Live to Win
Subject: Live to Win
From: Leoness on 08/30/2006
Hi Paul, I hear the track Live to win a few minutes ago. Love it. It sounds like you and yet there`s something fresh about it. Good luck with your project.
Return to Mexico
Subject: Return to Mexico
From: Karloss on 08/30/2006
Hello KISS, When returns to Mexico?, I wait for all the Fans in a moment Mexican we hoped that they return again and if is with a new CD better, until soon and remember that in Mexico always they have to Faithful KISS ARMY… ATTE: Karlos Valdez
NASCAR, NHRA Car(s) Sponsorship
Subject: NASCAR, NHRA Car(s) Sponsorship
From: David on 08/30/2006
Hi Guys, Just wondering, over the years KISS has sponsored some fantastic racing cars. Are you planning any future racing sposorships? As a diecast collector and KISS Army General, these paint schemes over the years have been highly sought after by myself and many other collectors. Thanks!
in europe ????
Subject: KISS in europe ????
From: Andy on 08/30/2006
Hello! I´m a great KISS fan from germany. Please tell me,is KISS coming back to europe (germany) for concerts ? So many people want to see the hottest band in the world. We waiting....... Greetings from germany (and sorry for my bad english), Andy.
Paul`s new album
Subject: Paul`s new album
From: Leoness on 08/29/2006
Hi Paul, I can`t wait to get my hands on your new album. Hope you`re recovered now and that your \'new life\' starts off with the right foot. I`m sure you can`t go wrong with the army of fans behind you. Anyhow, the question I have is: when are you coming to England? I missed seeing you guys in Brazil but would love the chance to see you here. I`ve loved you for....well, over 20 years now. You rock!!!!
Live to win
Subject: Live to win
From: JEAN on 08/29/2006
I heard the album of paul. It is a wonderful album, full of modern rock balads. Loving you without you know is a terrific ballad single and live to win modern rock. Lift is a good single, full of rock. Wake up screaming,bulletproof, All about you and it\'s not me are all similar and great rocking, and the the best song in the album Second to none. 10x Paul u are going to make alot of people who are fan of kiss happy. If KISS will record a new album similar to Pauls\' style it will be totally success. I\'d like to see Paul touring in Europe. I would be the first person that buy the tikets.
Live To Win
Subject: Live To Win
From: M. Pope on 08/28/2006
Paul I can\'t wait until your new album comes out.I\'ll be at the record store right away to pick up a copy. I found the 2nd track (Lift) on the internet and I love it. I keep playing it over and over and I\'m looking forward to the rest. Keep on Rockin\'. Fan For Life M. Pope
Congratulations on another #1 ! ! !
Subject: Congratulations on another #1 ! ! !
From: Greg Mal_one on 08/28/2006
Hey Geno,,, We all know how you love to boast about your accomplishments,but then again so do we all. I have one for you to use that you may not have heard before,but am quite sure you\'re bound to repeat. During a market research analysis on eBay in the Entertainment Catagory, KISS is the #1 searched for query with a number 50% greater than that of the #2 spot. Congratulations on another #1 ! ! ! Best Wishes, Greg Mal_one
Fans in Lindsayont\'
Subject: Fans in Lindsayont\'
From: kissfan2006-1 on 08/28/2006
Hi how are you guys doing i\'m a fan of your big fan my name is paticia m fraser I like all of your music in act I like your video and your music, but most of all I love Gene\'s TV show \"Gene Simmons Family Jewels. My husband says hi to all you guys and that includes Tommy, because he used to work as Security when you went to Montreal and also Toronto. Patty
Re: Gene Simmons (SIM) Racing IndyCar Paint Scheme
Subject: Re: Gene Simmons (SIM) Racing IndyCar Paint Scheme
From: Jon Holtz on 08/28/2006
Dear Mr. Simmons, I hope this finds you well. Here\'s something I thought you might enjoy. It\'s a 3D render of an (SIM) racing IndyCar complete with “DEMON” paint scheme. The guys over at Sim Factory LLC and I wanted to pitch the idea of doing some IndyCar Paint Scheme/Designs for you. Everyone that worked on this project are all true die-hard Gene Simmons/KISS fans and huge fans of Indy Racing as well. We\'re not looking for any compensation from you for our design work as we would consider it a great honor if you should ever decide to use one of our paint scheme on your IndyCars in the future. In addition, we very much appreciation all the Kick-Ass Rock-N-Roll you and KISS have given us through the years. KISS is and will always remain the greatest band that ever walked the earth. Thank you for your time and consideration. Best personal regards. Sincerely, Jon Holtz
Thank you Paul Stanley and .
Subject: Thank you Paul Stanley and Kiss.
From: Jeff Railey, aka boxer4christ on 08/27/2006
Dear Paul, I want to thank you and your band for being a driving force in my life. Especially you Paul! Your passion, work ethic, and dedication to Kiss has truly inspired me to accomplish and conquer ambitions and dreams in my life. I served my country as a United States Marine. As of now, I\'m a substitute teacher and a candidate with the Chula Vista Police Department. My passion is boxing and martial arts. I currently fight as an exhibition boxer-similar to amateurs- and practice Kenpo. I also achieved a 4 year degree in Liberal Studies. Anyways, your fire on stage, musicianship, and pure passion have helped inspire me to achieve what I\'ve achieved and what I\'m currently working on! I\'m still young at 34 (Kiss and yourself will always be young!) and when I was 5 years old, my parents bought my ALIVE II. I\'ve never been the same since! Anyways, when I get ready to step in the ring or during my cardio workouts I will listen to Kiss ALIVE and ALIVE II, as my favorites. Just listening to Detroit Rock City, I Want You, Love Gun, and 100,000 Years raises my testosterone levels! Anyways, I\'ve always admired Kiss for your musicianship. In my opinion, you, Paul, are the best vocalist in Rock and Roll (best in Metal, Rob Halford). Most respectfully and honestly, you played the lead role in the Phantom of the Opera. That\'s a great musical accomplishment, and I\'m aware that 95% of rock and roll vocalists do not even possess that vocal range or talent. Recently, I fired back at the Cleveland Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, by e-mail, for their exclusion of Kiss. They are ignorant! I pointed out the proof and evidence of Kiss\'s accomplishments, milestones, and how your band has influenced a whole generation and soon another generation of young musicians. I\'m aware that Kiss has sold more gold albums than any band in American popular music. I pointed out to them certain musical accomplishments. For example, When Guitar World Magazine ranked Kiss ALive as the third most important and influential album in Heavy Metal history, and when Guitar World Magazine did a tribute to Kiss. I also pointed out to them how Kiss has influenced important pop musicians and musicians outside the genre of Rock and Roll- such as Garth Brooks. Technically, I pointed out to them the Kiss My Ass cd. Such as Lenny Kravitz performing Deuce and the Mighty Bostones performing Detroit Rock City. I even mentioned to them the great things Kiss has done in helping other bands and various charities. For example, I pointed out that Gene Simmons helped get Van Halen started and that you were going to produce Guns and Roses, Appetite for Destruction- but you were to busy, or something. Paul, I just had to bombard them with this evidence, and there\'s a whole lot more! In conclusion, when I finished my e-mail to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, I stated that Kiss\'s music will outlast their organization and myself. Ironically, I also stated to them, as their reputation is diminishing for not accepting us, Kiss\'s reputation will become stronger and increase!! Any ways, thank you very much Paul Stanley and Kiss! Your music is a part of me. I love you guys!! Your music helps me get through the hard times. May God Bless You! Most Sincerely, Jeff Railey
I\'m writting a book. Need permission to use in it.
Subject: I\'m writting a book. Need permission to use KISS in it.
From: Ira Bostian on 08/27/2006
Hey guys, This is not a letter sent in for public view on kissonline. Thanks so much for posting the last few I sent. It\'s always nice to be recognized in the pages of the official Kiss web site. I do need some help though. I\'m in the process of writting a book on the subject of internet profile page fraud. People claiming to be members of certain bands. Imposters. Of course KISS was my first chapter on this subject. Yet I am aware that I\'ll need permission from someone in the organization before having the book published. I\'m totally new to this writting idea. Yet what I\'ve written so far has been good. I think.I have the KISS chapter completed. If I must send it in for review I suppose I can. I have not yet obtained copyrights or a patent of any kind on the idea yet. I should be taking care of that soon. So you understand my hesitation to send it anywhere with out full trust that my writting will not get into the hands of someone out to steal my idea. Get back to me as soon as possible at this email address: I intend to get this book completed in a few months and off to a publisher before the end of the year. I really need help with this. If I can\'t obtain permission to publish from the bands I have researched and written about. Then I\'ve done nothing but waste my time and effort to become an investgator in these internet fraudulent pages. Thank you, Ira Bostian (The Author of the 11th commandment) Soon to be the Author of the 12th commandment. The title of the book will be \"Thou Shalt Not Bare False Identity\" (An investigation of internet profile page imposters).
Great Stuff!
Subject: Great Stuff!
From: Fred Wolfe on 08/27/2006
Gene, the new series is much better than I anticipated. Watched every one. Very good. Looking forward to many more. Looking forward to Paul\'s new album. Should be great. Can we get a heads up on the new DVD set? Obviously we are waiting with dollars in hand.... Keep up the good work gents! Fred
\' Gene Simmons Sends Get Well Video to Wounded Israeli Soldier
Subject: Kiss\' Gene Simmons Sends Get Well Video to Wounded Israeli Soldier
From: Angela Rakestraw on 08/26/2006
PASADENA, Calif. — The flamboyant, Israeli-born rocker Gene Simmons has sent a televised message of support to am Israeli soldier seriously wounded in fighting in Lebanon, calling him his \'hero.\' Simmons, 57, founded the heavy metal band Kiss in the 1970s and became famous for wearing white and black face makeup, spitting fire and sticking his tongue out at sold-out elaborate performances. Simmons, the band\'s bass player, was born Chaim Witz in the northern Israeli city of Haifa before emigrating to New York as a child. Click here for the Music Content Center Simmons sent a video message this week to Ron Weinreich, an Israeli soldier and die-hard Kiss fan, who was seriously wounded in Israel\'s 34-day fight with Hezbollah guerrillas in Lebanon. Weinreich remains hospitalized and is paralyzed from the chest down. Above his hospital bed, a Kiss poster is spread across the wall. Weinreich\'s brother had his wedding relocated this week to the hospital, so his brother could attend. At the wedding, the surprise recording was played. \"Hi Ron, this is Gene Simmons. I\'m talking to you from my home. I can\'t tell you how proud I am of you, and how much the world and Israel owes you a debt of gratitude,\" he said. \"From the bottom of my heart, you are a real hero, you are everybody\'s hero, you are my hero and I wish I could be there with you.\" Suddenly switching to confident Hebrew, Simmons added: \"My name is Chaim, I was born in Haifa.\" He concluded by saying in English: \"I wish you my best, a happy life and I hope the wedding comes off and everybody should honor you because you are a real hero.\" I\'m surprised, as because I found out that a lot of people are stating that you, Gene, are a very mean individual that only cares about yourself. I\'m glad that what they said isn\'t true. I am proud of you for sending the tape to that wounded soldier. If I were in your shoes, I\'d of done the same. Long live Gene Simmons
The Best and only The Best
Subject: The Best and only The Best
From: Katia on 08/26/2006
For Paul Stanley...the best and only the best. I don\'t know how many times i can keep saying this, but...thank are my your solo project this portrait was also a labour of love and dedication... Katia, Little Adelaide, Australia
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