Coffee house needed badly
Subject: Coffee house needed badly
From: Tera Dutschke on 12/27/2006
Hey Gene, I submitted an idea through the KISS coffeehouse site about opening up one here in Texas. I live next to the Texas Motor Speedway in Ft. Worth - really close to Dallas. The place is booming. They expect a 200% growth in the next 5 years. They currently have plans for a \"town square\" type shopping center as well as a HUGE shopping mall right on I-35. There are Indy race that take place at the speedway which would be great for the \"I am Indy\" too. We need you guys here. I would love to talk to you about it and try to provide as much information as possible to you. I can tell you that currently we have 2 Nascar races a year and lots of other events. The new shopping is going to boom because there is so little out in this newly developed area. Please consider this. I\'d love to manage the place for you. I am the biggest fan and love you so much. Take care and I hope to hear back from you. Much love and respect to the God of Thunder, Tera Dutschke 214-493-6278
Rock Sweden
Subject: Rock Sweden
From: Fredrik on 12/27/2006
I agree with Robin Kadi. Please make tour in Sweden. I\'ve never seen you live, but I realy want to, så PLEASE(!!) tour in Scandinavia soon!
Gene and Ft. Bragg
Subject: Gene and Ft. Bragg
From: Michael Bruce on 12/27/2006
Hello all, I am 35 and have been a fan since I was 5 years old. I absolutely love KISS, they are truly my heroes! I have nothing but respect for all the current and former members of KISS and as for Gene, I thought my respect for him could go no higher until I read the article about him visiting the injured troops at Ft Bragg. I am a veteran of the US Army and I was in Desert Storm. Gene visiting the injured troops touched my heart and I just wanted to say thank you very much Gene for remembering us. I believe Gene Simmons and all of KISS should be made Honorary Veterans! Michael Bruce
i\'m now a fan
Subject: i\'m now a kiss fan
From: Evelyn Marie on 12/27/2006
I didn\'t really know anything about KISS. My moms (and mine) Friend Samantha loved KISS. she is a huge fan. and one day in the car \" Rock and roll all night and party everyday\" came on. and she was singin and rockin out in the car. That was the first KISS song i ever herd. then one day when i was over at her house she made me watch Detroit Rock City. that is one of my fave. movies now. i love it. reminds me somewhat of me and my friends. We would always pick who we reminded eachother of. So then i got really into KISS and this year for xmass everyone knew it and they got me lots of KISS stuff. (calender,shirt,cd,etc) i write this while listening to \"Christine 16\" and in my KISS shirt. <3evelyn
Alive! (1975-2000)
Subject: KISS Alive! (1975-2000)
From: Diederik Vindelinckx on 12/27/2006
Hi. I purchased the Alive Boxset (without the 2 bonus tracks) on 12-02-2006 in Holland. I went to the store today and asked them about the replacement disk. Unfortunately, they haven't heard about any R.D. (How) Can European fans get the bonus tracks? Thanks Diederik Belgium KOL ANSWER: The Bonus tracks were only available at the US chain store - Best Buy.
Need your music to survive
Subject: Need your music to survive
From: Janelle Carpenter Rogers,AR on 12/26/2006
Hey guys! Just thought you should know I rock to your tunes EVERY day, if I did'nt have KISS I truly believe I would be lost forever; therefore I need your music to suvive! Consider this: As long as you have die hard fans like me and billions of others, KISS will NEVER die. ROCK ON!!! And of course THANKS.
great christmas
Subject: great christmas
From: daddyo on 12/26/2006
thanks for making it another great christmas season my son cj love all the new kiss material out. the only thing i couldn\'t get my hands on was the paul stanley guitar. but he has a birthday in febuary. anyway keep on rockin and a rollin and we\'ll do the same. love always jp leary pittsburgh pa. p.s. one more show pleasssseeee!!!
Subject: awesomenesss
From: BenGranheim2 on 12/25/2006
my girlfriend got me a guitar pick signed by ace and he also used it so i got a warm and fuzzy feeling
MERRY MAS! What else can it be?
Subject: MERRY KISSMAS! What else can it be?
From: cold,snowy,windy but happy Russia on 12/25/2006
A 2007 tour?
Subject: A 2007 tour?
From: Chad Bosquez on 12/25/2006
Dear KISS, Im a diehard fan from Redmond, Oregon. I normaly dawn the make-up randomly and go to school sporting my KISS wares. People think im strange but they just dont understand the \"Hottest band in the world\"... so my question... Is there going to be a 2007 tour? ive read rumors of a tour with Queen. it doesnt matter i just want a chance to see the greatest with my own eyes.. well til then.. Chad
Gene on Hood
Subject: Gene on Hood
From: Gene Hart #29 on 12/24/2006
Hey Gene, Hope you didn\'t mind riding on my hood? Thanks for all the good music. Gene Hart #29
Gene the Elf
Subject: Gene the Elf
From: Kyle on 12/24/2006
Just thought people might want to see Gene the Elf dancing. The picture came from when I met Gene at a Fragrance signing. Kyle, Birmingham, Al. .
Subject: Fan4life
From: Toska Wilson on 12/24/2006
Hey Guys, You guys really rock. I have been a fan for literaly all my life. You have always been my favorite band. I know all of your songs both old and recent. To me, no other band even comes close to you. Keep on going strong and remember, no matter what, you will always have diehard fans who love you and look up to you. Love Always, Fan4life Toska Wilson age:21
Merry Christmas
Subject: Merry Christmas
From: Sergio on 12/24/2006
Paul,Gene,Ace,Peter,Tommy,Eric,Bruce and all Kiss fans: Have a great rocking Christmas and and a Happy New Year.
From: RAXX COMPLEX on 12/24/2006
ATTENTION : CANADA DA & USA The Toronto areas #1 KISS EXPERIENCE, \"FRIED ALIVE\" will be playing RAXX ENTERTAINMENT COMPLEX along with DEF LEPPARD tribute, ROCK OF AGES on NEW YEARS EVE. Including in the ticket price is a great Prime Rib Dinner. Details at
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