Toronto dates
Subject: Toronto dates
From: Anne on 10/05/2006
Hey, Paul: Just wondering if you are going to be able to come to Toronto in the near future. The last time I saw you was at the Pantages Theatre. You were incredible as the phantom. Take care and God bless, Anne Ireland
Please come to AUSTRALIA!!!!
Subject: Please come to AUSTRALIA!!!!
From: Katy on 10/05/2006
G\'day mates, You guys are the gods of rock!! What are you waiting for?:)Please come tour Brisbane Sydney!!! We would love to see you sooo much. Love your work guys. See you soon, Love Katy XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX
From: ?????? on 10/04/2006
Can this be a shirt?
Words From An Egyptian Fan
Subject: Words From An Egyptian KISS Fan
From: Badre El Amir Bally ( on 10/04/2006
Dear KISS, This is Badre Bally from Egypt, born in Brighton, England to a Sunni muslim family. I\'ve been a KISS fan for quite a while and you guys are my favorite band of all time. I remember first hearing about you when the original lineup made a comeback on MTV, then seeing you on MTV\'s Unplugged was one of my greatest moments as a music fan. I\'m not really the type of fan who would wear makeup (maybe...) but I still cherish you as the Hottest In The World that you are. I\'m not the type of fan who would go crazy \"anything\" by KISS, there are works I like and works I don\'t. I don\'t any of your albums except Psyco Circus because you guys aren\'t really known in Egypt except among the Egyptian Rock/Metal community. I bet they sell KISS albums in those really expensive Music stores and shopping centers. The metal craze hit big in the 90\'s and Egyptians music fans went crazy over guys like Metallica, Pantera and Guns And Roses which may explain why Psyco Circus was the only KISS album released in the general, less expensive Music Stores in Egypt because it came out during the whole Rock craze in the 90\'s. So I\'ve been depending on the satalite dish and the internet to listen some of your songs. I\'ve sort of trying to make KISS known among the Egyptian metal community (making posts on Egyptian Metal forum, giving my friends a sample of KISS music)because have a deserving place among the great legends of Rock N Roll. Although I admit I was \"hurt\" about what Gene said about my religion, that hasn\'t stopped me from being a KISS fan. It would be great if you guys made an Egyptian tour. Best Of Wishes to All KISS members (Peter and Ace included) and RIP Eric Carr. Badre El Amir Bally
Come here!
Subject: Come here!
From: Finland on 10/04/2006
Please make my dreams come true, COME TO FINLAND! You have many finnish fans here, waiting for you! You could have the biggest stage in whole country, Hartwall-arena. Please come here, you guys have been here only once. I think next time should come soon! Finnish KISS fan
congrats to Paul & Erin
Subject: congrats to Paul & Erin
From: katdawg1965 on 10/04/2006
Dear Paul, Can\'t wait to hear the new album. Heard you and the wife had a blessed event on the 6th; blessings to your family! You know, if you\'d only married me years ago, you\'d have a beautiful 7-yr-old daughter, born on Just kiddin\'--nudge, nudge, wink, wink. Seriously, though---much happiness to you. Enjoy the new know they grow up so fast! Love from-- Kat in Cedar Rapids
animatin featurefilm & hairstyling
Subject: animatin featurefilm & hairstyling
From: evdokia on 10/04/2006
Dear Kiss I was wondering if KISS was ever gong to make a featurefilm of KISS as superheroes in animation i.e like the Japanese style cult films? Another question is that if you still are going on tour to Australia ? Because I am a qualified Hairdresser and would like to style your hair, being Rock Gods as yourselves I would appreciate the opportunity to work with you. Thank you sincerely yours Evdokia
I Re-read Gene\'s Book
Subject: I Re-read Gene\'s Book
From: Todd Mikkelson on 10/03/2006
Hello Gene, I\'m a 30year HUGE Kiss fan. My mom took me to the Love Gun tour concert in St. Paul on December 2nd, 1977 because she knew I\'d run away from home if she didn\'t let me go, and she was too afraid to let me go with anyone else. She got holes burned into her white polyester blazer by some sparks produced by ladyfingers in the isle next to her. It was my first concert, and it was blissful even though I could barely recognise the songs with the limited technology gear (by today\'s standards) ringing out in the echo-chamber-of-a-stadium. It was a great pleasure to read your \"Kiss and Make Up\" book again recently. It has helped fuel my inspiration while I\'m trying to put together some events for a musical project I\'m involved in. It features an amazing female vocalist. I produced the record, played most of the instruments, and we got nominated for an award here in the Twin Cities, (Minneapolis/St. Paul, Minnesota). The events include us going to the U.K. to support two bands that want us because they\'re self admitedly not exciting enough. They\'ve got record contracts over there, and want us to spruce up the tour. Then they\'d like to come here if possible. I realise that could help us just because the bill would show that it\'s a European tour coming to America. You\'re just the guy to ask advise from to make a rock idea successful. Although you\'ve become who you are, and may not have the time to give me advise, reading your book again makes me feel like you\'re my buddy and all I have to do is ask. By the way, I enjoyed it even more the second time. Nice book. I know where you\'re coming from. The web site for said project is: She\'s a looker, too. I know you\'d appreciate that. Thanks for coming up with KISS. I learned guitar by putting on your records and mimicking them. Thanks, Gene. Todd Mikkelson 952-220-5639
From: mike sands on 10/03/2006
just to let you know we kiss fans in new zealand have pre ordered pauls new album,the release of live to win is truly a great event in the history of rock n roll thanks mike kiss army new zealand to kiss as a band, i have been a fan since i was 17, i,m now 42,thanks for the rock n roll, once rock n roll gets in your blood it is there for life awesome
Cincinnati Expo After party
Subject: Cincinnati KISS Expo After party
From: Bill and Scot ( on 10/03/2006
Just wanted to stop by and say hey and give a huge Thank You for the music and inspiration. The Cincinnati KISS Expo was awesome. Everyone should try to attend one that is close. Scot and I felt that 8 hours wasn't enough so being the KISS inspired fans that we are organized the 1st Expo after party. It consisted of 6 local bands playing KISS songs and their own music. We had raffles, vendors, and a make up artist on site to expand the Expo experience. We met Tom Hale one of the planners of the KISS Army march on the Hall Of Fame. This truly showed us how small a planet this can be and we are truly a family. We hope this idea becomes an annual event not for just Cincinnati but everywhere an Expo is held. KISS not only inspires with their music but with their passion and desires to bring something great to as many people as possible. Thanks from 2 KISS fans who decided to follow their own path like KISS. Check out .
Hoping to see you in Cleveland
Subject: Hoping to see you in Cleveland
From: Brian Bradway on 10/03/2006
Hi Paul, I really hope Cleveland gets a stop on the Live to Win tour. I\'ve been a die-hard fan since \'76 and now my three boys are as well! I\'d love a chance to take them to see you. Here\'s to hoping the schedules work out! Thanks for making a lifetime of my favorite music, Brian Bradway PS I just picked up one of the Paul Stanley Sovereign Pro Silvertone guitars. I thinks it\'s awesome that you made it possible for every fan to own a solid signature series instrument. Thanks for thinking of everyone.
A dream come true....
Subject: A dream come true....
From: nizuc_cun on 10/02/2006
Hi dear KOL: I want to share my experience with all the Kiss fans all around the world. I was follow the build of Kiss Coffehouse since the beginning, like a Kiss fan since 1976 I was hunting everything about the band, and that means be in the places Kiss got some props or stuff, specially the Hard Rock Cafes. This year one of my dreams was be on the Kiss Coffehouse, but I didnt wanted to be alone, so I told to my BEST friend Rodney to spend his vacation with me and go to the Kiss Coffehouse and of course the beach, he accepted and I have to tell that was my best vacations in several time. Well everytime we spend vacations got great time, but this time was special. But I guess imagine talk more than words. Guys if you got the chance go to try the amazing boots. And drink a hot Rockuccino. Cheers and Kiss rules forever.
please have a concert
Subject: please have a concert
From: bigkissfan36 on 10/02/2006
hi gene simmons i am a big kiss fan and I was wondering if you can have a live concert in vermont??? maybe when be on tour thanks Bryant grey ps. my cousin went to your concet he said to me it was so good I like the song crazy night and I want to rock an roll all night my favorite song out of whole cd
2006 Cincinnati Expo
Subject: 2006 Cincinnati Kiss Expo
From: Adam Reinhardt on 10/01/2006
The 2006 Cincinnati KISS EXPO will be held Sunday October 1st from 12:00PM to 10:00PM (11:00AM for VIP holders) at the Holiday Inn Cincinnati Eastgate 4501 Eastgate. Blvd. Cincinnati, OH. 45245. Special guests include Bob Kulick, Rock band SSG, Author Colette Shaw, Drumming sensation Angelo Coppola and Tribute bands Black Diamond and MR.SPEED. Dealers will be selling official KISS merchandise, including the KISS Fragrances, throughout the day! KISSONLINE will be on hand to celebrate the upcoming release of Paul Stanley's new LIVE TO WIN CD as well as the new KISS DVD Series. KOL will have items to giveaway and will host an official LIVE TO WIN listening session. More details to follow soon. Tickets go on sale Friday. To buy tickets or for more information on the event visit . For rooms call 513-752-4400 or 1-800-HOLIDAY. Room rate for KISS EXPO is 89.00 a night plus tax.
You're one of a kind
Subject: You're one of a kind
From: Crystal on 10/01/2006
Dear Paul. Hello my name is Crystal * waves hi* How are you I hope all is well with you and your family, Congrats on your new blessing Colin! I just writing you to say thank you for all you have done thourgh your music and your art believe it or not you reopened a new art talent for me, I use to draw and such but then stoped doing so because I thought I wasn't good at all, well when I started seeing your art work some way some how it inspired me to get back to drawing I'm not the best drawer out there but practice makes perfect right? I'm also thinking about taking up painting I really love abstract so I thought why not try to do that you know? I also want to say yours and KISS's music has really helped me thourgh alot and recently I heard your song Live To Win and it totally spooke to me, it was like you wrote/sang a song just for me I have a hard time at school with the other kids and such and I was tired of being pushed around and everything and Live to WIn gave me the courge and streangth to go hey I'm not taking this anymore and also one of your quotes I can't remember where I heard it goes kind of like this it doesn't matter what people think of you what matters is whats in the heart that quote is helping me with school and most recently the band I just joined which I'm the lead singer I'm a bet shy cause I always worry about what people think mostly because of the past but I always use that quote to keep me going so I just wanted to write you and say thank you very much. I can't wait to get the new album and I hope one day to see you or KISS at that matter in concert until then I can just listent o your cds and watch videos. You guys totaly rock speicaly you Paul you really have helped me take a big step in life. God bless you always and forever and keep on rocking Yours Truely, Crystal Johnson
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