1996 my ass downunder tour Melbourne
Subject: 1996 Kiss my ass downunder tour Melbourne
From: Chappo in aus on 08/31/2006
Hi Guys, I was blessed to go and see this concert played on the very night of my 17th birthday (being the 8th of febuary) my mother bought me a push bike that year although it was a good presy i was so bummed cause all i really wanted was to go to see you guys play and as the day went on the more bummed i was until my mum called me to say id better get home fast i thought something was wrong so i flew home and when i got there and she told me to get ready there will be someone picking me up in half an hour then she gave my ticket i almost passed out with joy to this day that is the bet momentand the best night of my life thanks guys for giving a little aussie kid someone to look up to.P.S thanx for rockin out on the night. CHAPPO
Rocks Detroit
Subject: Kiss Rocks Detroit
From: Thomas Dinnan on 08/31/2006
I am Tom Dinnan and a big Kiss fan.I see you guys everytime you play in Detroit.I live in Flint and you guys have a huge kiss army in Michigan. Your music rocks and always will...
go paul and gene
Subject: go paul and gene
From: josh on 08/31/2006
go paul and gene! your the best!im josh.Living in albany ny.Have you played there yet?!
Silvertone Pickguard
Subject: Silvertone Pickguard
From: Jason E. DeLong on 08/31/2006
I\'ve been A KISS fan for all my life and I\'ve seen KISS several times, collected tons and tons of merchandise of the band from the 70\'s to the present(dolls, albums, magazines, news paper clippings, games, comics, plates etc.). For the past several years I\'ve tried to get and autograph from Paul Stanley. I\'ve stood outside of Concert Arenas over the years with marker in hand waiting for a chance to get an autograph from Paul. My daughter is 8 years old and all she talks about is her favorite Rock and Roller, Paul Stanley. I am also a musician on the guitar and I\'ve been playing since I was 11 years old and I have a Paul Stanley Model Silvertone that I bought with my daughter there. I would like to be able to get the Pickguard from that guitar signed by the man himself. When I get older I plan on giving this guitar to my daughter and I think she would be happy to have that on that guitar. Please help me out on getting this signed. Forever a Fan, Jason E. DeLong Elsie, Mich
Alpine Valley in Milwaukee
Subject: Alpine Valley in Milwaukee
From: Josh on 08/31/2006
Dear KISS, Do you remember goin to Alpine Valley in Milwaukee, Saliva, you, and Aerosmith played in one night? Well I was there. I really loved the part when Gene Simmons started spitting blood out of his mouth before playin \"God of Thunder\". I wish I could have went backstage. You sjould come to Milwaukee A LOT MORE. Sincerely, Josh Henry
sugested set-list
Subject: sugested set-list
From: Tim S. on 08/30/2006
I made up a possible KISS setlist for your next tour 1. Detroit Rock City 2. Do You Love Me? 3. Deuce 4. I Still Love You 5. Christine Sixteen 6. Reason to Live 7. Calling Dr. Love 8. Firehouse 9. Who Wants to be Lonely 10. I Love it Loud 11. All Hells Breakin\' Loose 13. Strutter 14. Goin\' Blind 15. Psycho Circus 16. God of Thunder 17. Shout it Out Loud 18. Love Gun 19. Black Diamond 20. I Was Made For Lovin\' You 21. God Gave Rock & Roll to You II 22. Rock & Roll All Nite
Canadian touring
Subject: Canadian touring
From: Fraser S. on 08/30/2006
I live in Canada and I haven\'t seen you live since the Farewell tour show in Toronto in 2000, and I was just wondering if you guys are going to be touring Canada any time soon?
Brandon Rocks!!
Subject: Brandon Rocks!!
From: Jim Maser on 08/30/2006
I have attached pictures of my son and his Kiss performance at Hilltop Idol. My son, Brandon, has cerebral palsy and lives at a rehab campus in Grand Junction Colorado called Hilltop. They had a family weekend on August 26th and part of it was called Hilltop Idol where residents would sing in front of the audience just like American Idol. My influence on Brandon\'s musical choices led him to choose Detroit Rock City from Alive 2 as his song. He wanted us to get made-up for the performance so I painted his face like Paul and I was Gene. I introduced him with \"YOU WANTED THE BEST YOU GOT THE BEST THE HOTTEST BAND IN THE WORLD... KISS\". As you can see from the pictures we had a blast. We didn\'t win the competition but that was only because we were playing to a country western crowd instead of a rock and roll crowd. We were the only rockers but we definitely gave the crowd a performance to remember. Brandon will forever be known as \"The KISS Guy\" at Hilltop. The band will be happy to know that Brandon is forever a member of Kiss Army and rocks out everyday. Thanks Jim Maser
Subject: ROCK OUT
From: Timothy Provost on 08/30/2006
Just wanted to check in and see what has been happening on the kiss scene.I am 40 years old and have been a kiss fan since I was 10 when I saw them for the first time. I am a firm believer in everything they do, thier music and everything they stand for. I was priveledged to see them some years back when they came to lafayette, La. and man what a time it was after all these years to see them still performing. Well, just wanted to check in to let you know that I will be a fan for life because I like to rock n roll all night and party everyday. Hope to see the band soon. rockout
Live to Win
Subject: Live to Win
From: Leoness on 08/30/2006
Hi Paul, I hear the track Live to win a few minutes ago. Love it. It sounds like you and yet there`s something fresh about it. Good luck with your project.
Return to Mexico
Subject: Return to Mexico
From: Karloss on 08/30/2006
Hello KISS, When returns to Mexico?, I wait for all the Fans in a moment Mexican we hoped that they return again and if is with a new CD better, until soon and remember that in Mexico always they have to Faithful KISS ARMY… ATTE: Karlos Valdez
NASCAR, NHRA Car(s) Sponsorship
Subject: NASCAR, NHRA Car(s) Sponsorship
From: David on 08/30/2006
Hi Guys, Just wondering, over the years KISS has sponsored some fantastic racing cars. Are you planning any future racing sposorships? As a diecast collector and KISS Army General, these paint schemes over the years have been highly sought after by myself and many other collectors. Thanks!
in europe ????
Subject: KISS in europe ????
From: Andy on 08/30/2006
Hello! I´m a great KISS fan from germany. Please tell me,is KISS coming back to europe (germany) for concerts ? So many people want to see the hottest band in the world. We waiting....... Greetings from germany (and sorry for my bad english), Andy.
Paul`s new album
Subject: Paul`s new album
From: Leoness on 08/29/2006
Hi Paul, I can`t wait to get my hands on your new album. Hope you`re recovered now and that your \'new life\' starts off with the right foot. I`m sure you can`t go wrong with the army of fans behind you. Anyhow, the question I have is: when are you coming to England? I missed seeing you guys in Brazil but would love the chance to see you here. I`ve loved you for....well, over 20 years now. You rock!!!!
Live to win
Subject: Live to win
From: JEAN on 08/29/2006
I heard the album of paul. It is a wonderful album, full of modern rock balads. Loving you without you know is a terrific ballad single and live to win modern rock. Lift is a good single, full of rock. Wake up screaming,bulletproof, All about you and it\'s not me are all similar and great rocking, and the the best song in the album Second to none. 10x Paul u are going to make alot of people who are fan of kiss happy. If KISS will record a new album similar to Pauls\' style it will be totally success. I\'d like to see Paul touring in Europe. I would be the first person that buy the tikets.
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