From: TSgt Samuel Alan Reynolds on 10/26/2006
I just received my first order of Black Diamond roast coffee here in Southeast Asia. I am rocking and rolling with KISS tunes and loving my new KISS Studded coffee mug. I have introduced a whole new generation to KISS. Alot of them had not idea how cool the music is. Thanks for the great web site and continued updates on my favorite band, KISS TSgt Samuel Alan Reynolds 386 ESFS/VIPER United States Air Force
From: Gary Garza on 10/26/2006
The whole crew!!
Live To Win
Subject: Live To Win
From: zductman on 10/25/2006
Im writing from Phoenix Az. I picked up Paul\'s solo cd today. I think it is just great. Ive listened to Kiss daily since 1975. Ive always thought Paul was a very underated singer. He has more versatality than anyone I have ever heard. Thank you for the many years of entertainment.
Spoke to Paul on Rockline
Subject: Spoke to Paul on Rockline
From: on 10/25/2006
Don\'t know if he\'ll get this but I was extremely lucky enough to talk to Paul when they were taping the call-in portion of rockline a couple of weeks ago and I was the 1st call in. I asked him how it was recording the new solo album as oppossed to the studio limits of the late 70s. If anyone heard it I was the \"Frank from South Philadelphia, PA\" you heard and man was that a thrill. While they had me on the line holding waiting to ask my question I was amazed that after 26 years I finally got to talk to him. May sound silly to some people but it was a thrill of a lifetime and I\'m going to see him in Philly next monday at our Theatre of Living Arts (which I mentioned on the show as well). As usual he was a class act and I love and respect the guy and wanna thank you Paul for so many good times - thanks! The pic is from 1979 when I got Dynasty (my 1st album) for xmas trying to form some words to I Was Made For Loving You. Didn\'t matter if I didn\'t know the lyrics then, the spirit was there and still is - thanks man for everything!
Please come to Denver Paul
Subject: Please come to Denver Paul
From: Jay on 10/25/2006
Paul.. your new album is awesome! I went out to Circuit City and bought the only copy they had (wassup wit dat?). But, especially after seeing the set list for Opening Night of the tour, I beseech you AGAIN.. please come to Denver.. we have many beautiful venues where your skills and showmanship will not only be appreciated but wildly applauded.. it is NOT to late to add a date... pleeeessseeee from a lifelong KISS Armyite!
in colombia - To Gene Simmons
Subject: KISS in colombia - To Gene Simmons
From: Daniel felipe garcia zamudio, nicolas tobón on 10/25/2006
Dear Gene Simmons: today We talk to you because we are your fans number 1. We are members of the kiss army, the only ones in our part of the city, and one the greatest in the country, so we had thought that the hottest band in the world could at least show their faces in the city. If they could play at least one song in festival or in a gig all the kiss army would be present!!! even from other countries!!! we want to hear songs like Detroit Rock City, god of Thunder, God Gave rock And Roll To You, Lick it up and some others that will make the people shout and scream. This Will be the greatest experience in our lifes!!! and if you could do it please answer!!!. Thanks to all the band from Colombia. Daniel Garcia. Nicolas Tobón.
when are you doing a tour
Subject: when are you doing a tour
From: kevin chandler on 10/25/2006
i would like to know when you guys are coming over to the uk to do another tour the nec at birmingham is screaming out for a decent night please please come over to see the kiss army in the united kingdom another thing after 16 years has a kiss fan my five year old loves hide your heart so i am afraid you guys will have to carry on for another 20 years to please my son sam england needs ya
New Album and Paul\'s Tour
Subject: New Album and Paul\'s Tour
From: Sergio on 10/24/2006
Hi guys you all rock and I think you should make a New Album to bring back the power of rock and roll and continue the legend.Congrats Paul on your album and I hope you do great on your tour.
NEW TOUR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Subject: NEW KISS TOUR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
From: Fraser Stanton on 10/24/2006
Gene, Paul, Tommy, and Eric in the upcoming year (2007) KISS should go back on tour (last tour was in 2004) last time you played in Canada was 2000. Please come to Thunder Bay and blow the roof off of the Fort William Gardens (you would have to bring a smaller stage, and you would have to do at least 5 shows)
Thank You Paul for everything
Subject: Thank You Paul for everything
From: on 10/24/2006
I\'m writing to tell you how much you and your music have meant to me over the years. Your latest cd really touched my heart. I was severly beated and assauted and your music was a big part of my recovery. I know you are playing in ATlantic City on FRiday October 27th and I am trying like crazy to get a ticket. I would like to go and thank you personally for all youhave done for me. It must be a wonderfull feeling to know how much you touch other people\'s lives without even knowing it. I am going to be down in AC on Friday night and if I can\'t get a ticket have a wonderful show and my thoughts and prayers are with you and your family. If I dont\'t get a ticket I will be at the Sands at a bar called Swingers (not what you think!!!!} They have some really good bands if you want to check them out. Thank you. With love and respect, Sue Ely
Subject: question!!!
From: louis on 10/23/2006
I will like to know when you will make a show has Montreal or has Quebec city Canada thank you to answer me your biggest fan!!!
Why not to come here in Greece;
Subject: Why not to come here in Greece;
From: Paul on 10/23/2006
Dear Kiss!My name is Paul and i am 15 years old and i am from Greece.I start hearing you five months ago. I have a request.Why not to come here in Greece to give a consert;That only i want from you! Kisses Paul from Greece
Paul\'s Live To Win CD
Subject: Paul\'s Live To Win CD
From: Shirley Holm on 10/23/2006
Hey There Paul, I wanted to let you know that I finally got to listen to your Live To Win CD and it is so AWESOME and the songs really have touched my heart and soul!! May you keep Rockin\' on your Tour with all of your KISS Fans everywhere and your Band as well, take care Paul. I am also so very proud to be a KISS Fan and a part of the KISS Army now and Forever! Always and Devoted, Shirley Holm From MN
Australia? You know that little country down the bottom of the map?
Subject: Australia? You know that little country down the bottom of the map?
From: Redskins (Andrew) on 10/23/2006
This is more of a question rather than a letter. But is KISS ever coming back to Australia? They\'ve got to come back, I don\'t want to live my life watching their concerts on DVD. They toured Japan why not Australia? Australia is currently getting all the \'emo\' bands and those crap guys who yell like their having a mental fit! If we wanted those bands we would call our country Melbourne, Australia\'s EMO capital. NOTE: Any Americans emo covers goth too. Note 2:Melbourne also has a great kiss store....right next to \'EMO\' PARADE!
atlanta live to win show
Subject: atlanta live to win show
From: dleffew on 10/22/2006
I have to say that the atlanta show lived to all I had hoped!!! Paul\'s voice was incendiary throughout the entire show, the band was very tight, especially the drummer who was a madman, reminescent of eric singer\'s playing and they looked like they were having the time of their lives! What the night extra special for me is that Paul played 4 songs from his first solo album! The first Kiss album I ever owned was his solo album--it was 1979 and I was 10. I have waited 26 years to hear him do these songs live. The new tracks from Live to Win sounded wonderful and I cant wait to pick it up on Tuesday. The Tabernacle wasnt sold out which surprised me, and the accoustics were amazing. I was told by a fan that the other shows were sold out, and rightfully so. It is so evident that Paul\'s pipes are among the finest in rock and roll! It was good to see Gene and Doc show up to lend support as well--it really says a ton! I only wish more picks were given out. For anyone that can make it to a show, i highly recommend it and i hope that Paul will add more dates. Paul seemed to enjoy being back on stage, and in his true element. This will be one show I will truly remember...This makes my 11th time I have seen Kiss, but the Atlanta show will now rank up there as one of my favorites!!!
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