Paul in Chicago
Subject: Paul in Chicago
From: John Jansky on 11/07/2006
I caught Paul\'s show in Chicago at the House of Blues. It was an excellent performance. Indestructable band, exploding set list and a good night had by all. We aslo ran into Charlie from Anthrax and Joe Trohman from Fall Out Boy who were both there to catch Paul\'s show.
Concert 1987
Subject: Kiss Concert 1987
From: Guerra67 on 11/07/2006
Gene had my panties on his bass for most of the show!!! This is my brush with greatness. I had to share my picture with you. Gene I hope you see this.
I\'m the youngest fan ever
Subject: I\'m the youngest KISS fan ever
From: on 11/07/2006
are you coming back
Subject: are you coming back
From: jacob hawk on 11/05/2006
I went to the 03-04 concert and I wanted to know if you were coming back live for 1 more tour.
Please do one more tour
Subject: Please do one more tour
From: T.J. on 11/05/2006
Dear KISS, I have a very simple question for all of you guys.will you please come back and do one more tour.i have been a huge KISS fan since i was 8.during your guys farewell tours my mom said i was too young to go.i am now 15.i couldn\'t go during Rock The Nation because we couldn\'t get tickets quick now i have the dvd.all i ask is one more tour so i can go.thanks guys
one more try on the picture!!!
Subject: one more try on the picture!!!
From: Kara Sherman on 11/04/2006
This is the last time I try this....ha ha
Santa needs some helpers
Subject: Santa needs some helpers
From: Kara Sherman on 11/04/2006
Hi guys, I\'m writing to tell you I have a serious 8 year old KISS fan on my hands who has asked Santa this year for an autographed picture of KISS. She loves the music and the band just as much as her crazy Mom and Dad do. (As you can see in this picture of her Halloween costume this year)She was so proud trick or treating this year with such a cool costume. She was getting a bit ticked off though when everyone thought she was Gene Simmons and politely corrected them she was Paul Stanley. So I\'m asking for some help from the band to check off an important item on her wish list. Yes she still believes in Santa and if that is the only thing she gets for Xmas this year she wouldn\'t care because it would be the coolest Xmas ever for her. Hope you can help me out. Thanks for all the great music and the great times that go with it!!! Kara S. Upstate NY
Finally after 30 years . . .
Subject: Finally after 30 years . . .
From: Gratful fan on 11/04/2006
I was finally granted the opportunity to meet the God himself, Gene Simmons, at Gottschalks in Riverside, Ca.,as well as experience the introduction of the new KISS fragrance, which I do own. That night my husband and six year old daughter became KISS fans (actually, everybody became Gene Simmons fans). It was one of the greatest times of my life! I stood in line with Elvis(actually a cheap impersonation, but surreal, nevertheless), surrounded by a whole bunch of people who, like me, are devoted to KISS. It is truly now a religion, one that I am very proud to be a part of. My only disappointment being that I was so overcome with emotion and appreciation that I became "tongue-tied" and was unable to express myself - I had been rendered, for the first-time, SPEECHLESS ! I will attempt to say now, what I've wished I could say to His Eminence, Gene Simmons, for 30 years . . . You see, I am an incest survivor. One day my grandfather walked into my room, as he had on prior occasions, but on this day he would be greeted by 'The Demon', a giant poster of Gene spitting blood. Well, the simple-minded pervert was frightened so-----------oooo badly he never came back and told everybody that I was a Satan worshiper. So now I must say to "The Great One", THANK YOU, FOR SO MUCH! I am truly a loyal and grateful fan! Anna Cordes, in Riverside, Ca..
Baby VS. :)
Subject: Baby VS. KISS :)
From: tattooeddad on 11/04/2006
Hi Guys, My wife and I welcomed baby #3, our little son, ZAKK on Wed night. Totally exhausted from the delivery experience and all that goes with that and what do I do the second I get home? I pop in the KISSOLOGY DVD\'s and watch all 3 discs all the way thru, TWICE. I haven\'t slept all night and will be heading back to the Hospital 50 miles away in a little bit with DESTROYER, DYNASTY, & THE ELDER blaring in the stereo. Hoping wifey will be recovered enough for me to make Paul\'s gig at the Fillmore in SF on the 13th. Thanks guys for a lifetime of great tunes, videos, etc. KISS is not just a band for me. It\'s a way of life.... -Scott (tattooeddad)
From: MARK on 11/03/2006
Hello, I have finally put my Gene Simmons costume together after many years of wanting to do so. I am wanting to add the Destroyer ( Demon boots with the scales) and the shoulder armor to complete my costume... I have done all the leather work for the belt and cod piece myself and built my battle axe guitar. Is there some help you can give me to find the Destroyer boots and armor? I would appreciate any advice on how to acquire some boots for next years costume! Thanks, Mark
- You Are My Younger Brother\'s Idols, Please Help!!!
Subject: KISS - You Are My Younger Brother\'s Idols, Please Help!!!
From: Gesina on 11/03/2006
Greetings, My younger brother, Luke, is 20 years old, but he has had social and learning problems his entire life. Consequently, he struggles in school and in relationships. He has been ostracized by his peers for his entire life... picked on, tormented, laughed at... these are things he regularly has had to endure. At about 12 or 13, he became obsessed with your band. He begged my mom for a KISS t-shirt and she refused, so he made one himself out of Hanes crew neck and a black sharpie. A few years back my husband and I took him to your concert at Alpine Valley in Wisconsin for his birthday. He was so excited. A week before the concert, he had his outfit for the concert picked and laid out on a chair in his room. I tell you this because I want you to know how special your band is to a person who is not only a special young man but so incredibly special to me. He is so kind and giving of himself. Because of that, he is frequently taken advantage of by others. He is so extremely artistically talented, but he doesn\'t have faith in his talent. Currently he is attending technical college in Wisconsin and living with my parents. He is currently debating quitting school because he has no confidence in himself and his ability to succeed. He has confided in me that he feels he is worthless... a failure. I have told him that is not the case but he doesn\'t listen. I am so worried about him. This is why I write. It would make his life... and I mean that... his life... if you could send him some words of encouragement. I have tried. My parents have tried. We get nowhere. I know that you are not miracle workers... but, I know that you could really give him boost of self-esteem by just giving a few seconds of your time by telling him not to give up! I can\'t tell you how much you would make my day if you could do this little thing that would be a life-altering experience for my little brother. Please do not post this letter online. If you think you could do this for my brother, please contact me and I will give you his information. My e-mail is Thank you kindly. Gesina.
A new recruit!
Subject: A new recruit!
From: total_roccsta on 11/03/2006
I just joined the KISS ARMY, and it feels great to be part of the KISS FAMILY! I\'m 19, but I should have done this sooner. You guys ROCK and are the sound of Rock \'n Roll! Since I can remember, thanks to my uncles great taste in music, KISS has always been playing in my head. I really hope to see you guys LIVE in concert one day. I had an opportunity to see you all in San Antonio, TX., but it was impossible for me to attend. Next time you all swing by, I WILL be there! KISS IS THE BEST!
My Halloween with in NYC
Subject: My Halloween with KISS in NYC
From: Gary Tyler in CT on 11/03/2006
My girlfriend was cool enough to take the two days off from work so we could spend Halloween in NYC with KISS. She and I arrived in NYC Monday night at our hotel for our 2 night stay in NYC, and after a few hours sleep we headed over to Virgin at 3:45am to wait in line for our bracelets. After watching the NYC night sky turn into daylight we finally got in and got our dvd\'s and bracelets. After that it was a few more hours sleep at our hotel, only to find ourselves up again for more KISS fun! We both put on our makeup (she was Paul, I was Ace) and headed over to TRL for our guest spot in the pit outside the MTV studio. We waited patiently as KISS finally came outside and walked RIGHT IN FRONT OF US! What a shock to be able to shake Gene & Paul\'s hands and finally get to tell them how much I love them for all the years of great music and concerts. After they left TRL we headed over to the subway to get a ride down to Greenwich Village for the Halloween parade. After about an hour and a half wait, the parade finally arrived, and then came the KISS FLOAT blasting \"Got To Choose\" from Alive!, followed by \"God Of Thunder From Alive 2!!\" This was like a dream, seeing KISS in a NYC parade. The weather was awesome too! We finally got back over to Virgin at around 10pm and waited in line for the signing. We waited in line inside the store and got a few great shots of Gene & Paul who were more than happy to pose for the camera :) We both got our dvd\'s signed as well as our McFarlane action figures of Gene & Paul. The only thing I was disappointed with was how quickly we were forced to leave the signing. I wanted to tell the guys how much I\'ve appreciated them growing up since seeing them on the Paul Lynde Halloween Show in \'76, and buying my first KISS record at Bradlees in Norwalk, CT at the age of 6. I did get to tell Paul that I saw them on the Dynasty Tour in New Haven CT with Judas Priest as the opener, and his reaction was \"Oh wow!\". I guess I brought back some memories for him too. I wish I could have spoken to Gene but we didnt even have a chance because of security. There were people bringing too many items to sign and the rules were originally 1 extra item, so because of some other greedy people the whole event got rushed, but hey, it was a once in a lifetime chance to meet my heroes, and I loved every minute of the day!!! THANK YOU KISS, AND THANK YOU KAREN FOR MAKING THE DAY POSSIBLE!
paul\'s new album and show
Subject: paul\'s new album and show
From: daddyo on 11/03/2006
dear paul, me and my son(cj) caught your show in greensburg pa. AWESOME!!!!!!! being in first one in line to buy your new cd I couldn\'t help but get excited about the show. listen to the cd about 11 times including 3 times on the way to the show. I found it to be fantantic. songs were well produces with great sound and lyrics. Yea david campbell!!! this guy will go down as the greatest conducter and arranger in the history of roll! (I am also a classic music nut) I guess that why i love you guys even more your songs and albums remain timeless. when i listen to your older or newer works they all seems fresh and new. I love when i sneak old school kiss in on my stuffy friends and they all say who is this and this is great. I love the look on their faces when i tell the it you! anyway gotta go. thanks for the great show!!! it was awesome love always jp leary
Paul in Greensburg
Subject: Paul in Greensburg
From: Jim Smit on 11/03/2006
What an awesome show. My friend steve and I drove 5 hours from Niagara Falls Canada to see this show and we were pumped. Of course, you did not disappoint. Thanks Paul for giving us more fantastic memories. I had a great time at the show and as far as I could see everyone had an awesome night. I hope you never stop rockin\'. I don\'t know what we would do without the anticipation and enjoyment of the shows, the dvds the cds and of course the memories that go along with it all. Thanks again!! - PS The new DVD set is awesome. I love the inserts. It felt like I was opening KISS Alive all over again!! Jim Smit Niagara
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