come to st.louis!!
Subject: come to st.louis!!
From: Rj winchester on 09/12/2006
can you guys come to st.louis i am dying to meet you all i try to get tickets for san fran and i cant so gene i love you well i am a boy but rock on guys! ! Hey guys email back at U
Paul Stanley Tour New England!!!
Subject: Paul Stanley Tour New England!!!
From: Tim on 09/12/2006
Paul, I hope you decide to set up an additional tour stop in the New England area. New Englanders are dying for a Kiss stop in the areas of Connecticut, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, and the other New England States. Good luck to you and your wife concerning the birth of your son!! Sincerely, Tim Cobb Fairhaven, MA
should come back for one more tour
Subject: should come back for one more tour
From: Tyler Naujelis on 09/12/2006
Hi,kiss i\'m one of your bigest i have all your stuff but i never got to see you guys in concert. i was hopeing that you would come back on tour one last time please! your bigest fan Tyler
From: Corey Ferreira on 09/12/2006
Dear Kiss i found out about the new dvd and was wondering if it will come out in OZ by any chance by christmas this year it sounds cool how many volumes will there be in it From Corey F KISS FOREVER ROCK ON
No Denver date Paul?? Cooommeeooonnnnn.....
Subject: No Denver date Paul?? Cooommeeooonnnnn.....
From: Jay Van Bockel on 09/11/2006
Yo, yo, you Starchild.. there are some kick ass venues in Denver my kiss brother.. please come.. yours, J.
Greetings from Slidell, LA
Subject: Greetings from Slidell, LA
From: Trudy O. on 09/11/2006
Hey Guys! IT\'s been awhile since I have been on your site. Maybe yall heard we had a hurriane here last August. I, personally had 2 1/2ft of water in my house. No matter what you heard or saw on TV, living it was worse. My family returned to our houses the day after Hurricane Katrina and it was heartbeaking to see the destruction. I lost pretty much everyhting in my house. One of the things I did save was a Kiss cd which I blared from my house as my sister, her boyfriend and I emptied my house of everything. Listening to yall as I gutted my house made me feel like it was going to be ok. As it is now, we are finally getting back to normal. My house is finally finished and now I am ready to have some fun. I was wondering if yall were gonna come back on tour to New Orleans. If you do, I will be first in line. I am sending a before and after picture of my house. Don\'t forget us here in Louisisana. WE LOVE KISS!!!!
A new album from
Subject: A new album from KISS
From: Dominic Homan on 09/11/2006
can we KISS fans have a new KISS album with Eric Singer, Tommy Thayer also for the record Thayer can be The Sharkman but he doesn\'t have to be, Singer can be The Hawk I would buy an album with that line-up but no matter what please release an album with all NEW material The Hawk costume wouldn\'t have to have wings but for his character he can fly also KISS needs a new album for 2007 they really do one last one!!! Thayer can sing a song, so can Singer though this last album has to be done I don\'t see P.C. as KISS\'s last record they have to do one last KISS album who knows maybe they can sing a couple of their own songs but like we fans are dying for a new album ONE more c\'mon we know you can do it KISS
hi Gene, Paul, Eric and Tommy
Subject: hi Gene, Paul, Eric and Tommy
From: Kiss fans from iceland on 09/11/2006
hi guys, damn these towers that fall 5 years ago that vas bad :S aniway mabye have I ask this before bud we need KISS in iceland maby next year, becouse wow you are so cool and hehe I\'m not a gay :P bud you are hot and you are the hottest band in the world, wow like Tommy\'s solos and Gene simmons fly up to the next stage and the blood go down woah and Paul fly in the love gun and Eric drum solos, when I saw you first on tony hawk\'s undergraund then I saw the KISS symphony and I think that this was the greatest band i ever seen pleas, we need you
Subject: KISS guitars
From: mick_jagger (David \"Ace\" Jarc on 09/11/2006
Hey guys how are you? I want to ask you if you can tell me want kind of Paul Stanlys Silvertone guitar i should buy? Should I buy the SIL-PSAP1 or the SIL-PSSN1? And whats diffrent of SIL-PSAP1 and SIL-PSAP2?
Congrats Paul & Erin
Subject: Congrats Paul & Erin
From: Lee-Anne on 09/11/2006
Dear Paul & Erin Congratulations on the arrival of your baby boy. I just logged on this morning. I have to admit the news is great - however it did pull the heartstrings a little. September 6th was also my wedding anniversary. Paul - you have been an inspiration to me since 1977 when I was six years old. I am now 35, happily married with two beautiful children and you still fill my dreams. Your voice is a comfort to me - you make anyday a better one just by turning one of your songs on. It is also a joy to see my six year old daughter loving classic KISS tunes. I went to Cleveland Ohio with my sister & brother in law with the KISS Army Canada group for the March on the Hall of Fame. I thought it was a little something I could do for all you guys for all that you have given me over the last 30 years. I love all of you and that includes Peter & Ace. I have been disappointed at people comparing Peter/Ace/Tommy/Eric. All of them have shaped KISS and have been loved by us true fans dispite any differences. Keep rockin\' Lee-Anne Ontario, Canada
shows over the years
Subject: KISS shows over the years
From: Erik D. on 09/10/2006
I have seen you guys live 25 times I have been a KISS fan since the beginning take a look. June 15 1974, Massey Hall, Toronto, ON- KISS tour December 22 1974, London Arena, London, ON- Hotter Than Hell tour May 19 1975, Civic Center Theater, St. Paul, MN- Dressed to Kill tour April 26 1976, Maple Leaf Gardens, Toronto, ON- ALIVE! tour September 6 1976, Varsity Stadium, Toronto, ON- Destroyer tour January 18 1977, Duluth Arena, Duluth, MN- Rock & Roll Over tour July 21 1977, Winnipeg Arena, Winnipeg, MA- Love Gun tour December 2 1977, St. Paul Civic Arena, St. Paul, MN- Alive II tour August 8 1979, Maple Leaf Gardens, Toronto, ON- Dynasty tour July 25 1980, The Palladium, New York, NY- Unmasked tour January 14 1983, Maple Leaf Gardens, Toronto, ON- Creatures tour March 15 1984, Maple Leaf Gardens, Toronto, ON- Lick it Up tour March 9 1985, Winnipeg Arena, Winnipeg, MA- Animalize tour April 8 1986, Maple Leaf Gardens, Toronto, ON- Asylum tour December 12 1987, Maple Leaf Gardens, Toronto, ON- Crazy Nights tour March 5 1988, Winnipeg Arena, Winnipeg, MA- Crazy Nights tour June 15 1990, CNE Stadium, Toronto, ON- Hot in The Shade tour October 3 1992, Maple Leaf Gardens, Toronto, ON- Revenge tour July 25 1995, Hilton International, Toronto, ON- Konventions tour August 8 1996, SkyDome, Toronto, ON- Reunion tour March 28 1997, Copps Coliseum, Hamilton, ON- Reunion tour December 2 1998, SkyDome, Toronto, ON- Psycho Circus tour June 23 2000, Air Canada Centre, Toronto, ON- Farewell tour November 10 2003, Target Center, Minneapolis, MN- World Domination tour June 26 2004, Minneapolis, MN- Rock The Nation tour
Subject: original
From: phildesjarlais on 09/10/2006
dear kiss, will there ever be an orginal line up again ? even thought about??you guys were my first concert in my life, 77\' love gun tour , amazing!!with cheap trick !saw you guys 5 times in all , coolest rock band in the world !!even today !!we live and breathed kiss albums,since early age ,are you still getting young fan base today like in the 70\'s?? or did the times change that? with say ,hip hop, wrap crap??and what kind of changes would you use to attract kids today ?i know the mask and blood and fire was cool for us but we loved the music, and stage shows were the extra bang for our buck,i just hope kids today might love rock and roll as much as the older days, know you guys have differences with ace and peter,but can,t they get their shit together ??cause kiss original is how it all started, and we loved them as much as all the members,sad to see if the life styles take out the rockers ,kiss army rules !!!!!!!!
are good musicians!
Subject: KISS are good musicians!
From: Dominic Homan on 09/10/2006
KISS formed in New York City in 1973, Keep It Simple Stupid is Paul Stanley, Gene Simmons, Ace Frehley and Peter Criss. Paul needed to keep it simple for finding a name for the band was a hard one so he said that to himself and there you go a cool rock band name was set to become one of the greatest rock bands ever. I never saw them as clowns I saw them as classic kabuki rock warriors they had alot of musicial talent cause their beats were so lively they also set the stage for the coolest stage shows ever taking it farther than Alice Cooper, any other band with pyro, lighting, big stages and their mass confetti KISS is a great rock band their music is so upbeat! They have soft rock songs to heavy rock songs to love ballads my favorite Hardluck Woman
Dear Paul, About your \"Live to Win\" Tour
Subject: Dear Paul, About your \"Live to Win\" Tour
From: Marcos Besenhofer, Brazil on 09/10/2006
First of all, congratulations [and thanks!!...] for your newest solo work. I\'m writing to suggest you about bringing your solo show to Brazil! Yes, here, in Sao Paulo, Rio & Belo Horizonte, we have [very] good show \"houses\". See: i. RIO: [Canecao, September06: Uriah Heep]; ii. RIO:[ATL Hall, Sep06: Vanessa Mae]; iii. SAO PAULO: [\"Cats\", Broadway play] iv. SAO PAULO: [Citibank Hall]; v. SAO PAULO: [Teatro Abril, \"Phantom of the Opera\"] vi. BELO HORIZONTE [MG]: [Chevrolet Hall]. It will be a pleasure for you and a honor for us. Besides, I think it may be a profitable venture for you. Try to research \'your\' market here.... You\'ll be surprised. Two of several Brazilian communities dedicated 2 you at Orkut exceeds 6.000 people [ &]. Kiss Brazilian community is formed by almost 27.000 fans.... []. You will be very wellcome! Kisses, Marcos Besenhofer
Mr. Dimebag Darrell (R.I.P.) and myself
Subject: Mr. Dimebag Darrell (R.I.P.) and myself
From: Jake on 09/09/2006
Gentlemen, Here\'s a pic of Mr. Dimebag Darrell (R.I.P.) and myself taken after a Pantera concert in Southern California back in early 1997. Respectfully Yours, Jake P.S. Tommy and Eric BURY Ace and Peter.
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