From: Marcio on 10/12/2006
Painting of Gene
Subject: Painting of Gene
From: on 10/11/2006
Hello KISS, I\'m sending you a picture of an oil painting of Gene that was painted by Mike Mariacher, from Youngstown Ohio. He did it in 1986 when he was in college. He\'s always been an artist. He\'s done a lot of KISS related paintings and drawings, but he\'s much too modest to ever send them to you. Although, he did give me permission to pass this one on.
Subject: Allentown
From: mike mcgrath on 10/10/2006
Hey i was at e allentwon expo and i would like to say it was amazing the Al and Keith were very nice and i hope to see them again soon at the paul shows the website is amazing thanks for rockin.
The annual pumpkin festival
Subject: The annual pumpkin festival
From: Sean P McKenna on 10/10/2006
The annual pumpkin festival....... Sean P McKenna Sales Manager Halifax Chamber of Commerce Stronger Together.
Subject: PAUL CD
From: Patrick on 10/10/2006
Paul Stanley\'s Live to Win is album of the month october on PsychoCircusradio. Every show a track of the new album and all the news we\'ve got. Psycho Circus Radio is broadcasted by Gelre Fm, and aired tuesday evening from 21:00 hrs till 23:00 hrs CET Radio Rock Show since sept.1998 broadcast time tuesday evening 21:00 and 23:00 hrs CET broadcasted by Gelre.Fm p/a schaepmanstraat 3 7141 TR Groenlo Netherlands
To write to the best kick ass band ever
Subject: To write to the best kick ass band ever
From: kissarmy9814 from NewYork on 10/10/2006
I know that Kiss is the best Rock N\'Roll band ever if you ever tour again I hope you tour in NewYork.
New Paul Stanley Album
Subject: New Paul Stanley Album
From: Jason on 10/10/2006
Paul your new album is awesome and I am sure all KISS fans would agree that it has the potential to be a hit record. But as I am sure you already know it takes more than just great songs to have a hit record, you also have to put out a great video. Everyone already knows who you are and what you look like so why not hire a great video director and some actors to help tell a story. \"Live To Win\" could be a great video if done right. \"Loving You Without You\" could be about a soldier at war missing his wife (this would surely tug on the heart strings of America) Paul the cd is awesome and if promoted right I am sure KISS fans will be bragging that Paul Stanley\'s new album is at the top of the charts. Now on to KISS. If you guys do decide to to tour next year pleas...please...please come to Halifax, Nova Scotia. We now have an outside venue and the Stones just played there to a crowd of 50 000 people. I am sure KISS could sell just as many tickets if not more. KISS has many fans here in Canada. Please don\'t forget us on your next outing. I have included a pic of my wife from last Halloween. She sometimes asks me to wear this mask LOL
Subject: THANK YOU PAUL for LIVE to WIN!!
From: Mark Yarbrough on 10/10/2006
PAUL! LIVE TO WIN is everything I hoped for and so much more! Fantastic variety in song styles - the arrangements and hooks make me wanna listen to the songs over and over - definitely each song leaves me wanting more. My only complaint could be that I wish there were ten more songs on the CD! Today, \"Wake up Screaming\" is my fave song due to the vocal performance and amazing chorus. I love that these songs kick ass while still bringing the great melodies you\'re known for. The ballads are strong and so classic sounding. I really LOVE the strings throughout the album. \"Lift\" sounds huge - gothic, epic! The very best thing about this album is your voice - for my money there is no better singer in music, PERIOD. Once again, you have not let us down. I cannot wait to see you on the road. I\'ll be coming to at least 3 shows - Atlanta, Baltimore and Pittsburgh. I only hope you can know how much you inspire your fan\'s lives with your music and how cool it is that we can get this excited about new music from you. Please don\'t wait so long to put out another album next time! :) Mark Yarbrough Kernersville, North Carolina
Subject: Mosaic
From: ??? on 10/09/2006
First and formost you Rock!! & you have a beautiful family. Not too long ago, about a month or so, I made a ceramic mosaic of your Kiss band on canvas and it came out really cool, so I thought maybe you would like to view it. Rock on!!
Subject: Jennifer
From: Bas on 10/09/2006
I added a little makeup!!
Subject: Allentown
From: dalila k on 10/09/2006
Just dropping you a note and fotos of the Kiss Fragrance display at the Allentown, PA Kiss Expo. Of course my fiance and I purchased a set -- and by the time I took pictures, this is what was left! Good luck -- although It seems like you don\'t need it. with regards, dalila k rockstarpix
...I have a dream.....
Subject: ...I have a dream.....
From: Raf on 10/09/2006
Hello Guys!This is Raffaele writing from Italy. I\'m a great fan of you and your amazing music,and I have a dream... I\'d REALLY like to see you live in concert here in Italy!!! Please please please realize this dream,the dream of me and thousands other people all around Italy!!! Kiss\'n\'Roll Raf
jam with
Subject: jam with kiss
From: Brad Miller on 10/08/2006
Allthough i am a big fan of the whole band, this letter is for Gene specifically. I wish to express my thanks not only for you inspiring me to play (Bass) but for truely being the most fun to watch. November 1979 at the forum is a night i will never forget. It was the first concert i ever went to. I remember the night. It was cold as ice outside but hotter then hell inside. the pyrotechnics were unbelievable. I was about 7th or 8th row left right in front of you. When i left, my hair was fried and my face burned but without question, the best show i ever saw. I\'ve been to a hundred concerts since and still have NEVER seen a show like that one. I was 15 then. I\'m 42 now. I still play for fun from time to time and while i\'m sure you\'ve heard this 50,000,000 times, I\'d love to jam with you. Anyway man, thanks so much just for doing what you and the band do. I\'m gonna go watch my copy of \"I wanna rock n roll all night\" from the \'96 Brooklyn show. Take care man and thanks again. Brad Miller
Come to Ecuador!!!
Subject: Come to Ecuador!!!
From: david Jimenez on 10/08/2006
hey guys how u doin? hope everything\'s ok hey come to ecuador guys... this country is fading away politicians are destroying us.. we need your music here ALIVE to get up!!!!
The Legend Must Grow
Subject: The Legend Must Grow
From: Ivan Brown on 10/08/2006
I am very happy to read that other Canadians KISS fans agree that KISS have been neglecting us just a tad. But I believe it is the case for the worldwide KISS Army. Paul took the excellent decision of bringing the Rockstar House Band with him on tour. Talk about cream of the crop! Let\'s give Paul the time to get the new album out and hopefully the sales will be amazing because of the tremendous support of the fans and then we just might have the pleasure of seeing that incredible show up here in Canada. Last time I was disappointed with Paul\'s comments on the future of KISS but I truly wonder who is holding back the growth of the powerhouse music of the hottest band in the world. Gene puts a lot of effort into promoting their wonderful image through incredible marketing skills but the only way to be credible with any true fan is to keep going forward. Too many great songs have never been played live and and an album of new ones would be fantastic. Psycho Circus was a good album, just like pretty much every album they ever recorded, but it is a far cry from the power of Revenge and Carnival of Souls. Have a great tour Paul and kick some ass. I hope you guys believe because the KISS Army are the most loyal, dedicated and passionate group of fans on the planet! Here\'s a little teaser for you. And on the Eighth Day would be a great live song and especially to start the show. The creation myth of rock and roll with Eric Singer bashing it out to the pleasure and delight of many a KISS fan. God created rock and roll and we support it. WE BELIEVE IN YOU!!!
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