Little Gene
Subject: Little Gene
From: Jimmy on 11/25/2006
My 6 year old son, Braxton, has followed in his dad\'s footsteps and gotten himself hooked on KISS at a very young age. So last week when he overheard his mom and I discussing Gene\'s appearance at the Riverchase Galleria in Birmingham, he insisted on going... in full KISS makeup! We made our way up to Parisian\'s Saturday, but unfortunately for us, Gene had to leave for Atlanta before we got a chance to meet him. Though disappointed, Braxton quickly shrugged it off in true kid fashion. There\'s nothing like a chocolate shake and a carousel ride to make you forget your troubles! Check out the attached picture... Jimmy
Thanks Gene
Subject: Thanks Gene
From: Don Thomas on 11/25/2006
Gene, Thanks for coming to Birmingham on the 21st of October. It was a real treat to come out and hang out with a bunch of Gene Simmons/KISS fans and then having the pleasure of meeting you. The cologne is great. I have been a fan of your\'s since the late seventies and since then the things you and KISS have done have been a part of my life that was my escape from the realities of the world. You have been an inspiration to me on how to live! Thanks again for all the years of enjoyment you have provided me and my kids! Lovin\' it Loud!!! Don Thomas
Remembering Eric Carr
Subject: Remembering Eric Carr
From: Sergio on 11/25/2006
Eric Carr to me is one of the best drummer that i've ever heard and he will never be forgotten by me or anyone. We will never forget you Eric.
My daughter Kelly
Subject: My daughter Kelly
From: Paul Templeman on 11/24/2006
Gene, My daughter Kelly, 12 yrs old, is inspired to become a rock and roll star by you! She is an avid KISS fan, and can\'t wait for her copy of KISSOLOGY this Christmas. Here\'s a halloween picture of her appearing as her favorite member of KISS! I\'ve never seen a kid get so much candy; the KISS Army is alive and well in our neighborhood. She listens to her KISS collection every day, and is working on her guitar skills. She wants you to have this picture as a thank you for the inspiration you have provided. Best regards, Paul Templeman
It runs in the family
Subject: It runs in the family
From: Wilson on 11/24/2006
Just want you to know that KISS fans run in the family! My oldest brother, Sam, is a huge KISS fan! I remember when I was about 8 years old, putting on my moms high heel boots, painting my face as Gene Simmons, playing the air gituar on the tennis raquet, singing into the vacuum cleaner handle, and peforming KISS songs for him. For Halloween, 2006, my 8 year old neice, Alexis, decided she wanted to be Gene Simmons. We got together at Thanksgiving and put on our Gene Simmons costumes and took some pictures. KISS has now graced 3 generations!! Thanks for being the Greatest Band in the World!!! Sarah Wilson
Tour in Detroit
Subject: Tour in Detroit
From: blackdiamond6 on 11/24/2006
We all will remember Eric Carr
Subject: We all will remember Eric Carr
From: Roxy on 11/24/2006
Let\'s face it, \"The Fox\" was a phenominal drummer. I, unfortunately, was unable to ever see him. He died a few months after I was born. But, I have heard his drums on tracks like \"Creatures of the Night\", \"I Love it Loud\", \"Thrills in the Night\", \"Tears are Falling\" and so many others. It seems ironic that heart cancer took him from us. We will always remember you, Eric! The Fox will never truly die! Fly on!
Bonus tracks
Subject: Bonus tracks
From: San on 11/24/2006
To whom it may concern, I purchased ALIVE! 1975-2000 and was sad to NOT see the bonus tracks God Of Thunder and 2000 Man. I have a sticker that says these songs are on the disc, but they are not. I would love to have them. Other than that I am very pleased with the package. The format is great as is the booklet with great pics. Being a KISS fan since 1976 I have yet to be let down and would love to have this situation remedied. Thank you and rock on, San KOL RESPONSE: Stay tuned to KOL next week for Universal Music's Solution.
Gene, you've got it all
Subject: Gene, you've got it all
From: Spenser MacPherson on 11/24/2006
Hey man, I just finished reading KISS and Make-Up. I learned a lot of what I've wanted to know. I always said that if there was one celebrity I've ever wanted to meet it would be you. Since you answered most of my questions, you'd think that would be enough. Well, it's not. You have a lot of Canadian connections and I'm a very patriotic person. I have one tattoo of the Maple Leaf in the shape of PEI. The same guy who designed that for me also drew me a charcoal of the Destroyer cover. It hangs in my office today. He did this for me after I told him I named my daughter Beth for the Band's inspiration to me. I was very pleased to hear that Shannon is also a Canadian. Does that give Nick and Sophie citizenship too? In your book, you mentioned how you like living in California because of the weather. I love where I live simply because of the four seasons. I have fun in all of them, but Spring and Autunm are very special times for taking in nature. I also like Prince Edward Island especially because it's relatively crime-free. It's a great place to raise my kids. I'm attaching a picture of the three of us (Spenser, Beth and Stirling). I am going through a divorce; I've been separated for five years. I have the kids here 1/2 (usually more because their mother is away a lot for work) time. I have to say, I really admire your relationship with Shannon. Marriage is definitely not necessary and I believe all you said about it in your book and on Family Jewels. However, as you know, women think differently. What do do? I wrote on about stuff and forgot to mention one thing I was thinking while reading the book. I really like your integrity. I think you are more than a rock star. You seem to have your shit together on the inside and out. A lot of people hide behind substances, money, lovers; but you are just you. That's impressive! Your Fan, Spenser
Hello Caller Your\'e On The Air with !
Subject: Hello Caller Your\'e On The Air with KISS!
From: tawdrywon on 11/24/2006
Gene, I was living in Indianapolis (during the time KISS was not wearing makeup)when KISS was visiting a local radio station doing a live interview and phone Q&A.I was shocked,and pleasantly surprised that I actually got to talk to you. I asked you,\"Are you guys ever going to wear makeup again?\" Gene, you had a great come back line. You said, \" No, I don\'t think we will be doing that....If I do put it on,... you can take it off!\" followed by sound effects(Cuckoo clock,whistles,crickets,and a rim shot) I also wanted to tell you about a KISS memory. I am 45 years young.My 20 year old daughter and My 15 year old daughter think you are awesome.Just like me, they love KISS music. I was in jr high school when KISS Alive came out. My girlfriend Cindy had an older brother. He was in high school and always had the latest in music.He and some of his friends would listen to Pink Floyd,Rush, Van Halen, and Ted Nugent cranked full blast behind his closed doors.We thought the guys were so cool. We wanted to hang out with them so bad. They were so much more mature than the boys we went to school with. We would listen by pressing our ears up against his bedroom door.We were forbidden to hang out in her brothers room. A rule he made up no doubt. Besides music we knew other cool stuff must be going on in his room. We didn\'t know what the boys were up to we just wanted to be a part of it. I think we had a crush on all of them. We longed for the day we might get invited in his room.One day after returning from \"The Wherehouse.\" it happened.Heinvited us in his room. A few of his friends who always ignored us actually said Hello to us.We were elated however we didn\'t let it show. We wanted to be invited again. I remember her brother putting on a record and saying \" Check this out.\" It was awesome.I remember looking at the album cover.I remember how KISS was always shrouded in mystery in all of the rock magazines.Never photographed without the makeup. What did these guys really look like? Nobody knew. It was all apart of the band\'s mystique. KISS Alive was turned up all the way. We were surrounded by the guys each doing their own version of air guitar.I couldn\'t believe it. The guys we had idolized looked so dumb writhing and contorting their bodies to the music while playing their air guitars and their air drums.Any infatuation I previously felt had dissapated.At times they looked like they were having seizures.It was hysterical. We didn\'t dare laugh at them cause we would probably get the boot.We were listening KISS in her older brother\'s room with his friends, that\'s what mattered the most.We felt like we had arrived.Everytime i hear a KISS song I think of that day. Thanks Gene for creating a great band and for great
New 4 cd set.
Subject: New 4 cd set.
From: Jim Russell, Sr. on 11/24/2006
Hey, Gang, Well, I ran out like a kid hunting for candy on Tuesday and picked up my copy of ALIVE-1975-2000. It was well worth the wait. BUT---my copy, which I picked up at Best Buy, because of the 2= bonus tracks, did not at all contain these tracks. I realize you do not actually have your hands in that retail end, but will there be a way to swap this set out, and recieve the complete set? Also, i also bought KISSOLOGY, the day it came out. LOVE IT!!!!! thanks, from the bottom of a 46 year old kids heart. Great to see the archieves... My daughters, [21,17,17, {twins}, and my 5 year old son are ALL KISS fanatics. Guess you were right, it is a right of passage... i also have atended 9 concerts. Thanks for all the "BOOMBASTIC" memories... Jim Russell, Sr Tampa, Fl.
You saved me from myself
Subject: You saved me from myself
From: Roxy on 11/23/2006
Before I became a KISS fan, I was a very dark, depressed teenage girl. I had no friends, and because I am homeschooled I don't get to interact with other kids. My parents didn't understand. I was alone, without hopes, without dreams. I was going insane. But, then I discovered KISS for myself and my life changed. I may still have my dark personality, but at least I have something that lifts me up when I'm down. Thank you for giving me a reason to live.
A Visit to Bulgaria?
Subject: A Visit to Bulgaria?
From: Deyan Zahariev on 11/23/2006
Dear favorite band, I am writing to kindly ask you to share a night with your fans in Bulgaria. You will be surprised to see how many people love you here. You\'re probably thinking that no Bulgarian cares about you, but I\'m willing to bet my ears, with which I listen to your fantastic music, that you would gather about 40,000 people in one show, if you only came and tried us. Please do consider this, as it would be a great disappointment if the Bulgarian KISSArmy members were not given the chance to see their №1 group. PS: I would love to receive an answer, no matter how long, to make sure that someone really cares about the many individuals who dream to correspond with KISS themselves!
Subject: program
From: prek on 11/23/2006
Greetings, My four year old class is in a show and we have been assigned "Kiss" as the group to sing. ie we will be singing two of your songs. Any info etc. would be great. The show is Feb. 25 and will be "rock" groups only!!!!! Cindi KOL RESPONSE - Cindi - good luck with the show. Please send us photos and a write up of the show!
Dynasty Outfits
Subject: Dynasty Outfits
From: aussie_ace on 11/23/2006
Kiss,,would love to see you guys bring back the Dynasty outfits,in Australia,on the awesome unmasked tour,those outfits were our first taste of kissteria.I loved Genes corpse like out fit with the red cape best,,I know people think that era of kiss,was soft,,but the outfits rocked.
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