shows over the years
Subject: KISS shows over the years
From: Erik D. on 09/10/2006
I have seen you guys live 25 times I have been a KISS fan since the beginning take a look. June 15 1974, Massey Hall, Toronto, ON- KISS tour December 22 1974, London Arena, London, ON- Hotter Than Hell tour May 19 1975, Civic Center Theater, St. Paul, MN- Dressed to Kill tour April 26 1976, Maple Leaf Gardens, Toronto, ON- ALIVE! tour September 6 1976, Varsity Stadium, Toronto, ON- Destroyer tour January 18 1977, Duluth Arena, Duluth, MN- Rock & Roll Over tour July 21 1977, Winnipeg Arena, Winnipeg, MA- Love Gun tour December 2 1977, St. Paul Civic Arena, St. Paul, MN- Alive II tour August 8 1979, Maple Leaf Gardens, Toronto, ON- Dynasty tour July 25 1980, The Palladium, New York, NY- Unmasked tour January 14 1983, Maple Leaf Gardens, Toronto, ON- Creatures tour March 15 1984, Maple Leaf Gardens, Toronto, ON- Lick it Up tour March 9 1985, Winnipeg Arena, Winnipeg, MA- Animalize tour April 8 1986, Maple Leaf Gardens, Toronto, ON- Asylum tour December 12 1987, Maple Leaf Gardens, Toronto, ON- Crazy Nights tour March 5 1988, Winnipeg Arena, Winnipeg, MA- Crazy Nights tour June 15 1990, CNE Stadium, Toronto, ON- Hot in The Shade tour October 3 1992, Maple Leaf Gardens, Toronto, ON- Revenge tour July 25 1995, Hilton International, Toronto, ON- Konventions tour August 8 1996, SkyDome, Toronto, ON- Reunion tour March 28 1997, Copps Coliseum, Hamilton, ON- Reunion tour December 2 1998, SkyDome, Toronto, ON- Psycho Circus tour June 23 2000, Air Canada Centre, Toronto, ON- Farewell tour November 10 2003, Target Center, Minneapolis, MN- World Domination tour June 26 2004, Minneapolis, MN- Rock The Nation tour
Subject: original
From: phildesjarlais on 09/10/2006
dear kiss, will there ever be an orginal line up again ? even thought about??you guys were my first concert in my life, 77\' love gun tour , amazing!!with cheap trick !saw you guys 5 times in all , coolest rock band in the world !!even today !!we live and breathed kiss albums,since early age ,are you still getting young fan base today like in the 70\'s?? or did the times change that? with say ,hip hop, wrap crap??and what kind of changes would you use to attract kids today ?i know the mask and blood and fire was cool for us but we loved the music, and stage shows were the extra bang for our buck,i just hope kids today might love rock and roll as much as the older days, know you guys have differences with ace and peter,but can,t they get their shit together ??cause kiss original is how it all started, and we loved them as much as all the members,sad to see if the life styles take out the rockers ,kiss army rules !!!!!!!!
are good musicians!
Subject: KISS are good musicians!
From: Dominic Homan on 09/10/2006
KISS formed in New York City in 1973, Keep It Simple Stupid is Paul Stanley, Gene Simmons, Ace Frehley and Peter Criss. Paul needed to keep it simple for finding a name for the band was a hard one so he said that to himself and there you go a cool rock band name was set to become one of the greatest rock bands ever. I never saw them as clowns I saw them as classic kabuki rock warriors they had alot of musicial talent cause their beats were so lively they also set the stage for the coolest stage shows ever taking it farther than Alice Cooper, any other band with pyro, lighting, big stages and their mass confetti KISS is a great rock band their music is so upbeat! They have soft rock songs to heavy rock songs to love ballads my favorite Hardluck Woman
Dear Paul, About your \"Live to Win\" Tour
Subject: Dear Paul, About your \"Live to Win\" Tour
From: Marcos Besenhofer, Brazil on 09/10/2006
First of all, congratulations [and thanks!!...] for your newest solo work. I\'m writing to suggest you about bringing your solo show to Brazil! Yes, here, in Sao Paulo, Rio & Belo Horizonte, we have [very] good show \"houses\". See: i. RIO: [Canecao, September06: Uriah Heep]; ii. RIO:[ATL Hall, Sep06: Vanessa Mae]; iii. SAO PAULO: [\"Cats\", Broadway play] iv. SAO PAULO: [Citibank Hall]; v. SAO PAULO: [Teatro Abril, \"Phantom of the Opera\"] vi. BELO HORIZONTE [MG]: [Chevrolet Hall]. It will be a pleasure for you and a honor for us. Besides, I think it may be a profitable venture for you. Try to research \'your\' market here.... You\'ll be surprised. Two of several Brazilian communities dedicated 2 you at Orkut exceeds 6.000 people [ &]. Kiss Brazilian community is formed by almost 27.000 fans.... []. You will be very wellcome! Kisses, Marcos Besenhofer
Mr. Dimebag Darrell (R.I.P.) and myself
Subject: Mr. Dimebag Darrell (R.I.P.) and myself
From: Jake on 09/09/2006
Gentlemen, Here\'s a pic of Mr. Dimebag Darrell (R.I.P.) and myself taken after a Pantera concert in Southern California back in early 1997. Respectfully Yours, Jake P.S. Tommy and Eric BURY Ace and Peter.
From: KISS ARMY on 09/09/2006
This is not a question but a thank you. all of us fans have been asking about the release of old kiss concerts, and you have said nothing. I like other kiss fans, didn\'t know why, now we know why, this kissology dvd sounds awsome. to me and all the other kiss fans,we know it\'s going to be well worth the wait, so thank you for keeping your keeping a tight lid on the whole thing, untill now. I will be their to purchase this dvd on Oct 31st thank you KISS
Army Australia
Subject: Kiss Army Australia
From: Cathy on 09/09/2006
The KISS ARMY Australia reports to KISSONLINE that due to a lack of interest from the Media, Melbourne City Council and a decline from Federation Square Admin, a march through the streets of Melbourne has been cancelled. However, Australian KISS fans can support the upcoming Rock and Roll Hall of Fame March in Cleveland, Ohio, at one of the biggest local shows of the year - KISSTROYER on the 10th of June 2006. There will be 3 cameramen shooting the event, letting the Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame know that the Australian KISS ARMY will not sit back and accept what is happening! Footage of the night will be sent to the KISS ARMY organizers of the KISS March in the USA, to show on the big screen at the event, which will be in August 2006 in Cleveland, Ohio. Footage will also be sent to the documentary filmmaker, Phil Fiumano, of NYROCKTV. The details are as follows: KISSTROYER Saturday, 10th June 2006 Location: HI FI BAR 125 Swanson St, Melbourne (03) 9654 7617 Tickets can be purchased via phone on (03) 9654 7617 or online at
Becoming a fan
Subject: Becoming a fan
From: New York City on 09/09/2006
Hi!!!! Oh my gosh!!!! This is the first time I\'m writing a letter to you guys! Wow, I feel so honored! Well ok, I\'m actually becoming a fan because I didn\'t know you guys exisited. I was born in 89, so I wasn\'t really aware. That\'s when my mother who grew up in the 70\'s told me about you guys and that you were all the best and kicking up awesome records. She put on some songs so that I could listen to, you guys rock! Now I\'m a real huge fan of you guys, you make the greatest songs ever! My favorite is \"I Was Made For Loving You\" it has a real good beat! Thanks to my mother for telling me about you guys, she\'s a real fan of you guys! Yep, I\'ve learned to really enjoy your songs. You guys rock! Whoo!!
The World\'s Smallest Fan
Subject: The World\'s Smallest KISS Fan
From: Littlest Kiss Fan on 09/09/2006
Hey guys, just a quick note to let you know I\'ve been a fan for years. I\'ve traveled the country to see you play live, spent thousands in memorabilia and dressed up in full make-up on Halloween for years. That being said, my proudest moment of being a KISS fan has finally arrived...the chance to raise my son on your music! Our son, Dalton, was born on 9/5/06 and just hours after his birth this photo was taken. The KISS Army has grown by one... Thanks guys, start planning the 2010 tour so Dalton can see you play live!! Derek Couse
From: Shirley Holm on 09/09/2006
I would like to THANK you 4 the AWESOME 6 years that I became a KISS Fan this coming December, you\'ve have gotten me thru the good and bad times in my life, which I will forever cherish. Thanks for all of the AWESOME Memories I got to share with my Best Friend during my 1st and 2nd KISS KONCERT 2003-2004, dreams do come true and you 4 made it possible. Gene: I really enjoy your Gene Simmons Family Jewels on Monday Nites, even though I am a Huge KISS Fan, you will be my fav and then some and take care too. Paul: Looking forward to buying your Live To Win CD soon, Congrats on your new baby boy Collin, best of luck on your tour this fall and take care. Eric: Keep up the hard work and AWESOME drumming you do so great for KISS and for the Fans. Tommy: You are a Great Guitarist for KISS and then some, keep up the Awesome performances too, both you and Eric take care along with each and everyone\'s families. Thanks again for all of the Rock and Roll Concerts you have given and shared for your fan everywhere. \"Believe In Yourselves and Follow Your Dreams\" Your Devoted KISS Fan 4-Ever Shirley Holm From MN
Love seeing your show Gene, and when will come to Tampa??
Subject: Love seeing your show Gene, and when will Kiss come to Tampa??
From: Shana on 09/09/2006
HI Gene! I just want to tell you that I love your show! It is awesome. The thing I enjoy most is getting to see what a beautiful family you have and how well the communication and affinity is in your family. When I saw the show for the first time I somehow knew you would be exactly how you are. It\'s very cool~ thanks for letting us in. So, 2 questions: 1) When will KISS be in Tampa FL?? 2) When are you going to marry Shannon already??? Looking forward to Mondays! Shana
my little princess
Subject: my little princess
From: rockingdad on 09/09/2006
i have been a kiss fan since 1973.i have all your i have two little girls one just turned three years old,thats cady lauren venant she loves watching the guys as she calls kiss on dvd.molly christein venant is one,and she bounces to the guys.i really think that its because when my loving wife was pregnant to both i would listen to kiss while cooking,and my wife is so conservative that now she just goes with what they like.we love the coffee shop here in myrtle beach,thanks for your great is what i would like to ask,could you send my daughter cady lauren venant a signed autograph wishing her a happy third birthday,she turned three on the 5th of sep.molly turned 1 on the 1st.i would ask for each of my daughters the same but i know you are all very would mean alot and something they can keep forever,bye the way my wife jill bought me the mens perfume at belks.gene simmons is going to be there on the 14th of oct.we will all be there.thanks again and keep the kiss army alive.see you in myrtle beach,sc
Paul- Congrats on new baby
Subject: Paul- Congrats on new baby
From: Mark Jacobson on 09/09/2006
Paul, I just wanted to wish you and your family well with the arrival of your new baby. I\'ve been a fan since \'75, when in 3rd grade, I traded my father\'s shark issue National Geographic for a Rock Scene magazine that feature KISS. I got in trouble for that. You guys were a comic book come to life and filled my thoughts with playing music. I would sit under the dining room table, put on KISS Alive and imagine KISS performing on a stage I built from dominos. For years I was obsessed with KISS. That was until I became a singer and started writing my own songs at the age of 20 and began to admire and respect KISS\' work. Paul, you and KISS have been a big influence to me musically and creatively. You guys are a symbol of the American Dream. After almost 20 yrs of singing and performing I haven\'t yet achieve the success I had hope when I was young, but I\'m not giving up. I still love it. I still get a rush out of playing rock and roll. It keeps me passionate about life. I love writing, performing and being in a band. Something happens when people come together, play music and then share it with others. Oh and it does make it easy to meet women. Let\'s not forget that. At 39, I\'m still pursuing a career in music. Again you prove, Rock ain\'t about your age. It\'s about passion, commitment and it\'s about being alive. So THANK YOU for all the years of great music and inspiration. May you enjoy many more years of success and happiness with KISS, your music and most importantly... your family. -Mark Jacobson
Paul\'s Solo Tour
Subject: Paul\'s Solo Tour
From: San on 09/09/2006
Paul, I have been a fan since 1976 when I first heard \"I Want You\" and the rest of Rock And Roll Over, which is still one of my favorite all time KISS albums. Any way, I live in New Hampshire, and I was wondering if you were planning on playing somewhere in New England, mabey around Boston? I would love to travel to NY or NJ to see you, but I\'m not sure that\'s possible. I know I\'m just one fan, but there has to be more people that want to see you in this area than just me. If I don\'t get to see you, I hope you have a great tour and alot of fun. Thanks for everything you\'ve done. Your music has gotten me through some VERY rough times and I appreciate it greatly. A KISS fan Forever, San (
Subject: But?
From: Andrew Butler on 09/09/2006
I am so excited about the new Live to Win tour, but There are no shows around me. I know its asking alot, but could you maybe do a show in Kansas City, MO, or St. Louis, MO. That would be amazing. Your biggest fan, Andrew
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