MERRY MAS! What else can it be?
Subject: MERRY KISSMAS! What else can it be?
From: cold,snowy,windy but happy Russia on 12/25/2006
A 2007 tour?
Subject: A 2007 tour?
From: Chad Bosquez on 12/25/2006
Dear KISS, Im a diehard fan from Redmond, Oregon. I normaly dawn the make-up randomly and go to school sporting my KISS wares. People think im strange but they just dont understand the \"Hottest band in the world\"... so my question... Is there going to be a 2007 tour? ive read rumors of a tour with Queen. it doesnt matter i just want a chance to see the greatest with my own eyes.. well til then.. Chad
Gene on Hood
Subject: Gene on Hood
From: Gene Hart #29 on 12/24/2006
Hey Gene, Hope you didn\'t mind riding on my hood? Thanks for all the good music. Gene Hart #29
Gene the Elf
Subject: Gene the Elf
From: Kyle on 12/24/2006
Just thought people might want to see Gene the Elf dancing. The picture came from when I met Gene at a Fragrance signing. Kyle, Birmingham, Al. .
Subject: Fan4life
From: Toska Wilson on 12/24/2006
Hey Guys, You guys really rock. I have been a fan for literaly all my life. You have always been my favorite band. I know all of your songs both old and recent. To me, no other band even comes close to you. Keep on going strong and remember, no matter what, you will always have diehard fans who love you and look up to you. Love Always, Fan4life Toska Wilson age:21
Merry Christmas
Subject: Merry Christmas
From: Sergio on 12/24/2006
Paul,Gene,Ace,Peter,Tommy,Eric,Bruce and all Kiss fans: Have a great rocking Christmas and and a Happy New Year.
From: RAXX COMPLEX on 12/24/2006
ATTENTION : CANADA DA & USA The Toronto areas #1 KISS EXPERIENCE, \"FRIED ALIVE\" will be playing RAXX ENTERTAINMENT COMPLEX along with DEF LEPPARD tribute, ROCK OF AGES on NEW YEARS EVE. Including in the ticket price is a great Prime Rib Dinner. Details at
Merry Christmas
Subject: Merry Christmas
From: Salvatore La Grasta on 12/24/2006
Dear KISS and fans alike, I would like to wish you and your loved ones a merry christmas and all the joys that this wonderful day brings along. Salvatore La Grasta.
Subject: W KISS
From: mary christmas KISS on 12/23/2006
Being a fan in Denmark
Subject: Being a KISS fan in Denmark
From: Mette Larsen, Viborg, Denmark on 12/23/2006
Hi Gene, Paul, Eric and Tommy. I\'ve been listening to Kiss music all my life, since I have an older brother who\'s been a fan of yours forever. I remember being terrified of the posters on his walls - especially of Gene, whom I referred to as \"The Ha-Ha man\". (After listening to \"Radioactive\"). I must have been 3 years old or so. And I also remeber being the only 3 year old singing \"Rock and Roll all nite\" while riding my tricycle. Anyways, I became a serious fan in 1992 I guess. I borrowed \"Smashes\" from my older brother, and fell in love with Eric Carr instantly... And then became absolutely devestated, learning that he had passed away a few months earlier. My he rest in peace... When all my girlfriends at school were listening to Take That and other boybands, I stayed in my room, cranked up the volume and ROCKED all day long to your music. When I told the girls that I liked KISS, the usual response was \"Who?\" It\'s not easy being a female Kiss-fan in Denmark. We are a dying race. *LOL* I saw you guys in concert for the first time in 1996 in Berlin. It was awesome! Then I saw you again in 1997 in Copenhagen. I don\'t know if you remeber, but it was raining A LOT that day. Every time the thunder roared, some drunk swedish fan would yell \"God of Thunderrrr\". We were all soaked, but when the concert started, the rain stopped for some reason, and it was a great concert - even though Ace seemed a bit out of focus during the first two songs or so. But he got back on track again, and boy, did my ears hurt when he hit the high notes on his guitar. Lovely... *LOL* The next day I got admitted to the hospital, because I got a stomache infection, due to getting so cold and wet at the concert. They actually opened my stomache for surgery, and I still have the scars to prove it. I would do it all over again though. The last time I saw you was in Göteborg in Sweden on the Psycho Circus tour. It was awesome with the 3D effects and all. Great album by the way. It\'s awesome travelling to your concerts with a whole bunch of other KISS fans. It\'s nice not feeling like \"the only weirdo at school who likes KISS\". The KISS army is a wonderful race. Everybody is kind and loving - KISS fans are one of a kind. No violence, no drugs, perhaps a lot of beers, but still very calm and polite. Everybody\'s happy when the bus starts driving us to our destination: to see the Hottest Band in the World: KISS!!! I want to thank you for giving me the greatest experiences of my life. I am still in awe... Now I\'m 28 years old (almost - my birthday\'s the 25th of december), and I\'m a mother myself now to a 4 year old boy. I remember right after giving birth to him, I said to his father: \"Cool, I can dress him up as KISS for \"fastelavn\" (the danish version of Halloween)\". His reply was: \"No f*cking way, you insane woman!\" *LOL* Unfortunately my son still hasn\'t developed a taste for KISS, and insisted on dressing up as Kermit the Frog instead... Oh well, I still have some time to teach him about the wonders of KISS. I wish you all a very merry christmas and a Rockin\' new year. And I hope your way goes through Denmark again some time in the future - well, it\'s christmas. I\'m allowed to make some wishes, right? *LOL* Lot\'s of love, hugs and KISSes from Mette Larsen, Denmark
Merry Christmas
Subject: Merry Christmas
From: Kiss Symphony Fan Club on 12/23/2006
Kiss Symphony Fan Club wishes to you Merry Christmas and happy New Year!
comin\' to norway
Subject: comin\' to norway
From: oskar the norwegian kissfan on 12/23/2006
hy, my name is oskar, and i wonder if you guys EVER again are comin\' to norway. (espacially bergen) i\'m just 11 years old so i never had the chance to see you. if you are coming to norway i would be there for shure. please answer. ozzy
From: TOXIC on 12/23/2006
Just want it to stop by and wish KISS & the whole KISS ARMY a KICK ASS ROCKING, TWISTED X-MAS,FELIZ NAVIDAD,And HANUKKAH best wishes from me and the whole KISS ARMY!! ROCK & ROLL ALL NIGHT AND PARTY EVERY DAY TILL U SHOUT IT OUT LOUD!!!! KISS ARMY 4 LIFE!!! Toxic.
you all rock
Subject: you all rock
From: Bruce on 12/22/2006
Dear Kiss Im 14 years old ive never seen you play live. I know you hear this alot.But could make a 14 and a 33 year olds dream come true.By coming to concords mall.And my name is Bruce.But I under stand your real busy.Ow by the way You All ROCK!!!!!!!!!!
You Gotta Keep Going
Subject: You Gotta Keep Going
From: Stewozz1 on 12/22/2006
It\'s Dec 22 2006. A quiet night at home watching the Kissology Vol. 1 CD again for the umteenth time since we have had it, and my little 5 year old boy tells me. \"I really wanna see a Kiss Concert\"! What\'s a dad to do? My wife and I have seen one together. I have seen three! It is close to Christmas, I understand that it\'s sorta late now yada yada yada! But with 2007 on the horizon and your induction into the hall of fame which I\'m sure should happen this year, he should get the chance! As long as you all are still dedicated like I know you are! He even told me a couple of nights ago that he wanted to be Gene Simmons for next Halloween! And by the way his name is Gene also and loves the ladies just as much if not more. The future looks bright! Keep the flame lit!!! Sincerely A Fan and his Offspring!
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