CD remasters
Subject: KISS CD remasters
From: Jake on 09/18/2006
I was wondering if there are any plans for the KISS albums that were released after 1987\'s Crazy Nights to be remastered and re-released on CD. You did a terrific job with the 1974 - 1987 remasters and I, for one, would really like to see you remaster the rest. Respectfully Yours, Jake
Congratulations with the baby, Paul & Erin
Subject: Congratulations with the baby, Paul & Erin
From: natascha on 09/18/2006
Hello Paul, I\'d like to congratulate you and your partner with the newborn. I\'m a big fan of KISS since the \'70\'s! I\'ve seen you twice in Brussels and it was awesome. Do you have plans for touring Europe (and Belgium)? I hope to see and hear from you soon?
Live to win
Subject: Live to win
From: Brian David on 09/18/2006
I have had the opportunity to listen to Paul\'s new album Live To Win...I\'ve been a KISS fan since \'78...and i\'m not one of those who believes that everything with the name on it is great....or anyone who\'s ever been in the band is automatically i\'m not here to blow wind up anybody\'s skirt just for the sake of it....That said....i\'d like to say I\'m so proud of Paul on this quick listen and 8 out of the ten songs are already in the \"yeah...that\'s a great song\" catagory...when Paul really cares about hear it...and i believe that Paul cares about this album...KISS fans get\'s modern...but it\'s Paul...his vocals are absolutely vocal \"olympics\"...just great Paul....the songs are sewn together so tight you could bounce a quarter on \'em...The solos are classic...instead of frilly noodley stuff....I think Paul may FINALLY get his airplay...if anybody other than 16 year old girls are aloud on radio anymore...and just because i heard it doesn\'t mean i\'m not gonna buy it...Paul deserves every dime on this one...probably one of the first albums in YEARS where you can cruise through every song and love it....Thanks Paul... One comment related to Paul\'s statement that \"While KISS fans may tolerate new\'s the old ones they wanna hear\"...That may be true...but when \"LOVE GUN\" came out...the fans at the time tolerated it...then it became that cool new song...then it became it\'s forever one of those songs people want to hear...ALL new songs start that way...the difference is the quality of the song and the relevence that it has to the classic set list...\"Psyco Circus\" is a great \"newer\" KISS song...and fits with the classics just fine...\"Reason to live\", while it\'s a fine song...isn\'t classic KISS it had an expiration date...i believe it\'s totally possible to create a new KISS album....if it SOUNDS like kiss...blues based bar chord rock and roll...if it fits on \"rock and roll over\" chances are it\'ll fit in the set list, and fans will want to hear it...just my opinion... CONGRATULATIONS PAUL on your new album, and your new baby...i hope to be at your NEW YORK show...and i can\'t wait to see where the KISS story goes from here...!!! Thank you for the years of enjoyment!! Brian
Subject: kissher
From: squawlena on 09/18/2006
Dear Kiss, I just had to drop a note to let you know how much I love the KissHer fragrance. What a lovely scent! The best I have ever found. I have decided to make it my \"signature\" fragrance. It will be all I wear from now on! Thanks Bunches!! XXX000XXX squawlena
What\'s up
Subject: What\'s up
From: Ivan Brown on 09/17/2006
I love KISS and have been a fan for so long so I was very disappointed to read Paul\'s comments about their future plans. The fact that they started to change the setlist and include songs they don\'t usually play live is great but I don\'t understand why a new album is not on the menu. Eric and Tommy are great musicians and I believe that KISS could pick up where they left off with Carnival of Souls and Revenge. I would love to see KISS live once again and share this experience with my son. KISS have been going on tour after tour but I have been waiting six years for them to come back to Quebec. I want to see the greatest show on earth at least one more time. I believe a new KISS album would be a logical step forward. Bob Ezrin could be the perfect person to help create a classic KISS album today. Revenge and Destroyer are proof of that. If Iron Maiden can still put out album after album with all the sounds of the past with a touch of new then KISS is certainly able to do it one last time!
Live To Win
Subject: Live To Win
From: Gr8handsftl on 09/16/2006
Just wanted everyone to know, I just heard Paul\'s new songs on the internet, for those who havent already. It kicks ass Cant wait to buy it Congrats Paul
From: RICH on 09/16/2006
We wanted to share with KISSONLINE our experience at the KISS Coffeehouse. Brian and Debbie were great to associate with and they really made us feel welcome. I met with fans and vacationers alike for over 2 hours while sampling some of the awesome drinks that they have to offer. This is definitely a \"must see\" place to go when in Myrtle Beach for anyone that\'s a KISS fan! See you at the Cincinnati KISS Expo on Oct. 1st!! Best regards, Rich
From: BRIAN on 09/16/2006
In regards to the new \"Kiss: Lick It Up - The Definitive DVD\" what >was suppose to be out on August 15, 2006. You had it advertized on >your website with this release date, but I\'ve noticed that it\'s no >longer there. > >I can\'t find the DVD anywhere in stores or on line. So my question >to you...... What is the status of the DVD? Can you give us a >website update?! > >Brian >Loyal fan - 1978 KOL RESPONSE: We spoke with Universal Music and the DVD has been postponed until next spring.
From: Romina on 09/16/2006
My name`s Romina, I`m 23 years old and I`m from Buenos Aires - Argentina. I want to tell you about a new tribute band of KiSS called KISSIN TIME (argentinian too), if u didn`t know about them yet ... My God!!! You`d to be there! The Gene Simmons was so like you in 1975!!! I was shocked to be closer to him (or YOU! I wasn`t sure if it was the real one there!) When they were out in stage, me and my friends started to shout so louder to believe that it was real!!! The 4 of them seemed like you KiSS were in the beginnings of the `70s. And that`s what they do: the \"Alive-Tour\" show, with the same stage, dressed-up too and all the rest of things of that tour.. I love`em all!!! like all the rest of the public that went to the shows too!!! Now I think that YOU`ve got to pay attention very closer to this band, they are so cool alive that you feel for sure like if all of us were in some date of that `75 tour! at the end, one guy of their staff tell me that this is the official site of the band: I hope that u like`em too Gene, the songs there sounds very good and the KISS-FANS here in Argentina are hooked with KISSIN TIME! WE WANT MORE!!!
Subject: KISSNATION Show
From: Carlos Espada on 09/16/2006
The sons of new York city are back at BB KINGs On Sept 22 come and see the new line up of KISSNATION. It will be a late Birthday bash for the Demon, so come on down and shake what your mama gave ya. Carlos Espada .
77 Photo
Subject: 77 Photo
From: GARY on 09/16/2006
Here\'s a great photo taken with a simple hand-held camera, in November, 1977 at the Lubbock Municipal Coliseum, during the Alive II tour. It was my first Kiss concert, and I\'ll never forget it. For me, the memory is what keeps the Golden Age alive and this was my Golden Age. Take care. gary.
From: Tim Mullen on 09/16/2006
Here are some pics I thought you may enjoy. They are of a stage I built for my Kiss action figures. This along with the rest of my huge collection was featured on the news in Vancouver when Kiss was here for the new years eve millennium concert. This took me over 400 hundred hours to complete. Every thing was handmade from plastic and cardbaord to keep the weight down as it is huge. The logo in the back is made with real lights that flash in sequence like the ones you have in concert. Those and the real working mirror ball light up the whole room. I hope you enjoy it. I have been a fan for 30 years and have seen the band 10 times. I have also been lucky enough to meet you 4 times and you have been nothing short of the nicest man everytime. Thank you for making my life fun.
Subject: ACE?
From: DAVE on 09/16/2006
Dear Gene >I saw clips of a Melbourne May 2001 concert of KISS recently. In the >clips I saw, Ace was pretty much doing his own thing and seemed a >little spiteful when doing so. He cut off Paul\'s introduction to a >song and went into a 7 min. inermission where he just played >snippets of KISS songs. He seemed a little malicous and spiteful in >doing so. I\'m assuming this sparked his removal from the band for >the 2nd time. What is the insight into this particular concert and >in Ace\'s actions? Was there infighting going on at this time or was >Ace just a belligerent drunk with a live guitar? >Just curious, >Dave
From: Tom Hale on 09/16/2006
The article that I did for the Ar free Press Is out and here it is for all my Brothers and Kissters... I hope that Y\'all enjoy it!!! Rock On Tom Hale Kiss Army Arkansas
From: Tom Hale on 09/16/2006
The article that I did for the Ar free Press Is out and here it is for all my Brothers and Kissters... I hope that Y\'all enjoy it!!! Rock On Tom Hale Kiss Army Arkansas
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