Paul Stanley, Gene Simmons
Subject: Paul Stanley, Gene Simmons
From: valgreed on 10/15/2006
HY, I,m your fan seems 1976. I know all your songs. I meen best members was the first (Stanley,Simmons,Frehley,Criss).Just now I hear \"Live to win\". This song is very good, like \"Strutter\" or \"Love gun\". So I ask: would you visit Russia? I have ticket to the concert in Moscow 1998, but you don,t come... I,m waiting for your answer and hope to see KISS I,m sorry for my english. I never learn it, wail Ich Deutch lernte.
Gene-Thanks for visiting the Oxford Valley Mall
Subject: Gene-Thanks for visiting the Oxford Valley Mall
From: Suzy Lubanski on 10/14/2006
Dear Gene, Thank you again for taking time out of your busy schedule to visit us at the Oxford Valley Mall (Langhorne, PA) for the KISS cologne/perfume promotion. It was an absolute honor and privilege to meet you in person. You were super nice to everyone, including me, and I can\'t tell you how enough much I appreciate it. THANK YOU! Hope you can make it back to our area again sometime soon. Love always, Suzy PS: The cologne and perfume smell great, what a cool idea!
Tour to Istanbul Rock City
Subject: Tour to Istanbul Rock City
From: Gunes on 10/14/2006
Hail.... we need Gods of Hard Rock at Istanbul!!! pls give a chance to us and come to turkey to istanbul. there are to many fans and our foods are realy good :)
!!!!! Rock & Roll!
Subject: KISS!!!!! Rock & Roll!
From: (`._) (Valerie) (`._) <3 on 10/14/2006
Hey Kiss, Well first i would want to tell you that i love your music. Especially the song i was made for lovin you. that is a very good song. Keep doing what your doing cause singing is fun:) and ya rock!My dad & me love ya. My dad been to every concert of yours. He loves ya especially me. My dad was Gene Simons For holloween last year :) yeah it was cool.Also never forget that your fans love you. and we will follow ya\'ll in everything ya\'ll do i would love to meet ya\'ll. im your biggest fan:).I hope ya\'ll keep singing cause i love the way you sing Always remember that we are here with you to ROCK & ROLL. God bless ya\'ll and keep rocking with your music. Love ya\'ll. (`._) (Valerie) (`._)
All Canadian tour
Subject: All Canadian tour
From: Stan M. on 10/13/2006
KISS should do an all Canadian tour in these places Toronto, ON (SkyDome) Ottawa, ON (Scotiabank Place) Hamilton, ON (Copps Coliseum) Thunder Bay, ON (Fort William Gardens) Montreal, QU (Olympic Stadium) Winnipeg, MA (MTS Centre) Saskatoon, SK (Credit Union Centre) Calgary, AB (Pengrowth Saddledome) Edmonton, AB (Rexall Place) Vancouver, BC (GM Place) Quebec City, QU (Colisee Pepsi) Halifax, NS (Metro Centre)
my first concert
Subject: my first KISS concert
From: modenbaugh36 on 10/13/2006
In October of 2003, I had the chance to attend my very first Kiss concert at the White River Amphitheatre. It was one of the most exciting experiences of my life. Just being able to see Gene live is something that I will NEVER forget as long as I live! I only hope that if I get the chance to see them again, I am closer to the stage so I can be closer to him! I LOVE YOU DEMON!
can\'t wait
Subject: can\'t wait
From: daddyo and cjleary on 10/13/2006
I know november has to get here pretty soon. but we just can\'t wait. PAUL live in pa! the greatest front man in the history of rock! also congrat on your supreme court win. working with lawyers it was great the be the one with all the kiss knowledge. We loved it. Long live kiss long live rock and roll. also will keep eyes and ears open for gene in the mall. how cool would that be. well gotta run take care and love always! daddyo and cj
When will you be back in maine
Subject: When will you be back in maine
From: Tim on 10/12/2006
When will kiss be back in maine I have had tickets to go a few times and have never been able to make the shows. There was onceI bought 8 tickets and a limo for me and friends to attend one of the concerts in Portland maine and the job at the time I had required me to leave for florida the day before. I am wondering when kiss will be returning to maine I have been a fan since I was 7 or so I am know 37 and still rocking with kiss. Tim
Please come to Ireland
Subject: Please come to Ireland
From: Patrick McClurg on 10/12/2006
Dear Kiss dudes, I live in the Far off land of Northern Ireland, and I enjoy going to the odd concert (I\'m going to see iron maiden in december). I have seen a good few classic bands in my short lifetime, but currently, i am YET TO SEE KISS. you guys rawk, i own the most awesome pair of kiss shorts. every1 i no wants them (cept hardons are real obvious in them, but hey, i aint complainin xD), certainly, ther wud be no difficulty in you finding a crowd, and i want some awesome stadium rawking from you guys !! come on, you\'re american, u gotta love the irish. Please dudes, for me Patrick
From: Marcio on 10/12/2006
Painting of Gene
Subject: Painting of Gene
From: on 10/11/2006
Hello KISS, I\'m sending you a picture of an oil painting of Gene that was painted by Mike Mariacher, from Youngstown Ohio. He did it in 1986 when he was in college. He\'s always been an artist. He\'s done a lot of KISS related paintings and drawings, but he\'s much too modest to ever send them to you. Although, he did give me permission to pass this one on.
Subject: Allentown
From: mike mcgrath on 10/10/2006
Hey i was at e allentwon expo and i would like to say it was amazing the Al and Keith were very nice and i hope to see them again soon at the paul shows the website is amazing thanks for rockin.
The annual pumpkin festival
Subject: The annual pumpkin festival
From: Sean P McKenna on 10/10/2006
The annual pumpkin festival....... Sean P McKenna Sales Manager Halifax Chamber of Commerce Stronger Together.
Subject: PAUL CD
From: Patrick on 10/10/2006
Paul Stanley\'s Live to Win is album of the month october on PsychoCircusradio. Every show a track of the new album and all the news we\'ve got. Psycho Circus Radio is broadcasted by Gelre Fm, and aired tuesday evening from 21:00 hrs till 23:00 hrs CET Radio Rock Show since sept.1998 broadcast time tuesday evening 21:00 and 23:00 hrs CET broadcasted by Gelre.Fm p/a schaepmanstraat 3 7141 TR Groenlo Netherlands
To write to the best kick ass band ever
Subject: To write to the best kick ass band ever
From: kissarmy9814 from NewYork on 10/10/2006
I know that Kiss is the best Rock N\'Roll band ever if you ever tour again I hope you tour in NewYork.
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