A sad Time
Subject: A sad Time
From: Vynn on 09/05/2006
Hey KISS, Yes Im a huge fan of yours,but I am also a huge of Steve Irwin the Croc. Hunter. I just heard he died! I was really sad, I went to my room and I blasted my #1 favorite KISS songs really loud on my Radio. That made me feel much better. Thanks a million for writing such great songs! Vynn
keep rockin\'
Subject: keep rockin\'
From: dogday on 09/05/2006
My Brothers, thanx so much for keeping the music alive!! It doesn\'t matter to me that Tommy and Eric are in \"The Make-Up\" of Ace and Peter, actually it\'s kinda cool. Those guys rock just as hard!! The band sounds better than ever! Rock And Roll Over Forever!!!!!!!!
Europe concert?
Subject: Europe concert?
From: Wibe on 09/05/2006
Dear Kiss, I\'m really a big fan of yours. The problem is that I haven\'t seen you in a concert or even in living live. I live in Holland, so it\'s too far for me to go to a concert in for example Las Vegas. Will there be a concert somewhere in Europe sometime? Better, will there maybe be a concert in Holland? Wibe
Rocking the UK
Subject: Rocking the UK
From: twix on 09/05/2006
is there any plans to bring kiss back over to the UK .It would be great to see your guys again. p.s good luck with the solo album paul cant wait.
My Letter To You
Subject: My Letter To You
From: Joakim on 09/05/2006
Write a letter to the band.. hmm, there is so many things you would like to say, so many moments you would like to share. Ive been listen to Kiss for many many years, other bands to, im a \"musicaholic\". But everytime i put on a Kiss album it feels like its genuine, the original, the way music should be. Ive been to two concerts, both in Stockholm Sweden in the \'90, first time i will never forget.. i was standing close to the stage and i heard the speaker go \" You wanted the best and you got the best - the hottest band in the world - KISS!! and there you all were.. just a few meters from me.. the band who i had played on my uncles recordplayer when I was a child.. i remember putting thin paper on the recordcovers and drew a copy of the picture while listen to the record over and over again.. you where my gods. I even sometimes pretended that it was me standing on the Destroyer cover, looking all cool and everyone looked up to me.. and I was god. Now im turning 30 soon and life has had its ups and downs as for all of us, and when i look back on the times at my uncle and listen to \"God gave rock \'n\' roll to you it seems like i understand it all. Everything is possible, take your chance and do something about it, we are all humans, nothing more nothing less and if you want something go get it. God gave rock \'n\' roll to you - put it in the soul of everyone - live your life and enjoy. Thank you all thats been apart of Kiss. I wished that i could give something back, so I wrote my letter to you. Good luck in the future! Joakim - sweden
Chances of another Aussie Tour
Subject: Chances of another Aussie Tour
From: Shane pearson on 09/05/2006
My daughter (Jade-E) was only 2 last time you toured Australia,(Brisbane) My wife and I at the time felt she would not be able to handle the level of volume for her young age. SHE WAS SHATTERED!!! that we were there but she wasn\'t. We absolutely loved the show. I have been a fan since I first heard \"I was made for loving you.\" in 1978, I was only 6 then. I have promised my daughter to take her next time you are in Australia. Is there any chance that you will tour Australia again? Jade-E is a huge fan of KISS and plays your DVD\'s and CD\'s all the time. I don\'t mind at all because I love listening and watching also. Shane Pearson.
Space Ace
Subject: Space Ace
From: sto68457@bigpond.com on 09/05/2006
Done in Pencil. I decided not to color in the hair on this one.
Mr Stanley
Subject: Mr Stanley
From: Steve Townsend on 09/05/2006
Done in pencil. This pic took a couple of hours to complete. Paul is easy to do.
Gene with punisher
Subject: Gene with punisher
From: Steve Townsend on 09/05/2006
This pic was done in pencil. It took about a week to finish. That\'s doing a bit here and there per night. Hope ya like it.
I want you in Montreal city
Subject: I want you in Montreal city
From: Yannick on 09/04/2006
I want kiss show in montreal city. Me and my Girlfriend love kiss and we want first kiss show, since 3 years. excuse me i Speak French
Recomend me a school of rock for my Kid
Subject: Recomend me a school of rock for my Kid
From: dr_rock_ on 09/04/2006
Please Recomend me a school of rock for my Kid he is 12, and plays the guitarr fairly good, is there a rock summer camp? Any suggestions? We have seen your experience in England, why not in the US? more, why not in California? In tijuana we have excelent guitar players between 12- 17 yrs. (acoustic and electric, rockers and classical) Hope youn can answer, i can send you a video.
Touring in Washington, D.C
Subject: Touring in Washington, D.C
From: Firegirl27 on 09/04/2006
Hi, My name is Heather and my daughter Stacey, We where interested in when you will be touring in Washington, D.C? How to get back stage tickets? My daughter and I looking forward to seeing you all soon. Sincerely, Heather & Stacey Burley
fragrance sold at military bases
Subject: Kiss fragrance sold at military bases
From: Lisa Beckett on 09/03/2006
I am happy to know that the Kiss fragrances will be sold at military bases. I live here at Fort Drum, Ny and am excited that I am going to be able to go to the PX and pick us some Kiss cologne! Thanks for supporting the military. I\'m a military spouse and your support is greatly appreciated by the troops and their families, as well. Lisa Beckett
so true
Subject: so true
From: chastity on 09/03/2006
PAUL: Married life in general or mine? Mine's a dream come true. My married life is everything married life should be. You only have to look at the divorce statistics to see that there aren't enough great marriages. When one marriage doesn't work, it's the relationship that failed. A great marriage is freeing rather than imprisoning. If you feel you've lost your freedom or identity, you need to get out. If you feel you have to be someone you don't want to be, you need to get out. ''wanted to say to Paul that made so much since to me. It hits the spot. Divorced here and needed to get out thanks for helping me say no better ways. At least we both know what it is like or could be like. Very big fans of yours.you are so dear to my heart. thank you
Just Saying Hello
Subject: Just Saying Hello
From: Dann The KISS Man on 09/03/2006
Dear KISS, As you already know, my names Dann. I love all your work, and all you guys. Paul and Gene Both Inspired me to play electric guitar, and electric bass! I have never seen you guys in concert, but i heard that you guys might tour next summer? If thats true, can you tell me, by any means, if your touring in or close to massachusetts. My two favorite songs by you guys are Shout it Out, and Detroit Rock City. I love that movie so much, i watched it back-to-back 39 times. I know that sounds like im lying, but believe me, im not. Any chance i get i love watching the Kiss Sympany live dvd. I love you guys, and it would be the best thing ever if u guys tour around here, so i can at least see you guys before you guys retire, which will probably happen by the time i turn 18-22 (4-8 years). i love the show you guys put on! Well on the dvds i\'ve seen them. Well i got to go for know, ill write again soon. Signed, Dann The KISS Man P.S. If You can, u probably cant but could you maybe write back (scar_face13773@yahoo.com)
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