I love your music!!!
Subject: I love your music!!!
From: Gloria Helena Aguilar Cordero, México on 21/09/06 on 09/21/2006
Hello, i am a little fan of you (KISS), the first time i hear you i´m like 4 years old (thanks to my brother)and i remember, you´r playing \"Hard luck woman\" and i really liked. Me and my brother hear your music all the time, when i feel happy, sad, with energy and when a have to do my homework, i don´t have a lot of money but i try to buy your original records, some of my friends likes your music now, (because i hear some songs with them)i hope that you make a concert soon(for have money and i can go to your concert) i wish you be the crazy group that i love.... Whit all my heart and my best wishes i send you a lot of kisses....and don´t worry i just have 15 years old.. P.S. Paul your my favorite singer in the world and Gene everyone knows that you have a heart....
congrats and question
Subject: congrats and question
From: pickle 1000 on 09/21/2006
paul congrats on your new baby.do you think that someday all the original members of kiss will ever play together you guys are the best of the best bar none
Subject: jasito
From: My KISS memories on 09/21/2006
This time of year always makes me nostalgic for the days of my youth, and in an indirect way, KISS. My first exposure to KISS was through my third grade friend Michelle S. (you know who you are) Every time I went over to her house she put KISS on the turntable (Dressed To Kill or Destroyer I think, maybe even Alive, but I digress). At the time I was, I admit, a little put off by the makeup, perhaps even a little frightened, as I\'m sure many seven year olds were. But that Halloween something magical happened. Every other kid in St. Louis that night was dressed either as a character from the Star Wars universe or as a band member of KISS. Since then my respect for KISS has been something that has grown very slowly, bolstered by singles (Lick It Up, I Love It Loud) and enduring my many music phases (punk, industrial, techno), finally blossoming into loving, unfliching admiration. My devotion was rewarded in 2000 when I got to see the band during the Farewell Tour that came to Riverport that summer. I\'ve gone on to see KISS twice more since, and all three show will probably go down as the best three shows of my life. Just incredible energy; pure magic. So thank you Gene, Paul, Peter, Ace (and Eric). And thank you Michelle S. (from my old Mann School days). Maybe this Halloween I\'ll be the Demon. (P.S.- sorry if this is a repeat post, but I think my first got lost in cyberheaven summer of 05\' due to the site being overhauled.)
a big wish
Subject: a big wish
From: becky connelly on 09/21/2006
my boyfriend is not areal big kiss fan, but i talk about you all the time just to drive him nuts!! i want to know when can you guys come down to panama ciy fl. to play? would realy lov to meet you. i have never been to your concerts would love to love becky connelly
The Greatest Band in Earth...
Subject: The Greatest Band in Earth...
From: GREECE, Athens on 09/21/2006
I Was Made For Lovin\'You.. Comin\' Home.. Goin\' Blind.. Rock Bottom.. 2000 Man... I Still Love You.. Rock And Roll All Nite.. Psycho Circus.. Chilhood\'s End.. It Never Goes Away.. Torpedo Girl.. Is That You?.. Crazy Crazy Nights.. I\'ll Fight Hell To Hold You.. Charisma.. Magic Touch.. A too much small hits of proof that which the Greatest Band in earth.. KISS FOR EVER!!! By Unlimited Love from Greece.
Hello the Greatest !
Subject: Hello the Greatest !
From: Stefan Vasic on 09/21/2006
Hello KISS ! I just wanted to know is there any plans for European tour ?
the Elder live!!
Subject: the Elder live!!
From: Aaron Philpott on 09/21/2006
and most importantly DOWN UNDER!! We love this album, right? The Oath would set things off wonderfully, and I would be a great finisher. Dark Light without Ace would break my heart though. I think its the only song I could handle Tommy singing though. Or 200 Man. Ace\'s material is sacred. The Elder is full of awesome songs. The Oath, Only You, and Under The Rose being particular highlights. Can you just imagine this concert? The Oath absolutely pummeling the audience. Fanfare, a moment to watch the amazing smoke and laser effects KISS would put on for us. Just A Boy, with its sweet Star-child chorus, epic lyrics, and tasteful solo. Dark Light next up. This song speaks for itself! It rocks! Maye an extended solo from Tommy? Only You, simply put, one of Gene\'s best songs, followed by Under the Rose yet another of the Demon\'s best efforts. A World Without Heroes, we know they can play this one, no excuses!! =) Mr Blackwell, could this have Gene\'s blood act at the beginning? Seems to fit! This would also mean 5 Gene songs in a row. This song would be pretty heavy live. I reckon it would surprise a few. Escape from the Island would provide a great pick me up for the crowd and gives Eric a great chance for a solo in the middle. Odyssey would be bloody great live. Another chance for Paul to shine. Live it would be good because Paul cant harmonize with himself live. Although his voice is so good I wouldnt be surprised if he could defy all science and logic and be able to sing with two voices at once. I would be the big Rock and Roll All Nite style finish. It\'s an anthemic, uplifting, inspiring party song. The dual vocals would be great to. It wouldnt be bad to possibly hear them all trade verses perhaps. Just a thought. The sound of 20,000 people clicking their fingers would definitely make the hairs on my neck stand up. This gig would definitely be a pleasure to watch. It almost seems as if they wrote and recorded the album with the idea of playing it start to finish in mind. The way I included the individual solos just seemed perfect. Especially with the bass intro that already exists on Mr Blackwell. During Espace From the Island it seems that a drum solo belongs in the middle. 5 Gene tunes in a row might be difficult though. Gene might forget the words! Which annoys me I might add. Just watch Unholy on the ROCKS THE NATION dvd, its bad. I Love it Loud is another one he always bombs. He tries to say he\'s in the moment, but I\'ve seen countless junkie LA bands sing their songs live and they dont forget the words, and Gene\'s totally clean. Axl Rose seemed to be able to remember his words, but then again he had an auto cue. Not in the early days though. What about all these weed smoking rappers? They memorise pages of lyrics just for one song!! Anyway...... back to the matter at hand. THE ELDER in its entirety live in concert!! Come on KISS, do it! Would this concert be too short though? I mean, Id rather it if KISS didnt play any non Elder songs..... well, maybe after \'I\' they could do an encore and play a handful of classics. Which would also give Paul a chance to sing some more songs, seeing as he only has 3 songs to himself on (music from) the Elder. What do you guys reckon? I\'d love to hear your input guys.... also other fans come along to, www.myspace.com/gg_aaron
Weddinggreetings to my sisters marriage
Subject: Weddinggreetings to my sisters marriage
From: Thomas Kürten/Germany on 09/20/2006
hello kiss, my sister, bettina schmidt, will married her boyfriend, markus limberg, in november 2006. yes, she is made for loving him. kiss is their favourite band and we hope, that you make them a big surprise. please send a letter with your best wishes and greetings to my home address: Thomas Kürten, Buhrgasse 7, 56564 Neuwied/Germany thank you very much and we hope, that you will come to good old germany on tour. we want the best and you are the best. thomas
Subject: KISS worldtour
From: Ace Jarc (mick_jagger) on 09/20/2006
Wouldn\'t it great if you make a new world tour? I think every fan want to have a new worldtour! Couse I think it\'s time to let the other bands know wich is the createst band on earth! Let\'s Rock\'N\'Roll Ace Jarc
Paul\'s Solo Tour
Subject: Paul\'s Solo Tour
From: star99male on 09/20/2006
hello everyone, for all of the rest of the canadian fans listen up!!! last time i checked, canada was in NORTH AMERICA, and paul is going on tour stating it will be a north american tour.... WHY NO CANADIAN DATES PAUL?????????? you guys havent been here since the farewell tour... so lets get as many canadian fans who come to this site, and try and convince paul and his touring crew to book some dates in canada rock on people!!!
the best of the best
Subject: the best of the best
From: damom on 09/19/2006
hello everybody and a big thanks the guys who changes our liveeeeeeeee KISS,,,,,,,yeahhhhhhhhhhh
Rockstar Show for a new Band
Subject: Rockstar Show for a new Kiss Band
From: Frankiethebull1 on 09/19/2006
I was just watching the show Rockstars Supanova and thought wouldn\'t it be crazy to have a program to audition 4 new members of the band Kiss have 4 continouse series and make a reality T.V show out of it... You could call the Band KissII. Just an Idea to keep the dream alive... Regards Frankie!! Ps: I\'d like to see it anyway...
please in ARGENTINA
Subject: please in ARGENTINA
From: kiss_soldier_93 on 09/19/2006
Dear kiss: Estoy muy ansioso por el anuncio de la nueva gira ya que yo nunca los pude ver deviado a q solo tengo 13 años pero tengo amigos q me cuentan sus experiensias y de los shows por eso les queria pedir y decirles algo de todos los KISSEROS de Argentia. ¡¡¡PLEASE A CONCERT IN ARGENTINA!!! Augusto N. La Banca bajista de EXILIO banda Argentina.
You inspired me Gene
Subject: You inspired me Gene
From: 11perkins on 09/19/2006
Hello Gene, My reason for typing this is to tell you that you have been a great insperation to me. You inspired me to play bass guitar and to sing in my band, Cotious Grass. Though we arn\'t as good we practice by playing your songs: \"You Got The Best\" and \"Lick It Up\".
what is Dynasty unlimited
Subject: what is Dynasty unlimited
From: Dominic Homan on 09/19/2006
I got the Dynasty album and though I was given the option of getting Dynasty unlimited for 31.99... I never heard of the unlimited version...
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