guess when
Subject: guess when
From: a girl with a pencil on 09/26/2006
My Dear beloved & of course the very best Rockmasters of all times.Would you mind if i send a couple of Kiss portrets to this wonderful site? You see, i wonder if you can guess the period,the year ofthe picture. Always senserily yours Stacy :)P.S. Don\'t mind my mistakes, please.(myEnglish is not the best)
Subject: HALLOWEEN, 2005
From: Cooperative Managed Care Services Staff on 09/25/2006
HALLOWEEN, 2005 Cooperative Managed Care Services, Indianapolis, IN From left: Kellie, Mindi, Tari, and Hattie Mindi and her husband have a large collection of KISS CDs and other paraphernalia, which includes “bobble-heads” of the band members. Tari has been a “die-hard” KISS fan since her teen years, but never had the pleasure of seeing them in person until she was 40 years old. Tari has also won many costume contests, dressing as her favorite KISS member, Gene Simmons.
great music that still ROCKS
Subject: great music that still ROCKS
From: nancy postiglione on 09/25/2006
Dear Kiss: Just a quick letter to say that I have loved your music since I was a teen. Now that I am a mom it is great to see that your music still inspires so many people - young and old. My godson who is 10 years old absolutely loves KISS and is now taking guitar in the hopes of becoming a rock star himself. He is a selfless kind boy who only thinks about doing good for others. I am wondering how do I go about getting a signed photo from you - as I would like to surprise Anthony with this picture for Christmas. I\'m not sure if bands do that these days but it doesn\'t hurt for me to ask. Thank you. Nancy P.
Subject: agreed
From: Stan Miller on 09/24/2006
I agree with Vincent S. I also think that KISS should switch back to the Destroyer/Rock & Roll Over/Psycho Circus/Farewell costumes and tour in Canada (Thunder Bay!!!!!!! But our biggest venue is only 3,960
I lOve S
Subject: I lOve KISSS
From: jerome on 09/24/2006
I very love you KISS
You Guys Rock.....
Subject: You Guys Rock.....
From: genesimmons25 on 09/24/2006
I like (GENE SIMMONS) His makeup & Spikes genesimmons25
army elite
Subject: kiss army elite
From: bones007 on 09/23/2006
My mom was a member of the original fan club. Is she still a member? She wrote a song for you guys, but never sent it. Any chance you would be interested in seeing it?? Thanks with love, Amber
Old stuff and new tour dates in Europe
Subject: Old stuff and new tour dates in Europe
From: Metalbucket on 09/23/2006
I\'m very jealous on all those Kiss fans in America and the rest of the world who are lucky to see Kiss perform live, lucky bastards!!! Are there going to be any concerts scheduled in the near future in Europe? I promised my wife to see you whenever your playing any gigs in my area (Holland/Belgium/Germany). Another questionfrom my part is: your planning on a KissologyDVD...does this mean that concerts like Alive! and other great stuff that\'s been in your Kisstory-safe for ages now are finally going to be out there and not just bits and pieces, as you like to call them, the real old vintage stuff ??? I\'ve got myself some real cool bootlegs but I want the real deal(remember: you wanted the best, you (should) got the best!) And finally: I\'m really proud to say I\'ve got a 1 year old kid, and if I\'m not mistaken, he like\'s your music and looks already!!!!! When I listened to Alive! today and he wanted my wireless headphone he listened to Rock \'n Roll all nite he smiled. He started crying when I took my headphone back. And he always points out at my Picture-discs I\'ve framed in on the walls. So in other words, Kisstory and your Legacy never dies!!! But please, don\'t infest us with all this merchandise-shit you became rich on but MUSIC! Especially because you need 2 make millions yourself to keep up with that constant flow of merchandise. Music is your businees, at least that\'s what started this roalercoaster 35 years ago! Your Music Never Dies!!! Thanx for so many beautiful memories, great music and cool merchandise (I\'m happy with my own little-bits-and-pieces-collection).
CONGRATS TO PAUL/Gene Simmons Family Jewels
Subject: CONGRATS TO PAUL/Gene Simmons Family Jewels
From: JOVISAM on 09/23/2006
Congratulations to Paul on new baby and Gene for new show. I got to watch several episode the other day and just loved it. I laughed alot. This is another side to Gene that I like seeing. Are any of the other guys going to show up in any episode? I saw you guy perform years ago when the Plazmatice opened for you. The saw you again at the Fairwell tour. I went knowing it was not over and that you guys were far from done. I am glad you are sticking around longer. There are still a few of us Kissettes hanging out, screaming out heads off, enjoying the rock and roll over and over again. Thank god you guys haven\'t lost you touch, still as wonderful as ever. Hope to see you all again when you pass though Chicago or Maybe Nevada since I will be moving there in June 2007. You all take care and Keep on Rockin\' Jovisam
can\'t wait
Subject: can\'t wait
From: daddyo on 09/23/2006
Paul, tickets for your greensburg just went on sale. got em! Having been a fans for your ENTIRE career. just wanted to know. WAR PAINT OR NO? My son and I can\'t decide. All I know is that we will show up to rock and roll!!!! Congrat on your new child. I hope and pray that you have all the happiness and joy in the world for your child that you have bought mine. LOVE JP Leary.
Subject: wellcome
From: serz on 09/23/2006
major fan
Subject: major fan
From: Mark Miller on 09/22/2006
Hey guys whats the hap I just wanna say that I have been A big fan for 20 plus years and I love your music it will live on forever. I have been to every concert you had in Las Vegas, Your best one was kiss and aerosmith a couple years back. I hope you come back soon. Congrats to Paul on the birth of his new baby. Your fan for life Mark
About outfits
Subject: About KISS outfits
From: Juan Pablo Yáńez Abuter on 09/22/2006
Hi, I\'m a chilean fan of yours! and I\'m very happy that you can read my letter. The thing is this: Me and some friends are going to play Rock and Roll All Nite for the School festival, but the thing is that we wanna dress like you. Makeups fine and the wigs aren\'t a big deal. But the thing is that we need to do the outfits of each 4 members and we are a little complicated on this. So my question is, could you give me some hints or advises of what can I do to make our outfits looks like yours? I hope you understand my English, and Thanks in advance. Juan Pablo
what about a European TOUR!!!
Subject: what about a European TOUR!!!
From: Belgianboy on 09/22/2006
Dear KISS,I,m a 17 year old I never got the chance to see you in concert,since I\'m too young,and I missed you from one or 2 days in montreal.Since then I moved to france And I was asking if you were planning a european tour or even concert near france??? Hope the answer will be positive,since then see you and ROCK ON!!!
i grew up listening to you
Subject: i grew up listening to you
From: Megan on 09/22/2006
hey you guys! well ever since i was barely born my dad and uncle played your music and has inspired me to play guitar. though i dont have a band i still play your music and when i get married \"Forever\" will be the song we dance to. ive seen you in concert once and will never forget gene spitting blood. haha. also my family watches gene\'s show every time its on! ROCK ON!! XOXO MEGAN XOXO
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