MY heroes and inspiration
Subject: MY heroes and inspiration
From: the0real0ace0frehley on 08/15/2006
KISS, you guys are my inspiration. if it wasnt for you, i\'d probably be listening to rap. you guys are the base of my life. im 14 and have loved you guys since i was 2. i went to the rock the nation tour concert in colimbus. it rocked. because of you guys, im a rocker. i always will be too. i pay bass, drums,guitar, and i do a little vocals now and then. you guysare my heroes and inspiration. i would love to meet you but i know that will never happen. maybe in the next life. later guys.
To Mr. Paul Stanley - thank you!
Subject: To Mr. Paul Stanley - thank you!
From: on 08/15/2006
Hey Paul, This is Frank Angelucci from Philadelphia, PA. I think this part of the site is a great thing for fans to tell you guys what we think, vice versa. Basically, I'm writing to say thank you. We've never met but like probably most of us you talk to, I've been a fan "forever" since getting Dynasty in '79 for xmas - I was 3 man! lol. The "virus" as u call it has never left me and being a musician myself I wanna thank you sincerely for being an inspirational figure to me. I grew up mainly in the non makeup era and I gotta say your performance (and Kiss at the time in general)on Animalize live Uncensored gets me going whenever I have a gig to play (I'm in a cover band). Also sometimes before a show I'll gear up and put on "Gimme More" and its like sonic speed to my system. Those albums from the 80s, especially your tunes like I've had Enough, King of The Mountain, My Way, etc. all say let's get this done - whatever THIS is, I leave the house with the feeling of anything's possible. That's rare for a rock band to speak about something so positive and overcoming obstacles and for that I really just wanna send my appreciation and I expect to be as blown away by your next solo album as I was with your 1st when I was a kid; countless times I'd play It's Alright with a tennis racket, pointing my finger at nobody in my room and having a great time in my own head lol. Anyway if you come to philly on your solo tour I will be there "come hell or high water" (I know that's a Gene song but I digress lol) - anyway thanks a lot, man and keep up the good work and stay the King of the Mountain! ...Frank Angelucci : - check the pic out - halloween 1990.
you\'re awesome
Subject: you\'re awesome
From: the0real0ace0frehley on 08/15/2006
hey guys. what up? i cant say im your biggest fan because im only 14 but i feel like it. you guys rock. i even have a kiss shrine of all the members except vinnie and and that other guiatarist. i have a shrine of KISS and seperate ones for each of you. Ace, Tommy,Gene,Peter, Eric Carr, Eric Singer, and Paul. well, thats all i have to say. you guys rock. later.
Subject: Tour 2007, COME TO GREECE
From: Athens, GREECE on 08/15/2006
Hello Paul, Gene, Ace, Peter... Hello KISS!!! I am a very very big fan of KISS!!! I want very very much and I full from hope that KISS in tour 2007 will come it\'s finally to Greece! KISS had never come here! KISS come to Greece please!!! Thank you very much & I love you forever!!!!
Subject: Memphis
From: Jonathan Moya on 08/15/2006
Well i am from Mississippi and wanted to see if u were going to go on tour again? I was hopein to see the band Kiss one more time in my life.
biggest fan, tour dates , and about the band.
Subject: biggest fan, tour dates , and about the band.
From: the0real0ace0frehley on 08/15/2006
dear kiss, you guys are my favorite band in the world. im 14 and i\'ve loved you guys since i was 2. i even have a KISS shrine in my room. i cant say im your biggest fan because im only 14. i feel like the biggest fan though. i was wondering, when was your next tour date to Ohio? i went to the Rock the Nation concert which was great. Gene, you realy are great with that bass. you carried it through.also, i did a report about you in school. i know a lot about you. your movies, your girlfriends ( not including chicks you just decided to have fun with). like this for example: real name: Chaim Witz born: augest 25, 1949? Paul, great vocals. Eric, sweet drums dude, totaly hardcore. tommy, you rock. my friends say you are just a wanna be ace frehley but i tell them to shut up. you\'re and excellent guitar player. i see you love the les paul, just like ace. my dream is to meet you. i know thats never gonna happen butits still a dream.
Real reason that belongs in the Hall of Frame.
Subject: Real reason that KISS belongs in the Hall of Frame.
From: David Baker on 08/15/2006
Should KISS be inducted into the Rock And Roll Hall of Frame? One could list KISS many accomplimments and how many records they had sold to millions of die-hard fans known as the KISS Army over the past thirty-five years. These all are genuine reasons for KISS’ induction, but it would be unfair to say that these were the only reasons. Sure, KISS rocked the stage like no other band before them and had influenced countless bands throughout decades since, but what does KISS mean to their legion of fans, the people who vote with their hard earned dollars. For this fan, KISS has always been more than just a rock band. To me, the band was my heroes with fantastic powers. I needed all of the positive role models that I could find, being that I had Cerebral Palsy. To their young fans KISS made sure that they kept a positive image, in spite of themselves. When things were down, I could always count on KISS to cheer me up. Record after record had many light hearted upbeat songs to loose one’s care to. KISS even wrote a song called “I Believe in Me!” This song is one that every handicapped person can indefly with. When Eric Carr joined the band, I saw KISS with fresh eyes. It was exciting to watch him play the drums. Eric seemed so happy just to be in the group, I felt like I was wearing his platform shoes every time that I saw him play. As I grew older, so did KISS by taking off their make-up. This only served to inspire respect for KISS and their hard work. KISS taught me courage and to respect myself. Over the years, when other bands gave up, KISS kept pressing on. Leading by example throughout the eighties, KISS showed me that there was nothing that I couldn’t do as a handicapped person. Looking back on my life so far, I don’t know where I would be today without KISS. It wasn’t that KISS had meant to touch my life so but that that they had. And when one multiplies my story by millions, one begins to understand just how many lives that KISS had touched. This is the real reason that KISS belongs in the Hall of Frame. David Baker
2007 tour
Subject: 2007 tour
From: LIAM on 08/14/2006
will kiss be doing a tour for 2007?
a very big fan!!!!
Subject: a very big fan!!!!
From: joytoy666_2000_70 on 08/14/2006
hey guys...just thought i would write to you and let you know your music is great....i have 5 children ...4 boys and 1 tell you all of my kids are great....but unlike other kids they would only go to sleep if i was playing rock for them....but the best thing of this is.... i had to learn and remember the song BETH for my youngest son....he would never go to sleep unless i was singing that song...he is 12 yrs old now and he still has me singing it to him to this boyfriend plays the guitar and is very good he has met the lead singer of black label socity and has seen you all in concert a couple of would be a dream come true if i got to see you all play and a greatest honor ever to meet you in person!!!! i have loved your music since i was 5 yrs old so go back to 1975 for that one...that's how long i have been listing to all of you!!! much all are the greatest!!!
Gene at Speedway
Subject: Gene at Speedway
From: KYLE on 08/14/2006
I had the opportunity of a lifetime this weekend. I am one of the infield Security supervisors at Kentucky Speedway &, I was put in a peculiar situation this weekend at the track. I was to handle the security detail with Gene Simmons & the Simmons-Abramson marketing group. Whoa wait a minute, I am a HUGE Fan of KISS, Gene & racing, how was I to convey & maintain a professional image while assisting the Simmons Abramsons marketing entourage through their travels at the speedway? Well, it was tough, but I managed. LOL It was a true pleasure for me & my son Brandon who also works at the speedway to finally meet Gene Simmons. I appreciate Gene, Rich, & Lucky for the opportunity to assist them in their travels at the speedway. I hope they enjoyed their visit to Kentucky Speedway. It was a day my son & I will never forget. – I AM INDY ! Take Care!
Come here!!!
Subject: Come here!!!
From: username_n/a(Wayne Carr) on 08/14/2006
Dudes, you should come to point marion!!!KISS IS AWSOME!!!!!!!!![:)And how much are tickets? ~Wayne Carr
Pro Football Hall of Fame
Subject: Pro Football Hall of Fame
From: Jamie S. Russell on 08/13/2006
I attended the Pro Football Hall of Fame this weekend for the Induction Ceremony and found the music display of the acts that played the Super Bowl and found Paul Stanley\'s guitar and a picture in the display of Kiss. I had no idea that I would see my favorite band (the display) of all time with my favorite QB of all time, Troy Aikman of the Dallas Cowboys all in one day.This pix follow below.
Subject: Legos
From: Courtnay on 08/13/2006
These pictures are from a kid nammed Kevin who\'s 11 years old, he\'s a HUGE kiss fan, and he put these together all on his own creativity, he\'s my friend\'s little brother and it\'d be pretty sweet to see these up on the site, Thanks keep rocking
Video Clip
Subject: Video Clip
From: Erika \"Gena Simmons\" Thomas on 08/13/2006 - Here is a true KISS kid, my niece Bella truly loves you guys and showed interest at the young age of 11 months. It started with my magnets on the fridge and went from there. I found KISS meets the Phantom of the park and she loves it. She has dolls, duckies, shirts, She knows many songs and here she is singing Rock n Roll All Night at 2 1/2 years. I really think any member of KISS ,Now and original, will love and appreciate the genuine love and energy this kid has for KISS! Thanks for listening and I really hope you watch this video, fallow the link.
Cute Daughter
Subject: Cute Daughter
From: Tabetha Wilson on 08/13/2006
Just thought ya\'ll would like to see my daughter...She looks like she could be related to Gene!! LOL
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