special brother
Subject: special brother
From: Natasha bate on 10/01/2006
dear gene,peter,paul,tommy my brother is a special boy in my family.he has epilsey and cerebral palsy and alot of other medical conditions.he loves the song beth and shout it out loud. his all time favorite song is NEW YORK GROOVE.he thinks peter is awesome at beth and he sings to the song alot.but what gene did was amazing to us.he autograph a photo for us and i want to thank him for that. we are your biggest fans and ur the best band ever.
ALIVE! at Cobo Hall, Detroit 1976.
Subject: KISS ALIVE! at Cobo Hall, Detroit 1976.
From: Steve on 10/01/2006
Why no locations outside of the US???? I saw the original post about the movie and thought for sure you would go at least as far as Canada, hell some of us are only 1/2 mile from Cobo Hall! Please reconsider and expand the locations that will be showing this movie.
Subject: Hallois
From: Ann Kristin (norway) on 10/01/2006
Hello! I am just wondering if you are coming to norway again? It is 7 yers since you have been here.... I miss you:) Best wisches from A.K nORWAY
Helping promote Paul/
Subject: Helping promote Paul/KISS
From: Shea Grant on 09/30/2006
Dear Paul, I hope things are going well for you and your family. Congratulations on the new addition to the family! I\'ve been trying to get the fans together to email their radio stations and so far I\'m only sure that I\'ve done it. I\'m sending you a copy of the email I sent and the two responses I received. ========================================================= From: Shea Sent: Friday, August 25, 2006 9:54 PM To: James, Jerry Subject: Email from WTAK.com Mr James: I hope that you are the person to contact with the question I have. As you may know, Paul Stanley of KISS has a solo CD scheduled for release on Oct. 24th. I would love to hear it on your station, when it becomes available for general release. Sincerely Shea He responded very quickly and here is his response: From: James, Jerry Sent: Friday, August 25, 2006 10:06 PM To: Shea Subject: RE: Email from WTAK.com Hello Shea, I\'m looking forward to Paul\'s new album as well. Whether or not we get to play any of it will depend on a few things, but as a KISS fan, I\'m really excited that there\'s something new coming from Paul Stanley. Usually, we get advance copies of things like this to listen to before the actual release date. I\'ll check with my usual promoters to see when they plan on releasing it to radio, and I\'ll check with the interactive folks to see if we might be able to do an On Demand or Sneak Peek online at WTAK.COM. Wish me luck! Thanks for your email. Jerry James Program Director, WTAK Not only that, he sent me another email not long after that: Shea, I\'ve gotten in touch with one of the major promoters for classic rock artists to see if he\'s handling this one for possible on-air giveaways, and it turns out that he is! So we should be able to get some copies of Paul\'s album to give away, and possibly even the KISS DVD Boxed Set as well. I\'ve asked for a few autographed ones, we\'ll see if that pans out or not. I thought you might like to know. Jerry James WTAK I just want to wish you the best, both personally and professionally. You have been an inspiration to me in many ways. Thank you Sincerely, Shea Grant
My Wedding
Subject: My Wedding
From: Leah Hunter on 09/29/2006
Just wanted to let you know that my father is such a huge KISS fan, he even got hit in the face with a KISS drum stick and shoved it down his pantleg and pretended to look around, saying \"where is it?\" to his friends so they didn\'t know he took it. It is now mounted on his wall with tons of other KISS memorabilia. So for my wedding, the song I chose to dance with my dad was \"Beth\" and he loved it! KISS has been there every step of the way for him, including for his daughter\'s wedding. KISS is awesome! And I am also a big fan!
My 2000 concert experience....
Subject: My 2000 KISS concert experience....
From: Annie Perkinson (kissfan61777) on 09/29/2006
This letter is for Paul and or Gene. I saw you two when Ace and Peter were with you in 2000 Farwell Tour when you guys played in Fort Worth,Texas at the Convention Center Arena on 23 August 2000 it was the best concert I\'ve ever been to. I wanted to go back stage and meet all of you. I\'m wondering Gene and Paul do you guys still see Ace and Peter do you guys still keep in touch with them? I have Alive IV (4) and all of the songs on it especially Beth with the Melbourne Symphony Ensembel playing behind Peter on to it made the song sound even more beautiful. And on the older song in Act 3 with the Melbourne Symphony Orchastra playing behind you all made those songs sound really good. Love From,Annie
can\'t wait
Subject: can\'t wait
From: daddyo on 09/29/2006
Paul, everyday it\'s getting a little closer. can\'t wait to see your show at the palace in greensburgh pa. you\'ll love the palace remind me alot of the stanley in pittsburgh. got front row lower balcony seats. should be about eye to eye. everyday my son asks how many more days? ( i have never seen him this excited since the whole band came to town). Gene, thanks for all you do. I hope the ax action raises alot of money which i bet it will. But mostly thanks for being you. whenever i have seen you on a talkshow or interview it makes me proud to be a fan. after reading your books it makes me admire you even more. Just goes to show what a man can do with faith and determination. Keep on being you. P.S. the people who run the rock and roll hall of fame have to have ---- for brains! you guys are the hottest band in the world!! love always jp leary.
From: Keoni Lima on 09/29/2006
Aloha Paul, My wife and I are so excited about your LIVE TO WIN tour and are making arrangements to fly and attend your Aladdin Theatre performance in Portland, OR on Nov. 11. One of our biggest dreams would be the chance to meet you and share our aloha for your work. I talked to the Aladdin Theatre and they said they had no idea whether or not a Meet and Greet would happen before/after the concert. It would be such an honor for the both of us if you decided to have one. Please let us know how we might be able to attend if a Meet & Greet happens. Much Aloha & Mahalo, Keoni & Lisa Lima
Coming To See U Paul!!!
Subject: Coming To See U Paul!!!
From: Kathee in Tampa FL on 09/29/2006
Hi, Paul!! I am dying to see you in Orlando FL!! I have never been to a KISS concert before, but I have been a huge fan of yours!! I am a songwriter and a very-rusty artist. haha! I have been in the KISS Army for many years, I\'m 37. I cannot wait to see you perform in Orlando, on Oct 24th! I will be there, enjoying every minute of you!! Thank you for your music and staying in the music business, for your fans! I highly respect you, Paul! Take care of yourself! Congrats on your new little boy!! God Bless!! Love, Kathee in Tampa FL
Subject: WHY?????????????
From: stanley52 on 09/29/2006
Why is there no Paul Stanley show in Phoenix????? Phoenix has always been very loyal over the years. I\'ve waited for this for many years and now my kids are hooked on KISS (Paul Stanley). The next best thing is to drive to L.A. but House of Blues is 18 and over. So now I have to load up my kids in the car. I am a high school teacher so we all have to miss school, and we have to drive to San Francisco. It just would have easier if more dates were added; especially in one of the largest cities in America, Phoenix. But I will not miss the show, no-matter where it is. Much love
Live to win record=Thumbs up
Subject: Live to win record=Thumbs up
From: rwballs on 09/29/2006
Hello folks. After listen to the whole new Record \"Live to win\" from Paul stanley, I have to say: what positive experience this was. The Album is a Album that you have to listen to many times as it\'s getting better each time. And that is major thing for a record to \"Live\" through the years. The Whole Album grow and more details show up each time. The production, sound and lyrics are very powerful, even on the \"Ballads\". As a music-critic reporter in Europe, I have to say this is a record that I will recommend for the \"Kiss sceptic\" ppl around me. believe med, this record are one of the years most positive and suprisingly records I have heard. Stanley\'s voice sounds like it has never before, this is Paul on his best. Mr.Stanley: I bow in the dust for this incredible work you have done, and the record will get 6 out of 6 in our newspaper for it\'s wide Rollercoaster-trip this record take us into. Also a more detailed review coming soon (Sorry for the english grammar) - T.N
a from Winston Churchill High School
Subject: a kiss from Winston Churchill High School
From: Mr. Slater on 09/29/2006
I am proud to say that I work at Churchill High school in Potomac Maryland. I am proud to be a kiss fan too! So yesterday when I saw this student dressed in KISS atire for the school Spirit week, I had to snap this shot! She could not decide which band member she liked best I guess...although from her exspression You can tell who she favors!!! Mr. Arnie Slater Teacher Assistant Social Studies Dept. Winston Churchill High School
A Love Story
Subject: A Love Story
From: Terje on 09/28/2006
It’s amazing what Kiss does for people. My lady and I met at a Kiss-happening and we’ve been together for 3 years now ! My girlfriend recently turned 20 and I want to say “I love you” through Kissonline. I also made a web-tribute to Kiss http://www.kiss-supreme.com/. -hope you’ll like it. Best, Terje
Subject: Skyla
From: ??? on 09/28/2006
Hi Gene, I just wanted to show you the latest addition to the Kiss Army, my 4 week old niece Skyla.
Live to win
Subject: Live to win
From: Rita Zaslavsky on 09/28/2006
I had my 13 year old buy LIVE TO WIN from I Tunes. I already know it by heart and I think it will become the next \"eye of the tiger\". It is an incredibly catchy song that will surely be played at sporting events. I can hardly wait for the rest of the cd. See you in Milwaukee and Chicago!!! I wish you had a meet and greet. Let me know if you do!!
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