is Hot
Subject: Kiss is Hot
From: on 10/30/2006
Hey This is a letter from a very late fan. I was born in December of 1975. I grew up with my mom listening to Fox 97 in Atlanta GA and a brother that was 4 years older who was obsessed with Hank Williams JR. and while Hank JR. is an awesome singer, I never had music of my own. I married the love of my life in 1994 when I was 18 years old and until last week, I never knew KISS, I had heard some songs but didn\'t know who sang them and in hitting the age of 30 last year I put country music on the back burner last year and started listening to 96 rock Atlanta GA. For the first time in my life my car does not have any country music on the memory keys. I acquired some songs last week and couldn\'t believe the years that I have wasted. I was very sheltered and I have been to one concert in my life and it was of course a Hank Williams JR concert. I would love to see KISS in concert while I can still enjoy it and dance to the tunes. You should go on Tour. You are awesome and Paul you still look hot. You got it goin on. I love Domino, Beth, Forever and Lick it Up. Just a few of my favorites. Some have touched my heart and some have touched other areas we\'ll not mention. Love you guys I am sorry I wasted so much time. This has been an eye opening for me and now there is no going back to the crap I was used to.
Subject: kiss touring
From: taylor hunter on 10/30/2006
dear kiss, What\'s up!I was wondering if you guys would ever tour like on the gulf coast or in New Orleans , Louissiana or in Gulfport,Mississippi.If you do I\'ll definitly be there! I also want to know if you guys would ever record a new album. Your#1fan, Taylor Hunter
Touring Europe
Subject: Touring Europe
From: NiGhtPiSH on 10/30/2006
Dear Kiss, I\'d like to see you touring Europe. David Coverdale made 3 concerts in my contry Bulgaria, Deep Purple, Black Sabbath, Twisted Sister, Dio and much more. I Think it\'s your turn. Tour Europe Come to Bulgaria. We\'re a dynimite audince and we want the BEST... You\'ll see ;) Greets, Ivan \'NiGhtPiSH\' Katzev
Dillards Store
Subject: Dillards Store
From: Joe Lascon on 10/28/2006
Just wanted to let you know what a fine job the associates at the Dillards Store (Overland Park, KS, Oak Park Mall) are doing to promote your new line of fragrances. Tony Roberts (pictured) was very helpful and made our purchase enjoyable (as any KISS purchase should be). Way to go Tony! Nice fragrances and reasonable prices!
From: Joe G. on 10/28/2006
WHAT KISS MEANS TO ME: After over 30 years of moving up the ranks in the KISS Army, I approach my Retirement in hopes for an Honorable Discharge. Upon doing so, I would like to Thank my 4 Commander In Chief\'s and let them know what they have taught me in life since the tender age of seven (aside from aspiring me to become a musician myself): Gene Simmons: How to work hard, save money to achieve wealth, stay out of financial debt and protect my assets. Paul Stanley: How to stay health conscious, physically fit, communicate effectively and have peace of mind. Peter Criss: How to stay true to my Culture and Heritage, have Faith in God and overcome all obstacles. Ace Frehley: How to value my Freedom and Liberty, take chances, and trust my inner instincts and wisdom. Now, we all know that KISS is divided into Two Political Parties: Right Wing: Gene/Paul and Left Wing: Peter/Ace (that are uniquely inter-woven). Leaving out all the negative aspects, I will have one good philosophy of each Party that every KISS fan dreams they can learn from one another in life before it\'s too late. Gene/Paul: They always knew where they we\'re going.,,,and kept it going. Peter/Ace: They never forgot where they came fromä...and kept it real. It was the roar of the crowd. Joe G.
From: BREWER on 10/28/2006
Subject: \'KISSOLOGY\'
From: Kelli on 10/28/2006
Just when I think KISS has done it all.... WOW!! THANKS for making my anniversary! My hubby surprised me by taking me to see the one night only \'KISS Alive! At Cobo Hall\'. I was never allowed to attend concerts at age ten so I was never able to see the beginning years of KISS. I\'ve been to many KISS concerts since then and had my dreams come true when I met all of you at Hershey PA in 2004!! What an honor it was to meet all of you, get hugs, autographs, and have a front row seat for \'Rock the Nation\'. A night I\'ll never forget! To top that off I was one of three fans chosen to be in the \'Rock the Nation\' dvd set in the meet and greet section. The only thing missing in all these years was to actually see an uncut concert from the beginning- THANKS for making that dream come true too! I\'m counting down the days until my \'KISSOLOGY\' dvd arrives at the store next week! Thanks for making all my dreams come true! A fan for thirty-two years and counting! Love and KISSes Kelli Selingrove PA
, Cobo Hall, 1976
Subject: KISS, Cobo Hall, 1976
From: Shawn Boyd on 10/28/2006
Wow! I never thought time travel was possible until last night. KISS, Cobo Hall, 1976... I was 9 years old when it happened -- I\'m 39 now and I felt like a kid all over again. I\'ve attended a dozen or so KISS shows, with and without makeup, and seeing them on the big screen here in Sacramento was only a blood drop away from the real thing. Dinner at Hooters with my friend Fletch before the show near the theater -- KISS shirts everywhere. Inside the doors more shirts and shouts. In the theater, KISS fans and their mates. Then that infamous foreplay -- \"YOU WANTED THE BEST YOU GOT THE BEST...\" the next 90-minutes transported us to a time and place we only heard in legend. The energy, the electricity, the myth ... it was REAL! We witnessed it with our own wide eyes! Left speechless, we filed out of the theater talking about Peter\'s drum attacks, Ace\'s out-of-this-world guitar shredding, Gene\'s mezmerizingly demonic stage presense, and Paul\'s command of what it means to be a star frontman! -- I even overheard a guy tell his girlfriend \"now I know why KISS is your favorite band!\" THANK YOU! Shawn Boyd, loyal KISS ARMY Soldier since 1977.
do you come to monterrey again
Subject: do you come to monterrey again
From: arturo on 10/28/2006
hi im a big fam of yours and i want to ask you if you think in come back to monterrey because when you come i cant went to the concert and my my dream is to be in a kiss concert kiss the biggest band in the earth
Subject: halloween!!
From: shockmeace on 10/28/2006
hey kiss this is me and my big sister Aleshia in our halloween costumes the one to the left is my big sister Aleshia as Paul Stanley and Me Aubrie to the right as Ace Frehley.
You can make more money
Subject: You can make more money
From: Thwaiters (Michael) on 10/28/2006
I have been to almost every kiss event of the last 15 years. I am an Aussie (Australian to you Americans)- nd hve every KISS vinyl album, picture disc & CD. I also have a Gene ssigned album from the 1995 KISS Convention. Anoyoo..enough with the devotion credentials.. You appear to be resting (commercially) on your laurels - yet every book I have ever read talks about the music - the original reason for KISS. Was\"Psycho Circus\" really the last hurrah? Don\'t lead us on.. You may see this as purist, as commercially ignorant (I went to Gene talk fest), but in an era where people are crying out for entertainment (Barbara Streisand is selling out foor Gods\' sake!), there is surely always a place for the greatest rock band of all time (other than the Beatles of course - no disrespect). I realise you guys are getting on & it is a long time since I was a 15 year old with the cover of \"Lick it Up\" in my hand, but you guys a form of deity. Surely KISS are not going to be come that metal version of Wayne Newton.? A tragic Vegas throw back? Having said that, let me state my true opinion.. You are the reason I have been inspired in my life. The reason I earn $350k per year. The inspiration for my views of the world. Please do not die. I love you all (except Vinnie Vincent - who is clearly a tosser). Un-dying devotion. Michael
are you coming to australia any time soon?
Subject: are you coming to australia any time soon?
From: marnie on 10/28/2006
Hey Guys, I was just wondering if your coming back to play australia any time in the near or distant future? I would really love to see you guys live? I know your all preaty busy but we all love you so much down hear! from your far away fan! ROCK ON GUYS!!!!!!!
Italy? Plz!!!
Subject: Italy? Plz!!!
From: snickers89 (a young fan of you) on 10/27/2006
I saw in your back concert that the last time you came to Italy was before the 2000, and I now i\'ve heard rumors that you are making a new album.Why don\'t you put an Italy date on a possible future concert to promote the new Album? Maybe in S. Siro Stadium, like other big bands have done, such as Rolling Stones..... P.S. Sorry for my English, I\'m Italian...
Paul Stanley - Live to Win tour
Subject: Paul Stanley - Live to Win tour
From: missdelish on 10/27/2006
Hi there, I was introduced to kiss just seven months ago when I met my current boyfriend. I think Kiss are fantastic, and I love Pauls new cd. I know Paul is touring the US at the moment with the promotional tour and was wondering if he was thinking of coming over to the UK, where there are a huge ammount of eager fans wanting the chance to see their idol to. My boyfriend thinks of Paul as his idol and would have loved to have flown over to the US but the expense and time off work was too much. Please can you tell us if there are any plans for a UK tour. Thanks very much. XX KOL ANSWER: NOW PLANS RIGHT NOW.
Pauls Fort Lauderdale Show Rocked A Sick Mans World..
Subject: Pauls Fort Lauderdale Show Rocked A Sick Mans World..
From: Tiffany Spicer on 10/27/2006
This is for you Paul, Your show rocked, You rocked and first and best of all thank you..You gave my husband a once and a lifetime dream come true to finally meet you..I respect the fact that after putting on a show like that you could take time out to meet a huge fan of yours and actually listen to what he had to say..That was the best medicine he needed for his cancer treament to progress AND IT FOR SURE GAVE HIM SOME MORE WILL POWER TO FIGHT THIS DISEASE...Again thanks from Tiffany And Aaron Spicer..Paul you went above what we expected and gave us a wonderful night to remember.. Live To Win couldn\'t be a better alblum for my husband to listen to going through this rough time in his life thanks so much Our Love Forever Tiffany Aaron & Our Children Alexander & Brooke
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