From: Shirley Holm on 09/09/2006
I would like to THANK you 4 the AWESOME 6 years that I became a KISS Fan this coming December, you\'ve have gotten me thru the good and bad times in my life, which I will forever cherish. Thanks for all of the AWESOME Memories I got to share with my Best Friend during my 1st and 2nd KISS KONCERT 2003-2004, dreams do come true and you 4 made it possible. Gene: I really enjoy your Gene Simmons Family Jewels on Monday Nites, even though I am a Huge KISS Fan, you will be my fav and then some and take care too. Paul: Looking forward to buying your Live To Win CD soon, Congrats on your new baby boy Collin, best of luck on your tour this fall and take care. Eric: Keep up the hard work and AWESOME drumming you do so great for KISS and for the Fans. Tommy: You are a Great Guitarist for KISS and then some, keep up the Awesome performances too, both you and Eric take care along with each and everyone\'s families. Thanks again for all of the Rock and Roll Concerts you have given and shared for your fan everywhere. \"Believe In Yourselves and Follow Your Dreams\" Your Devoted KISS Fan 4-Ever Shirley Holm From MN
Love seeing your show Gene, and when will come to Tampa??
Subject: Love seeing your show Gene, and when will Kiss come to Tampa??
From: Shana on 09/09/2006
HI Gene! I just want to tell you that I love your show! It is awesome. The thing I enjoy most is getting to see what a beautiful family you have and how well the communication and affinity is in your family. When I saw the show for the first time I somehow knew you would be exactly how you are. It\'s very cool~ thanks for letting us in. So, 2 questions: 1) When will KISS be in Tampa FL?? 2) When are you going to marry Shannon already??? Looking forward to Mondays! Shana
my little princess
Subject: my little princess
From: rockingdad on 09/09/2006
i have been a kiss fan since 1973.i have all your i have two little girls one just turned three years old,thats cady lauren venant she loves watching the guys as she calls kiss on dvd.molly christein venant is one,and she bounces to the guys.i really think that its because when my loving wife was pregnant to both i would listen to kiss while cooking,and my wife is so conservative that now she just goes with what they like.we love the coffee shop here in myrtle beach,thanks for your great is what i would like to ask,could you send my daughter cady lauren venant a signed autograph wishing her a happy third birthday,she turned three on the 5th of sep.molly turned 1 on the 1st.i would ask for each of my daughters the same but i know you are all very would mean alot and something they can keep forever,bye the way my wife jill bought me the mens perfume at belks.gene simmons is going to be there on the 14th of oct.we will all be there.thanks again and keep the kiss army alive.see you in myrtle beach,sc
Paul- Congrats on new baby
Subject: Paul- Congrats on new baby
From: Mark Jacobson on 09/09/2006
Paul, I just wanted to wish you and your family well with the arrival of your new baby. I\'ve been a fan since \'75, when in 3rd grade, I traded my father\'s shark issue National Geographic for a Rock Scene magazine that feature KISS. I got in trouble for that. You guys were a comic book come to life and filled my thoughts with playing music. I would sit under the dining room table, put on KISS Alive and imagine KISS performing on a stage I built from dominos. For years I was obsessed with KISS. That was until I became a singer and started writing my own songs at the age of 20 and began to admire and respect KISS\' work. Paul, you and KISS have been a big influence to me musically and creatively. You guys are a symbol of the American Dream. After almost 20 yrs of singing and performing I haven\'t yet achieve the success I had hope when I was young, but I\'m not giving up. I still love it. I still get a rush out of playing rock and roll. It keeps me passionate about life. I love writing, performing and being in a band. Something happens when people come together, play music and then share it with others. Oh and it does make it easy to meet women. Let\'s not forget that. At 39, I\'m still pursuing a career in music. Again you prove, Rock ain\'t about your age. It\'s about passion, commitment and it\'s about being alive. So THANK YOU for all the years of great music and inspiration. May you enjoy many more years of success and happiness with KISS, your music and most importantly... your family. -Mark Jacobson
Paul\'s Solo Tour
Subject: Paul\'s Solo Tour
From: San on 09/09/2006
Paul, I have been a fan since 1976 when I first heard \"I Want You\" and the rest of Rock And Roll Over, which is still one of my favorite all time KISS albums. Any way, I live in New Hampshire, and I was wondering if you were planning on playing somewhere in New England, mabey around Boston? I would love to travel to NY or NJ to see you, but I\'m not sure that\'s possible. I know I\'m just one fan, but there has to be more people that want to see you in this area than just me. If I don\'t get to see you, I hope you have a great tour and alot of fun. Thanks for everything you\'ve done. Your music has gotten me through some VERY rough times and I appreciate it greatly. A KISS fan Forever, San (
Subject: But?
From: Andrew Butler on 09/09/2006
I am so excited about the new Live to Win tour, but There are no shows around me. I know its asking alot, but could you maybe do a show in Kansas City, MO, or St. Louis, MO. That would be amazing. Your biggest fan, Andrew
A thank you for what you meant to a dying man.
Subject: A thank you for what you meant to a dying man.
From: Mary, Indianapolis, IN on 09/09/2006
I just wanted to let all of you know just how much you meant to my brother who passed away April 25, 2005. Mike was diagnosed with cancer in June of 2004 as a pick me up for him my daughter and I donated blood to get free kiss concert tickets at verizon wireless on July 3, 2004, so that Mike could see his Idol (Gene), to say the least he was estatic and enjoyed rockin the nite away to your tunes, even though he was in extreme pain he stayed thru the entire concert and because I am also a fan and had Never been to one of your concerts he insisted his friend purchase the concert cd for his lil sis. I know I can hear him screaming in the background! Mike was a true blue fan until the end and was buried with a Gene Simmons figurine and his brand new Bass guitar. Anyway I just wanted to let you guys know that your music gave Mike a little more spirit for the gloomy days he had ahead of him and there will always be a special place in my heart for you guys. Thank you for all that you do...
Paul & Erin, Congratulations on the birth of Colin Michael
Subject: Paul & Erin, Congratulations on the birth of Colin Michael
From: hoochie (julie) on 09/09/2006
Dear Paul & Erin, Congratulations on the birth of your new son \'Colin Michael\'. Paul,I would like to say \'thank you\'for being a major part in my life since i was a kid. You guys rock, also congratulations on the release of your new album as well, i cant wait for it to be released down under, so i add it to my collection of kiss cds. Again, Congratulations on the birth of Colin Michael, all my love, Hoochie
U r the best!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Subject: U r the best!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
From: Karl Doepking on 09/08/2006
wot\'s up u guys? I love u, Paul u r my idol. Since i was little i liked ur music. I\'m ur biggest fan from puerto varas (that\'s in chile) i\'m in a band, nd we pay tribute to u. i play the drums, and thanking u, i\'m gonna sudy percussion in europe next year. all \'cause ur great influence. hope that u write back. Bye (sorry my english)
Live to Win
Subject: Live to Win
From: Rob Kiskaden on 09/08/2006
Paul: Can\'t wait to hear Live to Win, I\'m sure it\'ll be awesome. Hope to see you on tour near Kentucky!!!!
From: Jaime Ramos on 09/07/2006
Was great...thanks for you have a nice family...Saludos From Mexico!!!
28 years of
Subject: 28 years of Kiss
From: Chris Barrie on 09/07/2006
Hello I am a Kiss fan and have been since I was eight years of age.I live in New Zealand and have seen Kiss twice-once when I was ten years old.What a rush seeing your idols for the first time.A day I will never forget.I have been with the band thru the changes and loved every minute of it.The music is special,pure rock.I have all the live DVDs and enjoy them all but like Kiss Symphony the best.My daughter now enjoys sharing the music which is fun.Thank you for a life time of great music and memories and hope to see you down here one more time so my daughter gets to see you live.Keep rocking.
the Elder LIVE
Subject: the Elder LIVE
From: Aaron Philpott on 09/07/2006
and most importantly DOWN UNDER!! We love this album, right? The Oath would set things off wonderfully, and I would be a great finisher. Dark Light without Ace would break my heart though. I think its the only song I could handle Tommy singing though. Or 200 Man. Ace\'s material is sacred. The Elder is full of awesome songs. The Oath, Only You, and Under The Rose being particular highlights. Can you just imagine this concert? The Oath absolutely pummeling the audience. Fanfare, a moment to watch the amazing smoke and laser effects KISS would put on for us. Just A Boy, with its sweet Star-child chorus, epic lyrics, and tasteful solo. Dark Light next up. This song speaks for itself! It rocks! Maye an extended solo from Tommy? Only You, simply put, one of Gene\'s best songs, followed by Under the Rose yet another of the Demon\'s best efforts. A World Without Heroes, we know they can play this one, no excuses!! =) Mr Blackwell, could this have Gene\'s blood act at the beginning? Seems to fit! This would also mean 5 Gene songs in a row. This song would be pretty heavy live. I reckon it would surprise a few. Escape from the Island would provide a great pick me up for the crowd and gives Eric a great chance for a solo in the middle. Odyssey would be bloody great live. Another chance for Paul to shine. Live it would be good because Paul cant harmonize with himself live. Although his ovice is so good I wouldnt be surprised if he could defy all science and logic and be able to sing with two voices at once. I would be the big Rock and Roll All Nite style finish. It\'s an anthemic, uplifting, inspiring party song. The dual vocals would be great to. It wouldnt be bad to possibly hear them all trade verses perhaps. Just a thought. The sound of 20,000 people clicking their fingers would definitely make the hairs on my neck stand up. This gig would definitely be a pleasure to watch. It almost seems as if they wrote and recorded the album with the idea of playing it start to finish in mind. The way I included the individual solos just seemed perfect. Especially with the bass intro that already exists on Mr Blackwell. During Espace From the Island it seems that a drum solo belongs in the middle. 5 Gene tunes in a row might be difficult though. Gene might forget the words! Which annoys me I might add. Just watch Unholy on the ROCKS THE NATION dvd, its bad. I Love it Loud is another one he always bombs. He tries to say he\'s in the moment, but I\'ve seen countless junkie LA bands sing their songs live and they dont forget the words, and Gene\'s totally clean. Axl Rose seemed to be able to remember his words, but then again he had an auto cue. Not in the early days though. What about all these weed smoking rappers? They memorise pages of lyrics just for one song!! Anyway...... back to the matter at hand. THE ELDER in its entirety live in concert!! Come on KISS, do it! Would this concert be too short though? I mean, Id rather it if KISS didnt play any non Elder songs..... well, maybe after \'I\' they could do an encore and play a handful of classics. Which would also give Paul a chance to sing some more songs, seeing as he only has 3 songs to himself on (music from) the Elder. What do you guys reckon? I\'d love to hear your input guys....
First Tattoo
Subject: First Tattoo
From: Gastón López-Minder on 09/07/2006
Hi You All, guys: I´m from Puerto Montt, a city at the Southern part of Chile. I´m 34 tears old and I grew listening your rock. I always wanted a tattoo, but I never did it. Well, last month become the day and “Demond” was chosen. I´m very proud of it and “Star Child” will be the next, I promise. In that way, KISS only would die for me, when I will die. Thanks for your music, guys. You make our lives better. Best regards Gastón
Subject: Kiss Rulz
From: Dee-anne Burns on 09/07/2006
Hey guys i did my personal interest project ok kiss and got a A+ and Long Live Gene simmion. i got this email and it scared me telling me that gene died but it was an actress spelt jean simmions who died at 69 and just a question is queen and kiss doing a tour? LONG LIVE KISS FROM DEEZA BURNSY (my nickname)
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