Subject: KISS Coffee
From: Julie on 08/21/2006
I just returned from a vacation in Myrtle Beach, SC and discovered a KISS coffee house. It was hot and we were thirsty, so we gave it a shot. I had to look up your website and write a letter because it was THE BEST Mocha Frozen Coffee that I have EVER had. We had to return two additional times during the week for more. A bit pricey, but awesome! Starbucks can\'t touch it. Please open a coffee house in Maryland. Sincerely, Julie
Subject: England!
From: Saff on 08/21/2006
Yo KISS! Just wondering when your next world tour is going to be and whether you\'ll be stopping by in England, i hope you do! And i\'d like to say thanks mto my mum, because without her i would never have listened to your inspirational music Many Thanks Saffron Aged 15
Fan For Life!!!!
Subject: Fan For Life!!!!
From: Skyebosh/Jim Feliciano on 08/21/2006
I have been a fan of Kiss for over 30 years. Your music has been more to me then something to crank up, party to and tick off thefolks next door. I\'ve been through good times andbad with you guys by my side. No other band has ever done that for me. A few months ago I was actually considering looking into the \"Make a Wish\" foundation. I realize this is geared more twords kids but, at 39, and diagnosed with a possibly inoprotive skull base tumor, I figured I needed to try. Long story short, I have recently returned from the Mayo Clinic in Rochester Minn. The suergons were sucsessful in removing the tumor. The recovery is rough some days, but the thing that pulls me through are your songs. They are better then any pain meds! Everyday I thank God for two things, My sucsessful treatment, and Kiss. I could go on forever but I\'d better save some space for other fans. Again thankyou guys for eveything you have done to make my life so much better. When I\'m in pain, I get my Ipod going, and let the sounds take away my pain. I love you guys, Jim Feliciano \"Fan For Life\"
correction on hard rock outfits
Subject: correction on hard rock outfits
From: robert on 08/20/2006
Just wanted to make a small correction, I read where a fan saw the KISS outfits in Tampa Bay in Florida and described them as the DESTROYER era You were close but if you look close at he outfits they are from the Psycho Circus era not Destroyer. Pauls belt is the giveaway. Great outfits and I am glad to see KISS invade the HARD ROCKS. Now it is time to invade the Rock and Roll hall of fame which is hall of Shame until KISS gets in!!! ROb Fan since 73!!!!
Subject: s.o.s
From: pollytas on 08/19/2006
hi! my name is polly and i like very very much your music!! i\'m from argentina,(sorry if i don\'t write well, i hope that you understand please...), i could\'t see you when you were here and i\'d like to see you, is it possible?? pleaseeeeeee!!! don\'t you like to make a show like mtv??? something accoustic...if i don\'t have the oportunity to see you, doesn\'t matter, i not easy, you\'re really amazing, thank you to make me more happy everyday with your music! you drive me crazy!!!!! a lot of kisses!!!!
Subject: fear
From: jakob/ simon on 08/19/2006
i\'m really afraid that you wont come here to sweden so please come ok? good and by the way as simon write last time \"jacob\" but its jakob :P KEEP ROCK\'N ROLL ALL THE NIGHT AND PARTY EVERYDAY! Jakob Sandstedt ml
From: simon/jacob on 08/18/2006
hey kiss...i think your the greatest band in the whole world of rock n roll.!i think u should come to sweden some time!!^^.....U KNOW ITS EASY WHEN UR TOUGH so i wanna hear ya in sweden :D PEACE AND RESPECT/Simon Begby and jacob sandstedt your bigest FANS
come one.... come all!!!
Subject: come one.... come all!!!
From: Mystique6_9(Rose) on 08/17/2006
My dream is to meet my rock heros Gene and Paul. I've been a fan since '76. I go to vegas for fun of course but also in the hopes of meeting them someday!! I'm nothing too special.... a nurse in a burn unit, divorced mom of 2 daughters and a very loyal KISS fan. this is a request to the members of the band as well all FANS...please check out out my site on myspace... . I'd love to hear from you all!! Sincerly... Mystique...aka...Rose Wenner, Lubbock, Tx
Subject: KISS STAGE Idea
From: mike corkery on 08/16/2006
My stage idea.
at Indian Fair
Subject: KISS at Indian Fair
From: Eric Matthews on 08/16/2006
I\'m an operations manager at a radio station in Central Mississippi. I\'m also a huge Kiss fan so I was quite taken back recently at the 57th Annual Choctaw Indian Fair. Inside the exhibit hall were exhibits that each Choctaw community created. There smack dab in the middle of a display was a mask of Paul Stanley....very cool....Kiss is alive and well in Central Mississippi and especially on the Mississippi Band of Choctaw Indian Reservation. A pic is below.
Deaths Revenge
Subject: Deaths Revenge
From: Vynni on 08/16/2006
Hey KISS, Thanx to you, me and a couple of friends started a band called Deaths Revenge. we had a Photo Shoot today, maybe I\'ll send some of the photos to you guys. We each have our own charecters in our band,too, Im the Demon, we also have the Mystic,and the Sith. Its really fun and we all have the same dream. YOU GUYS RULE, ROCK ON!!!!!! Vynni
Your biggest fan!!!
Subject: Your biggest fan!!!
From: on 08/16/2006
My Dearest KISS, My name is Julie Conwill & I am 26 years old. I have been a huge fan for over 10 years. I have always wanted to attend one of your concerts, but my finances would not allow me. When I was in high school, I had to write a story/essay and I wrote about ya\'ll. My teacher gave me an A+ and wrote \"Good Work!\". I live in Tishomingo Mississippi and the closest place to see ya\'ll is Tupelo, MS. Ya\'ll came there once but my boyfriend at the time would not allow me to go. He knew how much I lve ya\'ll. I cried for two weeks. I would go to the corners of the earth to meet all of you. Like I said, I\'m a huge fan. Please write back if you can. Love to you all, Julie Conwill
nostalgia taking over
Subject: nostalgia taking over
From: Chelle on 08/16/2006
You know guys, when I was young I remember my Dad blasting KISS records on the stereo and the two of us singing along. My parents had a huge KISS poster hanging in the living room above the stereo too-it was like a shrine! Hearing KISS brings me back to my days as a child, a teenager and my college days when we would all climb into my 70 Olds Cutlass and go screaming down the street singing Detroit Rock City. You guys have created not only fantastic music but some pretty amazing memories for me as well. How many 12 year old little girls got to be Gene Simmons for Halloween? And how many little girls carried around a KISS lunchbox? Seriously guys, thanks for the good times and let the party continue!! Rock on! Chelle (Lil\' Miss Baltimore)
Rock and Roll All Nite at the Jake!
Subject: Rock and Roll All Nite at the Jake!
From: Bob Aponte on 08/15/2006
For the past couple of years the Cleveland Indians have played \"Rock and Roll All Nite\" after every home victory. Unfortunately, this year they haven\'t played it as much as I had hoped they would. It has been a tough year for the Tribe. Anyway, I just wanted to pass along that even though KISS isn\'t in the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame, yet, the fans in Cleveland still get to hear \"the hottest band in the world\" at Jacobs Field every once in awhile!!
Day In tory
Subject: Day In KISStory
From: Jourden M on 08/15/2006
hey Kissonline, just to remind you guys, 10 years ago tommrow (17th august) KISS played live at Donninton Festival, it must of been great to off seen them there, i know its olny the 16th today but i\'ll forget! thanks!!
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