Paul Stanley\'s \'Live To Win\' On South Park
Subject: Paul Stanley\'s \'Live To Win\' On South Park
From: Jourden M on 10/07/2006
Hey KISSONLINE, As soon as I saw that Live To Win is on South Park, I was so excited! I have found the new episode on its real funny too, heres the link to it: now you can all enjoy it over and over again! thanks guys!! Jourden M
Paul Stanley\'s \'Live To Win\' On South Park
Subject: Paul Stanley\'s \'Live To Win\' On South Park
From: Jourden M on 10/07/2006
Hey KISSONLINE, As soon as I saw that Live To Win is on South Park, I was so excited! I have found the new episode on its real funny too, heres the link to it: now you can all enjoy it over and over again! thanks guys!! Jourden M
in The Rock Hall, tour
Subject: KISS in The Rock Hall, tour
From: The Cosmicwolf on 10/07/2006
Asylum, Crazy Nights, Hot In The Shade are great KISS albums as for that one time I thought Unholy the song was controversial \"but\" it was a Gene/Vinnie song not a Kiss song... Now lets take KISS when they had make-up they each were their own personality, or persona I mean one character did not make-up the meaning of KISS Paul thought of KISS and was like Keep It Simple Stupid and that\'s how they got the name cause he wanted to keep it simple as it was very hard finding a name Bruce Kulick is an awesome guitarist...KISS had 5 lead guitarists, that\'s a sign meaning if something went wrong and a new musician was needed they\'d get one Mick Jagger, Paul Mccartney, Elvis for that matter would have said kiss my ass if they didn\'t get in of course ELVIS is the King of Rock \'N\' Roll Gene said it after the KISS Symphony prooving they are great musicians when people said they weren\'t Rock And Roll over Ladies Room??? See you in Your dreams Tonight??? KISS is as popular in their own right as The Beatles, The Stones, Elvis I\'am of the Keep It Simple Stupid army but we are smart fans and we like different artists...Gene didn\'t mean it he was just aggravated 1974 was their first album it\'s been 25 years the question we \"million\" KISS fans want to know is where is KISS in the Rock Hall oh yea and make this next tour in the USA and maybe a new album
Canadian Touring
Subject: Canadian Touring
From: Sean P. on 10/06/2006
Please come to Winnipeg, Manitoba and play at the MTS Centre on your next tour!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Can my dream ever come true? And how???
Subject: Can my dream ever come true? And how???
From: Jessie Brown on 10/06/2006
Hello, KISS! My name is Jessie. I had an older step-brother who turned me on to KISS when I was about 6 yrs. old. I was amazed! I remember hanging out with him and all I could talk about was my dream of KISS coming back to life. Then the unthinkable happened. KISS Reunion!!! I had no idea what was about to happen. KISS then became my favorite band EVER! I couldn\'t go to the 96\' tour, but went to my first show during the Pshyco Circus tour. And by the way, that was the coolest stuff I have ever seen! The whole 3-d thing was spectacular! Anyways, I then went on to show up at a few more tours after that one. I have grown to be a huge fan, and I have a new dream. I am married now. My wife\'s name is Stephanie. We have two little girls, and we are the happiest couple in the world. Theres only one problem. She has never seen KISS live. I\'m almost sure you guys will go on tour again, just from the hints that have been thrown out there. But here\'s my dream! Not only do I want her to see the best show on earth, but I would love for her and I to go to a KISS show and be right up front. I would give ANYTHING!!! I hear of these platinum packages and such, how does a guy like me get one of these? I just know that her first KISS show needs to be an experience of a lifetime... I am trying hard to create a KISS Army member out of her...! :) Someday, Someday she\'ll get it... But a good show up front would surely seal the deal for her...! Could you let me know if there\'s any price or way to get such an experience. I love you guys like family... Tommy... You too buddy. Ace was cool. Drugs and such are not.. You seem to have a clear head and really seem to love putting your twist on KISS music. I love it. And Eric. You couldn\'t be better. I am a drummer myself and man, what an opporotunity! Jamming with KISS again. Keep it up! You rock and I love your style...! KISS will live on forever, kinda like this letter. Sorry so long!!! But it\'s kinda hard to put this all in to words... Please write me back..! -Jesse
touring in Milan
Subject: touring in Milan
From: annarock1800 on 10/06/2006
KISS please tour in Italyyyyyyyyy!!!!!please please please!!come in Milan, I want to see you!!!
tommy's new site
Subject: tommy's new site
From: daddyo on 10/06/2006
just wanted to say great new site for tommy. can begin to tell you how great you are. you are a better ace than ace. You and eric have make this lineup of kiss the best ever. (just don't tell eric that my favorite kiss drummer of all time was eric carr)(just something about him that always him so lovable and show that kiss could go on with different people and go on even stronger.) but eric singer is without doubt the heaviest metal drummer ever in the kiss lineup. and that a great thing. who would think that a band could get even better year after year. keep up the good fight and long live rock and roll!!!! jp leary P.S. untill they let you in the rock and roll hall of fame. the fans know who the real gods of rock and roll are. still the hottest band in the world KISS!!!!!!
When are you coming in Ohio?
Subject: When are you coming in Ohio?
From: Renee on 10/06/2006
Dear KISS, I have been married to a BIG KISS fan for a 1yr now. He is teaching me everything and I am really looking forword to see you all in concent but when are you all coming in Akron OHIO? I have seen recorded things that my husband had before we had gotton together and NOW I LOVE YOUR MUSIC!! Please Let me know when you are planning coming in even if its around here I would like to get tickets to my husband to as a big gift because he says that he would love to see you all again...He already went to one of them but would love to go again and I would loove to go with him...LOVE YOU ALL!!!!! Renee
My wife loves and i love my wife!!!
Subject: My wife loves KISS and i love my wife!!!
From: pashdata on 10/05/2006
Mr. Paul Stanley My wife has always been a fan of KISS and especially a fan of yours. We seperated about a year ago, and I have been working hard to make things up to her and show her how much I really love her. Things are going well between us and i want to do something special for her to show her I\'m thinking of her. I\'ve never written to a celebrity before, and I\'ve never asked for anything that I didn\'t earn, but I have always been impressed by you and the band. You always give the fans the credit for your success and have always shown them the respect they deserve. Thats why I am writing to ask if you could send my wife something from you. It doesnt have to be anything fancy or exotic. Just a picture, or a note that says \"To Sherrie, one of my biggest fans\". It would mean alot to her and alot to me to see her happy and show her that if she lets me i can try to make good things happen for her and our beautiful kids. Even if you don\'t see this, or are unable to help me, I want to thank you for all the years of music. I and many of my friends grew up listening to KISS and still do to this day. All the best to you and the entire band, and congratulations on your new baby!!!!! Thank you for your time.
Toronto dates
Subject: Toronto dates
From: Anne on 10/05/2006
Hey, Paul: Just wondering if you are going to be able to come to Toronto in the near future. The last time I saw you was at the Pantages Theatre. You were incredible as the phantom. Take care and God bless, Anne Ireland
Please come to AUSTRALIA!!!!
Subject: Please come to AUSTRALIA!!!!
From: Katy on 10/05/2006
G\'day mates, You guys are the gods of rock!! What are you waiting for?:)Please come tour Brisbane Sydney!!! We would love to see you sooo much. Love your work guys. See you soon, Love Katy XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX
From: ?????? on 10/04/2006
Can this be a shirt?
Words From An Egyptian Fan
Subject: Words From An Egyptian KISS Fan
From: Badre El Amir Bally ( on 10/04/2006
Dear KISS, This is Badre Bally from Egypt, born in Brighton, England to a Sunni muslim family. I\'ve been a KISS fan for quite a while and you guys are my favorite band of all time. I remember first hearing about you when the original lineup made a comeback on MTV, then seeing you on MTV\'s Unplugged was one of my greatest moments as a music fan. I\'m not really the type of fan who would wear makeup (maybe...) but I still cherish you as the Hottest In The World that you are. I\'m not the type of fan who would go crazy \"anything\" by KISS, there are works I like and works I don\'t. I don\'t any of your albums except Psyco Circus because you guys aren\'t really known in Egypt except among the Egyptian Rock/Metal community. I bet they sell KISS albums in those really expensive Music stores and shopping centers. The metal craze hit big in the 90\'s and Egyptians music fans went crazy over guys like Metallica, Pantera and Guns And Roses which may explain why Psyco Circus was the only KISS album released in the general, less expensive Music Stores in Egypt because it came out during the whole Rock craze in the 90\'s. So I\'ve been depending on the satalite dish and the internet to listen some of your songs. I\'ve sort of trying to make KISS known among the Egyptian metal community (making posts on Egyptian Metal forum, giving my friends a sample of KISS music)because have a deserving place among the great legends of Rock N Roll. Although I admit I was \"hurt\" about what Gene said about my religion, that hasn\'t stopped me from being a KISS fan. It would be great if you guys made an Egyptian tour. Best Of Wishes to All KISS members (Peter and Ace included) and RIP Eric Carr. Badre El Amir Bally
Come here!
Subject: Come here!
From: Finland on 10/04/2006
Please make my dreams come true, COME TO FINLAND! You have many finnish fans here, waiting for you! You could have the biggest stage in whole country, Hartwall-arena. Please come here, you guys have been here only once. I think next time should come soon! Finnish KISS fan
congrats to Paul & Erin
Subject: congrats to Paul & Erin
From: katdawg1965 on 10/04/2006
Dear Paul, Can\'t wait to hear the new album. Heard you and the wife had a blessed event on the 6th; blessings to your family! You know, if you\'d only married me years ago, you\'d have a beautiful 7-yr-old daughter, born on Just kiddin\'--nudge, nudge, wink, wink. Seriously, though---much happiness to you. Enjoy the new know they grow up so fast! Love from-- Kat in Cedar Rapids
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