Smith (4) * to bring the National Riding Corpos. The gig details are on the band web site. This show is to be filmed by for T.V. Come on out and Tour D.C. And join us for some dancing fun. D. Williams Cheers David
Paul Stanley Tattoo
Subject: Paul Stanley Tattoo
From: Barbara Gaylor on 02/11/2007
Here\'s my first Paul Stanley Tattoo, It\'s how I live my life now. The whole album is my absolute favorite; I was sitting front row center when he came to Portland, Oregon
Pauls new album
Subject: Pauls new album
From: Rob Steele on 02/11/2007
I would just like to start out by saying, Pauls new solo album kicks ass. I wish there were 10 more songs on it. I would like to know if Paul plans on coming to Pennsylvania to promote Live To Win. I\'ve been a fan for over 30 years and would like to see Paul in a small venue. The last time I had a chance was in the early ninties at Lamour\'s in Brooklyn. Come to PA Paul we love you.
expo cleveland
Subject: kiss expo cleveland
From: daddyo on 02/11/2007
dear kissonline, just had to write and tell you what a great time we had at the expo. just wanted all kiss fans to know if they get a chance to go. I can not get over how nice eric singer was. I watch this man for hours sit and sign autograph have his pictures taken and yet be so polite and kind to everyone in line, even after six or seven hours he was still so polite and nice. everyone had a story to tell and he took the time to listen. my son was so nervous to meet him that he couldn\'t hardly speak. Eric hug him and thank him for coming. what a guy!! it was a great day sorta like being at a family reunion. but with great rock and roll! Eric thanks again you were the greatest!!! sincerly yours jp leary and jp leary II
Paul\'s Art Show in NJ
Subject: Paul\'s Art Show in NJ
From: Jazzing in Jersey on 02/11/2007
Rude, obnoxious, money hungry – that is how I describe Paul Stanley . I waited in line for almost TWO hours to get into the Wentworth Gallery at Short Hills,NJ. When our turn came, they allowed 25 in at a time. We saw Paul at the back of the gallery as he was finishing a photo shoot with an art purchaser. What would ANY FAN DO? We all calmly walked towards the rear of the gallery which was sectioned off by a rope. We were all smiling, thrilled that he was RIGHT THERE . My sister and I said “Hi Paul” and he turned around and walked over to the ropes. He was literally 10 feet from us. Our smiles turned to dropped mouths at what he said. He was straight faced and did not smile – instead, he reprimanded us with the following: \"PEOPLE, this is NOT a guitar shop, this is NOT a music store. This is an ART gallery and I am here to sell my art. I am not here to meet any of you, I am not signing anything nor will I speak to you unless you purchase art……….” . Then he turned his back on us & walked into the back room. We didn’t even get a chance to LOOK at the art because when we entered the gallery we saw him – well – we are there BECAUSE OF HIM, we are FANS. What did he expect us to do, walk around and pretend he wasn’t in the room with us . He NEVER thanked us for taking the time to wait in line and to enjoy his art. Instead, he snapped at us and treated us like imbeciles. We all stood around and complained about his behavior ad the Gallery Owner apologized on his Paul’s behalf. NOT GOOD ENOUGH, sorry ! Money-hungry and stuck-up – that is Paul. Stanley. No longer will I ever believe any of the things in print about how nice he is. Maybe he’s nice when you open up your wallet ..when IT BENEFITS him. Kiss my ass Paul. You may rock but your attitude SUCKED. You are like everybody else without your fans. Wake up buddy. Instead of LIVE TO WIN… how about LIVE TO BE a JERK. You are an embarrassment to your craft and I am disappointed and now an ex-fan. Donna
Paul @ Wentworth Gallery
Subject: Paul @ Wentworth Gallery
From: Paula on 02/10/2007
Dear Paul, Thanks so much for spending time with Jake and Emmy tonight at Wentworth Gallery. Jake wanted you to have the drawing he made and was so proud to present it to you. You not only made his night, but you have given him a moment he will never forget. Thanks again for being so wonderful! Paula Andy Jake & Emmy Watts
tribute band dressed to kill
Subject: tribute band dressed to kill
From: demonsodyssey on 02/09/2007
I went to see the KISS tribute band \"Dressed To Kill\" last night. My wife and I took our two kids along with us. My kids have grown up with KISS\'music all their lives so it was special for them. It was especially a privilege for me as it was their first ever live rock gig.I have been ill and unable to attend any gigs for the last few years so that made it special for me too. I would like to thank \"Dressed To Kill\" for a fantastic evening of music and stage show. They showed my kids what a live KISS show would have been like in the early years with full make up and pyrotechnics, even fire breathing and blood spitting. They were a professional bunch of guys and a credit to the name of \"Tribute band\" as they showed a respect for the music and the persona of KISS, thanks guys.
Come to Sweden and give us Rock \'N\' Roll !!!
Subject: Come to Sweden and give us Rock \'N\' Roll !!!
From: Robin on 02/09/2007
Hello Paul, Gene, Eric and Tommy ! I hope you are going to Sweden soon, and give us some rock \'N\' roll. \"KISS gave Rock \'N\' Roll to Sweden\" And I want to say that every thing good comes from USA: KISS, Dragracing and Coca Cola. You are the best ! I love you all, and hope to see you in Sweden soon!
One More Tour?
Subject: One More Tour?
From: HallBoy / David on 02/08/2007
Hey guys, I am a 40 year old Kiss Fan / been a huge fan forever. I grew up with you guys jammin on my record player. I could go on and on with Kiss stoies. but I will spare you at this time. *Some of my friends, and me were wondering if you guys might do "One More World Tour?" I never got the chance to take my son to a Kiss concert / just woundering. Another #1 Fan for life, Peace, David
Hey I love you guys
Subject: Hey I love you guys
From: Courtney on 02/08/2007
I love GENE SIMMONS AND PAUL STANLEY. I really just wish you guys could get togther onemore time and come New York and play i'm only 12 and i really want to see you. And Gene Simmons your really hot and sexy. ♥. I LOVE YOU GUYS SO DOES MY DAD LOVE YOU 4 EVA
Lovin\' it loud!
Subject: Lovin\' it loud!
From: Kev Kaddatz on 02/08/2007
For 28 years, the duration of my life, KISS has ALWAYS been there!! Since I was a wee lad right up to now, I have always had a place in my heart and life for KISS! Recently things have been rough. I have until recently, over-indulged in drugs, and have decided to make better choices about my lifestyle. What does this have to do with KISS? Everything!! Over the recent weeks, listening to KISS albums and watching KISSOLOGY over and over has been therapeutic for me! When I go to work, I make sure I bring enough KISS to get me through a day! I really can\'t thank you guys enough for the years of kick ass music and the inspiration towards life, love and Rock\'n\'roll!! KISS loves us, and I love KISS!
guess the face! :)
Subject: guess the face! :)
From: Stacy on 02/08/2007
Hi! That's me again! Last time I sent a portrait of one pretty young man with blond hair. Did you recognize him? I'm not sure. Or maybe you just didn't have an opportunity to answer all the members of the KISSARMY. Well, I hope you'll recognize the blondy I've sent you and I give the next portrait :)
Subject: Pandas
From: J. Pearson on 02/08/2007
I receieved an email from a buddy of mine with this picture. This just proves that everybody is a KISS fan!.
Coming to europe? and thanks
Subject: Coming to europe? and thanks
From: Daniel on 02/07/2007
Dear Kiss, Firstly I would like to thank you for everything. Your music has been an inspiration and a source of encouragement to me over the last year. I played my first show (on bass) with my band back in September 06 and during the whole pre-show I was mumbling \"Rock n Roll All Night\" to remain calm. My band and I are all big fans and each one of us admires you all greatly. My brother, our drummer, is a particularly big fan of the late Eric Carr and actually was very sad on the day of the 15th anniversary of his unfortunate death. He aspires to one day be as good as Eric was. Also I was wondering if you guys plan on coming to europe anytime. I know for sure that me and the band will do anything we can to make it. Keep Rocking Forever With the utmost admiration, Daniel
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