I love your music even today!!
Subject: I love your music even today!!
From: Giuseppe_fidanzata on 01/14/2007
I love your guys music, I introduced to my bf the song Beth. I remember when I first heard my song, I was a kid and my dad was in his drinking stages. I even remember the first movie you did, I still love to laugh at it. It was great. I believe it was Kiss Meets the Phantom of the Park and I remember Beth was being played. I loved that song. Now my bf loves it too. I wish I could find it again. I even wish it was DVD. I would buy it just to hold on the memorbilia. I was at your Goodbye concert. It was a blast. I still love Ace F. Especially he made that noise lol. I tried to mimic him when I was young. I will miss you guys. Hope to see ya again. My bf now says that song is like me and him, Beth song. Hugs.
early concert in st.louis forest park
Subject: early kiss concert in st.louis forest park
From: mark ing kissmycorvette@yahoo.com godfrey ill. on 01/14/2007
my letter is more directed towards gene and paul i have been trying to get information on a gig you guys played in forest park sponsered by kshe95 real rock radio at the kshe kite fly my friends have said a few things on it but i cant find it listed anywhere i know that you guys list alot of concerts that were taped and recorded im thinking this might have been in the bands very early stages right after wicked lester i have been to many kiss concerts in st.louis and have prided my self on knowing dates but this one i cant seem to find out to much information on was wondering if i could find out a date on this thanks so much for your time st.louis kiss fan mark
Touring Plans
Subject: Touring Plans
From: Assman on 01/14/2007
Hey guys, I read in a recent interview with Paul that you may tour again. I have been a fan since I was 9 years old (ironically after the make-up came off.) I have never seen you guys in my part of the country and I have never seen the make-up show. I live on the east coast of Canada in Nova Scotia. I had the chance to see you back in 1990 on the Hot in the Shade tour but the Atlantic Canada dates ( Moncton, Halifax & Sydney) had to be cancelled due to Paul\'s broken ribs. This past September, the Rolling Stones drew 60,000+ fans in the pouring rain at an outdoor concert in Halifax Nova Scotia on a bill that incluede Kanye West and Alice Cooper ( with Eric Singer on drums for Alice). The previous September they drew 80,000 at an outdoor show in Moncton New Brunswick. Several members of Halifax\'s city council have stated publicly that if it was their personal choice, they would have KISS headlining the next big outdoor summer concert in Halifax. You have a huge fan base in this part of our country that has never seen the legendary KISS show. Would you ever consider such a show if it were proposed to you?
with an Australian twist
Subject: KISS with an Australian twist
From: jabwoni666 on 01/14/2007
Dear KISS, We attended the cricket today in Hobart to watch Australia kick New Zealands butt, a nice change as we\'ve been getting a bit sick off thrashing the Poms. The Poms have their \"Barmy Army\" and Australia generally have our \"Boony Army\" but we decided today was an ideal opportunity to fly the flag of the \"KISS Army\". The kids got a lot of attention, including being included on the Australian Cricket web page. Hope you like the photo. Regards, Andrew.
Tour \'07
Subject: Tour \'07
From: Kiss Fanatic on 01/14/2007
hey. i love kiss. i was turned on to you guys from my dad. i was wondering if you were going to do a tour for \'07? If you do could you come to Brisbane, Australia. thats where i live. im 14. and ive never been to a kiss concert. but thats my goal before i die. to go to a kiss concert. thanks alot. oh yeah. i play guitar and i really want an electric guitar. could i have Gibson Les Paul Guitar thats Cherry Sunburst Guitar. please. thanks. You Wanted The Best? You Got The Best. The Hottest Band In The World. KISS!!!
Subject: yoooooo
From: kissinsane10 on 01/13/2007
Hey guys im only 14 and i have a band we prety much play all kiss. My dad saw you guys back in the 70\'s and i NEED to see you. my whole room is KISS. posters, calenders, lights and i have almost evey kiss origanal record. ive been lisining to you guys since i was like 6. no joke! :] thanks you guys. Paul your my role model! i can always add to my colection! Colin Malone 8316 Maple Dr Chesterland OH 44026
Next Generation Fans
Subject: Next Generation Kiss Fans
From: Colleens89 on 01/12/2007
Dear Kiss, Wanted to write to tell you how devoted your new generation of Kiss Fans are. I have two boys 12 and 9 who devote all their spare time listening to your CD\'s and watching Kiss Anthology. This past Halloween my 12 year old dressed up as Paul Stanley and my 9 year old Gene Simmons. They also carved their pumkins to look like Paul and Gene. They can\'t wait for you to tour New England so they can attend their 1st Kiss concert.
tour \'07
Subject: tour \'07
From: austin bailey on 01/12/2007
dear kiss you guys have to tour again and play mostly in texas...like houston, well my name is austin bailey im 16 and im from danbury tx a little bity town. back in the 70\'s my dad saw KISS in concert and i\'ve bought rock the nation & kissology, but its not the same...please have a concert in houston. also can i have a guitar pick that says kiss on it please.... austin bailey p.o. box 482 danbury tx 77534 please!!!! austin bailey
tara »music from my heart
Subject: tara »music from my heart
From: tara on 01/12/2007
you guys rock 4 ever. I love the music. my favorite song (love gun) I playing the guitar,maybe I gonna to play bass. But firts the guitar. yea yea!! rock is the best! I have also a site if you are curious?? www.kwint.piczo.com . bye, KISS keep rocking
Ace Frehley
Subject: Ace Frehley
From: krisscool on 01/12/2007
To Ace Frehley im your big fan im found Kiss video on youtube.com and it\'s pretty good KISS is the best band I\'ve ever heard you are the best gutaririst ever. SORRY FOR MY LANGUAGE IM NOT GOOD IN ENGLISH
...request for OLOGY vol II...
Subject: ...request for KISSOLOGY vol II...
From: Alex\"elderknight\"Pop on 01/12/2007
Hello & Happy New Year 2007 to all ! I want to thank every persons which are in creation of the DVD KISSOLOGY vol 1: what a beautiful piece of dream for ears and eyes !!! Thank you KISS to be here again ! For KISSOLOGY vol II; PLEASE put inside this, some materials from DYNASTY, UNMASKED ans especially THE ELDER (music from), THE ELDER is probably one of your best record of KISS, not enough understood in 80\'s...maybe, but, anyway...I waiting for... Best regards, Alex.
I\'m a new member
Subject: I\'m a new member
From: toddles on 01/12/2007
G\'day Paul,Gene,Tommy,Eric I\'m a new member and just want to say I think you guys are the best rock band of all time. I\'ve only been listening to your music for a few months and is the best i\'ve ever heard i\'m only 14 and that is the reason I havn\'t been a fan very long. I just want to ask you guys if you are going to be releasing a new album soon if so i\'d love to hear back
sirius radio
Subject: sirius radio
From: Larry Kadey ,Medicine Hat ,Alberta, Canada on 01/11/2007
hey guys was wondering if you guys are going to do an all KISS station on sirius radio like elvis and the stones and the who does...I think it would be awesome if you did..thnxs Larry
SIMS video
Subject: SIMS Kiss video
From: Rory on 01/11/2007
Hey Paul & Gene, I found this SIMS Kiss video on youtube.com and it's pretty good! Thought you'd like it if you haven't already seen it. Someone put alot of work into this. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jWPRjutUFN0 .
for gene!!
Subject: for gene!!
From: crystif on 01/11/2007
Hi Gene..I\'m an italian designer, and I have for you this pair of shoe! you like??... Smack Cristina
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