Subject: Australia
From: Natasha on 11/12/2006
Hiya hows it going? Please come to Australia, you havent for ages and there are so many people here who would be soooooooooooooooooo happy if use came. Please come to Perth, Luv Tash xoxoxoxoxoxox ps. Paul & Gene u ROCK!!!!!
When do you come back to Germany?
Subject: When do you come back to Germany?
From: shermann on 11/11/2006
Guys, I know, you are not the young shots anymore, but when do you actually come back to Germany? I was attending your revival concert in Dortmund 1996(?) and since then we\'re waiting for you to come back and rock Germany. Just because, you show the world that Music is timeless, and that you are looking better then the Rolling Stones ;) Regards, shermann
Subject: congratulation
From: russian girl on 11/11/2006
HI!!!Guess what? Happy Birthday Tommy!!! I know it\'s too late, but it\'s better late then never. Wish you all the best!!! Keep makin\' the world better, cause you\'re great in doin\' it!!!
Halloween\'s the best holiday
Subject: Halloween\'s the best holiday
From: Angel.9 on 11/11/2006
Hey! Check out my outfit! (It\'s home made --- and contrary to popular belief, that IS my real hair and my real tongue!!!) It\'s no wonder I love Halloween so much! Gene Simmons, you rock!!!
Nice Job all those years
Subject: Nice Job all those years
From: Brad Heath on 11/11/2006
Dear Kiss, you are my all time favorite band ever. I have went to two concerts and you guys are amazing. I went to Rock The Nation concert in 2004 in Derien Lake and in 2003 in Derien Lake. You guys are so good i cant wait to see you again if you go out in cocert in Derien Lake. I even stayed up to 11:00 pm to watch you last year on Mtv for the Rock Honors concert and i bought Rock The Nation and KISSOLOGY Dvds. Farewell I hope to see you again in Concert.
Gene\'s visit in Alabama
Subject: Gene\'s visit in Alabama
From: Jeff Ban on 11/10/2006
Gene, We seen u at the Galleria Mall in Alabama. That was great. We did not get to meet & great you due to the fact that u had to leave and meet Paul in Alanta, for his show which I understand. But, my 14 yr old son Justin ( my future bass player ) and his best friend Tyler ( the future guitar player ) were very dis-appointed including myself as a 44 yr old rocker. We made it up to the third row from the center of the stage that u were on. It sure would mean a lot too them and me if we could get 3 autographed pictures of you or the whole band or anything for that matter. \" KEEP ON ROCKING \" If u send something, please do not post my address on the website. THANKS IN ADVANCE JEFF
Subject: d.v.d.
From: philly cheese on 11/09/2006
i just bought new d.vd it changed my life
My Son as Gene Simmons!!!
Subject: My Son as Gene Simmons!!!
From: Troy Mohr on 11/09/2006
Hello Gene, I\'m writing you this simple letter for my 11 year old son, Trysten. He has been watching you on your show for the past few months now and has really taken a liking to you and your family not to mention your music. I will also add that I can perfectly understand that since I have been watching right along with him and enjoying every minute of it. I have been a KISS fan since childhood as well as millions of others. I told Trysten that I would do all that I could to get in touch with \"Mr. Simmons\" and share a bit of our family with him. I\'m sure there are plenty of others that have sent notes like this but I want to be the stand up Dad and at least try to get this to you as I promised I would! I think you would really enjoy knowing that there are children out there that you have touched in this manner. We will pray that you are able to respond in some manner to him but if you really don\'t have the time we just wanted to share with you these pictures. I hope you get a kick out the likeness that many others were able to appreciate during Halloween. YES! IT IS TRYSTEN\'S REAL TONGUE...HA If you have a minute or two to spare I know my Son would absolutely love hearing from you in any fashion at all. Thank you for your time, Gene!! Enjoy the pics! Sincerely, Troy Mohr Stand up Dad!
Subject: Husband
From: Loraine Gonzales on 11/09/2006
Hey guys, I just found out about your cologne and can't wait to purchase for my husband who has been a fan of yours since he was a kid in the 70's. It was not until I met my husband that I realized why the boy behind me in 4th grade had a star drawn over his right eye. Joe (my husband explained that the boy had to be a KISS fan Paul Stanley to be exact. I lived a very sheltered life and did not really know who KISS was until I met Joe one of your biggest fans My husband (when a kid)had a chance to go to one of your concerts in Houston and was left at home because his mother decided to use the ticket for herself instead. My husband was devistated (still is) and always talks about how his mother went and fell asleep during the concert. It was such a waste on her part because he would've had that memory forever. I hope this cologne can give some satisfaction and when you all are back in Houston on tour hopefully we will be at the concert to satisfy that little boy disappointment my husband has carried all these years. Thanks for never fading out!
Gig to Finland
Subject: Gig to Finland
From: Kalmageddon on 11/09/2006
Hi! May I suggest you to make a gig to city called \"oulu\"? It\'s pretty big city, and I know Lots of KISS fans out here. So would you make a gig to Finland? Love, Kalmageddon PS. What make-up do you KISS guy use? I\'d die to know! :) Greetins from Oulu!
Halloween Parade - Mt Union, PA - Another PIC
Subject: Halloween Parade - Mt Union, PA - Another PIC
From: Waylon on 11/09/2006
Here\'s a second Halloween Parade pic of David! This time with his girlfriend Alexis...
Halloween Parade - Mt Union, PA - PIC
Subject: Halloween Parade - Mt Union, PA - PIC
From: Waylon on 11/09/2006
Here is the pic that goes along with the letter I JUST sent (since I got an error message that the file was too big)...
Halloween Parade - Mt Union, PA
Subject: Halloween Parade - Mt Union, PA
From: Waylon on 11/09/2006
Hey guys! Just wanted to stop in and give a SHOUT OUT LOUD!! Here\'s a pic of my youngest son David at the Mt Union Halloween Parade (in Pennsylvania). He had been talking about doing this for WEEKS! It took us 2 hours to get his makeup and costume JUST RIGHT (needless to say, he has a NEW appreciation for the KISS stage show). He plays guitar, so he HAD to be ACE!!! HE decided to take a little Roland Micro Cube amp, strap it to his back (under his cape), and played Detroit Rock City the entire time he was walking through the parade. He was a HUGE hit! Everyone was screaming \"Rock On Dude!!\" as he passed by, and he (in turn) would give them the salute. ROCK ON!!! \\m/ \\m/
Dear Paul Stanley
Subject: Dear Paul Stanley
From: Anthony Troiano on 11/09/2006
Dear Paul, My name is Anthony im 18 years old from Downunder AUSTRALIA, melbourne, i saw you twice when you came for the Symphony and Rock the Nation, both were so amazing and life changing for me. How do you keep you vocals in good shape? I would do anything to meet you but i cannot afford to fly to the USA, which really sucks! but when you return to melbourne i will do everything to meet you! Kiss has been the major influence in my life eversince i was as young as three. How do you write to someone that has done so much as yourself?.. Its pretty hard but good luck with your solo career and hope to hear from you soon. Your biggest Fan DOWNUNDER Anthony Troiano P.s. my hair looks like yours lol
Subject: Cool!
From: Rupert Pupkin on 11/07/2006
Hey, guys! I've been a huge KISS fan for the last 25 years or so. I've seen you guys three times, twice in West Palm Beach, FL and once in Miami. Just got KISSOLOGY as an early Xmas present and it is awesome. Keep on rockin'
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