Thanks Long over Due
Subject: Thanks Long over Due
From: barbie z on 11/17/2006
Dear Kiss, This letter is well over due. I want to Thank You for being in my heart and being the band you have worked soo hard to acheive... In 1999 I was involved in an automobile accident comming home from work about 10:30 a.m.on morning.. I was hit head on and spun around several times. I had blacked out for a few seconds, it was your music/voices I heard. This was the greatest sounds I ever heard. Your music help me snapp back and keep calm while trying to escape my car. Paul your new album \" Live To Win\" is the greatest!!! It is giving me Thank You a new light with everthing that is going on in my lie.. My 6 yr. old also loves it and you. She sings the words word for word.. Love You, Barbara Zimmerman Ephrata, Pa
Subject: Alive!
From: Mike Ciresi on 11/17/2006
Paul/Gene Have you ever thought about ending KISS in this way or better said, I think this would be a great way to end KISS when it\'s time; to do one last tour with the original members and do the entire Alive! set list? Plus, why didn\'t Ace ever do his solo like this: Put on something like a mock jet pack on his back and fly in a circle around the arena while playing, he could have had smoke coming out of the guitar and jet pack, I mean Paul, you went out into the audience, I thought it would have been a natural thing to do, oh well, maybe just a fans wish. Hey, great DVD (KISSOLOGY)and Paul congrats on the tour, Gene the show is great, get married for Christ\'s sake, Shannon is worth it.
Tours, music and magic thru the years
Subject: Tours, music and magic thru the years
From: Joe Melchionda on 11/17/2006
I\'ve been a Kiss fan right from the beginning! I was in 3rd grade back in \'74 when my cousins introduced me to you guys. I was instantly hooked with your performances and music! I\'ve collected sooo much thru the years, everything from all the original vinyls to just about all the current CD\'s and DVD\'s along with dolls and action figures. The Kiss band has been a huge part of my life and I can always relate to different periods in my life with different periods of the bands progressions. Due to dramatic periods in my youth, It took 18 years before I got a chance to see you guys live for the first time. It was well worth the wait!!! It was so great that I saw your performance another 3 times there after!!! This leads me to my son. His name is Joe also and he to is a Kiss fan, always listening to your music and watching the DVD\'s and seeing Gene on his some; Family Jewels.Oh, by the way...I have a DVD of the last show at the Meadowlands in NJ and security took me, my brother in law and his girlfriend to the front and we all were captured on film...pretty cool! Anyhow, Joey is dying to see you live!!!!! (So am I...again!)So I promissed him a front seat if Kiss should tour again (Lets say the Meadowlands or MSG?)He has seen on your wed site the tour you put on in Ca and Japan.....Any chance this is leading to a US or World tour? I hope so. I want my son to experience a live Kiss show now not to wait 18 years like I did to see the Greatest Band In The World.....
Subject: When???
From: Hege from Finland on 11/17/2006
When you come in Finland?
Thanks from Tioga N.Y
Subject: Thanks from Tioga N.Y
From: Michael John Rumpff on 11/16/2006
Hey Guys, Thanks for all your hard work and creativity. I have been listening to your music ever since I was ten. A friend played for me the Kiss unmasked album and I was hooked. I love comics, music and babes and your band has incorporated all my interests into one package.Your music and message is wonderful to the senses. \"Rock and Roll Forever and Party Every Day\" Mike
come to canada!
Subject: come to canada!
From: walts on 11/16/2006
Hey guys BIG fan! Even thou Iím only 15 and I wasnít even alive in the 70\'s when you guys where big in music I still love your music... and Iím getting allot of my friends to like you guys. But what I was really writing about was if you guys could come to Canada to play a concert (come to Ontario*Toronto* thatís where I live) I think it would be so cool if you did it would be the best thing in my life to see you guys in person. ps. hey gene your so cool I watch your show\'s like rockshcool and think your the best bass\'s in the world and Tommy/ace and Paul or as I like to call you *SATR* you guy are the best playing sons of bitches play guitar.. o and Eric you are they BEST drummer of this universe!! so remember to come to Canada... so I can see you guys ROCK!!! From (WALTER/WALTS)
A fan that never got a chance to see you!
Subject: A kiss fan that never got a chance to see you!
From: JUAN GAYOSO on 11/15/2006
Just a quick note that to let you know that I have been a kiss fan for many many years and would like to share an experience with you about your band. I am a 42 year old Cuban-American male who grew up in South Florida in a very conservative hispanic upbring. Kiss was playing at the Hollywood Sportatourim in Hollywood, Florida in the late \'70s, around \'77 or \'78, don\'t remember exact year. I was like 15 years old and had begged my parents to let me go to the concert. I had friends going. Unfortunately I never got permission because my parents thought that the group was evil and promoting bad things such as drugs and alcohol. To this date I have never forgiven my parents for not letting me go. I did however buy the KISS ALIVE record album that I still have today and played it over and over for many years. I have just recently bought the KISSOLOGY Vol. I and was able to see group perform for really the first time. It is AWESOME ... GREAT JOB and I look forward to Vol. 2 Now here is where the story has a very interesting twist ... Over the past 9 years I have been living in a city called Pembroke Pines, Florida in a gated community called Pembroke Isles. Recently I found out by the city public records that where I live today is the exact location and site of where the Hollywood Sportatorium use to live. Almost over 30 years ago the BEST ROCK N ROLL BAND IN THE WORLD performed in the same location I live today .... Hold on ... I can almost here Paul Simons saying, Rock and Roll all nite and party every day ... JUST AWESOME BABY !!! AND LONG LIVE THE 4 INCREDIBLE HUMAN BEINGS THAT CREATED THE BAND CALLED K I S S ..... Thank you and I hope one day you can come back here in Pembroke Pines, Florida and play one last time .... I promise to take my parents with me to see the show!!!! God bless ... Juan Gayoso, Pembroke Pines, Florida November 15, 2006
Tommy\'s Birthday
Subject: Tommy\'s Birthday
From: Sergio on 11/15/2006
Happy Birthday!!!! I know its a bit late but anyways I wanted to send this.I hope you had a great time on your birthday. Rock On!!!
Subject: WE NEED YOU!!!
From: Armando on 11/14/2006
Line Skis Law Suit
Subject: Line Skis Law Suit
From: Line Skis Fan on 11/13/2006
Why did you sue Line Skis over their graphics? From what I can see, they could represent almost any generic rock band from your music era. Not just specifically KISS. They looked so cool too. Now they can\'t sell a product they already produced and had many customers order because the graphics somewhat look like you guys?
im a diehard fan
Subject: im a diehard fan
From: sara on 11/13/2006
hi! i just wanted to say how much i adore KISS. this is for you KISS! i only listen to KISS, i have almost every KISS album, i have sooo many KISS posters, i have KISS clothes and im hoping to buy tonss of KISS stuff from the KISS online store. i cant stand any other bands. my friends think im crazy because seriously, i dont listen to any other band. i love you KISS. your songs have got me through the toughest of times! U GUYS ROCK!!
Thankyou.......\"Wish apon a star\"
Subject: Thankyou.......\"Wish apon a star\"
From: SebSamFaith on 11/13/2006
Hey,how are you Gene, I just wanted to drop you a note, a note to say thanks, thankyou for defining a generation of music. Thankyou for helping me find my true love.......Rock-n-Roll. I was influenced by KISS at an early age, and when I first saw the Alive II album I was 8 years old then listened to it,....I realized that is what I wanted to do for the rest of my life......\"play music\". Well, now a father of three, and 36 years old, I realize that becoming a professional rock musician is a little out of the question, but I\'m going to \"Wish apon a star\" just as you did and your dreams came true. I was wondering if I wished real hard on that star if you could find the time in your busy life to jam a tune or even a note with a true fan of many years? Well, I did it, I now made my wish........lets see if it comes true. From my family to yours,all the best!! Thankyou, Jesse
Subject: kissssssssss
From: istanbul on 11/13/2006
me and my girlfriend are the kiss fan.. we hope to see u on istanbul.. please come come come come to istanbul.. come and shake the istanbul i want it oh my god .. pleaseeeeeeee come :( istanbul is a big and important city. we want to host u. not such a great band like u comes to istanbul.. we love rock n roll we love u we were made for listening to u baby..
ology DVD\'s
Subject: KISSology DVD\'s
From: Kentroversy on 11/12/2006
Greetings, KISS Family: I have been a fan since 1973, since nearly day one. KISS was my favorite band all through high-school (1977-1981). Over the years, I wanted to own some classic KISS vids -- and not just bootleg VHS stuff which sat on the shelf. I remember reading PLAYBOY where an article described the Budokan Love Gun show. I remember thinking, that sounds neat, I wish I was there. The Paul Lynde Halloween Special was where a lot of my friends saw the band on TV for the first time. However, I had seen the Mike Douglas Show and the weekend concert shows on TV. I wanted to own that footage in the worst way. KISS ALIVE! is a landmark live album in a lot of ways -- mostly because the audience gets rowdy by the time side four was playing -- the band was Hotter Than Hell that night, and in my opinion, it is my all-time favorite live album, next to Hendrix Live At Woodstock. I listened to that album thousands of times over the past thirty years, and how I had wished to be there in the crowd at Cobo Hall. Well, you placed all of these goodies in my lap on Halloween 2006, and from the deepest part of my heart, I thank you for doing so. It is destined to be the best all-time music concert DVD collection, by the time all nine DVD\'s are factored into consideration by this time next year. That old feeling has been back in the past two weeks, and I have sat here with my powerhouse home theatre cranking the four classic live shows, which I have watched four times each thus far. My son Anthony, who is a two-year old who loves playing the drums, has been banging on our tables, doing a pretty excellent job of following Peter\'s drumming. A new fan ... Thank you for rocking my world (literally), Kentroversy Buffalo, New York USA
you need to rock canada soon
Subject: you need to rock canada soon
From: hagmana on 11/12/2006
hey guys, i\'m thinking that you need to rock out in winnipeg, manitoba, canada again. it\'d be awesome!!! big big fan here and i\'d love to see you guys live.
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