a letter to you guys
Subject: a letter to you guys
From: camo619 on 09/15/2006
Hey!!! How Are Yas All Going, OMG Even If This Letter Dont Reach You Guys I Dont Care Atleast I Tried To Say Something To Yas.. You Guys Are My Favourite Band EVER!!! Tommy.T & Ace.F Are The Reason I Play Guitar, Im 14 And Ever Since I Saw The DVD Concert In Melbourne With The Orchestra. If You Dont No I Live In NSW/Aus.. And Im 14.. Im A Kid Who Thinks When The Hell Kiss Will Return To Aus And Blow Down The Arenas Like They Did Last Time They Had A Tour, Nothing Much Has Changed Has It?? 30 Years Later You Guys Are Still The Hottest Band In The World... YOU GUYS ARE BLOODY IMMORTAL ROCK GODS!! ROCK ON YOU GOD DAMN LEDGENDS!! Ace.F, Paul.S, Peter.C, Gene.S, Eric.S, Tommy.T, Vinnie.V, Eric.c, And Others Like Bruce Kullick & Mark St. John I Think There Are A Couple More But I Cant Think... Lol Haha.. Ok You Guys And The Whoe Kiss Army Rock On And Stay True To Rock!!! THANK YOU & GOODNIGHT EVERYBODY!!!
Fragrances arrive in Greenville, SC
Subject: KISS Fragrances arrive in Greenville, SC
From: chris1976 on 09/15/2006
Hello to everyone in the KISS Army. We are probably the best smelling Army in the world, and our coffee is much better than any other. Sitting here at my desk and wanted to let the world know that KISS Fragrances have arrived here in Greenville, SC. The ladies in the fragrance department at Belk are all very excited, and looking forward to the promotions that are planned. I can\'t wait myself. Both the KISS Him and KISS Her are great. A quote from one of the beautiful ladies selling these top of the line products... \"The mens line is very sexy.\" WOW! How\'s that for a review? Let\'s face it we are all living in a KISS World. Some of us already know it. Others are starting to see it. A very small percentage of the world wants to ignore it. I would stop to list all the great things about KISS, but I would need my own website for that. My wife was wearing her perfume last night and well... If you have not bought yours yet get out there and buy some. It is worth it. Everday as a KISS fan is better than the last. I love this band more today than I did yesterday. We all have the honor of being in the Army of the greatest rock band of ALL time. No one ever has or ever will be able to accomplish all that KISS has, and all that is still to come. I love this band. NEVER STOP ROCKIN,
Bigger than life!
Subject: Bigger than life!
From: Hannu on 09/15/2006
Hi you all!I remember that moment when i found KISS.Year was 1983 and i was 9 year old little man.My parents buy a collection record(Hardrock ī83)and the opening song in that record is GIMME MORE!Since that day there is no better than KISS!In 1997 i finally saw your show here in finland!And second time a couples years later!I canīt say it words but......AWESOME!Waiting for the next one!?!Donīt you guys never stop playing!!!!!
Subject: Me - THE DRUMMER
From: Arturs Priscepenko on 09/14/2006
Hi, KISS. I\'m a big fan of KISS. When I found many KISS videos in the Internet, I started to watch, how does Eric Singer play the drums. In that moment it was clear to me - I want to become a drummer - just like Eric.(Thanks, Eric). Just a few weeks ago I played drums in the school concert. I also used the Catman makeup. After the concert many girls asked me autographs and I was happy. The meaning of this letter? I wrote it to tell Eric a thousand THANKS!!!!!!!:)
Gene Airbrush
Subject: Gene Airbrush
From: Chris H. on 09/13/2006
Airbrushed this in Photoshop....Gene in his Dynasty uniform with a psychedelic background.
Fiesta Celebration
Subject: Fiesta Celebration
From: Milehighkiss on 09/13/2006
I was in Santa Fe, New Mexico this past weekend for their annual Fiesta celebration, and I thought you might be interested to know that during one of the numerous parades over the weekend, there were definite signs that the Kiss Army is holding its ground in the Southwest. It\'s good to know that there are still kids growing up to the rock and roll that influenced so many other great bands. Any studio time scheduled soon? Milehighkiss
Subject: BabyKiss
From: Ricoscary on 09/13/2006
Hey Paul, Just a quick one to say Congrats on the newest little KISS member. Hope the rumors of a tour next year are true. I\'m also really looking forward to the new Solo album. Any thoughts of playing Columbus,Oh? RicoScary
new generation fan
Subject: new generation fan
From: jade-elizabeth on 09/13/2006
I am getting my mum to write this letter. I really love you all especially Gene.You are my favourite.I love your cartoon.I want to go to a concert and see you and I sing all your songs.
Touring Australia
Subject: Touring Australia
From: Melina on 09/12/2006
Hey guys! I have just been to a Kiss Tribute band here in Australia, and they were awesome, but I was just wondering when the real deal were coming down under again. It\'s been quite a few years now since you guys were here, and I can tell you everybody here in Australia is getting quite anxious about when you guys will be here again. I\'ve been a fan since the age of 5 way back in 1979, and would love to see you guys in concert again. Melina
How a new line-up will work
Subject: How a new KISS line-up will work
From: Dominic Homan on 09/12/2006
Lets say one night for a storyline after KISS gets down playing a show when Singer, Thayer remove the make-up all of a sudden a voice is heard Peter\'s, Ace\'s make-up are off-limits for The Elder concept while it failed to go Gold the mission is still sacred one chair is left open as seen in the manuel 7 chairs in all 3 on each side but possibly 8 chairs we all know that there could be 2 left open while the tribute to the 70\'s has been great and P.C. very rockin and cool it just doesn\'t seem like it should be the last album. Now lets look at what Mark St. John would have been if he dawned the make-up I\'d say The Coyote we all know Bruce Kulick would be The Dog, of course I really want Thayer as The Sharkman, Singer as The Hawk Eric Carr wanted to be The Fox Paul Stanley wanted him to be The Hawk. Singer\'s true compassion was to be The Hawk and the face paint was totally original compared to what Stanley drew he dawned the make-up for one live show The Hawk is original cause Singer thought of it Eric Carr thought of The Fox it\'s time for KISS to move on Also if I was to have my own character I\'d be THE COSMICWOLF...
Any chance of a USO tour?
Subject: Any chance of a USO tour?
From: Real Life War Machine on 09/12/2006
Hey guys, I have been a fan since about 1979 when I was only 4 years old. I thank my older brother for getting me hooked on you guys. Anyway, I am not only a long time fan, but also an American soldier serving my second tour in Iraq. I am one of many fans you have here in Baghdad, so my question is this. What are the odds that we could actually see you guys do a USO show over here? It would be a huge boost for the morale of the troops and would be greatly appreciated. Thanks a lot for all the years of awesome rock & roll and the shows I have seen over the years. This one would just mean a little more. Thank you. A Real Life War Machine at Camp Victory
come to st.louis!!
Subject: come to st.louis!!
From: Rj winchester on 09/12/2006
can you guys come to st.louis i am dying to meet you all i try to get tickets for san fran and i cant so gene i love you well i am a boy but rock on guys! ! Hey guys email back at tammytwin@hotmail.com U
Paul Stanley Tour New England!!!
Subject: Paul Stanley Tour New England!!!
From: Tim on 09/12/2006
Paul, I hope you decide to set up an additional tour stop in the New England area. New Englanders are dying for a Kiss stop in the areas of Connecticut, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, and the other New England States. Good luck to you and your wife concerning the birth of your son!! Sincerely, Tim Cobb Fairhaven, MA
should come back for one more tour
Subject: should come back for one more tour
From: Tyler Naujelis on 09/12/2006
Hi,kiss i\'m one of your bigest i have all your stuff but i never got to see you guys in concert. i was hopeing that you would come back on tour one last time please! your bigest fan Tyler
From: Corey Ferreira on 09/12/2006
Dear Kiss i found out about the new dvd and was wondering if it will come out in OZ by any chance by christmas this year it sounds cool how many volumes will there be in it From Corey F KISS FOREVER ROCK ON
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